July 10

by Michael Granados

Do you want Real spendable cash...in the next 24 hours?

How about “Magically Manifestating” it into existence?

Strap in, sit tight, you’re about to discover everything moving forward from today will happen for a reason…

All to bring you to this moment right now. You’re ready to experience life’s abundance and make a long lasting change in your physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial life unlike you’ve ever experienced before.

Is Manifestation Magic A Scam? I’ll cut to the chase and tell you the truth, No, Manifestation Magic is not a scam - It’s the real deal! Stick with this page as I’ll be revealing a secret made from the core of real life magic…

A secret that’ll feel like a long-lost wand from the fabel world of atlantis that has safely fallen into your possession...and all you have to do is wave your wrist to get everything you desire.

Let’s get started!

What Is Manifestation Magic?

Manifestation Magic is a self-help program made to help you create more energy, greater spirit, health, happinesses, joy, a more deeply connected relationship, and wealth into your life...on autopilot.

You will uncover a secret with the power to help you gain an abundance mindset and wealth unlike you could anywhere else.

Creator Alexander Wilson made this program to help you reach into your deepest internal desires and manifest them into reality but it’s not some phone spiritual “guru” thing…

Alex will reach deep down inside of you and awaken your long and forgotten self. What is it specifically?

Vibration blocks - the ones deep inside your subconscious mind. But how? There’s a secret shortcut and all you have to do is “press play” to unlock the magic in your mind, a form of energy in soundwaves.

Alex discovered a new science called “Cymatics” which is the way how sounds can affect us. Every sound frequency is made of a certain DNA. Once you understand the vibration of sounds, then you can harness the power of sound. And by partnering with a sound engineer on the latest Cynatic research, they developed a vibration raisining shortcut named Energy orbiting.

Energy orbiting works by harness sound DNA to shift your brain waves from an active beta state into one normally achieved through long hours of meditation known as the theta state. 

manifestation magic real results

As your mind shifts into theta, you will feel more focused, creative, and confident, just like the world’s most experienced meditators. Simply, you can regulate and change negative thought patterns. 

Going Inside Manfifestation Magic

Manifestation magic will help you master energy orbiting, and Alex uses a shocking story of how he used it one night.

For as long as he Alex could remember, he wanted to become a writer but he struggled turning it into a career, but with a little “magic fair dust” swirled around him, his awareness of what was possible began to expand and then it happened…

A $10,000 windfall fell into his lap. It was right before bed and he had just used energy orbiting to clear any false beliefs about receiving abundance, and then he set an intention, to manifest a freelance writing job for $10,000!


Now, he didn’t take any actions, instead he went to sleep and let the universe do the rest. Sure enough it was from a friend of mine in the publishing industry. He tells me that last night he got off with a new client in need of a writer, and get this…

The amount of work that he had for him was EXACTLY $10,000! Alex’s jaw dropped, shocked, and he couldn’t believe how effortlessly his desire showed up in his life. All thanks to energy orbiting. Out of couruiousty, Alex asked his friend what time he spoke to the new client, and it was just as Alex was falling asleep. 

In other words, his manifestation came to life...instantly!

  • No Wishing
  • No Waiting

...Instantly. So what did Alex do after?

After experiencing this real-life financial proof, he was off to the races. He was able to clear more deeply integrated patterns. His vibration continued to soar and manifesting wealth became effortless. And after he finished his $10,000 gig, he went on to manifest another one just like it...again, and again.

These jobs would appear within 24 hours of stating his desire. And he wasn’t just getting payed one-time payments, but earning royalties. It soon got to a point, where Alex remembered walking to his mailbox and realziing he was now receiving more checks than bills…

And with more income his life was falling into place. He bought cars, his dream home, one that’s not only in the perfect location but get this…

Unlike his old toolshed, it has an actual pool. Put simpl, “Energy Orbiting” Works. 

What Is Manifestation Magic Not?

  • Manifestation Magic is not a another “surface level” clearing tool

You’re digging deep and repairing things at the core level - you’ve got main tap roots going down below the surface, and you got your fibrous “shallow roots”, branching off to the sides. If you damage the shallow roots, and the tree is likely to survive. In other words, they’re not as important BUT…

When an infection hits the taproots, it’s life or death. The next storm could really knock the tree right over, that’s why it’s VERY important to address any trouble issue taproots right away…

Upon the first sign of trouble. Energy Orbiting works in the same way, It’ll wipe away your energy blocks at the innermost levels of your subconscious at the “taproots” level. In turn, you open up of the free flow of vibrant energy unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Simply, obsatcales in ALL areas of your life vanish!

Real Results of Eneergy Orbiting:

is manifestation magic a scam

How Does It Exactly Work?

The program is divided into two magic modules:

  1. Module 1, as soon as you enter the members area, you will open up the quickstart manifestation Guide. This simple manual helps you get clear on what you want to bring into your life and match your vibration to that desire. And all of this takes plus in just 15 minutes.
  2. Module 2, a complete energy orbiting autopilot audio system. This contains a series of transformational audi tracks, carefully crafted with Alex’s guidance and the help of a renowned audio engineer, and fellow energy orbiting expert.

The main highlight of this system is the track called “Twilight Treansofrmation.” You just click play before you go to bed and it’s like waving a magic wand. Then overnight the brainwave technology embeded inside the audio will relax your mind into a theta state and opens the dorr to your deepest levels of subconcious. 

twilight transformation
twilight orbiting

Why Is Manifestation Magic So Effective?

The reason is because it clears patterns on the deepest levels of your subsconious, levels no other program reaches. 

How Much Does Manifestation Magic Cost?

Manifestation Magic usually costs $2,000 but you won’t pay that, not even $500, or $100 but you’re going to receive manifestation magic for the lowest amount it will EVER be offered for over 50% off at $47.

That’s pennies compared to the financial gifts it will soon bring ino your life, all starting in the next 24 hours. This special pre-release pricing is ONLY available for a short window, so get it while you can at this discounted price.

manifestation magic

The Manifestation Magic Pre-Relased Pilot Program(Version 2.0) Pros And Cons


  • Powerful energy orbiting techniques so you can have the most amout of clear thinking, and energy throughout your entire day hich means you'll be at your best, focused, and full of happiness.
  • A PROVEN step-by-step formula so you can have a very trusthworthy and enjoying journey which means you'll always make progress without feeling left out.
  • Fast and Easily go from Beta to Theta during sleep so you can have a great night of rest with clear thoughts and desires you'll manifest which means you will have a greater chance of making your wishes and dreams come true.
  • Super powerful change in routine and thought patterns so you don't have to worry about improving your mental health which means you will have an abundance mindset every day and long-term


  • There are really no cons and I'm not being biased here. The only real con is not having this program in your hands!


Manifestation Magic allows you to have a very powerful form of energy orbiting unlike you'll ever experience elsewhere and you get to seriously change your thought patterns which will change your behaviors, improve your life, and manifest real wealth into your life.

Manifestation Magic Alternatives

There is nothing else out there that can compete with Manfiestation Magic and there were honestly no other kind of alternative that I could find that would actually be worthy(I'm not be biased)...

Most are "wishy washy" and full of fluff, and stuff that you can go find on YouTube and "manifest."

What I Liked Most About Manifestation Magic

There’s so much to like and love about Manfiestation Magic that it would be nearly impossible for me to pick just one thing I liked about it most, but If I had to choose just ONE…

I’d have to say the powerful way you can knock off negative thought patterns from your cnious and subconsious mind and re-form new thought patterns super fast. I was shocked to find out how deep I was able to relax and change my mind without forcing it or feeling “weird” about it all. Even if you weren’t performing it through your day, you can go to sleep and get into a theta mind and that will help you out.

Final Verdict: Is Manifestation Magic A Real Scam?

Absolutely not! Manifestation Magic is a legitimate program you can use to manifest everything and anything you desire in your life through the power of energy orbiting and changing your brain patterns so you can have greater wealth, spiritual, emotional and so much more power.

You have two choices...

You can stay where you are right now with your troubled patterns and locked thought patterns that keep pounding you down and making you feel this pain, and emotion where you can't even breathe and get control of your thoughts.

Always complaining and "wishing" you could do more but you're too lazy to make a difference in your own physcial, personal, and professional life...

Or you can take the right route and start to let energy orbiting enter your mind, ciruclate your thought process to change your patterns and make a real attempt to get into greater wealth and manifest what it really is you desire most in your life.

Which one is it going to be?

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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