May 6

by Michael Granados

How would you like to make an Unlimited stream of commissions by promoting other people’s proven health products?

And it is done faster with the help of 6-7+ figure earners?

Welcome to my Healthy Commissions Review where I “Michael Granados” an experienced full-time affiliate marketer who runs a health and wellness affiliate marketing business will show you first-hand insight to what Healthy Commissions is all about, the pros and cons, alternatives and so much more you MUST know if you want to truly take your financial income to the next level, be able to get your time back and live life on your own terms...Without a boss!

I get where you’re coming from…

You’re reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos, even going through social media trying to figure out if this opportunity is legit and NOT like every other one where you end up wasting your time and money, right? So I’ll cut to the chase...Healthy Commissions is Not a scam.

Pheww, with that out of the way, Let’s get into the meat and potatoes.

What Is Healthy Commissions?

what is healthy commissions

Healthy Commissions is a step-by-step Facebook ads training course created by Rob Jones, Gerry Cramer, and Mark Ling showing you how to promote other people’s health products in any niche. That’s right, you’re going to be walked through how to make commissions by putting up a Facebook ad connected to a health offer.

This is a business model known as Affiliate Marketing. If you didn’t know, Affiliate Marketing is the process where you can promote other people’s products/services without the hassle of having physical inventory, having to fulfill customer support or be this tech wizard.

I’ve been making a full-time income with affiliate marketing for quite a while now and with what you’ll be trained to do in the Healthy Commissions program, you can literally do it from home or anywhere else in the world...And get paid great!

Let’s go even deeper now.

How Is Healthy Commissions Different Than Other Affiliate Training?

If you’ve taken a look at the affiliate marketing training out there you’ll usually run into A LOT of All-around affiliate marketing training that covers every topic like:

  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Funnels
  • YouTube
  • Social Media
  • Paid Traffic
  • And so on…

But what you don’t see ENOUGH of is specialized Industry/Niche training in another market outside the “Make Money Online” space...And it irritates me, why?

There are many “greedy guru” course sellers out there sharing with you their affiliate marketing knowledge and whether it is fluff or not, the point should be to take an interest, a passion, and even a hobby you have outside the “Business opportunity” space and try to make an income with it.

Problem being though is there is WAY to many affiliate courses with people who haven’t yet proven themselves in another industry like Health, dating and relationships, survival, etc. Do you see my point?

On the other hand, you have a program like Healthy Commissions that focuses on helping people in the health space...Not the make money online, “sell people the dream” market.


The Healthy Commissions course is OUTDATED and one other downside is that it ONLY focuses around promoting the weight loss or supplement niche Through Facebook ads which is very difficult to work with because of Facebook's ad policies and now the IOS changes making it difficult to track the best of your conversions...

PLUS: It will only teach you how to do it through their "Presellio" website which has been down for months now! And they will be shutting down this site while STILL selling the outdated course to people at the moment, so my advise is not to get into it, at least right now.

I know a few people who've been trying and trying but they keep getting their ads disapproved, and even shut down. So what do I recommend instead?

I was so inspired to share my own experiences building a health and wellness affiliate marketing business that I even created my own Affiliate Marketing training called “Healthy Affiliate” you can see below…

Going Inside Healthy Commissions

Starting from the home page, here’s what you’ll see:

healthy commissions review

As you can see, at the moment the doors to Healthy Commissions is closed - This is something the owners will do from time to time to ensure they get the best people and are able to help each one with enough time…

And if you’re interested in joining them or have any questions/need general help, you can reach out to their customer support team at the following email address:

Underneath the headline you’ll encounter a video:

healthy commissions video

This is just a background story created by the owners to share with you so you can build rapport with them in terms of:

  • Know
  • Like and
  • Trust

You’ll hear how the owners got started, where they came from to what’s possible for you. Don’t worry, there will be NO Lamborghinis or wads of cash being waved at you

just for fun

Scroll a little below and you’ll see another video which is a testimonial and thereafter will be more testimonials for you to watch.

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Course Curriculum

There are a total of 6 Modules:

  1. Module 1: Create Your Million Dollar Advertising Images. You’ll learn the creative art of creating the right image(s), you get to copy the owners, or even buy ad images from the same vendors the owners and many others are using for just $5 to $15
  2. Module 2: Craft Your Million Dollar Ad Copies. You can choose to write your own ad copy using the owner's templates and put your own customized spin on it for personal and business branding.
  3. Module 3: Switching On Your Buyers Mode Instantly! In this cool module, you’ll learn the secrets to preselling pages that’ll turn your visitors into high conversion buyers.
  4. Module 4: Launching Your Million Dollar Campaigns. Here is where you’ll go LIVE, where Rob and Gerry will show you how to do it the right way(s).
  5. Module 5: Testing And Scaling Up Your Campaigns. What’s an ad worth if you can’t scale it up to make more money? You’ll get the “precise” structure to scale up your campaigns to a point where it’s not overwhelming for you but it’ll make a difference when you spend $100 a day rather $1,000 a day.
  6. Module 6: Secrets Of The Titans. You’re getting the best-kept secret that deals with going over $1,000 PER day strategies, tricks, and technologies so you can go from 6 to 7 figures per month!

PLUS: You get weekly training where you will receive a new training module to keep you on track and to make your learning experience and action-taking process simple and step-by-step.

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Healthy Commissions Tools And Resources

  • You’ll get software that includes page building, templates, and funnels
  • Analytics and optimization full suite to keep track of everything in your back office
  • A new Facebook traffic method with these done for you 12-second video videos given to you by the Healthy Commissions software.
  • Exclusive deals with vendors in the health niche for better and greater commissions!
  • Ad images, copy, and templates used by 7-figure earners
  • Case studies on million-dollar ads and how they came to be that way

Pros And Cons


  • High Level training from real world experts so you can feel confident and worthy to take what you learn and put it into action which means you'll begin to see results with
  • Done-for-you scripts, images, templates and more so you can have an easier time moving through your learning curve which means you'll be using the material 6-7+ figure earners are using!
  • Testing and scaling up your campaign(s) so you can keep your business growing with more income and impact for just a few $100's a day which means you'll gain more authority and take a huge part of the market share.
  • Pay for your traffic to get faster leads and data so you don't have to worry about spending months and a lot of time on free traffic strategies which means you'll get feedback much faster to make changes with if necessary.


  • Costly Facebook ads which will have you spending a lot of money testing.
  • Facebook ad policies are very stingy and can restrict and even worse shut down your account at ANY time!
  • Very high priced course to just learn about one source of traffic in Facebook ads
  • Running Facebook ads are getting harder and harder these days and even with the done-for-you material you get, you will still have to create and customize things to your own.

How Much Does Healthy Commissions Cost?

You get a few options to choose from and they are:

  • One time investment of $2,497 
  • Pay only $997 today and then 2 more payments of $997
  • PayPal credit - No payments or interest for 6 months

Who’s Healthy Commissions For?

The healthy Commissions program is created for people who have a desire to share their passion, interest, or hobby in the health Industry by choosing a niche related to health and promote other people’s proven health products/services through Facebook ads in exchange for a commission.

Here’s more:

  • Beginners who have an ad budget to spend $100’s+ per week on testing ad campaigns as well have the money to spend for the high cost of the program.
  • Intermediates and experts who’ve tried affiliate marketing in the health space or any other industry but have had no success or have and are looking to expand their income streams. Also, you have a budget to spend on Facebook ads every week.
  • Facebook Ad enthusiasts and people who want faster ways to get “traffic” to offers.
  • Aspiring Affiliate Marketers
  • Students
  • Moms and Dads
  • Retirees
  • And so much more!

Who’s It Not For?

  • Fast money seekers
  • People who have no interest in the health niche
  • People without a budget to spend on ads
  • Beginners who haven’t created free content(Preferred to work on free organic strategies first)
  • People who don’t have $2,000+ to spend on the course


Luckily there are a few great alternatives and they are:

My favorite by far is Healthy Affiliate and I will be a little biased because this is my course I created, but listen…

This is an All-around training course that’ll show you the 10+ steps to crushing your health affiliate earnings in any niche you want AND be able to do it with Free organic and paid strategies step-by-step. In fact…

But rather than tell you, let me show you:

You get the cheat sheet and course free membership format too! Here are the 10 steps:

STEP 1: Finding Your ONE Winning Product

STEP 2: Pick Out Your Niche

STEP 3: Research The Competition

STEP 4: Knowing What Your Audience Wants

STEP 5: Get Your Email Autoresponder Tool(And set up)

STEP 6: Put Together A Free Lead Magnet

STEP 7: Build A Landing Page

STEP 8: Pick Out Your Publishing Platform(s)And Getting Traffic

STEP 9: Create Content(Add Value)

STEP 10: See The Best Online Business Tools For Small Business/Affiliate Marketing

And there’s A LOT more resources/training!

What I Liked Most About Healthy Commissions

The ONE thing I liked most about Healthy Commissions is the 3 part ownership so you can get access to experts who know what they're doing and you get to see their backgrounds tied in with their strategies.

Most programs usually have like One person behind them, but with this one you get three people to show you what works, what doesn't, their own business, and how to overcome obstacles each individual person had to go through.

What I Liked Least

It's heavily Facebook Ads reliant. Although I do like Facebook Ads, they are becoming COSTLY, and with all the IOS changes that make things harder to track with the Facebook policies easily broken, you can quickly lose out.

What if your ad account gets restricted and even worse banned from ever using? Both these things have happened to me and it straight out SUCKS. The point I get is to build your email list and it's a faster way to get traffic but in the end, if you want that "passive income" everyone is looking for, you'll want to focus on organic strategies too.

Final Thoughts

What did you like most about Healthy Commissions? What about your least favorite?

If you're into the Health Industry and have an interest, passion, or hobby you'd like to take to the next level by monetizing it with Facebook Ads, then Healthy Commissions may be your thing BUT...

If you're like me and don't want to be dependent on just running ads, the dark side of Facebook shutting down your ad account, along with the high cost of the course with the testing and scaling of ads as a beginner...

Then I would definitely look at one of my other Alternatives. So here's what I'll leave you with, if you'd like to join Healthy Commissions, click here, and if you'd rather see my #1 recommendation and alternative, then check out The Healthy Affiliate by clicking the button below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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