September 17

by Michael Granados

Get ALL of your Sales Letters, Scripts And Webinar Slides, Emails And Ads Written In As Little As 10 minutes Without Hiring An Expensive Copywriter??

My goodness, that sounds too good to be true! But is it?

Hold on a second, give me a second to find a napkin so I can wipe off all the drool running down the side of my right cheek...

I'm being dead serious right now. If you could see how my face looked like just a second ago, you would of busted up hysterically, and I would have told you this...

It's no laughing matter, is funnel scripts a scam? Heck no! Is it everything that I stated int the first question up above? Absolutely It Is!

You're about to find out why the Funnel Scripts software is every copywriters, freelancer, blogger, funnel hackers, marketers, Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Digital Marketers, Agencies, and so much more's favorite!

In this review, I'm going to unlock the Ultimate truth about Funnel Scrips, how you can use it to financially set you up for success, and why it's an essential tool if you want to convert more leads into $1,000,000 sales.

Funnel Scripts Overview

Product Name: Funnel Scripts

Founder: Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson

Product Type: Copywrite for sales letters, webinars, scripts, emails, ads and so much more.

Price: $797 one time offer.

Best for: People who don't want to write their copy, copywriters, business owners, affiliate marketers, Ecommerce, Digital agencies, and many more.

funnel scripts software picture

Summary: Funnel Scripts is an amazing copywriter software tool where you can literally take any piece of content and turn it into the best you've ever seen. It's like having a personal copywriter by your side putting together your emails, ads, webinars, sales pages, video sales pages and so much more all together with a click of a button, and not having to hire an expensive copywriter again!

Rating: 99/100

Recommended: Yes!

By the way, if you have any questions or need help at any time, leave me a comment down below or reach me personally on chat here and I will get back to you ASAP.

What Is Funnel Scripts?

I want you to imagine never having to hire an expensive copywriter for hundreds of dollars an hour, never having to spend countless hours and days brainstorming and testing out copy, and trying to figure what headlines and stories you'll use to influence your audience.

It's expensive to hire out a copywriter for $500 an hour, and what's worse is when you get a copywriter to hand you their work, it's only the rough draft!

Do you want 6 emails written for $1,500? It might have been a good job, but is it any better than Funnel Scripts?

When I first started writing copy, It was like sitting in my 3rd grade classroom brain stroming topic ideas for an english essay and I just wrote down the very first thing that came to my mind...

Eraser please! Brainstoromign, writing an essay, and Adding copy for your business or someone elses are two completely differnet spectrums...

There's a fine line between writing converting copy and copy that well...

Is poop. The most amazing thing about funnel scrips s that you don't have to be some expert copywriting wizard, you can be just like me...

A mexican, salvadorian american who was always good in english class but sucked when it came to writing catchy copy to get more sales. Maybe not to that extent but my amigo/amiga, we can get this thing done without any effort!

Before I can bust out the champaigne for you and I, let's go inside Funnel scripts, show you the features and benefits of having a world class funnel script tool at your fingertips.

Going Inside Funnel Scripts

What do you get when you cross the best funnel building and online marketing genius with another who's mastered the art of copy?


With Jim Edwards(copy dude) and Russell Brunson(Funnel dude), you get a screen cast of attractive characters that are like the expendable on a night full of action...

Relentless firepower. Not quite the Rambo experience because you get an actual team rather than an individual, but like they say, teams thrive, individuals survive.

Before You get to see the full Funnel Script smack-down, you'll be presented with the following 3 secrets:

  1. Secret #1: The #1 Reason Your Funnel Isn't Converting Is Your Copy
  2. Secret #2: You Don't Have To Hire A World Class Writer
  3. Secret #3: You Don't Have To Become A World Class Copywriter

You can check out that webinar HERE.

STEP 2: You'll Sign Up For The Webinar. This is where you will register your name and email into the pop up:

clickfunnels funnel scripts webinar registration

STEP 3: You'll get a thank you page. On the thank you page, you're going to follow the instructions that tell you to 1.Watch from your laptop or desktop 2. Block out 2 hours for the training.

And there will be a countdown time to the right that starts at I believe nine or ten minutes.

funnel scripts webinar thank you page
funnel scripts webinar countdown timer

Once the timer hits 00:00:00, you're in! On the next side you'll see Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson demo funnel scripts and how you can make it work for your own business or someone else's.

Russell will tell you that "You're just one sales letter script away"...

But what does that exactly mean? It can mean you are one funnel script from getting rich, from finally reaching your desire to publish copy, or if you're passionate about or are a copywriter, you can do some serious damage with these templates.

Where Can You Use These Scripts?

Are you familiar with Clickfunnels?

You probably are, but if you're not, Clickfunnels is a sales funnel building software tool that will allow you to craft your offers, sales messages, and hooks(which are headlines), and be able to automate the sales process without having to have a salesman.

Just incase you need to be reminded of why landing pages are important, as well what sales funnels are, and why they are important, here's a video for that:

The creator of Clickfunnels Russell Brunson teamed up with Ex- Real Estate and Broker Mogul Jim Edwards to bring you the easiest way to convert any lead in any industry that is a cold, warm, and hot audience to red hot buyers!

Using Funnels with scripts are the pillar, and your copy is going to be the very first thing your audience will see once they land on your web-page or landing page. Have a look:

funnel headlines and scripts

I need you to understand that the most important part of your page that someone lands on is your copy, that's what makes it happen! It's the difference between being a broke and rich marketer.

You can see that on one of my funnels, I have a catchy headline shouting out "FREE" and then the rest leads into more curiosity.

As Jim Edwards states, having a crummy website with really great copy is much better than having a great looking website with terrible copy. Look, I know you are caught up in the logo, building a VC funding dialogue, and so on but it's not about any of that!

Have you ever heard, work on the income producing activities first? If you haven't keep your ears opened huge for a second with me...

Your copy is going to either make you less money, more money or no money. 

How Does Funnels Scripts Really Work?

I'm going to hold up on my words, and I want to show you a video on Jim Edwards giving you the rundown, check it out:

and here's another:

Pretty cool right?

First time I got on the funnel scripts train, it opened my eyes to how fast and easily I can type in a couple of keywords in my niche/industry, press enter and get a whole list of Headlines, email templates and then some.

Literally, all you have to do is type in a keyword like "art" for example, press enter, and immediately you'll get a list of headlines and scripts.Plus, you don't just get a couple headlines, but hundreds for one topic!

Whether that's for:

  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Bloggers
  • Freelancers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • B2B
  • Network marketers
  • Ecommerce
  • Drop shipping

...You can collect all the headlines, download them all at once, and set them up on Clickfunnels. Even better?

You will get cold,warm, and hot labeled headlines so you never have to worry about which headline is needed to be used for your cold, warm and hot audiences.

In fact, you can click on the following link and try out the funnel scripts headline generator...

Here's a video demo on that too:

What would normally take you 1-2 weeks to write on your own, I was able to get my work done in less than 5 minutes, not exaggerating.

We're talking next level futuristic, changing your entire business hemisphere type stuff here.

How Much Is Funnel Scripts?

Like everything in life, there's a cost, and Funnel Scripts is no different, or is it?

When we're talking investments it is, because if you were to ask yourself "what will be the most think-less investments I can make as a business owner or someone helping businesses succeed?"

Your answer: Funnel Scripts.

I wish I would have spent the $797 for this piece of software, because it would have saved me countless hours trying to figure out what to put on my webinars, my courses, my optin pages, my sales pages, what will I write inside my emails...

This crap was exhausting just thinking about it, imagine having to burn your brain trying to execute it? Yeah, I spent literally years without it, and looking back I'm not disappointed that I didn't get it sooner but I am crazy lol.

Who's Funnel Scripts For?

One word for you: EVERYONE!

As I listed in the section above, whether you're in:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital agencies
  • B2B
  • Network Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Drop-shipping
  • Amazon
  • A Freelancer
  • A blogger

and so much more, funnel scripts is for you. This script is the answer to your prayers!

Have you ever written a sales letter? I've done hundreds of sales funnel messages and website messages without a guided script, don't do it! I warn you, it's a ton of work...

And I mean you can offer hack someone else's funnel, but at the end of the day, you want to and need to be different than everyone else competing in your own space.

What I Like About Funnel Scripts

Once you have the copy, the sales offer and message created, than what's next?

The traffic! The next part of the process is choosing the ads to run in a cold, warm, and hot traffic sequence. That actually has to be my favorite part because you can easily determine which ads are going to be a banger, and you'll have a winner.

OH yeah, If I had to choose another part that I loved, it's just how I can literally type in anything to the software and right away I get all the copy I need for any type of funnel I want to use, or for your website.

Funnel Scripts Alternatives

There are definitely other Done-for-you copywriting software/training out there and they are:

  • Script engage
  • Automatic Script
  • Script Doll
  • Easy Sales Copy Wizard
  • ClosersCopy

Here's another one you've likely overlooked...

Jim Edwards, creator of Funnel Scripts released his NEW and Free book of Copywriting Secrets.

copywriting secrets free book by Jim Edwards

You can literally use Jim Edwards professionally thought out, simply made "plug n play" formulas to get more Leads, Sales, Subscribers, and Fans...Without any Copywriting experience required

Copywriting Secrets is a Shortcut, not to getting rich but the power of words to get more:

  • clicks
  • sales
  • subscribers matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

The book is free but it will not be for long, check it out HERE.

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Final Verdict: Is Funnel Scripts A Scam?

Absolutely not, nope, Nada. You as well shouldn't be asking "is funnel scripts worth it" either. 

I love Funnel scripts, it's drastically changed my life for the better, till this day I don't write my copy without funnel scripts, and I'll forever be thankful to Jim Edwards and Russell for first their amazing partnership, and amazing input to getting Funnel Scripts together for us.

Unlimited Access To Funnel Scripts. Before you'd have to pay yearly for the scripts, but now it's UNLIMITED access for you!

Here are the "Juicy" Bonuses That Come With Funnel Scripts(Value over $16,000)

Why just get funnel scripts alone when you can get TONS of awesome bonuses? Inside of the webinar you'll get to see how all the bonuses below are going to skyrocket the value you present to your audience, plus blast off your income.

First here's what you will get from Jim Edwards

Bonus #1:Downloadable Wizards. Perfect webinar wizard. The difference between $1,000 and $1,000,000 is a webinar. It's like playing a video game with the cheat codes. You just plug in your stuff, and get your framework built out for you. No need to think hard about it.

Bonus #2: Star, Story solution wizard. You'll be able to with ease and in the fastest way possible, put together a compelling attract character presence with your stories so that it ensures you are being persuasive enough to meet your audience and customers needs.

Bonus #3: Easy Survey Wizard. Every business has a survey/quiz of some sort, and with the easy survey wizard, you'll be able to extract the information you need from your audience so that you can make fast decisions on who is right for your business.

Bonus #4: The Easy VSL Wizard. Literally in 20 minutes you fill this thing out and you get more than one video sale letter script that is proven to convert.This will make sure you are putting out nothing but quality video sales letters like a professional who's spent all of their life trying to study the ins and outs, but you get to do it in less time!

Bonus #5: Master Class Wizard. In Expert Secrets, Russell explains how you need an asset in the form of a masterclass and charge for it. But it's hard to put one together, so all this does is with a simple things is give you the slides that you can use in power-point to actually teach your expertise.

Bonus #6: Podcast Or Facebook Live Wizard. Want to craft good Podcasts, and Facebook Lives? Huge podcast and Facebook live lessons and software will prevent you from worrying about another thing to talk about or how to show up and say the right things on video. Now you can prepare days and months in advance!

This is all at least valued at $16,000. Plus tons more of added bonuses that you're getting, you just have to see the webinar for yourself, it unbelievable!

Now, here's what you will get from me(Michael Granados)

Bonus #1: Copywriting video course. I'll send you several videos I've personally made myself to help you write better headlines, copy for your website and epiphany bridge script stories so you can sell the most inside your business without selling! ($57 Value)

Bonus #2: Email Marketing Secret Hacks training course. You're going to get my full a-z email marketing course so you can have a way easier time getting setup, building a HUGE email list of hit and ready buyers which means you will make sales faster and see how you can make money in your sleep.($297 Value)

Bonus #3: SEO Viral Secret Hack and my SEO Legend Course. Do you want to finally know how to fully optimize your website/blog or YouTube channel? I don't just give away a course like this for free that costs hundreds of dollars...

But is it okay if I over-deliver? I'm not only giving you my free nut paid course to, that's what makes this so unique that you can't find anywhere else...LITERALLY.($1,097 Value)

Bonus #4: My full Sales Funnel Domination Course. Want an unfair advantage at generating tons of leads but even better - more sales? And without losing money at all?

I'm going to give you my full landing page and sales funnel training course so you can generate more sales than a website ever could and earn more per person which will in the end free up your time and let you spend it with your friends and family or take that vacation you've been wanting to take for awhile and your business will be automated making you more money than you could only imagine.($997 Value)

Bonus #5: Full access to my blogging course. You'll get a step-by-step easy blogging walk through like you have never and will never experience inside my video purse. Plus I'll do it one better...

I'm going to give you FULL access to my 30 day One Blog Post Away Challenge where you will get EVERYTHING you need to start and make a highly profitable blog. You can't just find this type of training anywhere, why?

It's super specific and it makes sense to what is happening right now in the blogging world. It's so unique that I don't even tell you to start your website until weeks in($100 Value)

Both Jim's and my offer all together(you haven't even seen the extra bonuses yet that I'll surprise you with are well worth over $20,000!) 

Get these now before the offer goes away...

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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