November 27

by Michael Granados

Are you ready to get rich quick?

Want to put very little effort into affiliate marketing with $1,000's in 24 hours?

There are TONS of questions beginning (and even seasoned) affiliate marketers ask before joining or while on their journey, and here's the scary truth you and the hundreds upon thousands ask over and over:

"How Long Does It Take To Start Making Money On Affiliate Marketing?

Listen to what I'm about to say in this next sentence, and engrave it into your brain.

A person promising you a push to start button with very little to no effort and you can sit back and rain in the 6 figure income and you can leave your job...IS SICKLY WRONG!!

It's at that moment that you just should turn your back and run the other Maybe you're here because you're considering getting into affiliate marketing or you've been in the game for quite sometime ad haven't made your first penny.

I'm about to get into the bitty gritty sides of affiliate marketing and if you stick until the end, you might walk out of here today with the desire to start.

In case you wanted to watch the video version of this, here it is:

Is Affiliate Marketing Fast, Easy, Quick?

Heck no it's not. If you're trying to join affiliate marketing to make a quick buck and like I said "not do a damn thing", then I'll tell you what's going to be quick...

Your way out the door. Most people like to treat affiliate marketing like a one day project or a little side hobby they'll work on when it's convenient to them. Simply put, you NEED to treat it like a business!

But you're probably already objecting, saying things like:

  1. Well, Michael, I wasn't made to run a business
  2. I don't have the startup costs to invest
  3. I don't have the skills
  4. I don't have the resources

What if I told you not to worry?

Before you call me crazy, let me get the final(hope not) words out of my mouth to you.

You don't need the "know how" right now, you don't have to spend anything really, your skills will develop in time, and thinking you don't have resources is just YOU not being resourceful.

I choose and I recommend affiliate marketing to just about everyone getting their foot inside the internet and people who've have had success online in other business areas because the barrier to entry is VERY low.

TRUTH #2: Most affiliates will quit before they've made their first sale.

Who's the person responsible for their success?

YOU! Are you the type of person who will throw in the towel when the going gets tough, when after a day, a week, or month you haven't made a sale?

If that's you, I'm sorry to break the "Shocking" news, but you won't make it. Maybe this whole affiliate marketing thing isn't for you, it's not for everyone. I didn't think it was for me but I stuck through the months and years and guess what?

I'm making a full-time income as an affiliate. Yes, that's right. Listen, average every day people are making a living with affiliate marketing all because of 3 things:

  • Discipline
  • Desire
  • Consistency

It's OK if you don't have that right now, you haven't been exposed to the right opportunity. Unlike most people who never seize affiliate marketing through because they are chasing gurus, watching YouTube video after another, reading blog posts, those who've made it, had a mentor and specialized training.

Feel free to check out my 3 best and real reasons you're not making money at affiliate marketing:

What's Special About Affiliate Marketing?

4 words: Be your own boss. OH YEAH! And Passive Income!

Aside from having full control of your own destiny, having the say in how much money you take home and what you re-invest into your affiliate marketing business is ALL your say!

Honestly, affiliate marketing gives you the foundation elements to use for any other online business like:

  • Information/digital products
  • coaching/consulting
  • Courses
  • Events and masterminds
  • Communication
  • Networking

And so much more! In my early days, I did network marketing and I questioned what the hell am I doing here?

I'm an academic with no desire to do "sales" and "marketing", I'm above all this was my thinking not some many years ago.

But I quickly learned through a book I read called Rich Dad Poor Dad by finical guru Robert Kyosaki, that school is obsolete. When college ends, when the debt builds up, do you stop learning?

To most people who went to school, got a bachelors, masters, PHD, it can be, and that means getting stuck at their 9-5, and I'll add on that it's a very formal way that we were taught by our parents and family line.

Go to college, get an education, work for money. Anyways, the amazing thing about affiliate marketing is this...

You can make money in your sleep! But really though, the skills of doing something like building a website, adding content, optimizing it for Search engine rankings(SEO), getting traffic, and adding affiliate links to your content is like putting a masterpiece together.

It's like a house, where you're laying down the foundation which is the soil, the base - the hard floor ground, and then the furniture, then comes the people.

When you put every piece together soundly, you'll have an asset that generates you income for years to come.

8 Hacks To Speed Up Your Progress

I wrote 8 hacks to fast track your success with affiliate marketing on another blog post of mine that shows you how to make a comfortable living with affiliate marketing that you cang get access to HERE.

But for this part, I'll share a couple new discoveries you can add to like a website which is more specific.

  • Narrow down your niche to a sub-niche. The reason you might be struggling is because you haven't niched down enough. You have a market, for example: Health. The sub-market is like nutrition, and then your niche will be like nutrition for people with lower back pain. 
  • Publish, publish, and PUBLISH. most affiliates NEVER publish content, they think people will fall into their lap and affiliate links. What you need to do is tap into a traffic source like a blog, YouTube channel, podcasting, and or social media marketing. Focus on one at a time and go after it 110%, publishing content on your platform. I prefer websites with a blog because it's my own asset and I can always convert them into video, podcast and others. Publish reviews o products, companies and so on to get exposure.
  • Get into a niche where you have happy buyers and not so much a chronic one. You want to be in a niche where you don't just have information seekers, but people who are buying.

In an article done by inkwelleditorials, Yuwanda who's a writer documented another bloggers journey named Sireesha, and she stated:

She mad her first affiliate sale in the third month of blogging.Though it was a small amount($310), she learned a lot from it.

There was another person by the name of Alexis Schroeder who made their first sale in 2 days from amazon(which is like the easiest way to get into affiliate marketing with a blog at any level.

So, this was just to show you that there is no exact time frame, but when you're consistent, you can achieve sales much faster! And I'm only showing you the power of a blog, you can also use traffic sources like Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

But I believe that having your own website blog is a very strong move that will pay off in the long-run because your content will hang around and rank in the search engines. Once you focus on one source, then you can add another like YouTube and so on.

Your Next Move

I'm going to leave the ball in your court now, but before you make a decision I want to tell you something.

You can be like literally everyone else that consumes this information, and the BILLIONS of others, or you can be the ONE who gets started and crushes it. I know what I'm talking about, I've been where you are right now.

I've created a short guide of more advanced tactics for those who want even more growth, just enter your email below and it will be emailed to you instantly. You will also be enrolled in my new free affiliate mini course.

If you want to consult with me, and If you need my help, check out my #1 recommendation below and I'll see you on the other side.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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