January 16

by Michael Granados

As I’m sitting deep into my chair pondering the thought “What Is Warrior Plus” and how I can best define it for you, my brain exploded with a TON of excitement and worry all together.

There’s no shortage of ways to make money online and more than ever people are turning to the internet for an answer and no other than Warrior Plus for ONE thing.

Internet Marketing. Warrior Plus is an internet marketing platform made up of product creators, sellers, and affiliate marketing…

Which in short, affiliate marketing is where you promote another persons product/services for a commission in return which by the way did I tell you is the MOST Lucrative and BEST way to free up more time in your life, make you more money, avoid the effort of creating your own products, deal with terrible customer support and oh yeah…

Build a long-term sustainable online business. If this attracts you, you’ll want to stay until the very end because what I’m about to show you will be the best review on warrior plus yet!

By the way, I recently wrote a review of the warrior forum that you can take a look at here at anytime if you wish. And at any time, if you have questions, please leave me a comment down below and I’ll respond to you ASAP!

Let’s get started.

What's Warrior Plus?

Like I stated, Warrior plus is an internet marketing platform for beginners and experts, made up of product creators that list their products so other people can purchase and you as the affiliate marketer can promote for a commission in exchange, but that’s not all.

Warrior plus has the largest internet marketing forum where you can literally get help in any category imaginable which I will be getting into the next couple of sections. People are here answering questions, communicating, giving advice…

It’s kind of like a Reddit or a Quora where you can submit questions and get answers, as well vise versa. Let me tell you, it can feel like a free for all in there, but you’ll get TOP Notch help from people who have been in the industry for like ever.

As good as that sounds, before you go off trying to make your $100/day with affiliate products, I’d like to tell you what to watch out for in Warrior plus first.

Watch Out For This On Warrior Plus...

How much do you know about persuasion? It’s fine if you don’t know enough, my guess is not a lot since you’re not familiar with Warrior plus…

But given that, there are many product creators and affiliates promoting shenanigan products! What do I mean?

Well, just because you can promote an affiliate product for a commission, DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD. Read those upper cased words once more before moving to the next sentence.

In your journey inside, you’ll come across these “sales pages” that tell you how great a product is, that it can fly you to the moon, that it can make you money without ever worrying about traffic…

OH MY GOD, Really?


Say no more, I’m in right? WRONG. That couldn’t be far from the truth my friend, some of these products are just scammy looking and are there to bait the “newbies” who don’t know a damn thing about what they’re doing or what to look out for…

And then you buy the product hoping it would do what it said and it doesn’t, or you promote these products to other people for a quick buck...NO STOP IT!

Don’t be that person. Yes, you can probably make money with them but it doesn’t mean you should...once again. But don’t worry, that’s why I’m here, to help you avoid these pitfalls and actually point you in the right direction(if you keep reading I have a surprise).

Going Inside Warrior Plus

Getting a deeper look inside Warrior Plus and this warrior plus review, you’ll see the home page already looking like a forum. 

If you look at the top navigation menu, you’ll get choices from:

  • Marketplace. You can view the warrior plus affiliate products you wish to promote.
  • Vendor. If you own your own product, you can track the stats and purchases.
  • Affiliate. This is your affiliate dashboard where you can track sales, sign ups and much more.

I’ll be breaking these down under the steps section below so hang in there with me. So, here’s the dashboard of top of affiliate products and warriorplus top sellers you can choose from:

Warrior plus

The great thing is you can select the top sellers based on:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days

Pretty cool right?

Warrior Plus makes it super easy and fast for you to select the better sellig products which means you won’t worry about selecting one that will not sell whatsoever. 

Warrior Plus Training

Warrior Plus really doesn’t have a training to show you how to setup your account, select different products and so forth…

So its kind of like jumping from an airplane not knowing where you’re going to land. The best way of determining the products to promote will come down to 3 things:

  1. Reviews
  2. Testimonials
  3. Ratings

It’s always best that you search up a product on Google, a YouTube video, or get testimonials looks, as well see the ratings. If people are saying great things, question it again because these might just be people trying to promote a shameful product just for a commission…

That’s why the Internet Marketing “Make Money Online” niche can be dangerous because you get “gurus” or unreal people you can’t trust.

Warrior Plus Cost

There is no cost to become a warrior plus member and affiliate, all you need to do is sign up with your name and email address.

Warrior Plus Pros Vs Cons

Warrior Plus Pros


  • Newly released products and search queries. The great thing is knowing which products just released so you can promote the best and latest products, as well sort them out by various search queries and metrics.
  • Free to sign up. You don't have to pay to become a Warrior Plus or Warrior forum member and within seconds you're already looking at the affiliate dashboard.
  • Upsells. Most products have a low initial startup cost and as an affiliate you can promote them and on the backend get more sales(where you make most of your money).
  • You can sell your own product or promote other peoples as an affiliate. You're not short of options as to being a vendor or an affiliate, and you can purchase products which is neat.

Of course, with the good must come the bad, and there are somethings I NEED you to know and understand.


  • People promoting products for a quick buck. Most beginner affiliate marketers grab links to these products and spam them all over the web, which rarely ever works. 
  • Not all products are good. You'll run into "scammy" products that promise you results not realistic. Be careful which products you decide to promote, not all are created equal!
  • Too many beginners fall for the "Make money online" niche. It's better to go for a niche that's less competitive to start and you get flexibility from other affiliate networks.


In all, there are great things about Warrior Plus and the bad that comes with it. You can always sign up with warrior plus but know that there are other networks out there too which I'll tell you in the later sections.

Warrior Plus Reviews

I wanted to take this time to quickly show you the reviews of what other people have to say about warrior plus before I show you how to get started step-by-step.

Over on Trustpilot you'll see the following:

warrior plus reviews

As you can see there are some negative and some slightly better reviews but keep in mind that these are product purchases and not so much on promoting of the product if you were affiliated with them. It's a double-edged sword...

You just have to pick the right products and promote or make sure they are legitimate. Still, there are great products there.

And if you'd like to read into the warrior plus complaints, you can checkout the article the Better Business Bureau put together for you here.

Hopefully these warriorplus reviews from another source were helpful.

How To Sign Up

Let me show you a short and simple step-by-step process of getting signed up as a warrior…

STEP 1: Go To Warrior Plus

You can easily type in Warrior Plus in the Google search engines and select the listing or type in Warriorplus.com into the search bar and you’ll see the following sign up page:

warrior plus home page

STEP 1A: Warriorplus login

I labeled this step 1A because it wouldn't automatically bring you to this page after you sign up for your new account, but for your warrior plus login page, this is what it would look like:

warrior plus login

STEP 2: Your WarriorPlus Dashboard

After logging in, you’ll see your Warrior Plus dashboard:

warrior plus dashboard

As you can see, right away without pressing another tab, you will see the Top 10 Products listed.

To the far right of the top navigation menu, you’ll see our username listed, a notification bell, and a cart that you can add products to if you wish to buy them.

And then there will be two other dashboard:

  1. For Vendors
  2. For Affiliates

Here's the one for Vendors:

warrior plus dashboard for vendors

For Affiliates:

warrior plus affiliate dashboard

NOTE: Hover over the "Vendor" and "Affiliate" menu and the drop-down will bring down the "dashboard" option.

STEP 3: Select Marketplace

This step will vary if you want to become a vendor then you can click that instead, but to view affiliate offers you don’t own, hover over on “Marketplace” and we'll go through the products you can purchase first and then we'll cover the affiliate offers after. 

warrior plus marketplace

You’ll be given a few options like:

  • Home
  • Top Products
  • Categories
  • Alerts
  • Deal Of The Day

You can select any but for this example we’ll go to Top Products and it’s usually my favorite place to start.

STEP 4: Select A Product

You can select to view the top 10 or 25 products from the drop down, but we’ll stick to 10. Scroll through and select a product that catches your curiously or based on what you’ve already heard great stuff from others.

For this example, I selected the #1 “7 Min System”

warrior plus offer

Here’s what I see on the other side:

7 min

Now, this is the sales page I was referring to earlier. You’re going to see all the benefits and specific details on why this product is clever, why you should purchase it, and or promote it. Take note…

Most sales pages will have three main components before you have to keep scrolling:

  1. A Headline
  2. A Video
  3. A Call to action
7 min sales page part 2

I won’t take pictures nor go over everything underneath these parts but you should know that there is more you can read and watch.

So just go through the products sales page and find out if its worth purchasing. Remember to do your research first though!

Selecting An Affiliate Offer

As an affiliate marketer, you have a ton of products you can promote without having to own them! Let me show you where to fin them step-by-step.

STEP 1: Go To The “Affiliate” Menu

On the top right of your navigation menu, located the “Affiliate” tab and hover over it. A drop down will appear and then select “Offers”. You’ll see a page that looks like this:

affiliate menu

Just like the “marketplace” steps you went through moments ago, you’ll have a list of products that appear in the middle, and 50 rows to start. 

If you hover over the “All offers” tab to the top right of your screen, then you can sort by:

  • All offers
  • UN-requested Only
  • All requested offers
  • Approved only
  • Pending only
  • Denied only
  • My offers

NOTE: There will be times when you have to requested approval to promote a product or you’d have to own it to promote it, so just be aware of that.

For this example we’ll stick to “All offers” as it was.

STEP 2: Select Your Affiliate Product

Before I select a product, I like to read some metrics and gather results...good thing you have a row that will show you that:

warrior plus bar

What Is Visitor Value In Warrior Plus?

Very quickly, before I show you what each of these columns means, I've been asked what the visitor value is often and I'll explain it in one of the bullets down below so check it out.

  • Offer. The affiliate products are listed below.
  • Release Date. Sorted by most current.
  • Sales. Show you how many sales its made.
  • Conversion rate. Out of all the people promoting the product and making sales, at what percentage does the product convert?
  • Visitor Value. We call this cost per acquisition, but in English - it’s the value per person coming through and making a purchase, not the actual cost.
  • Average Sale. Many of these products will have up-sells, so your potential of making more will increase depending on how much the customer buys.
  • Refund Rate. The rate at which people are getting their money back.

To stay congruent with the “marketplace” steps of purchasing a product, I’m going to select the “7 Min System” product again. Also take note that products you can buy from the marketplace can be listed in the affiliate offers as well.

select 7 min product

Once you click through, you’ll see a page kind of link the following:

7 min system click through

On this side, you can View the JV Page, but most importantly see if you have to manually request to promote the product which in this case that’s affirmative.

You’ll want to click on the “Request Approval” button the tip right of you screen located just above the “View Sales page” button

7 min system pop up

You’ll get a pop up like so and then you can just press “Request Offer” or add some notes to it. I prefer adding notes just so I’m not “anybody” and I actually have interest in the product. You can write something short and sweet like:

“Hey Brendan, I really think your product is amazing and It’s helped me out so much. I know I can give back to my audience and really help them out with this too. Would it be OK if I could promote the 7 Min System?”

And that’s it. I mean, it’s not as professional since I was just writing but take a second to think it through.

And by the way, you can find out the person who owns the product by exiting out of this pop up and looking to the right of the screen.

warrior plus vendor

Here you’ll get stats, Price ranges, Commission ranges and more. Also look at the “Affiliate Information” section to see:

  • Contest
  • Start date
  • End date

Sometimes there’s contests on the total amount you can sale along with other types. One other cool feature is the “Filter” section.

warrior plus affiliate filter

On the top right, you can hover each of these grey areas and it’ll show you from left to right:

  • Show Pre-launch
  • Show Recurring Only
  • Show Stats
  • By category

You really don’t have to mess with these since all the data is automatically given to you, but lets say you wanted to just sort by recurring income products, you can just view those. 

That’s it! You’ll get the hang of it in no time. In the next section, I’ll show you how to add either select other products outside of Warrior Plus you can promote which will give you much more flexibility and HONEST products.

Better Products To Promote

I’m not doubting warrior plus has good products, they’re JUST not the only ones you can promote, and its best that you don’t spread yourself thin, Why? 

Well for a couple reasons:

  1. As a beginner the internet marketing space is quite crowded and if you choose “Make money online” as your first niche, it will be very difficult, especially if you haven’t explored and experienced other niches.
  2. Warrior plus has good and then not so good products, so you need to be careful of what you choose...a reputable product is very important and your reputation is on the line too.

So what other choices do you have outside of Warrior Plus?

Other than Warrior Plus, you have affiliate networks like:

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These are affiliate networks that I actually recommend for beginners and ones that in time you can start combining with the Warrior Plus ones. The reason these affiliate networks are gold are for ONE reason…

You can select an industry where you have a passion in, a hobby for, or at least an interest in. Partnering up with these affiliate networks will give you TONS of flexibility to promote products you like, have used, and would recommend to other people in your chosen niche.

Also, you can get paid for getting people to sign up as leads rather than making a purchase which is called a Cost Per Lead(CPL)....

One of these platforms is like Max-bounty, but you also have:

  • Peer-fly
  • Flex-offers
  • Pepperjam

And if you go to offer-vault, you can find more.  Anyways, let me show you how to get traffic to your warrior plus offers and these other affiliate networks.

How To Get Traffic To Your Offers

In my time as an affiliate/internet market, I’ve learned that there are TONS of ways to get traffic online, you’re not short of that…

But what you are short of is your own ability to strategize and become excellent at one, otherwise mastering ONE AT A TIME. There’s two types of traffic:

  • Free 
  • Paid

With free you are giving up your time, and for Paid you are saving money, but be smart about it...If you don’t have money to spend, then go for free traffic, but if you have more money than time, use paid traffic.

My PROVEN strategy to get LOADS  of people to see your product offers and get sales is through a website blog. There is a 5 step process to this:

  1. Select An Industry(known as a niche)
  2. Select a Proven Product
  3. Build Your website
  4. Get traffic(people)
  5. Earn money

It’s that straightforward, no need to complicate it. The only difference between people who succeed and those that don’t though is Perseverance and consistence. You have to to be consistent at building content so you can solve peoples problems…

And your content will be the solution. Any platform you spend your time on whether that’s Facebook, YouTube, or A Website blog, you have to put up content to attract your audience. Going back to the website blog, when you post an article online, it can rank on the first page of Google…

Which means you’ll get more eyeballs, thus more sales! How to get started? Lets talk about that next.

How To Get Started For Free

I’ve gone through mistakes and the failure of affiliate marketing so you don’t have to go through what I did, that being said there's one FREE platform and my #1 recommendation that will give you expert training on mastering affiliate marketing with your website blog that you should check out by clicking HERE.

Do you need more help about what is warriorplus and all else? Still have questions? Feel free to leave me a comment down below and I'll get right with you ASAP!

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