July 4

by Michael Granados

Want to write a blog post that sends you UNLIMITED traffic...Forever?

How about a blog post that makes you sales up the WAHOO?

This isn’t another “How To Write Viral Blog Posts” article you’ve landed on today, I “Michael Granados” an expert blogger and digital marketing strategist with many years of experience am going to show you how to take your blog posts to the next levell!

Everyone wants that ONE post to go viral so you can get LOADS of traffic to your website, get quality attention, and eventually sales, but there’s a mistake everyone makes.

You’re too focused on getting people to buy from you and you’re not focused enough on solving people’s problems, and that’s where I’m going to start my first way.

But first, here's an alamaring statistic about Viral Blog Posts sure to blow your mind:

According to "GetCodeLess, there are over 2 million blog posts published daily! Which means what to you?

YOU Need to stand out! And whether it's a viral blog post or not, this article will help you put together the perfect recipe for differentiation and a long-lasting blog your people will want to come back to...over and over again!

Why Write Viral Blog Posts?

You know you want a viral blog post or many but do you really know why you WANT it?

Do you know your end goal in mind? If It's all for traffic with no actual purpose to convert your visitors into leads, here's the major consequence:

  • You won't monetize!

Unless you're just writing for fun or as a hobby, you won't make a cent!

Now that you know the consequence, let's look at the positives of writing viral blog posts:

  • You will improve your click through rates(CTR's). The more people you get, the higher chance you will get people to click through to your offers, lead magnets, internal, and external posts. But even better is getting high quality traffic because your click through rates will then turn into a higher customer aquistion and your Return On Investment(ROI)
  • Increases your email sign up. The money is in the relationship you build with your email list and the more eyeballs you get on your viral content, the more you can make money off per person...and even repeat and recurring sales. You've just increased the Life Time Value of your customer.
  • Boost Engagement. Want more comments, more polls and surveys filled out? You can get more people to leave you a comment and interact with you so you can go deeper in solving their problems on a more personal level.
  • Boost Other Posts. Do you have other posts you want people to click on after someone reads your viral post? Maybe you have another viral post you'd like them to connect with or another post that doesn't get much traffic or for any other reason, you can use you viral blog post as an entrance point to your exit strategy.
  • Brand Building. Honestly, your ultimate goal should be to build a brand, someone your audience can connect with and say "This is the person who I can turn to for help in "X" area." People attach to people, so you need to show them a bit of you and your personality.

Which Type Of Blogs Get The Most Traffic?

Have you heard of a man by the name of Pat Flynn?

No? Shame On You! Just kidding, but if you really haven’t, then you NEED to listen to what I’m about to show you about him.

Blog #1: Patt Flynn

smart passive income pat flynn

Pat Flyns run a highly profitable and popular blog called The Smart Passive Income(smartpassiveincome.com) and like you and I, he got into business because he had pain or pleasure to get a desired result…

To start a business and earn a passive income doing it. His plan A was to stay in his architectural job but the economic collapse in 2008 hit him and others hard so he had no other choice but to try and support himself by turning to the internet. 

Blog #2: Neil Patel.com

neil patel

Neil’s another Digital Marketing mastermind you need to get familiar with if you haven’t yet, and here’s why.

Neil started blogging decades ago and has gone on to become one of the most widely known SEO(Search Engine Optimization) “gurus” and focuses on helping you grow your blog with:

  • Traffic
  • More Leads
  • More Sales
  • And all around Growth

Not to mention, he has a keyword research tool called Ubbersuggest where you can literally get competition metrics on any and every keyword out there so your blog has the best chance of ranking on page 1 of the Google search results.

#3 Brian Dean - Backlinko.com


Like the two guys before, Brian is widely known for revealing breakthrough strategies and content on blogging but with a twist.

He shares how to get back links effectively(hence backlinko) and he shares how to do it in ways other people would have never taught you if you went to them(unless they already heard it from Dean and are reguritating it).

19 Best Ways To Write Viral Blog Posts

#1 Add Value

You want to get sale after sale am I right?

UH DUH! But that’s wrong, listen why. You don’t want to make the same mistake every other newbie makes when they start blogging(and even intermedeites) which is trying to sale rather than help. What’s wrong with that?

It’s Kind of like trying to sell a monkey on buying a banna but the monkey looks back at you like “hey, I already eat bananas, or I can get them from anywhere else in this jungle”, why should I have to purchase one from you when I can get it for free?”

Completely blinded, you will keep telling the monkey:

  • How great the banana is
  • How it has a awesome yellow peel
  • That the price for 1 is cheap
  • And so forth

Eventually the Monkey will get tired of you and jump back into the jungle and likely get another banana elsewhere. Do you get the point?


But Monkey’s can’t speak our language...well, they are primates, and primates are smart. So moral of the story is…

Lead in with value which means:

  • Helpful
  • Educational
  • Informational

...Type content before you expect to make a sale in return. As the saying goes, “Your Value is in direction proportion to how much you will make”.

#2 Reverse Engineering Your Competitors Content

Do you want to save more time, money and effort? 

Then don’t waste your time trying to find all the information you need to not only produce a viral blog post but to make it a highly profitable blog all together. What do I mean?

When I first got started in the blogging world, I tried to come up with content from scratch, found a few keywords here and there with a keyword research tool but even that wasn’t going to shortcut my journey. So what did?

I started to think like my market customers, and I started to see what they were already consuming - hence what blog posts they liked and shared most. Thus came research tools like:

And the one I want to talk about right now is Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo is a website where you will find content that is mostpopular in your niche and the amount of shares it’s receiving…

More shares usually can mean more virality. 


With Buzzsumo you can type in a general key phrase on your niche top and get the top blog posts with the most amount of shares, backlinks, and overall popularity, so for example...

If I was in the back pain industry(which I am by the way - my first blog) then I can type in a word like lower back and get this...

lower back pain buzzsumo

Key things to read here are:

  • The Title(or headline) of that post
  • Facebook Engagement
  • Twitter Shares
  • Pinterest Shares
  • Reddit Engagements
  • Number of Links
  • Evergreen Score
  • Total Engagement

The higher the number the better because you obviously know it's been viewed but liked and shared by people that have found the content useful. Take notice how these are "colder" to "warm" type of posts where people are not necessarily looking for a "buyer intent" phrase but they want you to still help them solve a problem.

WARNING: Pay Attention To Headlines! At the end of the day you need to get people to click on your post on Google or any other search engine so that they can read your content, but to ensure you get the click and not your competitors...

You MUST right a catchy Headline. I'll cover headlines in one of the later tips but for now, here's a case study with data that Buzzsumo did about the headlines that gained the most Facebook Engagements:

buzzsumo headlines

#3 Put Yourself In Your Readers Shoes

The Great Dale Carnigie said it well…

Dale Carnigie


“Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours”

What does this mean? You HAVE to put yourself in your readers shoes, more specifically in terms of thinking…

To put their needs ahead of yours which means you need to know what they are thinking in their head:

  • What are their problems?
  • What are their pains?
  • What are their questions?
  • What are their roadblocks?
  • What results do they want?
  • What do they value?
  • What are their needs?

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Do you have at least one answer to each of the above questions? If not, it’s time to put your thinking cap and brainstorm of start with figuring out “who” you want to serve, “Who” is that dream customer, and what do they really want.

Most people react with emotions before they justify with their needs so you need to give them what they want, and then you can give them what they need after. For example:

You can tell a child they need to go sleep, but they will scream and likely throw a tantrum, but what if you did this instead…

You flip the script and you tell them they can have that ice cream bar and candy before bed time? This in a way is a more effective approach because you are helping the child with what they want.

So, if your audience comes to you searching for an answer to their problem(s), then you have to meet them where they are which is usually someone in pain seeking pleasure. You have to become empathetic(not as sympathetic) with people - listen first, truly understand what they desire and then move from there.

#4 Use data to inform your judgement

Want to avoid writing for years without any traction?

Then you must track your data! Data will show you which of your blog posts get most of the traffic, which ones get the least, and which ones are on the rise. What’s the problem when you don’t track your data?

  • You will write for years without any increase in traffic, leads or sales and you’ll be pinching your hair saying this was all a waste of time, or some scam.
  • You will forget about what your audience wants and you will begin to skew in the direction of “thinking” what your audience wants and also you’ll write what YOU want and not your audience.
  • You’ll get beat by your competitors no matter how hard you work which means you’ll quit, abdon your site(s), sell it or just pull the complete plug on it.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to go down this route when you use data tracking software for bloggers like Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is like the most famous starting tracking software for all bloggers because you can view:

  • Who your audience is
  • Where they are being acquisition from
    • I.e: Social Media, referral, direct, organic traffic
  • Your audiences behavior from one page/post to the next on your site
  • You can see which posts/pages get most traffic and from where
  • You can track daily, weekly monthly goals
  • And so much more.
data track

Here's an example for one of my sites(Remove Back Pain)...


Here's another one where I can track who my audience is:


So, when you can track your data in each category that I just listed above, you’ll know whether or not ultimately if your goals are being hit on a monthly and yearly basis. 

Google Search Console

Another great tool you can use to track your data is with Google’s built in Search console, where you can see the performance of each individual post on your site and know which ones you can optimize most so you can increase traffic to your website.

search console

With this handy feature you no longer have to guess what position your keywords are ranking for in Google, and instead you can focus on adding to your content more sections and paragraphs with your keywords.


The image above shows your queries and which keywords are:

  • Showing impressions
  • Getting Clicks
  • Click through Rates
  • Positition

Keyword phrases that are are in positions like 12 and below are ones you want to focus on adding to your contet because you'll have a much easier time getting these to boost your traffic to your exisiting content and you can expect more keywords to show in the future.

You can focus on keywords in higher as in like 15+ and they will do well but since there is way more competition, for now it's best to focus on the ones that will produce you 20% of the results...80/20 principle. What I like to do is this...

Export the list with the export feature on the top right and then create a new column on the far right with a "Yes/No".

Then you can start knocking off the keywords that are most important first and when you're done simply put a yes that you've completed it. This way you can come back to your work and see what you've done and haven't done.

Link Tracking Software

One of the most crucial elements you need to track is where your leads are coming from and which clicks turn into sales…

And let me tell you, to optimize your business fully, you’ll need to know where your audience is clicking and then landing on your optin pages to fill out a form, once in your sales process(or sales funnel), what link clicks lead to a sale.

I wish I would have started tracking my link clicks sooner because it would help to know which content to maximize and create more around that so I can keep brining in the traffic and get people clicking my call to action links that I can then track.

Want to know my favorite link tracking software? Click here to see Clickmagick.

Content Decay

Another way to track your data is with a tool like Clickflow, where you can see which posts you're gaining or losing position with and you can focus on those that need the attention most...

And optimize them.


#5 Start Experimenting With Your Headlines

People won’t care  and read about your offer, your story, and your sales message if you don’t give them a reason to care about your headline! Why?

Your headline calls out your audience you have your message and offer created for, and it creates curiosity for your audience and gives them more reason to read your:

  • Storry
  • Offer

This is called the Hook, Story, Offer, which you can learn more about from Russell Brunson below.

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A good hook on your blog will speak to the desire(s) of your reader and eliminates the fear of failure or that it won’t wor for them.

Some examples:

If you’re writing for a travel to bahamas audience and your blog post is about the 10 Travel destinations in Bahamas For New Tourists, then here’s your hook:

Heading 1 With Your Keyword:

"10 Travel Destinations In The Bahamas For New Tourists - Incredible Views Will Have You Craving A New Lifestyle!"

Did you notice how I used a sub-title in company with my main keyword to spice up the article they’re about to read?

Now, let’s move into the first sentence which in fact is the most important part.

“Want to see the 10 best travel destinations in the bahamas that will completely get you to go nuts and share it with your friends and family?”

See how catchy of a headline that is? What If I just wrote:

“Hi, My name is Michael and I want to show you how to travel in the Bahamas”.



Nice "Mr Tickles, Nice Mr Tickles, please don't bite me!"

Add some flare, cause curiosity and add desire into your first sentence of your post and watch how people start to read the rest of your blog cost and sincerely will care about it.

PLUS: Throughout your article, keep creating curiosity induced headlines, you can add them to your H2, H3 Titles, and the first sentence of every one…

And they can be formatted as a question or even a dramatic moment that makes the reader want to read the next sentence.

The whole purpose of the first sentence and paragraph is to make people move into the next one...and then the next one and so on. Keep people interested in your content and you will win them over and this will lead into shareable content that will help you go Viral.

The first sentence of my entire post sets them up for the next one, and then the next one, and so forth I can keep building the suspense, pain points, and desires of my reader.

#6 Use More Images

Did you know most bloggers fail to make their images flow with their content?

Yep, it’s true, here are a few reasons why:

  • They place images under or above the wrong sentences
  • Their images are funky or tacky 
  • They are black, and boring

You don’t want to fall in that group, so it’s best you use images that are:

  • Thought Proviking. When they look at an image it draws out emotions from your reader
  • Never before seen images. Most bloggers seem to repurpose the same images from image websites, and the bad thing about this is they are all over the web.
  • Elegant and impressive. Use images that pop out in color and look professionally made so you can get your reader to drop their jaw and feed into their desire to continue reading your blog post.
  • Personal images. This is one of the least used tactics by bloggers but if you can add a story about how you discovered a product/service/business opportunity, and you add a picture of yourself or with you and family, this adds “personal touch” and people relate with people so you’ll make a deeper connection.
  • Use Pinterest Pins. One thing I like doing is creating Pintererst pins for my blog posts and then adding them inside my blog posts, why? Well for one, if people from Pinterest clicked through to my blog post, and they see the pin, it assures them they are on the right page and also helps with brandability.

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#7 Understand Your First Viral Hit

Remember the section about tracking your data I mentioned earlier?

When you get your first viral hit it’ll feel like the first time you went on a date, you went through the actions, and at the end of it you get a second one!

You are in a bit of a shock, overwhelm, and excitement all at the same time. So when you get that viral hit aren’t you going to be prepared for your next date?

So like a date you need to know what you did right on your first date, prepare for your next one by either doing the same or increasing a certain element and that will lead you to another viral hit, then another one, and so forth.

You can measure it with data but it’s more so better to know off data metrics like:

  • Which keyword caused your viral hit?
  • Was their a section in your article that was very popular?
  • Which people caused your content to go viral?

You can track keyword data but how can you track the other two?

You can use heat map software that shows what your visitors are doing on your page, where they are clicking and what extra resources like polls, surveys, did you provide for them if any?

#8 Use Shareable Buttons

How will anyone know your content exists if you don’t have any share buttons on your blog post?

Imagine someone lands on your blog post about traveling to the Bahamas, the Headlines catch their curiosity, they’re like “heck yes, this is just what I needed to read!” They keep reading one sentence after the other, headline after the next, they get to the bottom and know you’ve solved his/her problems.

 They turn to the top, to the bottom, left, and right and there’s no share button! YIKES! The person leaves happy because you helped solve his/her problem(s) but left a bit uncontent because they couldn’t share your post with others who need the same help.

Can you see what just happened without me spewing the avalanche on you that’s coming? Crickets will multiply, you’ll never get enough exposure, you will have a hard time writing engaging, fun, and helpful content moving forward.

So, you can use shareable buttons easily with plugins like:

  • SumoMe
  • Social Warfare
  • Easy Social Media Buttons
  • And so many more
share buttons

As you can see from the image above, On this particular site, my share buttons are at the bottom, and I'm using Social Warfare.

Also, you can customize your share buttons so they show up on the sides, top and bottom and so on. Just make sure it's visabile and you give people a reason to share you content and tell them to!

For example: You can at the end of your post say something like this...

"If you found this content valuable, I'd greatly appreciate it if you can share it with others who need the same help, plus it would help grow our blog. But only if you want to 🙂 "

#9 Use In Content Share Buttons

One thing si having share buttons around the borders of your blog post and site and it’s another thing to have shareable buttons in the content.

With in content share buttons, you can get people to do a “click to tweet” which is basically someone sharing your post to their twitter.

You can customize the message with tools like “Click to tweet” or if your theme builder has a built-in widget like Thrive Themes does, you can quickly add it in between your content where you feel will make the most impact...which is where?

So if you’re writing a “Listicle” article(top 10, best 10), then you can place a “click to tweet” after you’re done listing or even before. Which works best?

From experience it usually works after because the person just digested your incredible information that helped them out, and their mind is like “of course I will share this content, it helped me out, it’ll help others too!”


#10 The SCARF Method

Want the ultimate Framework for making your blog posts go viral...Every time?

The SCARF Framework is a strategy I use as a rule of thumb to double check that my work is:

  • Shareable
  • Call To Action Based
  • Authority
  • Readable
  • Findable

Share my fb live video

You’ll easel be able to organize your content ahead of time so you don’t have to scramble and wait until the end and fix it.

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#11 Write Listicles and How To’s

If I asked you to tell me which of the following type of post gets the most shares, what would you say:

  • How to’s
  • Why’s
  • When
  • Buyer intent
  • Roundup posts
  • Listicles

Did you say listicle’s? If you did, great! Listicles are the most popular type of posts because they are easy to read, and you give people more than one option about a particular product/service.


#12 Share Your Blog On Social Media

MARKET, MARKET, MARKET! Did I mention Market?

Look, there a BILLIONS of blog posts on the web with something like in the high millions being published every single day, and it’s usually on a topic that you’re covering, so how do you stand out?

The way you market your blog, your product/services. Relying on Google to show your blog posts is just non-sense, why?

Even if you were to get te top spot. What if an algorithm hits AGAIN and your blog post gets pushed back to spot 16? 

So, sharing your blog post on social media will help spread the word about you and your brand, more people will refer you because you helped them, and you get the “personal touch” element that you couldn’t alwayys just get from google organic search traffic.

Keep this in mind...People buy from people they know, like and trust. The more consistent you share your blog post on to the likes of:

People will become aware of you but you will gain their trust on a deeper level because you’re actually reaching out to them personally. 

Video - BP

#13 Start A Facebook Group

Want to build a tribe, create a massive movement and become a leader?

One of my favorite marketing strategies is to use a Facebook group to create a community where people can get help, ask questions, share valuable tips through writing or video…

And share with them your offers.

#14 Start A YouTube Channel

Want to explode your conversions, and create stronger relationships with your audience?

Video is the way to go! Have you heard of the saying “show not tell?”

With video you can show people up front what it is your talking about, and as human beings we’re visual by nature and if you can show you how to do something rather than just tell with words and images, you’re going to build a raving tribe of people who will follow you to the end!

Specifically, you can create videos for Video by researching what people are searching for and create a nice video to help them out. Like a blog you can create content around:

  • How to’s
  • Listicles
  • Reviews
  • Buyer intent
  • And more

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Are you shy and don’t want to show your face on camera? Don’t worry! Luckily, you don’t have to and instead you can do share screens where people just see your screen, do powerpoint presentations, or little animated videos with other voice overs…

The possibilities are endless! However, at some point you should show your face on camera because people want to see who is on the other side and when you do they’ll truly care about your information, build a bond with you, sign up with you and buy anything you put out in front of them.

Honestly, they want to know you’re a human being just like them too. What does YouTube have to do with your blog going viral?

Did you know your video can show up in Google’s search results? Awesome, right? If you do your keyword research well, and produce a video with almost 100% certainty that it will pop up when someone’s typing in on Google, then you can show up there.

When your visitor sees your video and they click through to watch it, you can then point them to your blog post in the description and this will cause a huge spike in traffic and people will begin to share your content because they went through all the steps of:

  1. Finding your Video On Google
  2. Watching Your Video
  3. Clicking on your blog version in the description

The more time someone is willing to jump into all these steps, the more they will feel like they need to share your content. 

Aside from that, you can produce a Viral YouTube video that gets shown in the “similar” videos when someone watches another video, and when they click on yours and you give them a call to action to read your blog post…

You will get UNLIMITED traffic, more reach, and more chances to have your blog post go viral.

#15 Add Video

Other than YouTube, you should be adding embedded or linked videos to your blog posts, and here’s why.

Like I stated earlier in the YouTube example, us humans are visual creatures and if you can walk them through a demo, a review, or what you highlight in your blog version but on video, people will go nuts!

They’ll think “man, he shared with me a blog post, and he had a video on the same thing?!”

Here’s my pro tip:

Listicles get the most amount of shares, so why not add a video version and add it into your blog post too?

People love to read listciles and they’ll be content with just that but imagine going above and beyond…

Showing them a video of what you just talked about, another video on a bonus list they can only get from watching the video and opting into your email list…

This will get the ultimate head nod.  

Video Animation:

Creating and spitting out YouTube video, and video after another just doesn't cut it anymore...

Everyone is doing the same thing...They create a video like their competitors and post it on YouTube, their blog, social media and everywhere else but that's not enough to WIN these days!

The answer is Animation videos.Why? Animation videos make your content outstanding, they pop, and videos with animations BLOW the ones witthout.Think about it...

You need to:

  1. Grab your audiences attention
  2. Keep their attention
  3. Convert attention into action

With animation videos you will do that easily and faster! I have a few recommendations when it comes to animation software, one of those being Viddyoze.

#16 Ad Spend

At the end of the day, the person who spends most to acquire their customer will win. What do I mean?

If I put $1 into an add and get $2 back in return, I’m at a profit right? Now, in mathematics and the law of numbers, if I increase my add spend to $2, what happens to my return?

I make $4 back! It doubles. But how do you know if you have a winning campaign?

STEP 1: For one, take a look at your data(Analytics), and jot down which of your posts convert your visitors into Leads and or sales. 

STEP 2: Create an ad campaign around these posts

Now that you know which of your post convert organic traffic into leads and sales, it’s highly likely when you run an ad to that post, it will convert visitors.

You can always boost posts, and run ads to blog posts you’re unsure about too so you can give it a bump in traction, but it all depends on what your goals are:

  1. Do you want brand awareness?
  2. Are you looking to convert people to leads
  3. Are you looking to get sales immediately?
google ads

Know your end goal in mind so your not wasting $1,000’s+ on ad spend...Like I once did. That’s a story for another time, but very quickly…

I had spent over $3,000+ to a buyer intent keyword from Clickfunnels Affiliate and while it did convert, I would have been better to save some of that money!

#17 Add Infographics

Have you ever read a blog post and thought to yourself “I wish I could just see the main highlights, and summary?”

An infographic is kind of like a brochure of facts and images except more organized and summarizes the main points and if you want to blow out your competition think abut this…

According to Venngage, 65% of brands use inforgraphics in their contet marketing plans and efforts.


The reason I LOVE Infographics is because they can easily be saved by others, they will share it on their own blog and you can also get people to link back to you, how?

You can place a restriction of someone sharing your infographic and tell them they can only share it if they give you credit. So somewhere on their blog they can write “made by your name” or the name of your blog post to check out the original content.

#18 Add Click To Tweets

I previously covered using Click to Tweets in the in content shareable buttons but I want to really emphasise one thing…

You can use Click to Tweets in just about every post that is a:

  • How To
  • What, When, Why, Where, Who
  • Listicles
  • Roundup Posts
  • And Even Reviews

You’re likely going to get less shares from a review because it’s a “money-type post” which basically means it’s less general and more on the “buyer intent” side of blogging.

click to tweet

#19 Add Polls/Surveys

Do you really want to care about who your readers are, what they think, and how to improve your content?

Polls and Surveys are a great way to see if your readers are getting all the information they came for, and if you need to improve or decrease and create better content, products, and services.

Imagine trying to sell a joint supplement to a group of young adults in their 20’s but instead the product was a better fit for the elderly?

Plus you can also use in content surveys or links to surveys from places like Survey Monkey.

in content survey

#20 Reach Out To Influencers

Do you have a list of people in your space who are at the top of the game?

In other words, these are called influencers who have built up an authority in your space and have the audience you want. So how does this help you write a viral blog post?

STEP 1: Go To Buzzsumo

Over on Buzzsumo, you can search for the most shared content from a similar type post you want to create.

For example: I searched "affiliate marketing for beginners"

affiliate marketing

STEP 2: Click On View Top Shares


These are the people who are most likely going to share your blog post with their followers and others. Make sure you add them to your list of people to reach out to and do the following...

Give Value First!

Most people lead in with the whole "me, me", and what they can get for themselves, instead do this...

Give value to your influencers! Come at if from an angle of giving and how you can help them grow, make more money, gain more authority, etc.

  • Share their blog content as well others on social media
  • Comment on their blog posts, give them praise for their work. 
  • Like, love, and engage on their posts.
  • Mention them on various platforms they can be found in.

Will you get a response right away?

Maybe, maybe not, but no matter what - BE CONSISTENT! Keep being consistent in sending them messages, reaching out, liking their posts, commenting on everything they do.

Here's a done-for-you script you can use:

Hi "influencers name",

I hope you're having a great day. I've been following your work for quite a while now, sharing your posts with my audience, mentioning you in posts, and you encouraged me to find the idea and create a post around "5 fast ways to build a social media following with Instagram", where I'm doing a roundup post on interviewing Social Media Experts about their best tips and secrets. I would love to include you in the article. Is that something you'd like?

Thanks for your time to read this and in advance, as I await your response.

Best regards,

"Your Name/Signature

Another Addition and Alternative:

I learned this tactic from Neil Patel, where you:

  1. Find the content on Buzzsumo that's getting shared
  2. Find out what they're doing and model it
  3. Write a way better post - use the skyscraper technique
  4. Reach out to the people who've shared your competitors post

You can use a script like:

"Hi "their name",

I noticed you shared a piece of contentn on "your competitors post name" and I was reahing out to let you know I wrote a post similar but with much more informamtion they missed out on, and I would be very grateful if you could help share it with your following and everyone else that could use the help.

Thank you,

"your name"

Final Thoughts And How To Build A Highly Profitable Blog

Which Strategy and Tactic on writing viral blog posts was your favorite?

You don't have to have an audience built up, a following on your social media networks, or even know anything technical to explode your blog posts and make them go Viral.

Yep, that's right, you can be a complete beginner at it and from the moment you write one piece of content, that could be the one that takes off and brings in the highly targeted traffic to your site, gets you tons more leads, and sales! But keep this ONE thing in mind too...

You shouldn't become a one hit wonder trying to rely on that one blog post, that one social media post, that one ad to make you wealthy...

That's a trap and thinking you don't have to be consistent and producing content is nonsense. Fortunetly for you, I've made building out content on a daily basis easy peasy with my unique One Blog Post Away Challenge...

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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