April 28

by Michael Granados

Want the easiest system ever that takes making online commissions in affiliate marketing 12X Easier?

According to the 12 minute affiliate systems, Pocketing affiliate commissions just got a whole lot easier, but is that true or is the 12 minute affiliate a scam?

I Michael Granados an expert affiliate marketer who’s ACTUALLY used this done-for-you program will show you EVERYTHING you need to know before you decide this is the right vehicle for you, and one thing…

This isn’t another fluke review where people who haven’t even tried out the system and had success with it are writing these fake and inconclusive reviews OK?

I’m going to cut right to the chase and tell you the truth...12 Minute Affiliate is NOT a scam. So you can disregard any 12 Minute affiliate scam you believed and heard. How does that feel? Phew right? OH By the way...If you didn't hear, the 12 minute affiliate is now called "The Easiest System Ever".

Stick with me today as I uncover the shocking truths of this read-to-go(it’s easier than ordering a pizza) affiliate system that can possibly make you the big bucks.

Let’s get started.

12 Minute Affiliate Overview (UPDATED For 2024 and Beyond)

Product Name: 12 Minute Affiliate/Easiest System Ever (Rebranded to the name "Easiest System Ever")

Founder: Devon Brown

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing, Done-For-You System

Price: $49 Per month(FREE 14-day trial to start)

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own affiliate marketing business, Beginners, Experts, People who want a passive income business, done for you system seekers with a budget.

12 minute affiliate signup

Summary: The 12 Minute Affiliate System or "Easiest System Ever" as it's now called is a faster and easier way for you to pocket commissions by tapping into a done-for-you marketing system where you get done-for-you templates, scripts, funnels and so much more to attract high quality leads and get sales to your online affiliate marketing business.

Creator Devon Brown has intelligently picked out the BEST affiliate products for you to promote on Clickbank in 3 Markets: 1. Weight Loss, 2.Home Business, 3. Personal Development.

You get to tap into a system where all you need to do is send the people(traffic) over to your offers with a paid traffic source like solo ads which is the fastest way to build your email list so you eventually sell to your audience your product(s) that are mixed with low-ticket and high-ticket products.

If you're a beginner on a budget you can avoid spending your time creating content, but if you don't have a budget and are like me and ACTUALLY want to build your skills(which is best), you can check out my #1 recommended digital education program and mentor here.

NOTE: The program is no longer available as of 2023, so please check out my recommendation right up above in the "orange color".

Rating: 90/100

Recommended: Yes

What Is 12 Minute Affiliate? 

12 Minute Affiliate is a NEW revolutionary online marketing solution that can have even the newest online entrepreneur ready to start earning commissions in as little as 12 minutes!

In other words, it’s a done-for-you home business system that takes away the stress of having to learn things like:

And it does it all for you! No learning these skills that will take you months before you implement them, or paying for thousands of dollars in courses that only hold you back. But here’s the best part…

Creator of the 12 minute affiliate and Daily Commissions Blueprint, Devon Brown has made it easy for you to grow your email list which if you didn’t know that’s how you’ll make the bulk of your sales. He has taken the hardest part which is getting people or “traffic” as it’s known and makes it where you can get a FLOOD of traffic to your offers faster.

Going inside 12 Minute Affiliate 

Getting to test drive and use the 12 minute affiliate system in my affiliate marketing career I found some amazing benefits and insight I’d like to point out, and that starts with the 3-step framework:

is the 12 minute affiliate a scam

As you can see it’s as easy as 1...2...3:

STEP 1: Personalize the system

You’ll personalize your system so that you are the one who earns the commissions.

STEP 2: Add Done-For-You Traffic

This literally takes as little as 2 quick minutes.

STEP 3: Collect your affiliate commissions!

Lastly, you get to keep 100% of your commissions.

It’s that simple. You’re probably wondering though where do I get the traffic, right?

12 Minute Affiliate Traffic:

The 12 minute affiliate has done-for-you solo ad traffic, which is basically where you  are ordering to get people from a vendors list who are interested in what you have to offer. So someone in your space has this huge list of people and all you’d do is order traffic off their list and get them to come to your email list.

Or if you want to expand your traffic strategies and essentially dominate a platform like a Website Blog, a YouTube channel, Podcast, Social Media, etc. You can also access their 16+ ways to get traffic to your offers guide.

I’ll cover more of the paid traffic in the pros and cons section later below.

12 Minute Affiliate Partners

The cool thing about 12 minute affiliate is that they are partnered with and make it easy for you to promote products from three or more affiliate networks like:

12 minute affiliate networks

12 Minute affiliate is compatible with these 3+ affiliate networks so you can easily distribute your offers among-st more than one platform which means you won’t be stuck and a slave to one network let’s say the product goes away or the platform is down - you always have alternatives.

Inside of 12 minute affiliate(which I’ll show you in a bit) you’ll be asked to create a clickbank account if you haven’t already and that will be your tracking link for all the offers.

You can visit the home page here if you’d like to see more what’s on there. Now, let’s move inside.

How Does 12 Minute Affiliate Really Work? 

Here are the simple steps to getting signed up:

STEP 1: Click on “Sign Up”

12 minute affiliate signup

On the top right of the home page screen you can get signed up straight away or if you scroll through this page you can press on one of the buttons that look like so:

12 minute affiliate package

(Alternative way to get started: Click here to see.)

I’ll show you how to get signed up in the sections coming up but for now let me show you how it looks like once you’re signed up and ready to go:

12 minute affiliate dashboard

This is your 12 minute affiliate dashboard. To the left you’ll have your column with tabs to places like:

  • Getting started page
  • Your Niche Business
  • Done-for-you email swipes
  • Done-for-you traffic
  • Get coaching
  • Step-by-step
  • Account
  • Platinum members
  • And more!

Now turn your attention to the middle of the screen and you’ll see the “quick start checklist”. Here you’ll fast and easily walk-through setting up your 12 minute affiliate system, and how do I know it’s fast?

It has “(2 minutes)” after ever checkpoint. So you’ll start from top to bottom:

  • Create a free account(2 minutes). Click on this row and you’ll see the following:
12 minute affiliate create account

Just follow the 5 steps and click the video for help if need be. When you’re done, click the blue button at the bottom to create your free clickbank account.

STEP 2: Get your auto-responder setup.

If you want to make more sales you’ll need an email automation marketing system doing all the heavy lifting for you and that’s just the way it is all across any affiliate marketing program…

6+ figure affiliates know that “the money is in the list” and YOU must utilize email marketing to it’s full capacatiy if you’re here to do this long-term.

So 12-Minute affiliate gives you steps to set it up:

12 minute affiliate autoresponder

Again follow the steps, watch the video for help, and press the blue button at the bottom once done:

aweber 12 minute

12-minute affiliate's primary email marketing system is Aweber which is an amazing email marketing system that easily will help you market to your leads on automatic, plus I did a full review on aweber here if you’d like to learn more.

I’ve been using Aweber as my go to email marketing platform for a while and that’s way before I partnered with 12-minute affiliate…

I was using it for my health and wellness niche website as well in the home business space.

STEP 3: Setup your autoresponder

12 minute affiliate setup

Now, there’s a done-for-you option where you can get the 12 minute affiliate team to set this all up for you for a one-time price of $67 if you’re unsure. It’s actually quite easy, so you can save yourself that money.

Follow these steps, watch the video.

STEP 4: Activate Your 12 minute affiliate funnels

12 minute affiliate has 3 niches, they are:

  • Home Business
  • Weight Loss
  • Personal Development

And depending on which one(or all), you’ll get the done-for-you funnels personalized to your industry. So, here are the steps:

12 minute affiliate done for you funnels

At the third step, you can view your “built in” affiliate products so you know which products the 12 minute system has already set up for you. Yep. That’s right, you don’t have to go through Clickbank or any other affiliate network and find the products, 12 minute-affiliate has them picked for you!

Devon Brown knows which products are the best and he added them into the mix so you don’t have to worry about which ones convert the best and will make you LOADS of money.

Optional Step: Have the team setup your autoresponder

This is the part I mentioned eaeier about getting the 12 minute affiliate team to setup your autoresponder with done-for-you emails. If you wish to have them help you, go ahead and pay the one-time fee of $67.

12 minute affiliate optional

Here’s the price to confirm what I say is true:

12 minute fee

STEP 5: Get done for you traffic

All that’s left to do is order up and fire up your traffic.

12 minute affiliate done for you traffic

I’ll show you how buying your traffic looks like soon.

Next Steps: Read the member notes.

After you’ve completed all your 5 steps above, then you’ll want to read the member notes below:

member notes

Here’s more:

12 minute affiliate vacation

Yes, You read that right, on #6 you can get a FREE Vacation giveaway! If you;re serious about building an affiliate marketing business with the 12 Minute Affiliate System then you get a special free vacation to one of over a dozen exotic locations.

Simply complete ALL the steps in your quick-start checklist(above) within your first 72 hours of joining(or have them do it for you) and you’ll get sent on your free vacation.

Your Niche Funnels

We’ll turn our attention to the funnels where you’ll be sending your traffic to. On the left hand column you’ll see the “My Niche Funnels” and under will show your niches you’ve selected.

niche funnels

Once you click on it you’ll see the image above. On the middle of the screen are your two types of funnels:

  • Instant. These are done-for-you funnels
  • Custom. You can customize them for your needs.

NOTE: If you’re a beginner, it’s best that you start with “Instant funnels” and as you earn more experience move into custom funnels if you’d like but it’s not needed. Even if you’re experienced, it’s best to start with instant funnels, trust me.

STEP 2: Click on “Instant Funnels”

instant funnels

On this page will be ALL of your ready to go funnels that have:

  • An optin page
  • A Thank You/Bridge page

These are HIGHLY converting funnels that capture optins and leads like crazy and you get many to select from...just keep scrolling down to see them all.

STEP 3: Select A Funnel

Any funnel will work, you can go through each of them to see what you like though by pressing on the links below the images. To select a funnel click on the image or somewhere around it(outside of the links).

You’ll see an outer black ring like so:

black ring

STEP 4: Purchase your traffic

Scrolling to the right you’ll see your done-for-you traffic button.

buy traffic

Click it and you’ll see the following:

done for you traffic 2

Read through this and you’ll see that 12 minute affiliate has partnered with some of the TOP traffic providers on the entire internet. Their traffic providers ONLY deal with what’s know as TOP-TIER traffic(traffic that comes from English speaking countries) like:

  • The US
  • Canada
  • England
  • Australia

This traffic is guaranteed to be real. And one of the biggest mistakes people make is buying cheap or fake traffic, if you do this you will get ZERO results. After that, just read the “Here’s all you have to do” part.

And once you scroll down a bit you can click this button:

12 minunte affiliate traffic

NOTE: You’re buying clicks(a.k.a. visitors) NOT opt-ins(a.k.a. leads) and buying 100 clicks doesn’t mean 100 people will opt in to your email list. A fair opt in ratte is about 20% or 25%.

12 minute affiliate does not Guarantee opt-ins or sales, they guarantee the traffic will be REAL.

  1. Your traffic starts to be delivered within 7-14 days(often much faster).

Now, once you press the green button you’ll get your traffic page:

12 minute buy traffic

Here you can select the niche you’re in - mine here is in the home business niche and to the right you’ll select how much traffic.

how much traffic

As you can see, you have a base of 90-100 visitors for $99.00 and a maximum of 1800-2000 visitors for $1,997. It’s up to you, but if you’re just starting out as a beginner and even experienced, go with the base of $99.00 this way you get to test this traffic.

Alternative traffic:

I often get asked, “Can I use other traffic Michael?” Yes you can. You have other solo ad paid traffic like Udimi, or even easytrafficforme where at times you’ll pay less then the system gives you…

It’s all about knowing how to select vendors which I show in this video:

Also before I show you the other traffic sources, make sure to fill out your details their at the bottom(image above) to purchase your traffic.

And another way to access your traffic faster is to select the traffic tab:

done for you traffic

And here’s where you can also click on “Other traffic methods” and get this page:

other traffic

It’s best to order your ttraffic but there are other ways,in fact 16+ ways:

Simply click on the “click here to download” link there on the bottom and you’ll be shown how o use traffic like:

  • Blog websites
  • YouTube
  • Forums
  • Podcast
  • Social Media
  • Paid advertising
  • Etc.

Plus there are 20+ secret ways to get unlimited traffic you can see here.

Top Affiliate Products

I’m sure you’ve been anticipating to see what products 12 Minute affiliate has setup for you, and let me tell you that they don’t disappoint!

First off, you’ll start by clicking the “Top Affiliate Products column as shown in this picture:

12 minute affiliate top affiliate products

And then you will see this page:

12 minute affiliate products

These are the current recommended products and there are three niche categories that you will notice from:

  • Home Business
  • Weight Loss 
  • Personal Development

Why these niches?

They are the Biggest core markets that you can make great money with, no matter how saturated they become that’s only a small fraction of competition compared to how many people are searching online for these opportunities. Listen to this…

It’s about 0.0003% or so that makes up the competition in the weight loss market which means there’s a TON of space to compete and there are many people online looking for solutions. Now let me show you each category.

For home business:

Each of these products have a product commissions column, and I’ll show you just one example of all the products(you can watch the video review I did if you want to see all the products)

12 minute affiliate commissions

OK, the Amazing part I wrote but it’s how I feel! Just with 12 Minute Affiliate alone you can make RESIDUAL Income of $23.50 - $48.50/Month + Up to $398.5 Per Sale!

  • Average commission = 50%
  • Recurring income? Yes

How cool is that? That's not even factoring the other products you can earn with too. These are all placed in the done-for-you email swipes too so you can set it and forget it and start earning.

Here's a day where I made a $500+ commission at the very beginnning with the home-business niche:

clickbank sale
clickbank sale 2

This was all from a $1, 757.41 high-ticket product!

For Weight Loss:

Here are the products for weight loss:

  • The Flat Belly Fix System
  • Lean Belly Breakthrough
  • Eat Sleep Burn
  • The Body Transformation Blueprint
  • Red Tea Detox
weight loss

For the Flat Belly Fix alone you get an Average Sale of $40.61 Initial $/Sale: $40.38, along with:

  • Average % commission of 74.0%
  • Average Rebill Total of $.66
  • Average% Rebill of 1%

Those are some great stats!

NOTE: You can do well with the products and formula/system inside of the 12 Minute Affiliate weight loss products but just in case you wanted to specialize in this niche and learn it from two people who are Clickbank's top affiliates for selling weight loss products with Facebook Ads...

Then I invite you to check out Simple WIFI profits here.

Otherwise, keep on...

For Personal Development:

The products you get are:

  • Manifestation Magic
  • The Wealth Compass
  • The Manifestation Millionaire
  • 15 Minute Manifestation
  • 4 Week Manifestation
  • Quantum Manifestation Code

Product Commissions for Manifestation Magic are:


With Manifestation Magic alone you can earn an average sale of $39.31 Initial $/Sale along with:

  • Average % Commission of 74.0% 
  • Average Rebill Total of $7.81

Are you starting to see the potential earnings you can make here? Don’t forget to watch the full video I made on this, I’ll leave it below and you can skip to 19:23 minutes:

NOTE: The 12 Minute Affiliate or now known as "The Easiest System Ever" is no longer available, but you can check out my#1 recommended platform where you get an "All In One Business" (and even pays out 80% commissions on ALL their products and they have residual income ones too!)...

12 Minute Affiliate Email Swipes

Remember the done-for-you $3,000+ Professional Email Swipes I mentioned earlier? A professional copywriter wrote the best emails so you can easily plug them into your autorepsonder tool and start firing messages to your audience sooner rather than later.

To access them, click on the Email Swipes Tab:

12 minute affiliate emails

I labeled it as step 1, and then step 2 is to view the center of the page.

As stated:

  1. You can send these messages as a broadcast to your list(especially if you prefer or plan to use other products from like JVZoo, Warrior Plus, etc).
  2. Add these messages to a follow up sequence(or a campaign works too now a days). Just read through this part.

Scroll down now to access your emails:

12 minute email access

NOTE: Make sure to read the “important” part! 

After, you can click the hyperlink(s) below to access your niche business emails. So if you selected “weight loss” as your niche, then select the second link for fitness/weight loss niche.

Personal Development Library

You also get a section where you can personally grow and develop as a human being under the “personal development library section”

personal development

You can select from different items that go along wit their description and FREE Download. Some of these even have a downloadable MP3 For convenience and on the go.

Trust me when I say that your personal development plays a huge role in your success, this is like 80% mindset, 20% skill, so spend some time in here.

There are many other sections as you can see to the left on that blue column that you can go through on your own, but for the time I’ll now go into their support.

12 Minute Affiliate Support

There’s an amazing 12 minute Affiliate Support team that is always there to answer your questions whenever you need the help:

12 minute affiliate contact

Not only can you get a hold of the support team by phone, but there’s also a great 12 Minute Affiliate Group, check it out:

12 minute affiliate inner circle

This is the official $100k Affiliate Marketers - Inner Circle Facebook Group, and you can join like minded individuals all trying to free up more time in their lives, provide a greater financial future and become better every day.

If you ever need help, you can turn to the close group community to resolve your problems.

12 Minute Affiliate Coaching

Along with the $100k Affiliate Marketers inner circle group and team support, you get FREE Coaching from Devon, and it's EXTREMELY helpful. You can access the live webinar coaching calls from your 12 Minute Affiliate education area AND you'll also get a broadcasted email like so:

12 minute affiliate coaching

And in case you missed the LIVE, you can watch the replay:

12 minute affiliate coaching replay

Devon and his team cover topics on EVERYTHING:

  • Mindset
  • Personal Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Buying traffic
  • Free traffic
  • Content
  • And so much more!

How Much Does 12 Minute Affiliate Cost?

Time to see the 12 minute affiliate price...and You can test out the Program for 14 FREE days to start and You get to choose from different membership options:

  • 12 Minute Affiliate Basic Level - 1 Niche ONLY to test drive for $9.95 for 14 days and after it’s $47 month thereafter.
  • Or Basic Lifetime membership for one low payment of $397
  • 12 Minute affiliate Gold membership for just $9.95 for 14 days and then $97/month thereafter
  • Or Gold Lifetime membership for one low payment of just $797

Of course, each of these membership packages come with their own offers 

12 minute affiliate memberships

And here’s the bottom half:

12 minute membership

As you can see, you get more emails with gold at 240 vs basic at 80 plus more niches but as a beginner and if you’re just getting started it makes sense to go for basic.

Plus, you get these amazing bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: 2X Your follow up messages
  • BONUS #2: Personal Development/Success Library
  • 16 Free Traffic Tactics E-Course
  • DFY Hot product Promos

(I’ll talk more about the bonuses at the end of this review plus the ones I’ll give you from me worth over $10,000+ Worth!)

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You get a risk free 60 day money back guarantee...60 days! That’s a lot of time compared to other places that only give you like a 30 day money back or nothing at all. You have nothing to lose, more to gain.

NOTE: The program is no longer available, but you can check out my #1 recommended platform to get started with here:

12 Minute Affiliate Cost Compared To Competitors

You're probably trying to compare prices with other Affiliate Business In A Box done for you systems or any other Affiliate programs so let me tell you the differences.

You can go spend money on a $300+ course and take all the time to learn and even take some action but by the time you do months pass by...

That whole time you could of been focusing on monetization and building your email list. Listen, I started in other places where I had to learn the:

And there will be a time and a place for you to learn that(if you haven't already) but for a system that is $47 per month plus your email which is like $19 per month, traffic you can buy with solo ads for another $50-$100(depending on that traffic channel, and I'll show you others)...

That's just about $155+ give or take dollars per month compared to a $300+ course that will take you time build your email list. Sure you can go the Facebook route and put a free lead magnet in front of people but will you have your email backend setup...RIGHT?

Likely not. Other programs like High Ticket systems run by "gurus" will cost you like $997+ for that course and you still have to pay for the traffic and more. That can come later in time if you're not already there.

12 Minute Affiliate Testimonials

Rather than tell you, let me just show you the crazy results people are getting with 12 minute affiliate:

There are A LOT more underneath this too.

Who’s 12 Minute Affiliate For?

The 12 Minute Affiliate System is for people who seriously want  a home-business that will help them to pocket huge commissions without having to start a system from scratch and do it all themselves. It’s also for:

  • Beginners who want to get results even in their very first week without having to deal with all the techie nonsense or speed bumps of earning with clickbank that only make you give up
  • If you want profit daily and make multiple commissions in just one week like many of the TOP Affiliates are doing.
  • You want to create multiple streams of income with a system that AUTOMATICALLY promotes multiple high end PROVEN products for you, simultaneously! This means you can earn more commissions from more than one product in a day.
  • People who want to work from home or live their laptop lifestyle where you can travel anywhere and work or just travel and have more time freedom to do what you want when you want with who you want to.
  • Growing your email list super fast! With this system you’ll be able to grow your email list fast and with interested buyers so you can always remarket to them and build more commissions from repeat buyers
  • You don’t have to create your own website/blog or products. If you are like me when I first started, I didn’t want to create a product so this system makes it easy for you. Plus you don’t have to deal with customer support
  • Anyone who’s tried affiliate marketing but is not succeeding
  • Anyone who wants an online business up and running in a multi-millionaire(or even BILLION) dollar niche, in as little as 12 minutes.
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to write their own sales copy, sales funnels, or emails.

Pros VS Cons


  • Done-for-you marketing solutions so you can have an easier time and faster way to earn which means you will be able to set it and forget it and go enjoy your time freedom with your friends and family.
  • TOP High earning products to promote so you can earn the most in the least amount of time with multiple commissions which means you’ll hit your goals faster and be happier to improve on your personal growth as a human being
  • Devon Brown on your corner so you don’t have to worry about getting amazing mentorship which means you’ll succeed much faster than you think.
  • You get to build your email list so you can do it much faster without effort and wasting time which means you’ll be automatically sending professional emails to your list and converting optins, leads into sales.


  • You don't get to choose your own passionate or interested nice on the fact that if you have a specific topic other than home business, weight loss, or personal development, you can't get do something like home garden, technology, back pain or whatever that interest you have. Nonetheless, it's not a huge deal, you can expand on that later.


12 Minute Affiliate has a lot of upside, it's a great place to begin as well for intermediate to experts looking to grow their income too, it's just about knowing whether you have enough to spend on done-for-you traffic and if you will put the time to do this that makes all the difference. Check it out here.

By the way, if you'd rather have control over the niche you do select, I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate platform here.

Here's a video I did on Affiliate Done For You Businesses vs The Do It Yourself Route:

NOTE: Since this system is no longer available, you can check out my #1 recommended program below...

12 Minute Affiliate Alternatives

I'm not a biased person nor do I like to just show you one way of doing things, I want to make sure you have everything you need to make the right decision so I brought up some alternatives, and they are:

These are great alternatives. Clickfunnels has a similar done-for-you process that I show and explain to you inside of that review, Wealthy affiliate is amazing because you get to grow an authority niche blog website through organic search engine traffic, Simple Wifi Profits is cool because it shows you how to earn through the weight loss industry with Facebook ads...

Ambassador Program is another one where you get to promote Clickbank products and also An expert's personal courses. 

ENTRE Institute is another one where it's not so much a done-for-you system but it's simply the best I've ever come across online because you will get the full suite of tools and skills in:

  • Copywriting
  • Funnels
  • Email
  • Blog
  • YouTube
  • Podcast
  • and so much more!

You will ACTUALLY get to learn the skills and not have to rely on a done-for-you system. This allows you to apply what you learn to anything and not just one system which you will need to eventually learn.

You can click here to check out ENTRE Institute and get a FREE Guide if you'd like.

My favorite one out of the bunch is "The Home Business Academy", and the reason for that is they have an "All In One Business" where they give you:

  • A Page builder to build high converting landing pages (with training and coaching)...
  • A Digital education platform so you can learn traffic and conversions (with masterminds as well)...
  • The Financial Literacy Academy so you can build your business from the bottom up...
  • The Letsgoal app which helps you with personal transformation (in personal development) and a morning routine...
  • If you decide to share their platform, they give out a very generous 80% commissions on ALL their products and have residual income products so you don't have to start with $0 every single month...
  • And much more!

If you'd like to check out my official Home Business Academy Post where I reviwed it very thoroughly, please see here:

I still recommend 12 minute affiliate, but feel free to check those out too and leave me a comment down below if you want my help.

Anytime you want to know more about these done-for-you business in a box type businesses, feel free to leave me a comment down below and I'll help you out right away.

What I Liked Most About 12 Minute Affiliate

If I had to choose just ONE thing I liked the most about 12 minute affiliate that would be their system that is designed to help you profit from multiple product...at the same time. 

You can rest easy knowing that you can make a commission from one lower priced product but then at the same time get a $400+ commission or so all from the same day! This helps you and I as the affiliate earn more in a shorter amount of time.

This is all a numbers game at the end of the day, and the more people you bring into your email list, the higher the odds are you will earn more and get to nurture your list so you can get on going commissions.

Final Verdict: Is 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam?

NOPE. It’s a genuine done-for-you home business in the affiliate marketing space that give you the potential to earn MASSIVE commissions without all the effort it takes in most cases to earn from things like a website, a YouTube channel, social media, etc.

You can pay your way in if you have money to spend on traffic or if you’re experienced and want this system and to use other traffic channels to promote your offers you can do so too. The roads are endless…

It’s just on YOU to make it happen. Here are the bonuses I will Offer you on top of Devon's bonuses if you decide to join the 12 minute affiliate under me:

First. Devon's Bonuses Again:

  • BONUS #1: 2X Your follow up messages
  • BONUS #2: Personal Development/Success Library
  • 16 Free Traffic Tactics E-Course
  • DFY Hot product Promos

Now here are all the bonuses you will get from me(Michael Granados):

BONUS #1: My Full Affiliate Marketing For Entrepreneurs Academy($2,097 Value). Devon will show you what affiliate marketing in his system and I’m an expert in this field with many years doing it. My course will show you video training and tutorials from the ground level up, from making offers, messages, websites, funnels, email, copywriting, lead generation, traffic, ads, organic traffic, and so much more!

BONUS #2: 180 Done-For-You Emails by a professional Copywriting($6,097 Value). These done-for-you emails are no joke, a professional copywriter has made sure to give you the best internet marketing emails you can get...anywhere! These will last you about 6 months+. Just put them into your email autoresponder, sit back and relax.

BONUS #3: Viral SEO Secret Hacks($397 Value). I’m going to give you my COMPLETE Search Engine Optimization(SEO) course where you will be able to effortlessly get your website as well YouTube and Pinterest ready.

Bonus #4: Facebook Accelerator Course($297 Value). Don’t worry about how to maximize your engagement on Facebook anymore with my video training course which will show you step-by-step how to get maximum exposure to your products/services.

Bonus #5: Free Access To My Private Facebook Group with 1-1 Coaching($127 + Value). I have a group for like minded individuals who are growing their business and want to become or are digital entrepreneurs. You’re also going to get full access to 1-1 Zoom calls with me!

NOTE: This program is no longer available, but you can check out my #1 recommended program to build a Lucrative business with and even a highly profitable one with below...

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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