January 2

by Michael Granados

Would you like to have a FULLY Automated and Done-For-You Artificial Intelligence Ecommerce Store bringing in $10,000 to $40,000 and more a month on autopilot?

What if you were given a High Converting system and store that the BIGGEST Ecommerce Platforms and people are using to make money like crazy?

Hey! Welcome in to this Ecommerce Limitless Artificial Intelligence Review where I “Michael” (a Digital Entrepreneur with many years of navigating the online world and running multiple businesses) will be pulling back the curtains for you to show you what EXACTLY this program is all about, the pros and cons, alternatives, and so much more so you can finally move forward with 110% confidence and certainty to execute on the right plan, but first…

Let’s go ahead and answer the TOP of questions on your mind…Is Ecommerce Limitless Artificial Intelligence Legit? Although I have not paid for it myself, I believe it is NOT legit or at least going to be a “game changer” and make everything easy for you longer-term, and here’s why…

I’ve run into programs like these in the past, some of which are Mary’s System, Myigaa, Cowboy Wealth, and others that want to offer you a “done-for-you” store or website that can siphon traffic from the major search engines and social media sites to manipulate traffic to your website and have people buy products and services you don’t own.

Honestly, Myigaa and Ecommerce Limitless Artificial Intelligence are similar in that sense (as are the others) - In fact, there was an Ad on YouTube where I saw the SAME person who was in the “Make your income great again” (Myigaa) platform with similar testimonials that looked fake or out of place and not believable.

So while I haven’t purchased the program myself (I really didn’t need to), based on my experiences in the past, it’s not worth pursuing - Running a business takes work, you can’t just have everything done for you and expect to start making money, if someone tells you that or similar..RUN!

If you’re ready to check out what I believe to be the BEST and most recommended program of mine, Click here to learn more about The HBA”

Alright, let’s get into things.

What Is Ecommerce Limitless Artificial Intelligence?

Ecommerce Limitless Artificial Intellegence (ELIA for short) is an Ecommerce Store creation system where you get a done-for-you store with the best products that are selling easily. There are 62 analysts with Artificial intelligence that analyze the Big Ecommerce platforms through search engines and social media sites to find the best products that are selling easily so you can put what they have on your store and essentially do the same thing. You don’t have to have experience or prior knowledge needed, and everyone can do this.

You have the creator or at least someone presenting the program in the name of John, he made a short video which I’ll get to in a bit where he talks about what people are doing, their successes, and how he invested a great amount of money to create this system for you. He also goes into how he was featured into Forbes

After I tried to research him by his first on Forbes, Bloomberg, and everyone else, I couldn’t find anything about him. Maybe I looked in the wrong places? I probably should have looked on page 10 of Google, or somewhere else?

Let’s go deeper inside this Elai ecommerce limitless artificial intelligence review

Going Inside Ecommerce Limitless Artificial Intelligence

WARNING, Before I get into the home page and show you what that’s all about, just know that A LOT of what you’ll get is “Marketing” tactics that will try to persuade you in the video and more to sign up…

You have to be careful, you can’t always believe everything you see and hear. For a newbie to the online world or perhaps someone who’s tried but it hasn’t worked for them (or you), all of this will be fascinating, and won’t know any better. Being that I’m not new to any of this, I understand their marketing tactics and methods well…

The words used in the video and more can be very persuasive, but again, be careful. On the home page, here is what you’ll see:

what is eccomerce artificial intelligence

I’ll go over what’s underneath the video in a bit, but let’s focus on the video for now. When you press play, the first thing you’ll get is the reviews of what other people are saying. You’ll get words mentioning how much they are making in one day…Like $1,000+ or so. 

Honestly, I’ve seen some of these people on other videos for other programs, it makes me question…Are they finding success from these other programs and just getting on the next thing, are they not, and are they just paid actors? Hmm…I think you know where this is going.

I think I saw the same U.S. flag background in the Myigaa video

ecommerce artificial intelligence video

Thereafter, you will get John going over:

  • How he’s been featured on Forbes or Bloomberg…
  • How he’s been nominated on The Top 10 online best money maker worldwide multiple times…
  • How there are tons of online opportunities but with the right strategy people are making millions…
  • 99% of people don't know how to make money from their home…
  • How he doesn’t want you to make the same mistakes as these 99% of people…
  • How he has a nice view and a huge villa in Dubai and gets to do whatever he wants when he wants (He has the lifestyle)...
  • He shares how he doesn’t need to have a boss and pretty much live miserable…He’s helping you see what he sees so you can be successful too…

You’ll also be told that you can finally have a New system that works, which is:

  • Fully Automated so you don’t have to spend any time on it (Really, no time? When people hear “no time” that’s attracting a REALLY Lazy person - I’m sorry to break it to you (If I am), but building a business takes work)...
  • No Experience Is Requied. It’s designed so anyone can do it without any prior knowledge and experience…
  • How it’s 100% zero risk-free. If you’re not making money within the 30 days, John will personally reimburse you.
  • High Earning Potential: Up To $5,000 A Day.

Did I mention how this system is supposed to have nearly $50,000,000 (yes, Million) invested to develop this system?


C’mon now, $50,000,000? Also understand that the more larger the number, it can cause you to think, “Dang, this must be something no one has heard of, or has themselves and it’s unique to only this program”...

Again, be careful. Also, there are’s a team of 62 analysts together with their own Artificial intelligence (AI) that analyzes big e-commerce platforms, such as search engines and social media from all different angles before choosing which products are selling the easiest.

An example in the video used is “Lower Back Pain”... by the way, I specialize in the Lower back pain space BUT not because of this ELAI system. I’ve actually grown a health and wellness business around the lower back pain space through blogging and other means that didn’t have to do with e-commerce…

If you’d like to see how to promote other people’s products and services yourself like those in the back pain space and others, please see my #1 recommendation below.

Look, I’m not going to give the system any more attention as to “how it could work”, let’s get into how you can join (which I don’t recommend joining)...

How To Join ELAI

Before you join, you’ll get a video from a person named John sharing how helpful the system has been and then the speech comes in from John (the creator or at least the person who is throughout the video)...

He says how he’s looking for one person per city to join his program…And ONLY One person. You’re then led to believe nobody from your city has joined yet and you can…

And how maybe people from your city are watching the same video and might take the spot before you to. Oh, here’s this…

After beta testing is over, accessing the platform will cost $25,000! Say what!?


There are even some system dashboard images of how much profits there are being made (be careful in believing this - you’re being placed at the driving seat so you can really be convinced)...

So essentially there are only 2 spots available which you’ll find out on the other page, but first, here’s the form to fill out:

Ecommerce Limitless Artificial Intelligence form

In case you didn’t notice it…Why is the “Mcafee Secure” and the other ones in the shadows? Hmm, that already looks fishy, doesn’t it?

And underneath that, just know you’re giving them your number, so you’re consenting to receive additional updates and promotional messages via SMS or phone call. I wouldn’t even dare to give them that information…I did it so I could show you what it looks like on the other side and more.

Before entering the details, under the form are “comments”

ELAI Comments

I’m not sure whether these are real or not - As in, are these real people in the system or paid actors to comment and more? It just doesn’t look believable to me, especially with others questioning if it would work or not.

After I entered my details, here’s the page I came to:

ecommerce limitless artificial intelligence page

You’ll get a thank you message from John. Under the video you’ll find something like this:

ecommerce limitless artificial intelligence spots

This is a Scarcity tactic or FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out. This will cause you to think you have to join right away or else you’ll miss out - Which in the right setting is a great ethical marketing tactic…

But after I came back to the site to enter my details again, it shows that 2 spots were still available and that 15 other people were watching again?

All this is leading you to join before it’s too late and you miss out. Even in the video says if you don’t make $20,000 a month, he will give you all the money you invested back - Oh really?

Here’s part of the pricing you’ll see on this page:

  • The regular Price is $197
  • Today ONLY is $67

Before clicking on the “Add to cart” blue button, under that is this:

ELAI Potential

You can calculate your potential earnings. This is used as a way for you to show action by interacting with it and it consciously shows you are invested in things and even just a small micro commitment like that is enough to get you to move forward.

Here’s what it looks like once you click on the “Add to cart” button:

how much does ecommerce limitless artificial intelligence cost

Okay, Before I even get into this page, when I tried leaving it, here’s what you’ll see:

ecommerce limitless artificial intelligence price

I didn’t want that. Then I tried to click the back arrow on my Google Chrome browser and guess what? I couldn’t leave immediately. I Hate that SO much.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to leave the page. I found myself having to click like 5-6 times or so right away before I got back to the last page (sometimes you can't at all). You can just exit out of the tab or browser too, but If for whatever reason you needed to backspace out of there…Good Luck!

Maybe it was just happening to me? What you’ll see on this page is a regular checkout page...

nothing fancy, nothing really out of the ordinary. Of course, I didn’t get it as I said before, I don’t believe in it, and maybe there’s a part to it that works but is it sustainable and does it create a longer-term business?

Even if it were to, these things come and go. You wouldn’t want the owner to shut things down, change things on you and then abandon ship, only to leave you out on your own like a lone wolf out in the blizzard to fend for yourself, do you?

Ecommerce Limitless Artificial Intelligence Reviews

Here’s what other people are saying (keep in mind these may not even be real or something else):

ecommerce limitless artificial intelligence reviews

There are "testimonials" in the video you'll see before you enter details where the people are saying how much they've made like $5,400, $1,500, and some other numbers. I'm not who easily believes that's true and these could be paid actors or so.

Now that you saw that on the Elai ecommerce limitless artificial intelligence reviews, let's get into the costs.

Elai Ecommerce Limitless Artificial Intelligence Trustpilot...

I couldn't find any trustpilot reviews which is not surprising - with these types of systems and even others that are home-based business opportunities, you won't always find a truspilot profile. This is not to get this system confused with the
"elai.io"  platform, which helps you create AI videos just fom text...Which is real.

How Much Does Ecommerce Limitless Acritical Intelligence Cost?

The cost of the program is originally $197 but you are getting it for just $67 at a 65% discount. Also, if you try to exit the page, you’ll get a popup that says you can get an extra $10 off for $57 total.

There might be more you’ll get charged for as an upsell and or down-sell or further down the road, who knows.

Pros and Cons


  • Done-For-You Fully Automated System (But please keep in mind, that it takes work to do things and build a Real business online - So it might not even be real too)
  • No Experience Required


  • Looks too good to be true.
  • Video testimonials don't look authentic and real (at least to me)
  • Too much marketing lingo to get you persuaded to take fast action before you miss your spot
  • False scarcity tactic to join before it's too late


There are MOST Deifnretly better and greater alternatives to this system and the one I recommend 110% the most where you get an “All-In-One” Digital Business with done-for-you products, websites, emails, traffic training, and resources and get provided with live daily personal help, customer service and product delivery…And even get a chance to make 80% in commissions with residual recurring monthly commissions for work you did JUST once…

I definitely recommend The Home Business Academy because of the high-quality training and resources, access to the community, live masterminds, a web page builder to help you convert people into leads and leads into paying customers, and more. If you’d like to see my review of this system, please click the button below:

There are others out there too but I wouldn't recommend starting with them first as they can be pricey and or are not the right platform in today’s market and world, but they are:

Again, The Home Business Academy is best for all that it has, high 6-figure. 7-figure and even 8-figure digital entrepreneurs sharing information with you to help you along the way build the business of your dreams. You can see the review I made of the Home Business Academy here:

What I Liked Most About Ecommerce Limitless Artifical Intelligence

In All Honesty, I didn’t like really any of it. Can you really blame me? If you were on my side as an expert or at least have the experience to spot things that are too good to be true and more, you’d likely think the same.

If I had to entertain things though, probably the marketing tactics on the video in terms of how it speaks to people who really don’t want to do any work and want things automated, especially on the testimonials/reviews to a degree. They really thought things through.

What I Liked The Least

The majority of it…It’s hard to pick just one thing. But I had to pick just ONE thing, I’d say the whole Fully Automated part. You can’t just have everything hands-off or expect to not do any work or buy into something where this big system is the reason why you’ll succeed.

Building a business takes energy and time, only the average people don’t get anywhere - You shouldn’t just strive for average and do “just enough”, otherwise, you will keep jumping from one thing to the next complaining that what you’ve tried doesn’t work and that it’s the business you were in that’s at fault and even blame yourself.

Final Thoughts (And Next Steps)

What was your favorite part about this review? Did you have a least favorite part?

So is there an Ecommerce limitless artificial intelligence scam? I don't believe it's real from all that I've encoutered similar to this and more. But..

Who wouldn’t want a fully automated nearly $50,00,000 invested into the system with a team of analysts using AI to analyze the big Ecommerce platforms to see what products sell with ease so you can replicate it?

Anybody would like that, but here’s the reality…Everything is not what it seems! While it all sounds good, things that usually sound too good to be true are just another shiny thing trying to take people’s hard-earning money…

Only to then leave you and them in even more pain than you were in before. So if you’ve had enough and want something that REALLY will work long-term without worrying if it will be there for you years and years on out and to be able to leverage what already works and get into a PROVEN platform where people are having success…

Then please click the button below to see my #1 recommended platform to see the World’s First All-In-One Digital Business as the NEW, Smarter, and Faster way to step into an INSANELY Profitable business online so you can win YOUR Freddom Faster.



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