May 6

by Michael Granados

Do you want to turn your spare time into a side-income online business that can help beginners make up to $100,0000+ from home with just a computer and an internet connection?

With the constant slavery of a 9-5, working your butt off to just have enough left over after you pay your bills, it’s no shock that you finally are sick and tired and want your freedom, right?

Welcome to the best part of your day as I Michael Granados a full-time digital entrepreneur who's written reviews on other programs that are scams like one called Free Commissions, will show you step for step EXACTLY what simple profits is and answer your question…

“Is Simple WiFi Profits A Scam? Listen, I’m going to cut right to the chase and tell you the truth...

Simple wifi profits is NOT a scam. Before I reveal to you the shocking truths, the simple wifi profits reviews and more inside of this in-depth Simple Wifi Profits review I’d like to tell you that you’ll find A LOT of hyped up reviews, people giving just their opinions on the program without any relevant experience…

Only to turn you over for a profit! That is not what I’m going to do, how am I different? I practice what I preach and I ACTUALLY test out programs that I can then turn around and help you with first-hand. 

UPDATE: Simple Wifi Profits is currently unavailable! But read right below to get the best alternative solution. 

Are you ready to get started?

Simple Wifi Profits Overview

Product Name: Simple WiFi Profits

Founders: Chris And Andrew

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Health and Wellness, Paid Facebook AD Marketing

Price: $1,497

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own business, want passive income with affiliate marketing.

simple wifi profits review

Summary: Simple WiFi Profits is an outstanding course training made to help you promote other people's PROVEN health and wellness products - specifically in the weight loss space. You're going to be shown step-by-step the 4 step formula made by two of the BEST Affiliate Marketers in Chris And Andrew simple WIFI profits how to run PROFITABLE Facebook ads to your weight loss offer(s) so you can make A lot of money!

I specialize in the Health Affiliate Marketing Industry space myself, having first built a health and wellness blog website then later on expanded with courses like Simple Wifi Profits and I give this course my full approval.

There's also an AMAZING alternative to just focusing on Facebook ads and that's through the Healthy Affiliate Cheat Sheet And Free Members Course (see here) you can take a look at if you'd like to learn how to build your health business from scratch with free organic AND paid strategies the right ways.

Rating: 90/100

Recommended: Yes

UPDATE: This program is NO Longer available! Want my best alternative solution? Click the button below to see my Healthy Affiliate Review

What is Simple WiFi Profits About? 

simple wifi profits review

Simple Wifi Profits is a work from home business opportunity with a 4 step easy to understand formula for any beginner and expert to dominate in the Weight loss market.

You have co-owners Chris and Andrew who are a college dropout and Korean immigrant who earned $90, just 31 days!

Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself in their free workshop:

>>Click here to watch the free worskhop<<

With their simple to follow 3-step formula they have quickly become the highest paid and most recognized members of the weight loss and Clickbank community.

Going inside Simple WiFi Profits

Getting a closer look inside of Simple WiFi Profits I found out that it’s another affiliate marketing business opportunity, what’s affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an online business model that allows you to make money promoting other people’s products...Yes you heard that right. You don’t have to own your own product, store inventory, or fulfill customer service!

Chris and Andrew focus on getting you the highest returns much faster than any other affiliate product that I’ve used and come across for ONE simple reason…

They focus on Advertising.Chris and Andrew use this system on a daily basis to pocket in commissions by running Facebook ads to their weight loss offers, and there are a TON of products to choose from:

Clickbank Products

With just a click of a button you can grab a done-for-you weight loss product and you can start promoting it to your audience in a fast 3 steps.

  1. Make a Clickbank Account. Clickbank is an affiliate market place with LOADS of products from any and ever industry imaginable and that’s where Chris and Andrew focus on
  2. Research A Product. You’ll find weight loss products that are marketable and what people are buying so you can tap into an existing audience base of buyers.
  3. Promote That Product. You’ll be given a unique affiliate link that when people click on it, people will be taken over to a sales page where you can earn a commission.

Here’s a video I did on Clickbank:

NOTE: Simple WiFi Profits Is Not Available anymore so instead you can see my #1 recommended health affiliate marketing service below

Chris and Andrew have created a special workshop you can check out for free and this is what you’ll see on that page:

is simple wifi profits a scam

The 3 secrets you’re going to see are:

  1. The Simple, Easy-To-Understand Formula That A College Dropout & Korean Immigrant Used To Transform Their Lives & Earn $960,824.41 Within 31 Days!… 
  2. How This Little-Known System Has Already Helped Their Students Begin Earning Up To $100,000.00 (From Home With Just A Computer & An Internet Connection…)
  3. How You Can Start Their Brand-New System In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day… Even if You Have Limited Experience ... and MORE!

If you have any shadow of a doubt Chris and Andrew or anyone else is making money with this fast system, make sure to attend the free workshop listed above.

Why Weight Loss?

The weight loss grows at 4% every year, meaning that more people will suffer from it thus you have a greater earning potential as an affiliate.

People have spent over 159 billion on battling things like obesity, diabetes, and overall weight loss. Can you see why it’s the #1 problem to solve?

This industry is so huge that you and anyone else can profit from it, in fact only 0.0000001% make up the people promoting weight loss profits which means you have so much space to grow your business.

Simple WiFi Profits 3-Step Funnel

After you learn about affiliate marketing 101, you’ll discover the 3-step funnel formula that will help you profit.

sales funnel

Let’s break it down:

  1. You will setup a Facebook ad with your specific weight loss target market
  2. Send this traffic to an optin page which is made to collect emails so you can re-market to them with email automation.
  3. You then send people to a sales page so somebody can purchase.

The image above is more or less what to expect. If you’ve heard of funnels, you might know about Clickfunnels and how to do affiliate marketing with sales funnels.

Simple Wifi Profits Home Page:

At the current moment the Simple WiFi Profits website is under construction so you’ll see this:

simple wifi profits

It’s crazy to believe they are the world’s youngest #1 Affiliates On Clickbank, considering that:

  1. They are young
  2. There are many other Clickbank profits

NOTE: I’ll share with you other alternatives in the later sections that will address point #2 above so stick with me.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll come across Chris and Andrew presenting to a crowd:

simple wifi profits website

How Much Does Simple WiFi Profits Cost?

Simple WiFi Profits is not your standard work from home business so it makes sense that they won’t offer all of their knowledge and formula for free, so it used to go for $20,000 with students earning over $40,000 daily but you can get the limited time special Simple wifi profits price for $1,497.00.

This may just be a limited time because Chris and Andrew may bump up the cost between $5,000-$10,000 and sell it via a phone call. So get in there now while you can!

Plus, You're going to get Chris And Andrew's Amazing Bonuses Worth over $50,000 and mine over $4,000+ and you can view the bonuses by clicking here.

P.S. As I said earlier, the Workshop and Simple Wifi Profits course is NOT avaialble, but you can check out my #1 recommended alternative here:

Simple WiFi Profits Support

Keep in mind I’ve tried literally 100’s of Clickbank work from home business opportunities as well elsewhere and the common denominator that separates each one is the support, and Simple WiFi Profits over-delivers.

You will get 24/7/365 support a fairly active Facebook group for members ONLY and a monthly live coaching call with Chris and Andrew as well other students.

Who’s Simple WiFi Profits For?

Simple WiFi Profits is for people who are sick and tired of the 9-5 rat race, who are tired of working to the bone with little to nothing left over at the end of the month, as well:

  • People who know there’s more to making a living that will allow them to earn passively and free up more time to spend doing thing they want to do
  • For beginners who have tried or just getting started and want a PROVEN system that will spit out profits on a daily basis so you can work less over time.
  • For people who want to tap into a BILLION dollar weight loss market with many weight loss products to select from.

Who's It Not For?

  • Tire Kickers
  • Push Button Seekers
  • People who don't have at least $500 to start
  • People who can't spend $1,497.00
  • Fast money seekers
  • People who don't want to focus on Facebook

Pros Vs Cons


  • #1 Clickbank affiliates Chris and Andrew who have made MILLIONS with a PROVEN system in the Biggest industry weight loss so you can have trust and a faster way to make commissions without wasting time or making mistakes going at it alone
  • A BILLION dollar weight loss niche that many people across the world are searching a solution for so you don’t have to worry about competition against others which means you can profit for many years to come in your business
  • TONS of weight loss products to select from so you can have more options and a wide range of demographics and psychographics of people to work with which means you’ll never run out of ways to sell.


  • The cost which is at $1,497 and that price could be increasing in the future, so get in while you can.
  • You still have to set aside like $500 extra to start for ad campaigns
  • Scaling requires more money
  • Done for you material gets saturated 
  • You're tied down to Facebook

On the other hand, the con shouldn’t be a major concern because you’re tapping into a proven system, plus, this used to go for $20,000...not a bad deal on the grand scheme of things.

Simple WiFi Profits Alternatives

If you were curious of other alternatives out there, let me tell you that there are other Clickbank type products and others that you may want to have a look at.

The Closest Alternative will be the Healthy Affiliate which is created by yours truly, and you get a direct route to brining in health commissions.

The second closest alternative is 12 minute affiliate, where you get a done-for-you home business with the weight loss products already selected for you, all you need to do is order the traffic from them or get it organically. See it here.

The others are also going to help you understand how to make money promoting other people's products and services with affiliate marketing.

One of my personal favorites(made by yours truly) is the One Blog Post away challenge where you'll learn how to build a highly profitable blog in less than 90 days...even if you're not techie, or have tried everything and failed!

This way you at least get control over building a health and wellness site and you can choose which products you wish to promote.

What I Liked Most About Simple WiFi Profits

I liked so much about Simple WiFi Profits but if I had to pick just ONE thing I loved most, it would be Chris and Andrew, why?

Yes, the system is AMAZING but it wouldn’t be possible without professional leaders like Chris and Andrew, they are not going to leave you high and dry after you get started…

Like I stated earlier, they have exceptional support 24/7/365 and make once a month live calls. If that’s not going above and beyond, I don’t know what is! Unlike other programs, they are far superior in terms of support.

Another thing I want to add is my quick story on health products...


I can remember it as it was yesterday, I detached from staring down the bottom of my lunch plate - eating a sandwich with chips and I couldn't get the distracting thought away from my mind...

Was I going to be let go of my job today? Over the past few months in late 2017, the uncertainty of getting paid below average(basically minimum wage), underpaid, undervalued, and after two years trying to stay at a stable job it was about to come to an end...

Downsizing to be exact. Was I going to go back to school and finish one more year of university? OR get another certification on top of the 20+ I already had?

Ring Ring! My phone goes off and I look at my phone and there sits a notification from an old friend of mine I hadn't heard in years...Tyson. I put my sandwhich down, turned my face away from the distracting walls closing in on me and dark dungeon "type office" and opened up my Snapchat app to look at the message...

"Hey, Michael! Great Meal. How are things going?"

Tyson responded to the picture of my meal I put up the night before - I had terryaki Chicken, and my friend is asian...SO...Yeah there's that lol.

I gave Tyson a response with "Hey, Tyson, things are going good, you know just working and moving forward", all meanwhile in my mind I was okay, things hadn't changed...

I didn't yet get the promotion I was going to get because the person in front of me kept hanging around(at like 65+) ready to retire but never did...

And it put me back in my place - realizing I had to move to another job and the thought of living under a rock, feeling like hiding and kicking walls(although I didn't)...

Stressed, Frustrated, overwhelmed with the fact that I was sick and tired of putting up with average, what is considered right - Go to school, get a good job, build a 401K, an IRA until your like 60 and if you put aside a few extra dollars you'd be a millionaire...

Give me a break, Okay? All I wanted to do was have money at the end of the month to spend it on going out to eat, providing for my family without feeling like I couldn't be a man because I was having them pay for me!

Tyson expressed with me this thing called "Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing", how you didn't have to own your own product, be techy, have any experience, to promote other people's PROVEN products and services...

And when you select the RIGHT ones, you can make $1,000's and $10,000's online...No kidding, I thought. Here's what happened next...

At the end of my work day I drove home, got out the car like a stunt man ready to jump out before a crash and I rushed past my front door, walked into the kitchen where my laptop sits on the counter table, opened it and started typing...

"What is affiliate marketing?" I went down this rabbit hole of blogs, YouTube videos and began finding out this world of internet marketing, business owners, entrepreneurs, making money from home and LITERALLY anywhere with the freedom YOU choose to have.

I started a website a couple days after and I choose an industry in the Health And Wellness space, specifically Lower Back Pain, I began to blog so I could get people from Google to notice me, click through to my post, read and then make a purchase(one way of affiliate marketing)...

But I failed for 2 months! I didn't get people, I was doing it all wrong! My steps were off, I didn't write the RIGHT things, and I still kept posting my link on social media platforms like Facebook with no luck, so I called it a day and thought this wouldn't ever work for a few days until it happened...

I researched harder on Google again and came across a platform that showed my how to properly blog and I was told to:

  • Get a mentor
  • Follow a PROVEN formula
  • Become dedicated for long term success

I came across a platform called Wealthy Affiliate with the RIGHT training and unlike others I had tried in the past, this was step-by-step and easy to follow and implement. I started to post content on my blog for my Lower back pain website and began to get my posts to rank on page 1 of Google!

Money came in, but I still didn't have my process fully dialed in, I still would get people not to buy and I had to figure out why?

I learned that I needed stronger skills like:

  • Copywriting
  • Sales 
  • Sales funnels
  • Ad copy
  • Email Marketing
  • and many more!

After a couple of years of increasing my skills and my income finally, I wanted to go to the next level with running Facebook Ads and after trial and error some ads worked and others failed miserably and I wanted my weight loss promotions to work and some hit, others missed...

And I wanted to crack through this "code" and so one day Luckily I got hit with an ad to "Simple WiFi Profits" and It looked like "Another Scam program" maybe like you thought at first too...

But when I checked it out and heard how Chris and Andrew were like the #1 Affilaite's on Clickbank with their Product running SUCCESSFUL Health and wellness weight loss ads to weight loss products, the game changed.

I had to try it out because this was going to give me more brand exposure, impact my audience, as well make money of course, right? So I invested(no risk) and I didn't look back since!

Commissions on top of commissions!

clickbank daily commissions

Thanks to Simple WiFi Profits and my blog(as well the other channels I have expanded to now), I can enjoy more freedom, work from anywhere I want, and live live on my own terms.

Final Verdict: Is Simple WiFi Profits A Real Scam? 

Nope. This was a simple wifi profits review that was the real deal, you can’t get any better than investing your time into the health and wellness in particular weight loss niche because there are BILLIONS to be made and MILLIONS of people battle with weight problems every day and you can be the one who takes a slice of the pie.

Chris and Andrew are proof that you can start with nothing, no reputation, no experience, and go on to make loads of cash by helping people. Here's the simple wifi profits bonus you're getting now:

Simple WiFi Bonuses($54,582 Value)

I want you to have the most success with Simple WiFi Profits and any affiliate/digital marketing endeavors so Chris and Andrew have given you bonuses as well as I.

First Chris and Andrew's Bonuses: 

simple wifi profits bonuses

Now Here's Everything From Me(Michael Granados):

BONUS #1: My Full Affiliate Marketing For Entrepreneurs Academy($2,097 Value). You will be shown you what affiliate marketing is  and I’m an expert in this field with many years doing it. My course will show you video training and tutorials from the ground level up, from making offers, messages, websites, funnels, email, copywriting, lead generation, traffic, ads, organic traffic, and so much more!

BONUS #2: 180 Done-For-You Emails by a professional Copywriting($6,097 Value). These done-for-you emails are no joke, a professional copywriter has made sure to give you the best internet marketing emails you can get...anywhere! These will last you about 6 months+. Just put them into your email autoresponder, sit back and relax.

BONUS #3: Viral SEO Secret Hacks($397 Value). I’m going to give you my COMPLETE Search Engine Optimization(SEO) course where you will be able to effortlessly get your website as well YouTube and Pinterest ready.

Bonus #4: Facebook Accelerator Course($297 Value). Don’t worry about how to maximize your engagement on Facebook anymore with my video training course which will show you step-by-step how to get maximum exposure to your products/services.

Bonus #5: Free Access To My Private Facebook Group with 1-1 Coaching($127 + Value). I have a group for like minded individuals who are growing their business and want to become or are digital entrepreneurs. You’re also going to get full access to 1-1 Zoom calls with me!

Again, the course is not avaialble, but you can check out my #1 Alternative affiliate marketing program in the health space below OR if you want to see another alternative affiliate marketing program, click here to see

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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