November 12

by Michael Granados

Is Class With Jeff A Scam OR the Fastest Way To Becoming A Millionaire?

I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you - Class With Jeff IS Not a scam. Whether you came here today asking yourself that question or not here’s what you may have felt too…

Like some “guru” was trying to sell you another fluff, full of theory course on how to make LOADS of money online, right?

Hey, I totally understand, I would be too if someone popped into my email or I saw across the web telling you how you can shortcut and basically COPY your way to making great money online but here’s the truth, YOU can!

I “Michael Granados” a member of class with Jeff will give you an Unbiased In-depth review of it, show you the pros and the cons, the alternatives, and everything you must know moving forward to make the income you desire, to have freedom, more time on your hands, and to live life on your own terms.

Alright, let’s get started with this Class With Jeff Review.

What Is Class With Jeff About?

Class With Jeff is the starting point to Entrepreneur Jeff Lerner’s training platform called ENTRE Institute.


At ENTRE Institute you get shown step-by-step how to build a legitimate online business in 3 different business models:

I won’t go too in-depth on ENTRE Institute in this post but if you would like to see more, I made a post specific to ENTRE Institute here you can check out.

Here’s a video I made in case you prefer to watch:

Going Inside Class With Jeff

So there are different entrance point to class with Jeff(that I revealed in the video above) where you can either start off at:

The front end is Jeff’s Millionaire Shortcut guide that looks like the following:

class with jeff guide

 and then after that, you will be taken to the ENTRE short video:

class with jeff video

Thereafter, you can take Jeff up on his ENTRE Blueprint offer

entre blueprint offer

Here’s a video on the ENTRE Blueprint:

And in case you want to learn more about the ENTRE Blueprint, I made a post for it here.

What You Get With Class With Jeff

Inside Class with Jeff you will get:

  • 80% off the ENTRE Blueprint Training
  • FREE Bonus #1: A 1-on-1 Business Advisor
  • FREE Bonus #2: The Awesome Life Challenge
  • FREE Bonus #3: The ENTRE Nation Community
  • 30 day keep it all money-back guarantee
entre blueprint inside

Here’s what’s inside the blueprint:

entre blueprint training
entre blueprint look
entre blueprint lessons
entre inside
entre blueprint lesson

What Are Other People Saying About Class With Jeff? (Class With Jeff Reviews)

class with jeff reviews
class with jeff testimonials
class with jeff inside
jeff lerner training
jeff lerner training 2

How Much Does Class With Jeff Cost?

The Class with Jeff ENTRE Blueprint costs $39 at the moment and that’s for the personal development, mindset part which is well worth it by the way. And for the rest of the courses like the Affiliate Marketing, Digital Agency, and Courses here it is:

  • Affiliate Marketing: $1,997(One-time payment)
  • Digital Agency: $1,997(one time payment)
  • Course creation: $1,997(one time payment)

And then for some of the more higher-ticket products:

  • ENTRE nation elite: $175 Lifetime
  • ENTRE Results Coaching: $29,997 per year
  • ENTRE Circle: $39,997 per year

Don’t be put off by the higher priced courses, this is totally normal. Remember this, you get what you pay for, and inside of each of these courses is made by expert 8-figure+ earners so you know you’re getting quality over quantity.

Just check out this video where I talk about the courses:

Who’s Class With Jeff For?

Class With Jeff was designed for people who are sick and tired of their 9-5 job or want to make a difference in their life where they are in more control over their finances and are looking for an alternative way to build a part-time or full-time business income with the help of the internet.

Here’s more:

  • For people who want a PROVEN step-by-step training course that NOT only helps you understand business but personal development, the mindset, the approach you NEED before even doing business in the first place(which many people neglect)
  • Beginners who don’t want to keep chasing “scams” or “gurus” who only give you fluff and theories but no actual quality.
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take full control over their lives and build generational wealth
  • Future Marketers who want to learn the skills that pay the bills and understand that it’s about SKILLS NOT Opportunities!
  • Moms and Dads
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • And much more

Who’s Class With Jeff Not For?

  • Tire Kickers
  • People who want a “push-button”
  • People who don’t want to put the effort in
  • People who just WANT but don’t want to learn the strategies
  • People who complain about the price

Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN Training so you can follow a step-by-step formula that will get you real results in less time which means you'll find yourself feeling more certain and confident that it can happen for you.
  • Luxury courses so you can have EXPERT 8-Figure+ earners showing you how to precisely make money long-term which means you'll thrive in your business and never feel like you're making a mistake.
  • Physical, Personal, and Professional development so you will always feel upbeat and mentally "in the game" at all times which means you'll follow through with ease and perform on your business much better.
  • Jeff Lerner who's helped over 150,000 awesome life seekers so you don't have to worry about having the RIGHT mentor who will always push you by your side which means you'll have an easier time working on your business.
  • FREEDOM to work from home(or anywhere) so you don't have to travel to a 9-5 job and feel stuck which means you'll have more clarity and motivation to build your business.


  • There really are none and I'm not saying this to be biased. The only con is people trying to find something wrong about it because they feel like they need to play down every opportunity they see.

What I Liked Most About Class With Jeff

Man, there are so many things, so let me just leave you a list instead:

  • PROVEN Digital Entrepreneur Jeff Lerner with many years of experience
  • Step-by-step easy to follow training courses from the fundamentals to the skills training
  • Expert coaches with 8-figure businesses to help you
  • A Community of people who are getting results
  • An enthusiastic and full of energy leader in Jeff Lerner
  • Courses full of awesome tips, tricks, and shortcuts.
  • Gives away Free resources like his Millionaire Shortcut Book

What I Didn’t Like

I really don’t have anything bad to say or that I disliked and I’m not being biased here. I truly think those who don’t like him or his work are people either writing bashing reviews from a marketer's perspective or from a consumer's perspective is someone unsure “who” and “what” Jeff is all about, which I get.


Just in case you were curious, here are some alternatives:

The one I began with early in my career was Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s a good FREE to start alternative if you’re just getting started too and it has to do with blogging and building a website. If that’s something you’re interested in click here.

Otherwise, I think Class With Jeff is the right way to go, especially if you’re looking to get not only knowledge from various different subjects but access to 8-figure earners.

Final Verdict: Is Class With Jeff A Scam?

Most definitely not. Class With Jeff Is A Legitimate Training and Course platform geared to help you start a business online in the 3 different business models I showed you so you can earn an income you’ll be happy with, have more time on your hands, and live life on your own terms, that is what you want, right?

Jeff Lerner has gratefully put together a training platform with ALL the resources you’ll need to thrive online from Personal Development to mindset, his skills training courses, and the amazing community of people there to help you along the way so you never have to feel alone in your journey…

Plus when it’s all said and done, you’ll have a business built up that you only thought you could have dreamed of. 

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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