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by Michael Granados

Would you like to have the One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook PDF Download for FREE?

With my hands on the keyboard I have to be the one to tell you there’s no such thing as a “Free” workbook to download online with a simple Google search and without a cost but does that mean you can’t get it for free as a bonus?

AHA! Listen, although you can’t download the workbook directly by itself you can get the physical and or digital version for free when you purchase the One Funnel Away Challenge.

And if you want to stick around to see what’s inside this digital and physical workbook before you get it, stick around or else you can click here to get the One Funnel Away Challenge and my Over $12,000 Bonuses for Free.

Alright, let’s get into it.

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook PDF?

one funnel away challenge workbook free download

The One Funnel Away PDF challenge workbook is a step-by-step book made by Clickfunnels designed to help you customize and implement your funnel in the next 30 days alongside the One Funnel Away Challenge. 

Each day you’ll be given tasks in your video lessons to do in order to eventually get your funnel built and LIVE.

Now let’s go deeper inside this one funnel away challenge workbook pdf free download post.

Going Inside The One Funnel Away Workbook PDF

In the words of Russell Brunson “Your mission(should you choose to accept it…) is to TAKE ACTION and complete the tasks given to you, every day for the next 30 days…

This is going to be crazy, hands-on, ‘roll-up-your-sleeves and get to work’ for 30 days! Which will also be a TON of fun. And here’s what you can expect each week over the next 30 days…


one funnel away pre training
  • This is your pre-training week as a necessary warm-up for what’s to come, it’s kind of like the athlete who wouldn’t just jump into a soccer game without stretching and jogging, right? The same muscle warming up needs to happen for you as the entrepreneur/business owner…
  • This week is dedicated to challenging your beliefs.

Week 1: Offer

one funnel away week 1

You’ll start to build the foundation of how everything works, which is your offer, and if you have a really great offer, you could be bad at selling, or you could mess up your story, or have an “okay”(or even bad) funnel...and still make money, and have a business.

But listen to this, you can not have a bad offer, and try to make up for it with a great funnel. It doesn’t work like that!

Week 2: Story

one funnel away week 2

Going into week 2 you're going to move forward with publishing and using your story to gather an audience and following of people who will know, like, and trust you so they can eventually purchase your products/services.

Week 3: Hooks

one funnel away week 3

Week 4: Funnel

one funnel away week 4

An Invitation To You

one funnel away challenge invitation

PLUS, you get these “One pagers” digital workbook

one pager

Each one of the pages or “One Pager” you’ll find training that has:

  • A Checklist of tasks or reminders that need to be completed that day
  • Plenty of space for journaling and brainstorming our ideas, and answering key thought-provoking questions
  • The video training links you’ll need to complete the day’s task

One Funnel Away Challenge Price

The challenge usually costs $3,126, but you can get it for a limited time special of only $100! Literally, there is no risk involved for that cheap of a discount and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

And here are the bonuses you get from Russell:

one funnel away challenge bonuses
one funnel away bonuses

  • 30 days of Video coaching/Missions from Russell Brunson(link)($997 Value)
  • 30 days of LIVE coaching with the implementation coaches!($997 Value)
  • Get the NEW “One Pager” Digital Workbook for each mission!($247 Value)
  • 30 Days access to the OFA Challenge Facebook Group($97 Value)
  • Bonus Private “Big Breakthrough” Training In Private Group($297 Value)
  • The “30 Days” eBook(By “Two Comma Club” winners!)($97 Value_
  • UNLIMITED access to the “30-day” interviews ($197 Value)
  • Behind the scenes of the “Two Comma Club” Funnels(($197 Value)

Total Value: 


Pretty cool, right?

Who Is The One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook For?

This digital and physical workbook is designed for people who want a fully customized plan to execute for their business so you can have your very own money-making funnel at the end of the 30 days.

Here’s more:

  • Beginners who want to stay responsible and accountable take ACTION on what they learn so you can stay focused and on track to reaching your Ultimate goals in your business.
  • Intermediates and experts who want to further grow and scale their business and understand they need to write down their goals and ideas on paper to fully get behind their business.
  • People who want crazy, hands-on, ‘roll-up-your-sleeves and get to work’ 30 days as well having A LOT of fun at the same time!
  • Moms and Dads
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Digital Agency
  • Amazon FBA
  • Ecommerce
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Bloggers
  • Brick and mortar businesses
  • And so much more!

Who’s It Not For?

  • Lazy People
  • People who will not take ACTION
  • Fast money seekers

Pros And Cons


  • COMPLETE checklists of tasks or reminders that need to be completed each day so you can stay ahead of the challenge and be as responsible and held accountable for taking control of your business which means you'll have more organization and structure that won't break easily.
  • Plenty of space for journaling and brainstorming your ideas and answering key-thought provoking questions you can put your vision into action and get all your creativity juices flowing much easier which means you'll have a very unique business no one else can compete with!
  • Links to additional resources so you can get all the exclusive platforms to build and grow your business much faster at a free, low-budget cost, or a high cost depending on what you want and need which means you'll always know where to go rather than getting lost trying to figure it out on your own
  • Additional Notes so you can jot down your thoughts, ideas or anything you'd like to add for each mission so you can reflect back on it which means you'll feel more motivated and confident to take action no matter what.


  • There really are none and I'm not saying this to be biased, it's the truth.

What I Liked Most About the One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook PDF Download

There’s so much, where do I start? The ONE thing I ‘loved’ is the fact that you get an infrastructure to help keep you responsible and accountable to complete daily missions not only by learning but by Implementing what you learned by writing it down to see…

This way you feel how real it is to start, build, and grow your business with a funnel. Whenever you write down what you’re going to do, you’re most likely to take ACTION, and that’s why this workbook is so powerful

What I Liked Least

I couldn’t think of any “dislikes” and I’m not saying this to be biased but because it has it all. Having this workbook is close to having a Calendar book right next to you every day as you write things in it and cross things off…

You get the reward for seeing your goals and taking action!

Final Thoughts And Next Level Steps 

What was just one of your favorite benefits of this One Funnel Away Challenge PDF review?

Although there is no such thing as a One Funnel Away Challenge Free Download, listen to this - When you’re first presented with a Challenge it’s very easy to put your guard up and think “Oh, boy, I’m about to be challenged, this will be tough”, but you know what makes things easier?

Having a workbook where you can follow every mission plan, have examples, and be able to use these examples to write down your own lessons and ways you’re going to take action because it gives you a sense of “this is really happening”, and because of that you will take consistent and Ultimate action.

From Mission to Mission, you’ll not only grow the Funnel of your dreams but grow into the person you’ve needed to become in order to gain more financial success, personal, and physical success as well…

And it’s a revelation when you see how much your character development grows in this process. So if you’re ready to pick up the One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook, click the button below to get the One Funnel Away Challenge Download at a great deal AND my Bonuses worth over $12,000…

Have any questions about this One Funnel Away Challenge Download post? Feel free to leave me a comment below and I'll get back to you in the next 24 hours.

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