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by Michael Granados

Want the insiders guide to affiliate marketing pdf for FREE?

I’m going to cut right to the chase - There is NO free Insider guide PDF download but that doesn’t mean you should get frustrated and upset so listen up to this clear message:

Would your $1.99 offer with a total value of $945 in free bonuses that you’ll come to love so much AND given a 30-day money-back guarantee hurt you?

Like seriously, be honest with me and yourself...PLUS, have you heard the saying “Those who pay, pay attention?”

Yep, you will actually VALUE your education much more and pay more attention when you put some skin in the game, in other words, money.

Hey, I get it...I was once in your shoes…

Skimming through blogs, YouTube videos, social media and so many other places looking for “Free” eBooks. Training, courses, etc, and even when I found some they usually were not worth it, how?

From Fluff to theory and scams, you’ll end up losing more of your time, energy, money, and end up making SO many mistakes you’ll want to quit.

Anyways, if you’re still reading this it’s because you at least realize the truth and if you want to learn what’s inside the book, read on, or you can pick up the insiders guide here with over $945 in bonuses(plus mine) OR just head out and keep looking for hand me outs - your choice (make it count).

What Is The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing?

the insiders guide to affiliate marketing

The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing is a NEW “Affiliate Domination Formula” created by Legendary Marketer creator Dave Sharpe that gives you an Unfair Advantage over other Failing Affiliates who are still wasting their time with Solo ads, “Socializing” on Facebook, and Spamming Groups with their affiliate link.

With Dave’s 10+ years of using this unique formula, he’s brought in MILLIONS of dollars in sales and helped him break the ranks and records with almost every affiliate promotion he’s ever done. Insane, right?

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Let’s look at the inside now.

Going Inside The Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Here’s a sneak peek inside the chapters…

insiders guide to affiliate marketing sneak peek inside
insiders guide am

PLUS, Dave is throwing in the kitchen sink and giving you over $945 worth of Bonuses for FREE, check them out:

Free Bonus #1: Access to the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge. You’ll discover the click-by-click instructions and video tutorials to getting paid as an Affiliate using the Affiliate Domination Formula.

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Free Bonus #2: Personal 1-on-1 Business Plan Consultation with an advisor from Dave’s team. You’ll get a dedicated advisor to show you the ropes of each lesson in the 15-day challenge and help you build the right master business plan for your specific needs.

Free Bonus #3: Affiliate Domination Ads, Email, Video, Phone Scripts, Email Templates, Video, and Phone Scripts.

Free Bonus #4: Access into the Private Facebook group community with over 18,000 students who you can get support from, network with and bounce ideas off of.

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Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Reviews

Here’s what other people are saying

the insiders guide to affiliate marketing reviews
insiders guide reviews

How Much Does The Insider's Guide To Affiliate Marketing Cost?

The original price of the guide is $49 but as I said earlier you can get the Guide for JUST $1.99! Holy smokes, right? PLUS, don’t forget you’re also getting the kitchen sink with the $945 in free bonuses that are again:

  • Free access to the 15-day online business builder challenge
  • Free 1 on 1 personal advisor
  • Free Affiliate Domination ads, templates and more
  • Free access to the private Facebook group with over 18,000!

What’s the catch?

NOTHING. There are no hidden fees, and Dave’s “Ulterior motive” is that you’ll get so much value out of this and will Love it so much you’ll become a lifelong customer! How’s that for being transparent?

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. You’re covered by Dave’s NO B.S 30-day money-back guarantee. Even though this book is a short read and you can devour it all in one afternoon, you can take your time and do it in 30 days if you’d like to.

If for whatever reason you’re not happy, you’ll get your $1.99 back and keep ALL the bonuses.

money back

Who’s The Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing For?

The Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing is created for people who want to have an Unfair Advantage over other affiliates who are wasting their time on strategies that either don’t work well or take far too long to help you advance. Here’s more:

  • Beginners who want to follow a PROVEN roadmap by a Proven 8-figure+ Entrepreneur in David Sharpe so you can cut through the clutter and get ahead of your competition much faster without having to make mistakes after mistakes and wasting your time and energy.
  • Intermediates and experts who either are striking out way too much and want to finally get on the right path or those who are succeeding but want to learn more strategies and ways to add.
  • People who want to find the BEST products to promote so you can earn the most and continue earning for many years to come.
  • People who want to find a hot niche with proven buyers so you don’t have to waste your time in markets where people just don’t buy
  • Moms and Dads
  • Retirees
  • Students
  • And many more!

Who’s It Not For?

  • Lazy people
  • People without a work ethic
  • Tire kickers
  • Fast money seekers
  • People who don’t want a clear advantage

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Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN Affiliate Domination Formula so you can get an Unfair Advantage over other affiliates who are using poor, out of place tactics/strategies which means you'll reduce the amount of mistakes you make and get ahead of the game faster
  • Dave Sharpe's 10+ Years and 8-Figure Affiliate Marketing earnings background so you can move forward with 100% confidence and certainty that what you learn can be implemented right so you make the most!
  • How to find a hot niche of hot buyers so you don't have to worry about getting into a niche that doesn't pay which means you'll always get a steady stream of new(and recurring) customers at all times
  • The 2-page miracle site that sucks in leads so you can literally COPY the format and use as your own to make high ticket commissions which means you'll reach your income goals in less time
  • How to find the BEST products to promote so you can keep multiplying your earnings with different offers which means you'll always have an affiliate program brining in cash flow for you


  • There really are no cons and I'm not saying this to be biased. The truth is, Dave is giving away so much value worth $100's for what like $2? Well worth it for sure.


There are definitely other alternatives in the market BUT (big but here) there’s nothing that comes close to The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing so I recommend you take this book especially at such a great discount, but here are others:

I highly advise you to go with the Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing since that will be your best entry point to get going.

What I Liked Most About The Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing

There’s so much to like about this guide but if I had to narrow it down to just ONE thing, I’d have to say the Surplus amount of clarity you get, what do I mean?

I’ve been around the block a few times striking out on other affiliate opportunities and from what I see in this guide is pure class…

You will get a clever perspective on each sub-topic of affiliate marketing like:

  • How to find the best products
  • How to select a hot niche with proven buyers
  • The customer clarity process
  • Where to get high-quality evergreen traffic
  • And so much more!

You begin to form this picture in your mind where you know the proper roadmap to get you to your goals without question.

What I Liked Least

There really wasn’t anything I disliked and I’m not saying this to be biased. Truth is, this book has been a blessing and the best roadmap I can get to show me how to build the Affiliate Marketing business I’ve always wanted to have…

And thanks to Dave and his book, that’s now possible. I guess what I do dislike is how many people are looking for hands outs for the insider guide to affiliate marketing pdf free version when there isn't one...Come to terms with it.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about the Insiders Guide? Did you have a least favorite?

Look. I know there’s no such thing as a free PDF download and even if there was you’d be looking at a broken violation and even a virus on your computer, do you want that?

I don’t either. Although there are SO many affiliate marketing books out there loaded with ways to crush it, and to “get ahead” of your competition, many of them fail to stay up to date…

And you’ll end up reading and watching content that worked many years ago not today. Good thing is you have the Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing which Dave will share with you the most up-to-date Affiliate Marketing Domination Formula and content that is fresh and working today to get REAL results…

The type of results that bring in consistent cash flow long-term. If that’s something you’re interested in getting your hands on, then click the button below to pick up your “Basically free” Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing PDF….

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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