October 30

by Michael Granados

Is Daven Michaels A Scam OR a Digital Entrepreneur who’s used a formula to turn multiple diverse business ventures into EXTREMELY successful businesses, including a few multiple-million dollar home runs?

I’m going to cut right to the chase - Daven Michaels IS Not a scam! In a world of “online” gurus, I understand why your guard is up….

These “self-proclaimed” gurus want nothing but to waste your time and take your money, but fortunately for you, that doesn’t have to happen here today...you’re in luck, here’s why.

If you’re someone who wants to live the laptop lifestyle on YOUR own terms and be able to have great ideas and strategies to save time and money and serve your customers better then you could try doing it all by yourself…

Then you’re in the right place, my friend. Daven is an Outsourcing King and legend and if you stick with me on this one, I’ll reveal to you the mind-blowing truths, pros and cons, alternatives, and son how you can make more money than you ever thought was possible so you can have more time freedom.

But before I get started, I want to make a point that I have written a review on other “gurus” and come across scammers like Wesley Virgin, Chance and Abdul, among many more too.

Alright, let’s get rocking and rolling.

Who Is Daven Michaels?

is daven michaels a scam

Daven is a mixture of a Business Success Builder, Pioneering “growth hacker”, marketing maestro, outsourcing, and virtual team build expert and global lifestyle entrepreneur.

He’s the founder of 123 Companies and has been an Entrepreneur since the age of 15 which is over 30+ years now. During this time he stumbled across a business formula that he used to turn multiple diverse business ventures into extremely successful businesses.

He was very fortunate to cross paths with a very smart individual at a very young age that took Daven under his wing. He mentored and guided him and found himself applying those same lessons and principles today.

In 2006, he started 123Employee, a virtual employee center in the Philippines, where he started with just ONE employee and today he has hundreds of employees operating from several managed facilities. Then in 2011, he used the power of public speaking to cast a wider net and reach even more entrepreneurs all over the world!

In that same year, he started offering higher-level marketing, business consulting, and coaching services. This huge desire to help people started in 2009 when his friend suggested that he teach others how to achieve success. And it ignited a flame inside Daven…

One that’s grown year after year.

Going Inside Daven Michaels

Daven has 3 business ventures:

  1. 123Employee. Virtual assistant services, BPO services, and call center services
  2. Mastery Retreats. Access to a very exclusive society of gifted entrepreneurs and marketers.
  3. Beyond Results Mastery. A program to help you improve your performance and create faster results.

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daven michaels ventures

We will view each one separately starting with 123 Employee

123employee daven michaels

On this page you can select from 2 options:

  • Enterprise
  • Small business

I clicked on small businesses for this example. You can click on the one you need if need be.

123employee small business

You can outsource with 123Employee and get Virtual Assistants to help you with:

123employee outsource

  • Social Media
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Article Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Blogs
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Datamining
  • Research
  • Telemarketing
  • Customer Support/Service
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • And much more!

I can be here for hours but to save us time, you can get started on this page.

For Mastery Retreats:

mastery retreats

Mastery Retreats is where the back deals go down, where the A-Players with the real power share their secrets, and nobody bats an eye as 6-figure sums exchange hands.

mastery retreats start

You will get to connect and collaborate with top entrepreneurs like:

mastery retreats daven michaels

For Beyond Mastery:

The site is currently down, and it could be under construction.

Daven Michael Reviews

daven michaels reviews

You can see the rest of the Daven Michaels reviews on this page.

How Much Does Daven Michael’s Cost?

That answer will depend on what service you want Daven for, you can purchase his books for a couple of dollars to be apart of his mastermind of up to $1,000’s+.

No matter which one you go for, they are all worth it.

Daven’s Blog

daven michaels blog

Want to get the latest updates from Daven?

Fortunately, with his blog, you can! On this page, you will get an abundance of FREE blog posts on topics like:

  • 6 benefits of data enrichment services
  • Tips for creating a great and successful brand for your business
  • 3 things an existing or prospective small business owner may not know about the recession.
  • 4 obvious reasons outsourcing will be your best beneficial business solution after the pandemic
  • And so much more!
daven michaels blog posts
daven blog 1

Daven Live

daven live events

Underneath this you can find what other people are saying about Dave Michael’s events:

daven live
beyond marketing live

Daven’s Scrapbook

You wouldn’t begin to imagine the types of celebrities and world-famous people Daven’s met, check it out:

daven michaels scrapbook
daven michael scrapbook

Get Daven’s Jetset Entrepreneur Blueprint

Daven created a blueprint called the Jetset Entrepreneur Blueprint where he reveals a 5 part list building video series.

Who’s Daven Michael’s For?

Daven is made for anyone who wants higher-level marketing, business consulting, and coaching services to level your game up.

Here’s more:

  • For people who want to save money, make more money, grow your business, and get your time back and ultimately create the lifestyle you truly desire.
  • For business owners who are stuck doing everything themselves and want the RIGHT solution to outsource your work with virtual assistants
  • Busy Entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale but need the help of assistants to take them to the next level and to free up time to do the other things in their business that matters most.
  • People who want to eventually mastermind and collaborate with top-level earners so you can get the best ideas and help 
  • You want to leverage the power of social media to generate more leads and sales

Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN Entrepreneur who will gladly show you the ropes so you can shortcut your way to outsourcing and growing your business at a rapid pace which means you’ll have more time to focus on the responsibilities of your business.
  • 3 Amazing companies to get help from so you can combine the pleasure of outsourcing your work, combining and contributing with a mastermind group of people, and improve your performance so you can get faster results which means you’ll never have a grey area in your business that can’t be fixed!
  • Infinite possibilities so you can live life on your own terms which means you’ll get back the time freedom you always wanted and spend it with your family doing what you love.
  • Work smarter so you can operate more efficiently on NOT “In” your business which means you’ll remove yourself from it so you can have more time, energy, and money in your pockets!
  • Daven has partnered with some recent launches with Chad Nicley’s Lead Generation Squared program, he’s on podcasts with Jeff Lerner and many more.


  • He doesn’t show you how to build a certain business from scratch or give step-by-step lessons as you’d see with someone who has an eCommerce course, or affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, etc. He helps you outsource it.


If you’re looking for the next best thing and you want possible help from someone who can give you training on a specific business model online than look no further than this list(and I’ll share with you my favorite one):

One of my favorite people on this list is Jeff Lener and I’ll tell(and show) you why. He has mastered running a successful online business in the agency space and knows how to outsource it like a champ, plus…

He also has a full training course on Digital agency as well as:

If you want to learn from someone who has step-by-step training on any of these business models, then I highly recommend you grab a copy of the blueprint below.

What I Liked Most About Daven Michael’s

There’s so much to like about Daven that I’ll put it in a list for you:

  • Started Entrepreneurship early at the age of 15 which means he knows what he’s doing very well.
  • Started 123Employee with just one employee to now-massive over 100 employees operating from several managed facilities.
  • Offers higher level marketing, business consulting, and coaching services unlike no other.
  • Helps people save money, grow their business, and get your time back so you can ultimately create the lifestyle you desire.
  • FREE Resources like his Jetset Entrepreneur Blueprint and Blog you can go through
  • Partnered and done projects ith some of the most popular speakers, entrepreneurs, investors and so much more

Final Verdict: Is Daven Michael’s A REAL Scam?

Not a chance. Daven is a Super friendly and humbled person who goes about his work trying to serve people at the highest level possible whether that’s with his business ventures, events, and even podcasts…

He’s always in the picture to improve business owners and entrepreneur's' lives. Everyone needs a break or two from the business but what if you could have more than that and a safe and secured conscious mind knowing your work was being taken care of while you were out on a week's vacation or more?

That’s where Dave and his amazing automation and outsourcing skills come into play so you don’t have to worry about your customers being taken care of at ALL times!

If he’s someone you believe you can get help from, click here to check him out. Otherwise, have a look at my #1 opportunity to shortcut your way to MILLIONS below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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