November 19

by Michael Granados

What if you could put out a low-cost, free of charge offer in front of your audience and make $1,000's in the long-run?

Hey my friend, my name is Michael and in this article I'm going to show you the power of using a marketing funnel for music to explode your business AND one of the hottest ways to attract a FLOOD of people to your offers and get them to buy from you like hot cakes!

Look, there are no shortage of ways to get your music out to the masses but you need to begin focusing on "who" your ideal or dream customers are, and if you can get that down first, your off to the moon from there...

Although I have a business focus on the health and wellness, specifically for lower back pain and an affiliate one, I have come across many friends and family who want to know how to build out a winning marketing funnel to:

  1. Spread awareness
  2. Catch consideration
  3. Catch Interest
  4. Make money

What you just read was the concept of a marketing funnel


The only change I'd make to the funnel up above is on the awareness part, add in there "digital content" or "digital marketing."

That's the part you come in, and why need you a marketing funnel in the first place. When I discovered how to use this for my own business and in others, it not only exploded my mind, but my pockets, and more money was dropped into the business.

Here's how it can work for you:

By The Way, I'll have a free funnel book to give you at the end of today(just scroll to the very bottom of the content or look out for the red text that starts with the word "related."

5 Steps To Having Your Perfect Marketing Music Funnel

There are many different angles to look at this, and I'll start with the first one.

Let's say our "Bob" is a well-established musician with offline recognition and he wants to jump into digital mode to capture more sales, but willingly tries to go on social media to promote or add his 15 second plug into anything and everything...

And it fails. It's a hard feeling, but here's the problem with that:

  1. There's no brand to consumer awareness
  2. People buy into people, not into a product

So with that said, "Bob" gets his existing or new website up and running, and decides he needs to establish a marketing funnel that makes him money. Now, you're one step ahead of the game because I showed you the process of a funnel, and at the very top is "awareness", meaning you need to build a fan acquisition strategy first.

The first thing people see are your website with flashy crap that only distracts the reader, so our "Bob" then understands he needs a marketing funnel to get him results.

So I set "Bob" with the strategy to add a marketing funnel to his site OR he can have a stand alone music marketing funnel which I'll get to here soon.

STEP 1: "Bobs" ideal customer is on his site, clicks on a tab/page and goes into a funnel.

This person has a pre-framed mind thanks to the site and then enters the funnel but still needs to become pre-qualified.

Alternative: Someone can be pre-qualifed through social media, YouTube and other areas. So let me show you that.

People love digesting information, they want to build trust with you before they purchase a product. And another top of the funnel "awareness" part to add to your arsenal is to publish content. 

You can start a blog, get a podcast going, make a YouTube channel, and in addition, work on your social media channels as a complementary to reach more people in different platforms. But the secret is focusing on one at a time.

STEP 2: You or "Bob" has a free song off the new album that they are in love with. 

That's what you will give away for free, otherwise a demo of what your audience will expect to get inside your album. In exchange, you get to collect an email. 

What you do is give away the most "sexiest" offer that you would usually charge for, for free. And this can also be a free guide, an exclusive documentary download, or a song that's never been released, and in exchange you ask for the email.

There's two ways to go about it. You can offer a free giveaway song and after they submit the form, they get redirected to a $1 or $3 free song download off of your new album. Or...

You can get rid of the freebie, and just position the $1 or $3 download straight away at the front-end. This is called a trip-wire or Self-Liquidating funnel in our world. The goal is to liquidate your add costs and break even on ad spend.

That way, even if you lose money on the front-end, you're making more on the back-end of your products.

At this stage, you're just getting fans(fan acquisition strategy) and you really make $0, but that's OK, we're just qualifying people with your copy on that page and identifying hyperactive buyers straight away. These will be people who want more from you.

STEP 3: These people who bought your first song or exclusive giveaway are really happy and now they want more from you. 

So you can then send them to the next part of your funnel to pre-order or buy your new album. You make $17 dollars. 

STEP 4: After they buy, you can immediately send them to the next offer which is called the One time offer number 2(OTO2)...

and this time you are giving away tickets to your event for $47 where you'll play this album and track, plus more.

STEP 5: Your next offer can then be a VIP ticket offer for front stage...

and backstage passes to meet you and the crew(or if it's a team of one, just you) for $60 

You just made $127, and all from giving away a freebie or a small low-end offer to start with! Isn't that nuts?

And these are just estimated prices, you can have so many more low front-end offers and you can adjust prices accordingly. 

The best part is that you have adopted raving fans who will love you, listen to you, and be ready to digest more content from you. 

Here's what Sammy "Shoebox Moses" had to say about how funnels work for artists, musicians, DJ's and anything else in a podcast with Dave Woodward:

TOP 3 Traffic Channels For Musicians

Look, there are no shortages of getting "traffic" or people to see your products/services but here's where many people go wrong...

One day it's Facebook, then it's Instagram, and now it's Google, and if you go down that rabbit hole you're going to honestly not get anyone to buy from you and if and when you do, it's very random...

So you can't start off by being a jack of all trades master of none...Master JUST One platform to start, and here are the ones I believe in:


tik tok 1

Believe it or not, Tik-Tok is the BEST Hands-Down platform for artists, why?

Have you seen what's going on inside? Let me fill you in, People are uploading 15-60 second videos around their "aristry" with topics like:

  • Dance
  • Arts and crafts
  • Painters
  • Musicians
  • And so much more!

Tik-Tok also has zeus-like speed and super powerful algorithms right now to help you get the most amount of traction with views, followers, which in turn will become NEW leads and even faster paying customers!

You don't want to miss this polar express speed train, and to get started with a PROVEN Step-by-Step process so easy a child can do it(literally), check out the 15 Second free leads by clicking here

#2 Instagram


Instagram is full of picture sharing and many artists and influencers hang around the platform because of the creativity aspect and also the connections you can build in your Direct Messenger(the DM)...

And like they say "It goes down in the DM"

With Instagram you can do more than share pictures, you can:

  • Use Stories
  • Reels
  • IG TV
  • And Much More!

You can build a great personal and business music brand on here for sure. I pieced together an article revealing the 10+ ways to get more traffic and followers here.

#3 Facebook

facebook 2

Facebook can be used to build great awareness to your music products/services whether you're organically posting new releases or updated content on your newsfeed or:

  • Your Business Page
  • In Facebook Groups
  • Ads...

There's always a way to take advantage of the platform to showcase your hard-earned work.

If it's Facebook you want to learn, I made a FREE Facebook Hacks Accelerator Course you can check out here.

BONUS: Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the new kid on the block and is grabbing MASSIVE attention taking the social media scene like a storm...

You can share your ideas and voice your opinions with this Voice speaking social media platform. It's like you're combining:

  • Radio
  • Podcasting
  • Zoom calls without showing your face...

All together.

Email Day By Day

In our world we keep talking about how "it's all in the follow-up" meaning that once you collect an email, it's about continuing to make contact with your audience with content-stories and promotional offers...

sending them back to your marketing funnel so that they can see the first or next offer(depending on where they are in the purchasing cycle).

On your part, if you gave away a freebie at no cost to begin, that can be digested in a way that re-directs people into the next part of your funnel which is the $1 or $3 exclusive sound track on your album or whatever that is.

And at the same time, you're send out emails reminding them to checkout the next part in your funnel about that one offer. And then they keep climbing up what's called this "Value ladder" to purchase more higher back-end products from you.

And there are techniques to this that change, and more that you can add to and subtract from. I just wanted to give you an example of what I've seen that works, and sales funnels are the way to do it.  

Sales Funnels Vs Marketing Funnels

What I just showed you was like someone walking into a garden center, asking an employee to help them purchase a plant, once they have that plant, then the employee recommends soil to go with it, then a shovel, then a gardening center for their home in the backyard.

That's exactly what you're doing inside of a marketing funnel but by taking it up a notch and turning it into a Sales funnel. I made a video for you to see:

According to Salesforce in article of Autogrow, 68% of companies have not identified or attempted to measure out a sales funnel for their business and also that 79% of marketing leads never converted into sales.

Interpret that how you'd like but it's more than just a marketing funnel, but having a sales funnel that converts into sales.

Next Steps(Best Place To Start)...

Are you ready to put all this into action?

I can hand you a marketing sales funnel per say that you can take from today or I can go up a level and do it better.

When I first started using marketing funnels on and off my website, one thing was needed...

direction. Although I downloaded all this software on my site like Thrive Themes and other software, I still needed the proper training on the concept of how to use them.

It wasn't until I heard about this one thing called "The One Funnel Away Challenge" that I actually took marketing funnels really seriously. I'd like to share with you how this 30 day challenge will help you get your music funnel up and running and for the best success.

Click below to checkout the article I made for you:

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