March 9

by Michael Granados

Are you ready for a tricy Situation?

I’m not either but I’m going to tell you whether you like the TRUTH or not…

It’s not a matter of how can you make money with facebook, as much as how you’re going about doing it. I know you’re scractching your head like 5-6 times(maybe more), but let me explain this out and show you out better yet.

Facebook is like your veins, there are multiple streams, connections, and cimmunications scattered all over the Enourmous Giant that Facebook is, and if you’re not careful, you can end up hurting yourself too.

I’m going to show you what I’m talking about in this article, and I will receal to you the traditional methods, vs being in what I call “Your Blue Ocean” – creating your own pot of gold differenet than from anyone elses.

So come follow me in.

Why Facebook?

Wait a Minute! Nope, I can’t, I will not go further until you can honestly answer this for me…

Why have you choosen to make money on Facebook? Is there a product/service that you’re promoting already or you want to start promiting a product but don’t have one?

Whichever the case may be, I’m going to align those values you have about being on facebook to make money in the first place.

Here’s how People go into Facebook:

1. Well I want to make money, DUH! This is the type of person from that bat who doesn’t have a clue really what they are going to be jumping into, and it’s likely that they have very little experience using Facebbok for the sense of producing money.

2. With False Expectations. Many people think because everyone else is doing it, they can push a couple buttons and wallah! Money to the direct dposit box baby. 

3. There are Facebook Groups. OH No, I’m already shaking my head left and right, up and down in front of my screen Why? I mean you know why, but I know even more…

Facebook Groups are NOT a place to try to make fast money, money long term, unless you know your approach.

I want to focus on point # 3 for a bit, and tell you that there are so many people who find a “make money online”, or something like a “CBD” oil group, or whichever your niche may be, and HORDER it with links after links, and it is so contagious and easily distractable.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don’t go in there to post a qucik link or to be like “hey I’m Michael, did you know that most people fail making a dollar online because they don’t know where they’re going? Here’s my link If you’d like to change that road “Insert link here”

While this was not a bad hook, there are so many problems with it:
1. I’m not providing people with value

2. People likely don’t even know who I am

3. These are just a bunch of people promoting and promiting without people actually trying to buy from you

It’s tough to estimate how well these groups will work, but it’s like jumping into a thorn bush and coming out with spikes for days on end. It’s tough enough that people haven’t warmed up to the idea of how you even are, or have any value from you, yet you throw your link in there.

I’ve tested and tested and tested so more with these groups to see what better Ad copies convert and most are just plain never converting, and if someone happens to land on your opt-in page, these are likely people who don’t have that much interst in what you have to offer them.,,,

You have to strive to promote your product/service to people at the right place and the right time, that’s how you make the most out of your success online, and how you can get yourself in front of MILLIONS of people, and what better place then Facebook IF you’re doing it right, which I’m about to show you.

How To Make Money with Facebook The Right Way

Okay, so we know that friends and family, and especially strangers really don’t do you any good, Enough of the fast route in, fast route out, if you’re serious about how you can make money with facebook Free and Paid, listen up, this will be the best thing you’ve heard about in awhile, and from a real affiliate marketer.

WAY #1 Make Your Own Facebook Group

This is where Vein #1 lies, and it’s the best way to start if you are a beginner in the online makreting game, or iin anything you want to make money from, and here is why:

Having a Facebook Group is similar to having an email list, you have a crowd who is Luke Warm-Hot who are following you because they are curious about:

– You

– What you have to offer

– How you can help them solve their problems

BINGO #3! These are your tribe of people who you can educate, inform and help them out with no cost, just your time that’s literally all. In A Facebook group, you can control what you post, what others post, and how you communiacte with them, which can be:

1. Regular written post

2. Videos

3. Facebook Live

There is so much that you can do its incredible. I run two groups, one for my health website, and the other now for helping people make money onlne through affiliate marketing and to get a home based busiiness with it. And I’m in there creating content, putting out videos, and getting on Facebok Live…Where it’s at.

My suggestion is to use Facebook Live as much as you can, and if you don’t like being in front of the camera don’t worry, you can also switch the camer around to face your screen which is the cool part now.

What you want to do is help and educate people without having to spam with your links to your offers, and blog post, this is not the right way to start and sometimes end. The reason I say this is that its a Community, where people can come and work out their problems, and collaborate with other like minded inviduviauls…

So you need to nutrutre that and keep the integreity of it. I went weeks without posting links to anywhere, and I spent more time on video and posting in there helping people out, having them see that you know what you’re talking about, and that you;re the expert.

There’s a time for everything, and so every once in awhile after like the first  month or so, keep giving people your content, keep talking to them about your blog post, videos or heloung them out, and then just thow in there a like “Now If you’d like to check out my blog post on the latest essential oils for back pain article I made” tell them that you’re going to link it at the bottom, and there you go, suttle but effective.

And just keep BANGING OUT content after content helping your people, and you’ll notice how much more effective of a character you will become.

WAY #2 Facebook Ads

Onto the paid street, where really you will have your most success in short term and long term. I like to use Facebook ads to get more people to convert and buy from me, but it’s not as simple as just throwing in a link and having someone click and buy from the retailer, there are strategies at bay…

It’s different for people online who have different business models like Shopify, Eccomerce, or something like Affiliate Marketing, and the way you use Facebook Ads will vary among the three, but at its core you can do this exact thing…

1. At first, you want to get your face out there, people don’t know who you are…yet. So What you want to do if you’rea blogger or if you have content –  a website, start a facebook Page and run a “Like Cmpaign”

What this will do is Get people form like third world countries to see your add and give you likes on it…This will increase egagement, and once you’re done, you can run it through a traffic campaign to get more people in the US which is where teh bread and butter is at. 

BOOM, you’ve just created awareness for your brand, and you will have more exposure, and the next time you go to run some capaigns, you’ll be able to reach out to people with better poise.

STEP #2: Every online marketer knows this, you need to use FACEBOOK ADS no matter what. If you haven’t run people to your blog post, or to a squueze page for their information, you shouldn’t even think about making even a dollar. This isn’t a quick buy thing, you should be treating people with respect and giving them value about what you do and who you are…

So What I do Is send people to 

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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