September 28

by Michael Granados

Are you sick and tired of your Merchant Cash Advance(s) tying up and eating up your cash flow with the daily and or weekly repayments so much so you can’t have enough to cover your operations, overhead/expenses, and grow and expand?

If you are up to your neck barely getting through mental and spiritual breakdowns only to stare another ACH/Wire payment coming out of your account and finally need to move your MCAs to higher tier services with longer terms, lower rates, and longer repayments, increase your cash flow and improve your operations, then listen in…

Welcome into this Regroup Partners Review where I “Michael Granados” a business funding expert and pre-underwriter/underwriter (with Viral Funding Solutions, this is my blog where I post about funding) as well as a business owner like yourself will be pulling back the curtains to show you “HOW” Regroup partners works, the pros and cons, alternatives and much more so you can move forward with confidence, more cash-flow, and a piece of mind but first…

Let’s answer this question: “Is Regroup Partners Legit?” Yes, HOWEVER, that still doesn’t answer the MOST important question which is this ONE…

Are they right for you? Hmm, that’s something to hold onto while we adventure into this post, and by the time you’re done, you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt which route/opportunity is the BEST for you.

Let’s get after it.

What Is Regroup Partners?

Regroup Partners is an attorney-based firm that answers any and all claims that have been filed against your business, and this is very important because it takes only 30 days to respond to a filed lawsuit. Where most companies do not respond or file a response within the courts, as you are not attorney-based, yet you’d hire an outside network of attorneys which end up costing you an arm and a leg, Regroup Partners does not wait for repayment funds to build up before they make contact with the lenders, they contact lenders immediately and work on the repayment plan for your company that is more sustainable for your business. Whether it’s consolidation, modification, working capital, or business debt restructuring, they can help.

Regroup Partners are experts in the industry and have been restructuring Merchant Cash Advance debts since 2006 as well as helping businesses obtain the right type of funding. The other part to this is if your business is falling so far behind that you can’t do a debt consolidation, there are debt settlement tactics they can use.

Now let's go even deeper inside.

Going Inside Regroup Partners

regroup partners

Before you see the services Regroup Partners offers, here’s how the experienced advisors will evaluate your company’s unique situation by:

  • A look at immediately increasing your monthly cash flow
  • Protecting your accounts receivables
  • To satisfy your creditors by paying what your business can afford.
  • To prevent all litigation
  • Stretch your business debt payback over time and reduce it.
  • Spend less time dealing with creditors, collection agencies, and attorneys.
  • To get your business back on the right track financially
  • To obtain a piece of mind allowing you to focus on rebuilding.

Regroup Partners Services

  • MCA Debt Relief
  • Vendor Debt
  • Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation
  • Restructuring/Settling Business Debt. With Restructuring debt, they can look at restructuring business term loans, Merchant Cash Advances, and credit card payments (Vendor debt, and Unsecured lines of credit too)

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Types Of Business Debt To Restructure:

Overall, the business debt above are those in most focus by Regroup partners, and their main objective is to:

  • Restructure…
  • Consolidate…
  • Settle…

…Your debt. In due time, they can then help you qualify for traditional business financing, based on your improved business credit score.

Debt Solution Services At A View:

These are the debt solutions you can expect Regroup Partners to help you with:

  • MCA Debt Relief
  • Vendor Debt
  • Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation
  • Restructuring/Settling Business Debt

Industries They Help…

Here’s a list that’s not exclusive but here are plenty of Industries Regroup Partners can help:

  • Advertising
  • Agribusiness
  • Construction
  • Energy, Mining, Oil, Gas, and Field Services
  • Food and Beverage Services
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing Chemical
  • Professional Services
  • Retail Technology
  • Advisory Services
  • Educational Services
  • Automotive Repair and Sales
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Machinery Equipment
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Real Estate
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Utilities

Regroup Partners Reviews

Here’s what others are saying about Regroup Partners”

regroup partners reviews
regroup partners google reviews

Regroup Partners Cost

Regroup Partners does not display a cost on their website but there is a Free Consultation and better determine if the program best fits your needs. There shouldn’t be any upfront costs or out-of-pocket fees, and like they said, they do not get paid for their services before the merchants’ (you) lenders start getting paid back. Most other business debt management companies will charge 35% of the overall enrolled debt and a 5%-10% retainer, but Regroup does not do that.

While I believe Regroup Partners to be helpful, I believe there is ONE that stands above many and has stood the test of time to lower debt payments and also get you on track to get better funding options, if you’d like to see my #1 recommended MCA Debt Relief and Debt Restructuring option as well as more, see here:

Who Is Regroup Partners For?

Regroup Partners is made for business owners who are struggling to make MCA and other debt payments to their creditors and your business is declining because of it and can’t pay your payroll amongst other reasons. Whether you’re looking to settle for less than what you owe, debt restructure to reduce payments, debt consolidation or do a reverse debt consolidation, they will be helpful. Here’s more:

  • You need an attorney-based firm that works on cases day by day and you wouldn’t want to go at it alone and try to mess things up or you don’t get the exact results you were looking for or at least had a picture in mind.
  • You’re a business of small to large and are tired of dealing with high-interest payments or are owing your lender(s) and sucking up your cash flow (especially at a fast pace).
  • You would like to immediately increase your cash flow and satisfy your creditors by what your business can afford to pay.
  • You’d like to stretch your business debt payback and payments over time to reduce it and completely get rid of those payments altogether.
  • You don’t want to get into collections or any form of a default (or if already are, need help), and you want to spend less time dealing with creditors, collection agencies, and attorneys.
  • You want to rebuild smartly and need better funding options down the road that will extend your term, have a lower rate, and have enough working capital to disperse all around your business.
  • You need a better piece of mind as a person with less stress and you want to get back on track with your health and relationships.

Who It’s Not For:

  • You don’t need debt relief and potentially don’t have enough to restructure or settle
  • You have more of a revenue/sales problem than actually hurting in your cash flow and in other areas.
  • You want other stronger options

Pros and Cons


  • You get a chance to see if you can get your MCA debt reduced, consolidated, or completely removed so you have multipe options and approaches to get it done.
  • You get to restore your cash flow and also be able to increase it.
  • Your debt can be stretched out over time and reduced so you can handle your payments better.
  • You get a chance to protect your account receivables (if you have any).
  • You can avoid bankruptcy
  • No credit score requirement


  • I wouldn't really say there are any or much cons but I'd like to see what the process would be like without getting on a consultation to find out as well as if there are any costs if so how much?


There are definitely other alternatives out there, here are some (from best to least):

By far, Value Capital is the one I prefer most, and there Attorney-led debt restructuring team as well as all-around Experts and attention to detail from each person to the payment analysts and more is Phenomentol. If you’d like to learn more, please go here:

What I Liked Most About Regroup Partners

If I had to pick just “One” thing I liked most about Regroup partners, I’d say it’s that you get a couple of options and flexibility in terms of how to approach your debt which is through consolidation or complete elimination. 

This way you can drop your payments faster and completely get rid of them sooner rather than later.

What I Liked The Least

I wouldn’t really say there’s anything I necessarily disliked, but I would like to know what types of cost and or step-by-step process I would have to go through before going through a consultation and things like that.

Final Thoughts (And Next Steps)...

What was your favorite part about Regroup Partners? Did you have a least favorite thing about them?

It’s no surprise that these are HARD times, more people are taking on Huge amounts of debt, running up their personal credit by overleveraging personal and even business credit cards, they are taking on High-Interest loans/advances just to make ends meet or when they think they’ll get a Large enough ROI, it dwindles out, but here’s this…

You don’t have to continue feeling like a failure or that you will keep making mistake after mistake and feeling guilty for not taking the right course of action to consolidate or completely eliminate your debt, here’s what I mean in more detail…

I’ve had people debt consolidation and or debt restructure too late, they have to file bankruptcy (and not just on the business but even personally), their creditors are still coming after them and they just end up in so much pain and headaches that even your own personal life suffers…

You can’t catch a break, or the only time you “think” you do is when you’re sitting 10 feet deep into your couch only to watch the Television just to numb the pain, only for it to resurface and even worse, you’re now tired and have even more to stress out about.

Would you rather be the person who said “I just sat on my couch and didn’t do anything” or would you rather be the person who said, “I made a change and saved my business and made a difference in my own health and relationships?”

If you’re serious about getting your debt consolidation or eliminated and want to see my #1 Recommendation, go here:

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