April 8

by Michael Granados

Do you want to know once and for all the truth to “Is Symmetry Financial Group A Scam?”

You’re likely here today because you would like to sell insurance or perhaps you had an Inquiry or interview wit Symmetry Financial and you’d like to know if they are the right fit…

Whichever the case may be, I’m going to reveal some really shocking news, but before I do, let me answer the main question to why you’re here…

Is this insurance company you’re starting to hear from your friends, family, co-workers, the media, a scam?

NO. Stick with me through this article as I uncover why Symmetry Financial Group is not a scam but you should still have your guard up, and how it exactly operates.

My name is Michael Granados, that's me below:

Michael Granados

I’ve had my fair share of Insurance company career run ins and for the most part, none of them fit the bill, and I also came across a bunch of different scams that were all hype and more about sucking in your money like the one I wrote about World System Builder for example.

Anyways, let’s get started!

What is Symmetry Financial Group?

Symmetry Financial

SFG as they are popularly known as strive to get you the best insurance policy plan for you and your family.  They understand everyone has different needs, budgets, and concerns so they will help you shop through 30+ carries to find you the best fit possible.

Basically, they are an insurance marketing organization(IMO) based out in Swannanona, North Carolina and worth with a variety of insurance carriers like Foresters, Transamerica, and Mutual Of Omaha.

According to Inc, they have ranked Symmetry Financial Group as one of the fastest growing companies in America and has bee rated as one of the best cultures in 2017 and 2018.

Going inside Symmertry Financial Group 

Getting a deep look at Symmetry Financial you get a two faced type of opportunity, what do I mean?

Most people come to Symmetry Financial Group wanting to get into the insurace field but either have sales or don’t and fail at one thing…

They don’t market themselves well. To get into insurance you need to do two things:

  1. Get into the right culture
  2. Market yourself properly

Did you know that 9/10 people who try to work in the insurance field fail within the first year? 

Yep. It’s true. Although I believe the insurance industry is a great field to get into, if you can’t sell or want to “sell” then you should stay away from it. Life Insurance is highly profitable but it comes down to this…

“Are you willing to stick with it?”

For example:

If you’re working on auto loan insurance, you’re basically going to have the same routine every single day, and you have to build your own clientele because you’re an agent, not a franchiser…

Where you were directly for the employer like a state farm, liberty insurance, etc.

Mixed Training:

I’ve heard mixed reviews about the training for beginning agents that their mentors/leaders are usually too busy to reach down to you and give you the right guidance and training that you need…

So much for the help! In reality, you’re going to have to figure things out on the fly for yourself before you hear back from your manager. The good thing is that you’re taught not to be pushy and cold call.

Symmetry Financial doesn’t focus on the cold calling communication strategy, rather they do the old traditional model of meeting with leads face to face selling. Yes, you will still have to rely on email responses coming in from people interested in discussing their life insurance options, but the belly of it is face to face.

Looking at the home page, here’s what you can expect to see:

is symmetry Financial Group A Scam.

At the navigation you can see the different types of benefits they offer:

  • Life Insurance
  • Debt Free Life
  • Disability
  • Critical Illness
  • Retirement
  • Smart start

...And they even have a blog in case you want to read any of their recent posts about insurance and the impact they have made.

Here’s a better look at their plans:

sfg plan

Mortage Protection Insurance

As a homeowner you’ll want to protect your home with an affordable, comprehensive coverage and this plan is here to cover you in the most extreme cases like that of a death. It’ll function like a standard term policy…

  • You purchase a policy for a set period 
  • Make monthly payments

And if you pass while the policy is still in effect, your chosen beneficiary receive funds to pay off the mortgage.How is this immensely valuable?

It ensures your family can still stay in the home even if you were no longer able to contribute to the mortgage payments…

A win-win!


You can request a quote on the following page if you’d like.

mortgage quote

How It REALLY Works

Up to this point I showed you the different plans you can get with Symmetry Financial from mortgage to life insurance, and now I want to show you the steps to making it happen…

It starts with requesting a quote. From Any of the following Financial assets you can request a quote for:

quote access

STEP 1: Click on a plan.

Like I stated earlier, you can click through any of the plans from the home page up above or from the navigation bar and you’ll get a page with information and your access to requesting a quote. Here’s the one for Mortgages since we’ve focused on that plan to this point:

quote req

Simply click on “Request a Quote” from the blue button OR you can keep scrolling down this page(and the others and find the button again)

get started

This time the name on the blue button is labeled “Get Started” which takes you to the same step as if you were to press on “request a quote”.

STEP 2: Enter Your Details

request quote step 2

STEP 3: Thank You Page

I went ahead and entered my own information for this example(which you won’t see) but this is the page you’ll get once you submit your details:

thank you step 3

That’s it! Your next part is to look out for your email for someone from the Symmetry Financial Group to reach out to you.

How Much Does Symmetry Financial Cost?

There’s no cost to get started! Like I showed you in the past steps, you just have to submit a quote and after that a Financial agent will get a hold of you and you can discuss plans to get you settled.

Is Symmetry Financial A Pyramid Scheme Or An MLM?

The real question is this - is symmetry financial group a pyramid scheme?

This is what will either draw you in or get you running to the hills faster than I could type the next few words.


Look, symmetry financial is not some ponzi scheme or pyramid operating under illegal operations, it’s legitimate and run by experienced and expert insurance professionals..

But you do need to know about the “MLM” culture and how it all works.


Symmetry Financial isn’t the only company that operates in an MLM type of manner, so do companies like World System Builder and Empire Network.

So, the top of the pyramid is the actual insurance company, beneath them is Symmetry Financial Group, and below them are a LONG line of agencies and agents.

The hierarchy structure is not so much of a bad thing it’s ONE other thing that is. So this symmetry financial group pyramid scheme is very real!

Where MLM’s and Symmetry Financial Go Wrong

Listen, most(not all) MLM’s focus HEAVILY on recruiting and not enough on the training. Selling these packages to people takes practice and A LOT of it comes down to marketing yourself…

You’re the actual business, NOT the MLM itself. But Like Symmetry Financial and other heavy MLM’s, they only give you a scarce amount of training and tell you to go jump off the deep end and figure this stuff out for yourself!

Most people below, above, and on the same level as you are all competing to see how many more people they can recruit because a commission and bonus matrix come with this…

So it leaves the most important which is the sales training out of the picture. That’s why I don’t really favor getting into MLM’s, you really have to be passionate about the product and you need to focus heavily on recruiting where most of the money is made…

Helping your own down-line recruit more so you can earn more. That’s why I prefer what I’m doing as my #1 recommendation.

Plus, selling insurance can get boring and it’s no easy task. You really have to fall in love with what you’re doing or else you’re just going to waste your time and energy. The trends show that older people make up the majority of the insurance industry too…

Keep that in mind if you’re a young one

Who’s Symmetry Financial For? 

I’d have to say Symmetry Financial is made for anyone who has an interest or passion in selling Insurance, has the patience to wait until you begin to earn well, and love helping people. Here are more:

  • If you’re working 9-5 and you’re looking for an extra source of income to supplement your existing one.
  • You’re tired of working your 9-5 and are looking for alternatives and the Insurance industry has your interest
  • You want to start your own business and help out many people in the process
  • You have a sales background or are sales driven and you want to learn new challenging skills
  • You want to learn marketing and how that can help you become the ultimate boss

After my 5+ years of owning an online business in the digital marketing space, I’ve seen it all, and it always comes down to one thing…

Do you have the desire to WANT to do it? You have to ask yourself “why” you want to sell insurance and theirs no internal desire like for the fact that you wan’t to stop having someone support you or of some equivalence…

Then you need to rethink it. There’s no way you should start something because you want to make more money. Yes, that’s part of it, but you’ll NEED a bigger reason why you’re doing it, and that will help you wake up in the morning every day ready to get things done.

Luckily, there are other solutions out there like starting your own highly profitable Affiliate Marketing business where you don’t have to meet people in person, cold call, and be tied down to one product…

In fact, you don’t have to own the product to make money with it! If this sounds interesting to you, check out what I made for you here.

What I Like About Symmetry Financial

If there were one thing I had to pick and say I liked most about Symmetry Financial it would be the fact that they care about helping people find their path to a secure insurance.

The agents and people who do stick with Symmetry Financial can make good money but they know as well as I do that’s it about helping individuals and families get the right information so they can make the best decision for themselves…

No pushing anyone.

Final Verdict: Is Symmetry Financial Group A Scam?

Nope. They operate like any other MLM company where you have the acutal insurance company at the top and on the bottom end are the agents and agencies…

You’d be the one operating in the middle. Yet, this still has a TON of concern and complications for me because the drop out rate is HIGH…

Most people who get started will leave because they quickly release they don’t like selling insurance and that they didn’t get the right training - just depends on what mentor you have. Plus, you’re tied down to that company…

What If they decide to close down? You wouldn’t have enough of the marketing skills to know how to pick yourself up and go elsewhere, and that’s a shame because most MLM’s don’t teach you that…

They suck you into them and then leave you dry out of no where! It’s happened to me. So, if you’d rather try something where you can share a hobby, an interest or a passion of yours to people and get paid for it without having to be tied down to one company, own your own products/services, and you can be your own boss…

And earn like this:


Check out my #1 Recommendation below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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