January 19

by Michael Granados

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I’ll cut right to the chase and give you what you came for before I reveal the benefits of this book inside this post…

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Let me ask you a series question -

“How Bad Do YOU Want to change your life?” 

Listen, You “WANT” which doesn’t make you entitled, and yet so many don’t have the RIGHT strategy and step-by-step process to execute to get their desired financial results, and even worse is this…

You fail to work on yourself, why does that matter?

I “Michael Granados” will reveal in this review parts of what the Millionaire shortcut is and what’s inside, the pros and cons of having this free eBook in your hands, my #1 recommended "residual income" alternative, and how you can finally get away from the nastiness of dreading being at your 9-5, being frustrated day in a day out, to wanting to give up...And to rather show you how you can live a life of financial freedom, more time freedom, and to live life on your own terms...without a BOSS!

But before I get started, If you’d rather see the full in-depth review of the Millionaire Shortcut, I wrote a separate review going more in-depth here you can check out at any time.

Alright, let’s get after it.

Millionaire Shortcut Overview And Summary

Person's Name: Jeff Lerner

Occupation: Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer, Digital Agency Owner, Course Creator, Personal Development.

Best Platform Known For: ENTRE Institute

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own online business, want passive income, want more freedom to work from home or anywhere.

the millionaire shortcut

Summary: The Millionaire Shortcut is a step-by-step eBook Created by One of the best Digital Entrepreneur's Jeff Lerner who's the owner of the digital education platform ENTRE Institute showing you how to literally COPY his Millionaire dollar business so you can have a wildly profitable online home based business where you can work work from anywhere you want to.

Inside you see how Jeff went from over $400,000 in debt to making well over $40 MILLION all from online and discover:

  • Why the amount of people who become millionaires are increasing every year and how you can be apart of it.
  • the simple 'hack' Jeff used to shorten the process of becoming a millionaire and how you can start using it for yourself to get the same results much faster and with less mistakes!
  • PLUS a bonus video on the next page that brings it all together so you can move forward with 100% confidence(and certainty) knowing this will work you too no matter what.

Rating: 99/100

Recommended: Yes

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What Is The Millionaire Shortcut?

The Millionaire Shortcut is a free downloadable eBook uncovering the fastest way You can become a millionaire and the ONE Secret to becoming Wealthy in the digital age in this economy.

Going Inside The Millionaire Shortcut

Here’s what you’ll see on the home page:

millionaire shortcut free download

Here's what you'll learn inside:

  • Why the amount of people who become millionaires every year is increasing at a rapid pace and how you can be next.
  • The Simple hack “Jeff Lerner(link(“ used to shorten the process of becoming a millionaire and how to start using it for yourself today to get faster results in less time
  • PLUS a bonus video on the next page that brings it all together so you can move forward with 100% confidence(and certainty) knowing this will in fact work for you too!

Who’s Jeff Lerner?

who's jeff

In case you didn’t know, Jeff is a 2x-8 figure CEO, speaker, investor influencer, creative and trainer to over 150,000 awesome life seekers and that’s evident with his latest and greatest platform called ENTRE Institute.

Jeff went from a broke piano player in over $400,000 debt to making over $40 MILLION...Online! Crazy to think about, right?

By the way, Jeff is NOT a scammer and I wrote an in-depth review for that too you can check out here.

Now, let’s get into some of the pages and give you a sneak peek inside, okay?

Inside The Millionaire Shortcut

Pg. 1.By the end of this book you’ll know EXACTLY what the ‘Millionaire Shortcut’ is and the best possible way to use it to your advantage to get phenomenal financial results...

Pg.2.How powerful the shortcut and secret to becoming wealthy in the digital age is and WHY it’s the best time to act on it…

And if you want to find out faster, you can watch the video right away!

Pg 7. When it comes to millionaires it's a matter of “Who’s Next and how to make it you...

Pg.10. The fastest way to becoming a millionaire was actually the opposite of what you’re thinking…

Pg.11. An important thing to know before you use the shortcut to create an awesome life…

Pg. 13. The What, The How, and The Who to earn millions online from time-tested results...

Pg. 15. All you need is a laptop and internet connection to get started and share with you the 3 Ps of an awesome life.

What people are saying...

millionaire shortcut inside
ms reviews

Who’s The Millionaire Shortcut For?

The Millionaire shortcut was made for people who want an overall awesome life and WANT to fight for more and change and their lives are not willing to settle for less of a professional, physical, and personal excellence.

Here’s more:

  • 9-5 employees who are sick and tired of not having enough money at the end of the month or are sick of never investing their money into an asset that’ll generate wealth over time.
  • Beginners, intermediate and experts who want a PROVEN step-by-step process to building a worldly profitable business in the top 3 business models online.
  • People who know they can’t do it all by themselves and need a PROVEN mentor to help guide you.
  • Moms and dads
  • Retirees
  • Students
  • And so much more!

P.S. If you're looking for an alternative where you can earn residual income Every Single Month for work you did JUST One time...

Then This is By FAR My #1 Recommended Product:

Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN and Time-Tested Results from a 2x-8 figure CEO in Jeff Lerner so you don’t have to worry about modeling success and be able to get the same results as Jeff and other 8-10+ figure earners who practice what they preach which means you’ll feel more confident and have more certainty that this will, in fact, work for you too.
  • COPY A Millionaire’s business so you can have the results you want in less time which means you won’t have to worry about failing and making mistake after mistake like you would if you were to go at this all alone...Kind of like a lone wolf.
  • ONE Secret to becoming wealthy in the digital age and how you can get a MILLION or even just a slice of the pie which means you’ll no longer have to financially worry about meeting your goals and having enough to spend on the things you like doing with those you love doing it with.
  • Jeff’s incredible backstory from over $400,000 in debt to making over $40 Million in sales online with just a laptop and an internet connection so you can get to like, know and trust Jeff which means you’ll be assured and happier knowing you have someone who really cares about helping you and not just making money off of you.


  • There really are none and I’m not saying this to be biased. I truly do believe this eBook is one of a kind and you’re getting to see first-hand what it takes to build a million dollar business online. And now with so many people stuck at home buying, trying to start an online business, there’s no better time than now to get going!

What I Liked Most About The Millionaire Shortcut

There’s so much I liked about the Millionaire shortcut but if I had to narrow it down to one thing…

I’d say, Jeff Lerner. Aside from learning the secret to generating wealth and the fastest way to become a millionaire, you’re getting ONE of the best Digital Entrepreneurs and mentors online who are not like any other person out there showing you how to make money…

Jeff REALLY cares about his students and team on the fact that he takes the “holistic” first approach which you’ll soon discover in the ENTRE Blueprint and then tackles how to make money…

That’s why he emphasis the 3 Ps Of Excellence:

  • Personal
  • Physical
  • Professional

Sure you can learn how to make money with other online marketers but Jeff stands in a category of his own where you will first learn:

  • Life balance
  • Having a healthier life
  • Building stronger relationships
  • Becoming a strong leader
  • And so much more!

This is what I missed early on in my journey and I wished I had the MINDSET training from the beginning because it makes ALL the difference in your business...and if you’ve been around the block a few times and have done well online, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Final Thoughts And Next Steps

What was your favorite part about the Millionaire Shortcut?

There’s so much Greatness inside the book and again I’m not saying that to be biased but because the truth speaks for itself…

Jeff will show you the ONE secret to becoming wealthy in this digital age, and the fastest way for YOU to become a millionaire in these unprecedented times when so many people are stuck at home…

Jobs are being taken away, and people are being replaced by AI, isn’t it time you changed your ways?

That’s what Jeff’s Millionaire shortcut eBook will show you how to do so you can finally have the financial freedom you’ve been longing for, have more time on your hands than you know what to do with, and to live life on YOUR own terms without someone else breathing down your neck or trying to make a BOSS happy.

So what’s it going to be?

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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