May 12

by Michael Granados

How would you like to get your hands on a Legendary Marketer 15 day challenge free download of a LIFETIME?

Who wouldn't, but I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news - those days are long and gone, there is no such thing as a Free Legendary Marketer 15 day challenge download (at least without a virus attached or an Illegal action), it's now JUST $7 to get your hands on the best high ticket affiliate marketing training anywhere, that will earn YOU your first commission in 15 days time...$7 is a very small no risk cost for what you can have which is the highest education and action to make $1,000's+ PER Day (Not kidding!).

Listen, I get where you are right now but Answer this question truthfully to me: “Will you appreciate Free?” There’s no shame in wanting Free but there is less of an appreciation, consideration and COMMITMENT. It’s simple math -

“People who pay, pay attention!”

No need for Albert Einstein math there, right? So listen, if you’re someone who TRULY (and I do mean truly) cares about their financial future and you're someone who wants to free up more of your time faster and to use it more effectively to do more of what you love all while being able to live life on YOUR own terms (without a boss), then keep reading to find out what you could be missing out on...and to really get an appreciation for Legendary Marketer, see my official "Is Legendary Marketer Legitimate Post here"

And If you want to get on with it and get the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge With My $12,000+ In FREE Bonuses, Click here to see

NOTE: There are links in this post that I may recieve compensation for when you make a purchase, I just want to be as transparent with you as I can be.

Disclosure: I'm a professional review blogger who receives compensation from some of the companies I review. We are independently owned and my opinions expressed here on this post are completely my own.

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge Overview

Product Name: Legendary Marketer

Founder: David Sharpe

Product Type: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Price: $7

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own high ticket affiliate marketing business, Beginners, Expert, People who want a passive income business.

15 day challenge

Summary: The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge is the most action-oriented experience unlike anywhere else where you'll be prepared to start a high-ticket affiliate marketing business and begin earning money online in 15 days. Honestly there is nothing else out there like this...

You'll save countless hours, days, weeks, months and years from sifting through the INSANE overload of information on the web from shady resources. You will be getting a powerful video each and every day, along with meaningful assignments to complete - along with your own personal Business Plan Advisor who will personally help you develop your business plan and put it into action.

By day 15 you'll be equipped with the knowledge and actions most people take YEARS to gain, a clear business plan and the confidence (and certainty) to put it into action.

ALL that for JUST $7, and if you're complaining that you have to put money in or because you're "Strapped for cash", forget about making Affiliate Marketing worth your time right now. Be resourceful!

Rating: 98/100

Recommended: Yes

What Is Legendary Marketer?

what is lm

Legendary Marketer is basically a school for Online Marketers created by David Sharpe where you’re getting the most cutting edge training material and resources with specialized Courses designed to give you an Unfair advantage in your digital education and business.

Legendary’ s mission is this:

“To Help People Start An Online Business Or Grow An Existing Business Using Cutting Edge Sales, Marketing and Management Strategies.”

What Is The Online Business Builder Challenge?

15 day online business challenge

The 15 day online business builder challenge is this action-oriented training experience that will prepare YOU to start a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Business and begin earning money online in 15 days! Honestly, speaking from experience here, there is NOTHING else like this on the market…

The challenge will save you:

  • Countless hours…
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Even YEARS…

From sifting through the insanely ridiculous overload of information and shady sources all across the web in the Digital education space. 

How The Challenge Works

David Sharpe and his 6-8+ figure Experts will give you a powerful training video every day. Along with purposeful assignments to complete - along with a Business Plan Advisor who will personally help you along the way and help you develop your business plan and get it into action.

By day 15 you will be equipped with:

  • Knowledge most people take YEARS to gain
  • A clear business plan
  • And the confidence to put it into ACTION.

I’m now going to show you what it looks like on the inside but to get the FULL Business Builder challenge review along with ALL of what Legendary Marketer is about, click here to see.

Going Inside The Legendary Marketers Challenge

online challenge

On the inside of this 15 day affiliate marketers challenge, you’ll see an image like the one I have above. What you’re looking at is the following:

  • Your days on the left. Each day a new video will be unlocked for you. The way to unlock these videos is to complete your assignments and to speak to your advisor.
  • In the middle are the video lessons with David Sharpe.
  • To the far right, you can claim your bonuses and or there will be a way to schedule your call with your advisor.
  • In the bottom middle will be your assignments. Depending on the lesson, you will get different assignments

At the very bottom of each lesson you will be able to mark the lesson as complete:

lesson complete

So make sure every day you’re watching the videos, going through the assignments, booking a call with your advisor, and moving forward...this is for your best interest and improvement, don’t neglect it!

How Much Does The Challenge Cost?

Would you believe me if I said the challenge is just $7? Yep, literally. I know, I was like what’s the catch? There is none...Dave truly cares about seeing you digest the RIGHT information and get the correct strategies/tactics to grow your high ticket affiliate marketing business like no other.

Dave could be charging you $100’s for it and maybe in the future the price could go up, so I would highly recommend getting in on the action now before you regret it, and even if the price were to go up, it’s well worth the money (trust me).

Want it cheaper? You can get the challenge for just $3.50 at a Huge 50% off discount! You can find this option ONLY when trying to exit the page (exit intent pop up) on the following page...

PLUS, you’ll be getting over $12,000 in FREE Exclusive Bonuses from Dave and I (you can click here to see)...

to help you speed up the process of earning and to be your guide to successfully having a high ticket affiliate marketing business you can be proud waking up to every morning and working on.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. You get a full 30-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your purchase.


I don’t believe there are ANY close alternatives to Legendary Marketers 15-day business builder challenge that’ll show you how to build, grow and scale a high ticket affiliate marketing business but just in case you wanted to see what else is out there, here’s what I got for you:

ENTRE Institute is another digital education platform but they show you three different business models:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Agency
  • Course Creation

Related: ENTRE Blueprint reviewed

So you still get superior training from REAL-world experts but in many different business models now. With Wealthy Affiliate, you get to build an affiliate marketing business through a website blog. They specialize in helping you with website niche blogs and that's where I got my first start online.

Final Thoughts (And Next Level Steps)

Do you now realize the power of getting into the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge at any cost? I get’re either just getting started or trying to find your next business opportunity to grow in or further your skills…

BUT how far does “Free” get you? Sure, you can get free courses these days but as an ADDITION to you usually buying something else, so you get them for free then but most (not all) free courses usually are out of date, they are full of “fluff” and “theory” and only end up giving you more headaches!

You’ll end up wasting your time, money, energy, and feel left like you’re not moving forward rather staying stagnant or going backward. Fortunately, the 15 day online business builder challenge at a low cost of JUST $7 where your risks are really low and you can get your money back, how could you not join?

If I know anything about you, I know you didn’t read this far just to read, it’s because you CARE, and you know I’ll be there EVERY step of the way kind of like a coach/consultant in the corner of Rocky Balboa giving you pointers and tips to keep moving forward...And if that’s what you’d like, click the button below to get started with the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge right now.

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge Bonuses ($12,684 Yours Free!)

First, here are all the bonuses you will get from David:

90% off: The 15 Day Challenge - This bonus will break down step-by-step how to transform your life into a high-ticket product information seller fast. This took David from drug addict to over $10,000,000! ($199 Value)

FREE Bonus #1: A 1-On-1 Business Advisor that will walk you through the training and help create a game plan that's right for YOU (it's amazing)($299 Value!)

FREE Bonus #2: The Legendary Marketer Community that is going to provide you with all the support you need right now on your journey to success and everything moving forward. ($175 Value!)

30 Day 'Keep It All' Money Back Guarantee we're so confident that this training will change your life that if you're not satisfied within 30 days, Dave will refund your money and let your keep the $3,576 worth of bonuses free as his gift to you.

Now Here are all the bonuses you will get from Me(Michael Granados)

BONUS #1: My Special Affiliate Marketing For Entrepreneurs Academy Mini Course($497 Value). Dave will show you what affiliate marketing is in one of the lessons, and I’m also an expert in this field with many years doing this. My course will show you video training and tutorials from the ground level up, from making offers, messages, websites, funnels, email, copywriting, lead generation, traffic, ads, organic traffic, freebies, and so much more you'll find helpful! All this is just a mini-course with expert knowledge, and if you take David on his Full-Affiliate Marketing Course, I'll unlock the WHOLE Course for you which is regularly priced at $2,097 (Must see)!

BONUS #2: Exclusive access to my Super High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing For Entrepreneurs Academy Course($397). There are many levels of affiliate marketing and high-ticket is one of the fastest ways to help you earn $1,000's+ in commissions having to sell less products for more commissions! You'll be shown the direct-route to making more commissions in less time with my material, and offers so you can hit the ground running as fast as possible without having to mess up at all. (PLUS, Bonus #9 below will show you one of the ways to my 6-figure funnel you can completely use to Clone my business!)

BONUS #3: 180 Done-For-You Emails by a professional Copywriter head honcho ($6,097 Value). These done-for-you emails are no joke, a professional copywriter has made sure to give you the best internet marketing emails you can get...anywhere online and offline! These emails will last you about 6 months+. Just put them into your email autoresponder, sit back, relax, and watch the money roll in!

BONUS #4: Viral SEO Secret Hacks Accelerator Course($397 Value). I’m going to give you my COMPLETE Search Engine Optimization(SEO) course where you will be able to effortlessly get your website as well YouTube and Pinterest ready in less time and lesser effort.

Bonus #5: Facebook Accelerator  Hack Course($297 Value). You don’t have to worry about how to maximize your engagement on Facebook anymore with my video training course which will show you step-by-step how to get maximum exposure to your products/services for the long-term and more easily than anywhere else.

Bonus #6: Special Access To ALL of My Social Media and Extra Guides So you can have a greater way to make an impact and income on channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Email Marketing which means you're going to crush it and make more money in the long-run in any season($197 Value),

Bonus #7: My Discover Your Niche Mastery Blueprint($197) You're getting in your hand my prized niche mastery blueprint where you can nail down your Niche and dominate your marketplace no matter what niche you go into! This blueprint uncovers the step-by-step process to selecting the RIGHT niche so you don't have to worry about making money in it or having to try again over and over like most people do. There are videos in this blueprint I pulled from my Affiliate Marketing that would be worth $100's each and you'll see the 5 crucial steps before choosing a niche that's instrumental!

BONUS #8: Cliff Notes PDF and Stellar Checklist of the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge ($17) so you can get a quicker recap of what you learned in each step/video and day by day so you don't get lost and can refer to more resources like my videos to help you along the way at all times.

Bonus #9: FREE Access to My 6-Figure High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Funnel you can clone and use for yourself to generate high ticket commissions daily, and all year round($597 Value) If you need help getting started and want to promote some high ticket Make Money Online offers like Legendary Marketer, I'll give you Exclusive access to my funnels with all the scripts, templates, promotional material and more you'll love. PLUS, I have other high ticket products you can promote inside this funnel!

Bonus #10: Free Access To My Private Facebook Group with 1-1 Unlimited Coaching($127 + Value). I have a group for like minded individuals who are growing their business and want to become or are digital entrepreneurs just like you. You’re also going to get full access to 1-1 Zoom calls with me and other contact resources!

Is it OK if I over-deliver for you?

Special Bonus #1: You'll get my fast action Storytelling for business scripts so you can "sell" without selling to people($97 Value) which means what exactly? You won't have to feel like a salesman, rather you can use stories to get your point across and make the sale every single point of contact.

Special Bonus #2: My Full Sales Funnel DominationAcademy Course($997 Value) so you don't have to worry about how to use sales funnels or even create one from scratch! Yep, that's right, I have FREE templates I give away so you can start generating revenue right away which means you'll free up more of your time and go enjoy your day/night.

Special Bonus #3: My 30 Day One Blog Post Away Challenge($2,097 Value). You will get my very popular and life-changing 30 day blog challenge unlike no other out there where you will be able to build a highly profitable blog in 90 days or less (no kidding)! Most people just show and tell you to get a domain and hosting and then get a website, but this is not that - I've reverse engineered the whole process and made it effective and efficient of your time so you can know EVERYTHING from getting leads, to sales, copywriting, offers, and WAY more.

PLUS: I always end up throwing in extra bonuses - you have to see to believe these!

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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