November 3

by Michael Granados

Want to live a abundant financial life only others can dream of?

As I'm sitting in my office writing up this review for you about whether or not "Is World System Builder A Scam" or a freakishly out of this world opportunity you can't miss out on, you're going to feel more relaxed with what I'm about to say.

I'll cut right to the chase, World System Builder is NOT a Scam, but listen to this...but It's not what you'd think by just researching it on your own, reading the information on their website, and even better yet...

if you were completely new to online marketing you'd be like "what the heck is that?"

Listen, I've been writing scam reviews, and all these make money online opportunities and nothing ever seems to shock me anymore, especially like the one about End financial stress(empire network look a like) that I did HERE, and I'm going to make sure by the time you leave here today, that your conscious would be more at ease.

So let's dive in deeper!

World System Builder Summary

Product name:World System Builder

Product Type: Financial Literacy

Price: $1,000+

Best for: Financial seekers, Business opportunity seekers in MLM/Network Marketing.

world system builder

Summary: World System Builder is "supposedly" a financial literacy education program where you'll learn helpful strategies and ways to manage any of your finances from home insurance, car, student loans and so forth, But you'll second guess that because it's actually a Mult-Level Marketing/Network Marketing Recruiting program where you'll learn to promote the company as an agent...

And you'll end up spending $100's upfront to get started. PLUS, they are not as transparent and straight to the point with people - I say this because some people were under the impression they were going to learn about finances and how to improve their financial literacy at a presentation/event, but instead were bombarded with misleading information just to recruit people.

I'm not a fan of Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing because you end up spending all your time recruiting and duplicating your downline(I've done it) and spend less time on the products, and the education you're getting isn't the greatest by the way. So if you'd rather save you time, money and energy, then I recommended checking out my #1 recommended financial education opportunity here ...

AND if you'd rather learn how to make $100's per day with a Real Business Model where you don't have to rely on recruiting people, in fact you don't even have to own the product, fulfill on customer support, or hold inventory, then click the button just below to see...

Rate: 5/100

Recommended: No

What Is World System Builder?

Simple put, World System Builder is on a mission to provide you with the best financial services and education and at the same time to revolutionize the financial industry through get this...

"A reliable and build-able system".

ALARMS RINGING! If I were completely new to joining an online opportunity or buying a program to help me make more money online I'd be so blind to realize what that statement above could mean, but because I'm not a newbie and I've been earning a living online Full-time through the best business model there is online...

I'm not falling for it! When I hear a "build-able system" what that tells me is that it could sound like:

  1. A Scheme
  2. A Pyramid Scheme
  3. Some Recruiting thing

It could very well be an MLM! And if you don't know what that it is, it's basically where you can join a program, promote their product/services, and recruit people into the business and you get paid a commission percentage.

Here's the catch though, in an MLM(called Network Marketing too), you get paid well mostly when you recruit people inside, "multi-levels". I don't know about you, but I HATE these business models, and here's why.

Many of them ask for money to join, you're limited to only their products to promote, and you rarely ever make any money with.

Here's the perfect solution if you want to become good at selling other peoples products(even if you suck and have never sold a thing)...See my #1 recommendation

HMM...sounds fishy to me, and maybe to you as well, but not enough to just make accusations...just yet.

Besides these phrases, World System Builder is backed by a community of financial professionals , and organized by people who are caring and have a heart to help...(so sweet). Here have a look for yourself:

world system builder about us

Now that you know the answer to "What is wsb?" let's move inside...

Going Inside World System Builder

Now for the fun stuff - the world system builder review from the're about to witness first hand what the homepage looks like, to the workshops and then some!

On the home page of World System Builder you'll see the following:

world system builder home page

Scroll down a bit and you'll see stats on the amount of members, financial centers, saving your future books in print, and likes

community members of World System Builder

This was taken at my current time keep that in mind, and I won't lie, those numbers are not bad, nor or they great.

I'm all for financially bettering your own and everyone else's future and greatly impacting our world to change for the better and that alone is enough for me to want to take a chance on World System Builder along with these reviews and 30 by 30 financial literacy campaign reviews of what people have to say:

world system builder review 1
World System builder review 2
world system builder review 3world system builder review 3

It's good to know people's lives are being changed right?

That means people are benefiting and they are enjoying their education, but you'll also have to ask yourself this question:

"Will they help me earn at the same time?"

Well, that's a matter of your perspective and your goals, do you want to promote World System Builder to others so you can earn or do you just want to take advantage of their financial education to better yourself?

World System Builder Workshops and Training

In just 4 simple steps you can take the World System Builder program by the horns and join the rest of the people in the financial revolution...

STEP 1:Join

STEP 2: Learn

STEP 3: Share

STEP 4: Grow

world system builder process

from the menu bar at the top of the World System Builder screen you'll see "Workshops", and when you click on that, the following page appears:

world system builder workshops

You'll have a total of 8 Workshops that you can attend and they are as show above:

  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Debt Management
  • Building A Strong Financial Foundation
  • Proper Protection
  • Building Wealth 
  • Asset Accumulation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealthy Preservation

Related: FREE Get out of debt worksheet

These are all the things you'd expect from a financial institution and in most financial books that you'd read like one of them that I have written a review for here.

Leveling Up With World Financial Group

You have to start somewhere with WFG and that to no surprise sill be at the bottom of the food chain(or pyramid) as an Agent. As an agent you have the power and responsibility to educate and serve family members, friends and whoever else it is you're targeting on financial literacy such as:

  • Annuity 
  • Life insurance
  • College education and so forth

You can also do this as a broker too which is the position above. You'd typically serve different products to different families depending on the products they can afford...

And you have to be life and health licensed.

World System Builder Compensation Plan

WSB in not really clear to the public as to what their compensation plan is but I dug deep to find this:

world system builder compensation plan

So this is "The Giant Flow" of different levels and how to move up:

  • Trainee becomes the Trainer in the Preparation Phase
    • Be a master of training
    • Trainer
    • 5-5-30 or 10-10-30
  • Start Up Phase 1(Level 1)
    • 2 Personal Recruits
    • 10K Personal Points
    • 10 Recruits Base
    • 30K Points Bass
    • 3.3 Daily Appointments in the Base
  • Build Up Phase(Level 2)
    • 3 Personal Recruits
    • 15K Personal Recruits
    • 15 Recruits Base
    • 50K Points Base
    • 5/5 Daily Appointments in the base
  • Lift Off/Giant Phase(Level 3)
    • 5 Personal Recruits
    • 25K Personal Points
    • 30 Recruits Base
    • 100K Points Base
    • 10/10 Daily Appointments in the base

Just the fact that WSB doesn't openly and easily share their compensation plan says a lot about them, and don't try to give me that "they are trying to protect the people on the inside or it's show to people who truly want it" b.s.

National Financial Literacy Campaign Reviews

If you didn't know, WSB has this thing called "Financial Literacy Campaign" but it's also being confused with another website called "National Financial Literacy Campaign", so I want to clear things up once and for all.

The National Financial Literacy Campaign is a "branch" of World System Builder where it's just this movement trying to get people more financially aware and educated through the means of WSB.

It can be confusing because there are different identities like this one:

national financial literacy campaign review

The two "logos" are contradicting themselves - when you look at the one on the top it and you look underneath the word "Literacy" do you notice the WSB symbol/logo?

And on the logo underneath there isn't one. So they act as two seperate identities but merge. I even found the website to be a little suspect:

national financial

If you look closely at the URL area you'll see an "unsecured" website sign. PLUS, the words on this page look kind of clunky. It's just not presentable and the links in the footer you try to click take you no where!

While there aren't "exactly specific reviews about it" It's misleading and a bit overwhelming to go through.

National Financial Literacy Campaign Pyramid Scheme

Is this a pyramid scheme? Not exactly since there are products involved and it's not all about recruiting to make money. It is an MLM though.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

I know you're thinking "well how much does it cost to join and also attend the workshops Michael?"

Absolutely Nothing! According to World System Builder - they believe in empowering you, educating you, going as far to understand families, that they want to make sure you get what you need without charge.

Or is it?  

It's going to be initially $100 to start and all the other additional costs where you will spend $500-$1,000 for training, also you're going to need errors and emissions insurance which is like $30-$125 per month and about a $200 per month insurance policy...

World Financial group does not make this clear!

Plus, when you sell a product for a commission, you will have to share it with 6 people above you...Sucks doesn't it?

Yeah, no one wants to feel like they're on the short-end of the stick getting scraps while everyone above makes the most! It kind of sounds like a 9-5 job doesn't it?

Ugly Truth's About World System Builder - World System Builder Reviews

Want to see some really shocking world system builder reviews from other people?

There are many wsb community reviews but this one I heard from a friend through a discussion on Reddit that while it was free to attend the workshop presentations, he was bombarded with TONS of information, numbers, and he had no clue if it was a a job interview anymore. 

He was handed an application, was asked for his social, credit card, to charge for a membership!

He had to pay for the training in order to be licensed to work for them. Here's the world system builder reddit review I'm talking about:

world system builder reddit reviews
world system builder reddit reviews 2

Yeah, that's real, and it's an ugly truth not because of what you're thinking though.

It's terrible because people like yourself are being lead to believe they can just show-up to these workshops, learn, and maybe with the slightest intention of understanding how to help others but that's it!

They don't tell you beforehand what to expect, that "Hey, we are an MLM Company", and that we require that you pay x amount of dollars(from what I hear $500) and then you can become a member and get the most out of our program(so if you were wondering about this world system builder mlm vibe, it's true!)

It's a bait, and the worldsystembuilder reviews really tell the story. But anyways, I'll show you how to find out where these workshops are being held if you still wanted to know or out of curiosity.

Under the "member resources" tab on the top menu bar, you'll hover over and you'll see "Events" and click on it. The following page will appear:

world system builder events

There are 6 total show, and you can click on any of them. For this example I clicked on Prokect:Titan

world system builder project titan

There's a bunch of "jargon" on this that even someone as seasoned as myself is confused with. And check this out when you scroll a bit further down:

world system builder project titan trainers

To someone who has an eye for network marketing/MLM schemes they'd be quick to know that this is a multi-level program just based on those numbers. What you're seeing is if you recruit more people, you'll become this "Warrior Titan" at it's highest, but you can still have a place with more or less.

I won't even show you what's under neath all this, it's just a bunch of flashy pictures of buildings in an attempt to get you "emotionally fixed" on them. So wsb national campaign for financial literacy pyramid scheme is very real!

World System Builder Alternatives(Work At Home Jobs & Online Business

When I realized World System Builder was not what I wanted to invest my time, money, and energy into, I went back to the web and started my research once again, and it happened...

For Financial Education:

Yale Financial Markets is one of my favorites and You can sign up to it for FREE right here.

15+ Best FREE and Paid Financial Courses

I came across 15+ of the best free and paid financial courses, used them for myself and I made a list of them you can check out here.

I also found a site called The Penny Hoarder which is a professional finance website there to help you make and save more money, and I made an article that shows you how to make stronger financial decisions with gains that make you and save you more money you can check out here.

(In the article above I also reveal the 15+ ultimate ways you can make a passive income online.)

Here are other alternatives that I broke it up into with a "job" and business...

For a Job:

Home Business Alternatives($1,000+ Per Month Opportunities)

Listen, these at the end of the day are work from home jobs, but the Ultimate goal of working at home is going to be working for yourself which Is what I do right now and I'm able to generate 4+ figures PER MONTH and you can do the same with these programs:

My favorite opportunity is Legendary Marketer  because it's the best all around digital education platform where you'll learn from a 8 Figure CEO and Forbes Entrepreneur In Dave Sharpe who went from working his butt off in a construction job to making over 8-figures online in...

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Course Creation

PLUS, you'll get a financial education, economics, personal development and so much more!

Another one of my favorites that's in the Financial Space is "This One Here" which helps you become an independent businesses lending agent helping small businesses get alternative business funding (small business loans and cash advances)...

And you can get paid HIGH Commissions with this opportunity, we're talking up to $120,000 and WAY more with their team member pay. If you'd like to learn more you can check it out by clicking the button just below.

One more, There's a company called "Credit Suite" where you can learn how to build your own Financial profile through business credit building as well as:

  • Getting access to 150,000 in business funding credit cards with 0% interest for 6-18 months...
  • How to view different funding options so you can understand not only how to use them yourself but...
  • Be able to offer these services to business owners so they can continue to build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch...
  • And much more!

I made an in-depth review of Credit Suite and what this program is all about right here:

 At the end of the day there are many of these "financially help and set you free programs" that are A LOT of fluff online so you need to be careful, for instance 'll show you a video review on another one called World Financial Group:

Plus, I recently did a review on another MLM type pyramid scheme financial program called Symmetrey Financial.

Who's World System Builder For?

In a way, this training program can be for everyone...if you look at it from a beginner point of view where you want to learn the network marketing/MLM business model and gain the sales and marketing skills you'll forever be grateful with in life.

But, that's not what I'm talking about here specifically as this pertains to World System builder, so this is for you if:

  • You enjoy spending your money on network marketing/MLM
  • You have the money to spend
  • You want to learn financial literacy
  • You like to recruit people and you're good at it
  • You don't mind that World System Builder is misleading

I for one do not or in any way affiliate with World System Builder, and that's okay, it's not for everyone. I found better ways to take my financial literacy to the next level by first reading books, accounting, and in so many other easy to digest formats.

You can join an even/workshop and see how much you'll get out of it, but don't act like you weren't warned if someone tries to sell you.

Who's It Not For?

  • People who want to make little in the network marketing/MLM WSB has
  • Lazy People
  • Tire Kickers

What I Liked About World System Builder

Although there is more that I disliked about World System Builder than I liked, there were a few things that I didn't mind...

And they were:

  • The Workshops. If you can attend a free workshop and get credible and worthy value without least a fortune, then good.
  • Being financially literate is important to EVERYONE. You and I must get better in this area every day because it will help with things like asset management, liabilities, income and expenses.

Related: How A Blogging challenge helped me become more financially literate.

Is World System Builder A Scam?

For all the worries you and others interested in World System Builder wondering "is world system builder legit" or if "world system builder pyramid scheme" is the reality let me tell you this...It Is LEGIT and NOT a pyramid scheme.

For one, it's not the most attractive way to sell someone on a product or an opportunity, but World System Builder is really putting a legitimate effort in forever changing the financial future of yourself an millions of others.

What I do think is a scam is the bit where they don't really tell you that they operate as an MLM company or that when you go these these "free" workshops, you won't be sold to. 

That's a dishonesty in my eyes, and that's enough for me not to care. This wsb scam dillema keeps dragging along for things that I just mentioned.

How I Make Money Online(FREE Guide)

If it's joining an MLM/Network Marketing company you want, so you can promote the business opportunity and products, you can go for it and spend the cost to become a member, but not me, I have a better way that doesn't require you to spend money upfront, and you can promote any product you like rather than being restricted.

For awhile now, I've been able to clear up debt, earn 4-6 figures all from the comfort of my home, and earn a passive income to the point where I can wake up and literally check my bank account and see that money has been deposited....

And what's the name of the business model I'm in? It's called Affiliate Marketing. This is where YOU an promote other people's proven products without EVER having to own your own, how cool is that?

You can literally make a living from home with affiliate marketing and If you'd like to know more about how I'm able to do this without having to rely on a "job", rather a home-based business, that will supply you with a passive income, more time, and freedom, then click on the button below to get started:

What did you think about my world system builder scam article? Is there something more you would like to know about? Feel free to leave me a comment down below and I will get back to you ASAP!

And if you enjoyed this post please share it with others who need to know about this post, and it would greatly help grow our blog. But only if you'd like to.

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