December 31

by Michael Granados

If you’re struggling not only to find but build A REAL Digital Business that will last way after your lifetime and be able to get UNLIMITED Traffic and leads with sales online faster, you’ve come to the right place, check this out…

At LAST, you’ll be shown the surefire way to quickly build amazing pages and funnels, generate High-Quality Leads, and turn those leads into customers and raving fans who want to buy from YOU over and over and over again (Okay, enough of the energizer bunny lingo). Keep reading to find out how.

Welcome to this “The Home Business Academy Review” where I “Michael Granados”, a digital entrepreneur who’s been through the trenches and battled tested, will show you EXACTLY how to get the most out of the Home Business Academy, the pros and cons, alternatives and so much more so you can finally rest easily and actually feel more confident and certain as a person in your day-to-day life, but first…

Let’s answer the question at the TOP of your mind right this second (or at least it’s one of your questions) - Is The Home Business Academy Legit? Yes, 110% They are! Great, but that doesn’t answer the even BIGGER question…

Are they Right for YOU? Aha! Yeah, that’s the million-dollar question, so let’s get to answering it for yourself alongside my guidance and support.

What Is The Home Business Academy?

what is the home business academy

The Home Business Academy is an All-In-One Online digital business platform with done-for-you websites, pages, the funnel builder, emails, training, and resources along with coaching and then some to help you build a Highly Profitable business in the affiliate marketing space or really any business product/services you’d like to promote by using their funnel builder and more.

They aim to inspire and empower you and many others to move towards time and money freedom so you can live your best life without having to spend for super expensive courses just to fall flat on your butt and start all over again…This time without much to show for it.

Creators Of The Home Business Academy…

Behind this masterminded of a platform are co-founders Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchins (see pictures below - Mike is first, Paul is in the second pitcure)

who is Mike Hobbs

Here's Paul:

who is Paul Hutchings

After 10 years of building a residual income in various different types of companies, Mike and Paul noticed a very strange pattern happening over and over again, listen to this…

Time and time again, they’d build successful businesses and enjoy the fruits of their labors, when something wild out of their control would come in to slash and hurt their income and change the people they were called to serve, here’s what happened…

  • Companies would quit…
  • Companies would change the compensation plan…
  • OR Begin to act and treat people in ways that were not in alignment with their values…

…So In June 2016, Mike and Paul decided they had enough and it was time to leave the home business profession altogether Or try to build something that could be the change they wanted to see in the home business world. That’s when The Home Business Academy came to fruition.

Who’s Mike?

Mike is a former military vet turned expert Internet marketer and a real home business entrepreneur (notice how I didn’t say “wantrepreneur” like many others out there). He’s been recognized as a top producer in the network marketing and affiliate marketing world, winning many competitions and being listed on the leaderboards for some of the biggest names and companies in the Industry.

Who’s Paul?

Paul is a former frustrated call center cubicle worker, turned home business owner. He first started his passion for helping others and with his principle-based skill approach where he struggled in direct sales, and living in a trailer house…

To becoming the #1 recruiter and producer in his nutritional network marketing company.

Why The Home Business Academy?

There’s no better way to say this than to speak from my heart and be true to my experiences - You and I both know there is no shortage of online courses, training platforms, and people promising you to take you to the top and bring you all the money…

Heck, they even butter you up like a pancake with Aunt Jemima (I love Aunt Jemima, nothing against the syrup) and tell you how much success they’ve had and others are having, only to then find out these are lies or it’s not even close!

Enough is ENOUGH! After having tried SO MANY courses, platforms, and the whole plate of enchiladas, I finally came across The Home Business Academy after doing some YouTube video research, and then BAM….

Like many others, I took the chance on them, and OH BOY, I did not regret it one bit. The Major reasons I joined and I think you’d find it to be the same were because:

  • They have an EXTREME Passion to help you and me achieve our financial and life goals by building an unlimited income for life skills (not only in financial wise but also mind-wise and growth) so you can keep building repeatable business which means you’ll always find a way to flourish no matter the product/service you decide to share with people…
  • You get a done-for-you platform full of pages, websites (funnels), emails, training and so much more (especially with the coaching and masterminds - It’s AWESOME…There’s nothing like it)...
  • They believe in the community greatly and make sure they never change the compensation plan (if you decide to get into profit ever quicker, you can promote their platform and get 80% commissions)...
  • They put you and their customers first (people over profits) so you don’t have to worry about being taken care of in many aspects…
  • They Strive each and every day to make your life and business better by giving you the most up-to-date information, training, coaching, and affiliate program (if you so choose to promote what they have - you don’t have to though if you don’t want)...
  • And Plenty more

OH, how could I forget…The owners of course! Anytime I look for a New opportunity and something different, I invest in people and character, which Mike and Paul have with their charismatic elements and sincere leadership qualities. Both offer great perspectives and personalities.

Even more than the owner's values, vision, and mission, is that they give back to “Feed My Starving Children” and with what you pay The Home Business Academy to be a member (I’ll get into the pricing later - HINT HINT: It’s the BEST out there for all that you get, it’s REALLY Low), they have provided over $290,000 meals and counting to starving children. What a cause!

Now that alone is something to get behind to know that YOUR Hard-working dollars are going to an important cause and YOU are making a difference - Thanks to you, children get to have a meal.

Let’s go inside now

Going Inside The Home Business Academy

There’s so much to show you, so let’s begin with what it looks like on the inside once you’re in:

inside the home business academy

As you can see from the image above, you’re looking at the “HBA Funnel Builder Academy” - This is the front end of The Home Business Academy where they offer you a robust and amazingly created “funnel builder tool”, which if you don’t know what that means…

It’s simply where a series of “pages” are put together one after the next like chapters in a book where you can collect the name and email address of your lead so you can follow up with them through email marketing, to nurture them and so eventually you can earn a sale.

Here’s what comes in the funnel builder:

  • Lead capture pages (name and email sign-up and more)
  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Digital products
  • Membership sites
  • Order checkout pages 
  • Webinar pages
  • Quiz pages 
  • Calendar booking pages
  • And much more

Their funnel builder can help you easily convert your traffic into leads and then help you turn them into sales for any product/service of your choosing. Without having to hire expensive designers, or wait on codes and tech guys, the funnel builder gives you everything you need without having to be tech-savvy…

You’re literally getting a 24/7 salesperson working for you while you’re asleep, on vacation, out on an errand, and much more - True Automation is VERY Important in your business so you can leverage your energy and time to focus on other parts of your business.

Inside of the Funnel Builder Academy, you’ll get access to:

  • Funnel Builder (First Steps)
  • Funnel Builder (Setup)
  • Funnel Builder (Training and FAQ’s)
  • Funnel Builder (Live Coaching)

If you ever need help, at any time you can either reach out to me, the community, or as you see below, click the “questions” button to see the instructions on what to do:

the home business academy help

Here’s what People are saying about the funnel builder:

the home business academy funnel builder reviews
the home business academy funnel builder testimonials

There's many more, these are just some. To see the rest of the Funnel Builder Review, please click here.

If you’d like to see the funnel builder in action by Mike Hobbs, please click the button below to learn more about the HBA Funnel Builder Tool:

HBA Premium Academy (Traffic and Conversions)

hba premium

What if you weren’t just given an Amazing Funnel builder to convert your traffic into leads and leads into customers but you received the ACTUAL training to help you do it without a hassle?

Mike and Paul have created the HBA Premium Academy where you can get access to ENDLESS traffic with ease along with:

  • Generating Unlimited Leads (So you can ALWAYS have a pipeline of people wanting to buy what you have to offer them)...
  • Turning those highly engaged leads into INSTANT Customers (so you can get to making cha-ching)...
  • And turn your customers into raving fans who will buy ANYTHING you want for Life!

This is MOST Definitely not one of those collections that’s all dusty and just thrown together and replicated off of what you might find online for free…

ALL of it is most up to date and strategies and tactics are revealed you wouldn’t have learned about before, such as:

  • Text Message Leads and Profits…
  • Facebook Ads…
  • And More!

You’ll want to see these simple yet very highly engaging and converting strategies, it will fill up your pipeline like crazy!

Here’s what the overall inside of the HBA Premium looks like:

  • Get Ready (Pre-Traffic)
  • Get Traffic (Free)
  • Get Traffic (Paid)
  • Get Sales (Conversions)
  • Get Coaching (Live Masterminds)
  • Emerson Magic Content Machine
  • High-Value Bonus Trainings
  • Questions?

The Emerson Magic Content Machine Is an Amazing tool where you will never again have to struggle with gathering content ideas or take many days and weeks (even months) to write anything again. In just a few seconds, the Emerson Magic content machine can write:

  • Emails…
  • Blog posts…
  • Video scripts…
  • Social media posts…
  • Sales letters…
  • YouTube descriptions…
  • Headlines…
  • Copy…
  • Code…
  • And basically, anything else you need content for

This is something that they’d normally charge you $197 for but you’re getting it for FREE when you get the HBA Premium.

Mike and Paul help and work with you in three simple steps to:

  1. Help You Get The Right Kind Of Traffic For You
  2. Turn That Targeted Traffic Into YOUR Own Leads
  3. Turn Those Leads Into PAYING Customers and Fans

The biggest BONUS to all this is that they work with you, not against you, or leave you in the dust to figure it all out on your own like other places do.

Financial Literacy Academy

What do you think about creating long-term financial stability through any economic times and be able to become financially literate like no other?

Mike and Paul have brought in a special guest in Mr. Mark J Kohler, who is a world-famous attorney, CPA, and best-selling author. He’s been featured on:

What you’ll get access to is:

  • Debt Elimination
  • Tax Strategies For U.S. Business Owners
  • Retirement Planning Strategies
  • Records and Bookkeeping with Quickbooks Online
  • How To Build Your Long-Term Cash Flow With Rental Properties
  • Stress-Free Property Management For You
  • Asset Protection 101
  • Your Business Entity Setup and Maintenance
  • And More

The HBA Affiliate Zone (Home Business Academy Affiliate Program)...

How would you like to get paid 80% in commissions on EVERY sale you generate including the recurring residuals?

The HBA has paid out well over $4,000,000 in commissions to its HBA Affiliates - Honestly, having true FREEDOM is about getting paid month after month, and even year after year for work you simply did once.

With the HBA, you get an affiliate program you can share with others where they will pay you 80% in commissions and residuals for as long as the person you brought in stays on…

  • They will pay out $420 right away, per customer who grabs the simple All-In-One business offer…
  • PLUS, up to $120 PER Month per customer that loves it inside and stays as a member of the Home Business Academy…
  • A HIGH percentage of people stay for many years

Just one sale per week can result in $74,800/yr, and:

  • Two sales in a week can turn into $149,760/yr
  • Three sales in a week can turn into $224,640/yr

How amazing is that?! You don’t have to promote the program itself, you can use the tools, training, and resources they have to promote ANY product/service (like I do and for this service), but that’s up to you.

As a Disclaimer (and what they have): The income projection above is based on customers loving and keeping their all-in-one business, plus premium membership for 12 months. The average affiliate can expect to earn $328 with this business.

Like anything, to earn more, you have to be willing to show up, learn the skill(s), stay committed, be persistent, be consistent, and stay disciplined.

My guess is, you’re not average and you won’t be like these people who expect to just push a button or try but they don’t really “try enough”, so as long as you stay persistent and consistent as well as disciplined, watch what happens :).

Back to the Affiliate Zone…Inside you get access to:

  • Core Affiliate Resources
  • Member FAQs
  • HBA Compliance with FTC
  • Bonus Vault
  • Done For You Funnels

You’ll get videos right out of the gate on things like:

  • STEP 1 of 4: SG 4G Freedom Formula, How You Get Paid and How To Not Miss Out On Their Commissions
  • STEP 2 of 4: Quick Launch Strategy (before setting anything up)
    • You’ll also get access to easy social media posts with text and image versions and more…
  • STEP 3 of 4: Setup Your Capture Page, Domain, Email, and Autoresponder (Your All-In-one Business)
  • STEP 4 of 4: Get Traffic To Your Funnel

So you get everything, and you’ll also get 6, 7, and 8-figure earns on Mastermind calls to help you answer your questions and more.

HBA Masterminds

The very last tab on the right side is the HBA Masterminds which is a page scheduled and tells you when the next LIVE Mastermind will take place.

You’ll see things scheduled for:

  • Grow Rich Mastermind Call
  • Funnel Builder Focused Monthly Mastermind
  • Saturday New Members Welcome Orientation and Q&A
  • NEW - Workout/Fitness Mastermind (not recorded)

Events For HBA Premium Members are:

  • Monday Night “What’s Working Now” Marketing Mastermind
  • Daily T&C (Traffic and Conversions) Mastermind

Bonus Events For The Home Business Academy Are:

  • Spanish New Members Orientation
  • Annual “HBA Freedom Fest” Live In-Person Event

So just based off the HBA Premium side, you’re definitely going to want to have that package so you can learn about what’s working now and how to get even more traffic and conversions.

If you’d like to get started with the HBA already, you can begin here:

The Home Business Academy Reviews (What Others Are Saying)

Here’s what others had to say about the Home Business Academy:

the home business academy reviews
the home business academy testimonials
the home business academy google reviews

There are many more reviews, and if you'd like to see "The Community Heart Video", please see here.

Here’s some on just the funnel builder itself:

the hba funnel builder reviews

If you’d like to see more reviews, please click on the button right below to find out:

The Home Business Academy Cost

There are different packages for this so:

  • The HBA Funnel Builder - $25 per month (much cheaper and high quality than the alternatives you’d find out there)
  • The HBA Premium Academy (Traffic and Conversions) - $125 per month
  • Financial Literacy Academy - $500 from the beginning or with payment installments OR if you don’t get it right away, later it’s $1,000, with payment installments most likely

So overall, you could spend somewhere between $300-$650 on the front end altogether, or you can always wait later and get the HBA Premium Academy and or Financial Literacy Academy.

I always recommend getting it right away from the beginning so you don’t have to worry about it later and you can climb up in your journey much faster and start accelerating your results and outcomes. But budget wisely too - If you can’t afford everything, just start off with the funnel builder and or the HBA Premium and then get the financial literacy academy later.

You will also get bonuses from Mike and Paul when you join as well as from me worth over $27,000, you can view The HBA Exclusive Bonuses Page Here:

As someone who is also a business funding expert now in my later years (helping people get credit, cash-flow, collateralized, liquidity, and equity-based services), if that’s something you need help with, like getting a personal loan for business, 0% interest business credit cards for 6-18+ months and more…

I can help you out. You can always email me at my funding business email address which is or visit my site here:

But after you’ve seen the bonuses page above and you’re ready to move forward, please begin here:

Pros and Cons:


  • SUPERIOR High Quality training and resources so you can get the unfair advantage to crush it at getting the best and right people into your ecosystem as leads that will follow you and convert into customers that will then become a fan for life which means you'll never run out of people who want to buy your stuff and care about YOU and your successes.
  • ALL-In-One Digital Business with done-for-you products, websites, emails, traffic training and resources with live daily help, customer service, and product delivery so you don't have to worry about starting from complete scratch and going at it alone, which means you'll get up and running much faster so you can focus on providing the MOST amount of value to your own audience without feeling like you're burning out. PLUS, you'll be able to direct your time and energy towards the things that matter most in your business.
  • Get UNLIMITED Income For Life Skills so you can learn how to build a long-term business that keeps on giving for life so you can have more freedom for yourself in your own daily life which means you'll be able to have a healthier life with more time to spend on vacation and feel more relieved and stress free overall.
  • HUGE and Heart-Centered Community that is Super helpful in answering your questions, contributing to helping you be the best version you can be, and to always know what's going on at all times.
  • Great Co-founders in both Mike and Paul with MANY years of experience having success online so you can follow experts who ACTUALLY know what they're doing. They will also be there in zoom calls and more to help, unlike others and gurus that do not or barely provide you with the right help.
  • ROBUST Funnel Builder and all packages so you can have an easier time putting your website/pages in front of people who want what you have to offer and more.


  • There really are no cons (and I'm not trying to be biased), but If I had to entertain it, I'd probably say that it's not priced even higher to start - But that's NOT a con at all.


There are Definitely many programs out there to choose from, BUT in all honesty, there is absolutely NOTHING that touches The Home Business Academy and comes even close to what they offer. Other places will charge you an arm and a leg (actually both arms and both legs) - And that’s just on a funnel builder tool - And even if you started for free…

You still have to pay for more access to pages, resources, and then some. Why not have everything ALL in one place to get training to drive traffic, get leads, and convert your leads into paying customers who will want to engage with you over and over again, all while using their funnel builder tool, and other resources, and leveraging the community?

But in case you wanted to know what else is out there, here are some of my other recommendations (although again, the HBA is the best one and you shouldn’t have to spend for these other ones, especially some that charge like $2,500 for the REAL material):

Your Free System is a great alternative that's a free marketing system that comes with the "Nexus Rewards" cashback, savings, rewards, and referral program, and you will also get done-for-you resources, training and more.

Legendary Marketer is a good alternative for learning how to build a high-ticket affiliate marketing business as well as if you wanted access to creating your own coaching and other packages, there’s that - They do have an entry-level $7 challenge but then you’ll be asked if you want to purchase a higher tier course with a higher cost (like $2,500 or so)...

It’s great training and material, but you don’t have to go for that right away, especially if you don’t have the budget, and even if you did, you shouldn’t have to. The $7 business challenge could be enough to get you on the right path.

So if you’d like to stick with The HBA (as I recommend), you can begin here and pick up my bonuses with Mike and Paul's with over $27,000

What I Liked Most About The Home Business Academy

Geez, where do I begin? If I had to pick just ONE thing (which is hard to do because there’s so much to choose from), I’d say in ALL honesty, the community.

You thought I’d say the HBA Premium or funnel builder or that it’s an all-in-one or similar, right? While I could have said any of that, the community is HUGE…

You get the help you need from like-minded individuals who are on the same path as you, who have been where you are, and who you can look up to and model. You also get people in the community who join the Live masterminds, they are there to help you and not leave you wondering “What if”.

I’ve been a part of MANY communities, and the HBA is literally the best one…By far.

What I Liked The Least

I’m not trying to be biased here (seriously), but it’s hard to find something that I didn’t dislike (in all honesty) - Everything you need to build a wildly profitable and high cash-flowing business is there, you just have to get after it.

So yeah, it’s hard to say “If I had to entertain just ONE thing” I didn’t like just for the heck of it, I wouldn’t be doing the program any justice and I wouldn’t be fair - So everything is there that you need to rock and roll and turn your dreams into a reality.

Final Thoughts (And Next Steps)

What was your favorite part about the Home Business Academy that you learned about here today? Did you perhaps have a least favorite thing?

There’s no better way for me to put it, if you are looking for the NEW, Smarter, and Faster way to step into an INSANELY Profitable Business Online so you can win YOUR freedom faster and have the income for life skills that will let you get your energy and time back…

Without having to feel stressed out each and every day…Wishing you could have figured it out by now, then look no further than The Home Business Academy to help you.

Given the done-for-you products, websites, and emails. Traffic training, and resources, AND provided live daily personal help, customer service, and product delivery…And if you decide to participate in their affiliate program - Get 80% in commissions and recurring residuals every single month for work you just had to do once…

You’re in the right place at the right time. I was one of those people who wished he would have joined sooner - Like when it first came out and more was being developed, especially if I knew I wouldn’t have to keep spinning my wheels and try to figure it all out on my own or by the help of others but other platforms were not high in quality.

But now that I’ve been a part of The Home Business Academy for some time, I want to show you the light and the path that will never get dark as you’ll have me, the community, and Mike and Paul by your side to help at all times.

If you’re ready to get started with the HBA and to pick up ALL of our bonuses worth over $27,000, then please click the button below to get started. 

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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