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by Michael Granados

Want to see the most legit affiliate program with free websites plus go to Vegas you can get behind with a proven process to get you there?

I’ll cut right to the chase - This program is called Wealthy Affiliate. Great, by now, NO WAIT! Don’t you want to see the specific details “HOW” you can get your ticket to Vegas faster?

There's no surprise affiliate companies hand out incentives/rewards for reaching a certain commission amount, but here’s what’s different about Wealthy Affiliate's Vegas reward…

All you need to do is refer 100 other Affiliates in a calendar year! Yep, you heard that right - You don’t have to earn a certain commission amount to qualify rather just focus on bringing paid affiliates under you. Isn’t that an MLM/Network Marketing scheme though?

Not quite because the overall goal is recruiting people to start their own “Affiliate Marketing” business in any industry they would like, and not just focused on recruiting people to make commissions, hence products can be sold too.

There is somewhat of a dark side where people just join these “business opportunity” training programs with affiliate programs just to turn it around and promote it to others like yourself or similar which I do think is somewhat tacky and not the best way to approach this, here’s why.

I started in the health and wellness niche helping people with back pain and I learned how to monetize in this niche successfully first and then ONLY then later moved into understanding how to promote Wealthy Affiliate, which is what I recommend because you actually have experience and feel consciously and subconsciously better, right?

Anyways, let’s move into the rest of the review to show you the Vegas program with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate FREE Websites

wealthy affiliate free websites

Before revealing to you the Las Vegas conference details, let me show you how “giving” Wealthy Affiliate truly is with their free website structure.

The SiteBuilder platform at WA is the most simplistic, yet most advanced website builder in the industry. In less than 30 seconds you'll have running a fully functional and operational, profit ready WordPress website!

There are 4 steps in the Website building process…

STEP 1: Choose The Kind Of Website You Want

There are two options:

  • On a free website or
  • Your own domain

If you are just starting out as a “starter” member, you will be building your website out on the domain which is a completely free website. So you can build and host your website on a FREE website as a starter. How cool, right?

  • As a premium member, you can build up to and host 10 websites (including websites on your own domains)
  • As a premium plus+ member, you can build up and host up to 50 websites (including websites on your own domains)

STEP 2: Choose A Domain

STEP 3: Choose A Website Name

STEP 4: Choose A Design

The powerful hosting you get with Wealthy Affiliate is unparalleled in the Managed WordPress hosting industry! WA truly specializes in providing you with a secure, robust and FAST platform for you to run your website.

You get the most advanced technology to keep your business operating at 100% at all times in the day.

Wealthy Affiliate Vegas Opportunity

affiliate program with free websites plus go to vegas

Wealthy Affiliate has two types of training:

  1. Entrepreneurial Certification
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp

The first one is focused on helping you build an affiliate marketing business blog website in any niche you want, while the Affiliate Bootcamp is focused on helping you promote Wealthy Affiliate and ANY other “Make Money Online” opportunities.

So when you get into Wealthy Affiliate for Free by going here, you will be able to start with the Affiliate Bootcamp training if you wish, and here’s what it will look like:

wealthy affiliate bootcamp details

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Wealthy Affiliates Affiliate Program Details

The Affiliate program here at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and progressive platforms in the world(no kidding, I should know). There will be a menu item you can click on to see your affiliate dashboard/details:

wealthy affiliate affiliate details

This menu has several items:

  • WA Vegas Super Affiliate Conference. This is your LIVE countdown “sales” needed for you to reach the super affiliate status. If you reach 100 sales in a year, you will be invited to an all-expense-paid trip to Las Vegas for the annual Super Affiliate conference.
  • Your Affiliate Link. This is your own affiliate link that you can use to promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn great commissions. 
  • Program Details. This is where you can get the full details about the affiliate program, the commission structures, your affiliate link, your incentive countdown, and etc.
  • My Stats. This is where you can go to get the detailed information about stats, and all commissions/transactions
  • Tasks. These are all the interactions and communication (questions) that are taking place within WA with respect to your referrals. 
  • My Referrals.
  • Links and tracking.
  • Messages
  • Banners

Your Potential Commission Structure

Not only is Wealthy Affiliate one of the most technology savvy programs online but it’s ONE of the best recurring affiliate commission structures in all of affiliate marketing.

  • Invites are FREE

Starter Member Commissions:

  • Initial $19 Premium offer = $4
  • Premium Monthly ($49/month) = $11.25 month recurring commissions
  • Premium Yearly ($495/year)

  • Initial $49 Premium Plus+ offer commissions = $11.75
  • Premium Plus+ Monthly($99/mth) = $21.75/month recurring commissions
  • Premium Plus+ Yearly ($995/yr) = $232.50/year recurring commissions

So if you’re a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get paid out DOUBLE the commissions as an affiliate and you also get to take part in the $1 credit program which then allows you to earn from free members you sign up that set up their WA accounts. PLUS, you also earn money with each domain your referrals buy!

Premium/Premium Plus+ Member Commissions: 100% Higher Commissions!

  • Credits: If your referral sets up their account = $1 per referral
  • Domain Purchases: $1 recurring annually

  • Initial $19 Premium offer, your commission = $8
  • Premium Monthly ($49/mth) = $23.50/month recurring commissions
  • Premium Yearly ($495/mth) = $235/yearly recurring commissions

  • Initial $49 Premium Plus+ offer, your commission = $23.50
  • Premium Plus+ Monthly ($99/mth) = $46.50/mth recurring commissions
  • Premium Plus+ Yearly ($995/year) = $465.00/year recurring commissions

What’s the average conversion rate?

On average 1:8 referrals upgrade to yearly(depending on the affiliate) and 12% of all free starter referrals end up going Premium.

So your goal once you refer someone into the Wealthy Affiliate ecosystem is to get them to set up their account so that leads you to your initial $1 (2 credits x $0.50).

You’ll see how to push people to set up their account in just a moment, but you get LIFETIME commissions and LIFETIME cookies! This is truly unheard of in the industry, so if you refer someone into WA, they are YOUR referral FOREVER.

Before I show you how to achieve Super Affiliate status to go to Vegas, here are a few resources you get to follow up with referrals:

wa messages

In the “Messages” tool that comes with your affiliate account, you’ll be able to set up customized follow-up campaigns with your referrals so you can make your presence known and day by day and when they fill out their goals and info, you will automatically send them a message.

This helps show your referral you’re their for them and that you truly care. You’ll learn how to use these messages soon.

3 Ways To Achieve Super Affiliate Status (Faster and Effectively)

There are a few things you’ll need if you want to achieve super affiliate status and make it to Vegas and they are:

#1 Work Ethic.

Did you see this one coming? Sure people will tell you to “work smarter” and “be resourceful” but above all that is YOUR work ethic! If you’re working really hard on top of these two other factors, you’re going to seriously be above the 95% of other affiliates not only inside Wealthy Affiliate but all around the internet.

Everything you have access to inside WA like robust training, the tools, resources, and extra material will help you get there.

#2 Training (Affiliate Bootcamp). 

It’s your responsibility and accountability to get your head in the Affiliate Bootcamp training to read and watch the videos given to you by Kyle and Carson on how to design your roadmap and plan to make it to the super affiliate Vegas conference.

New training is being added regularly so you can get the most up-to-date material that works today. With the Affiliate Bootcamp, you will get top-tier training showing you the step-by-step process to build your affiliate marketing business the right way.

#3 Be Persistent.

Don’t overlook being persistent in all that you do. There will be times when you run into roadblocks, you’ll make mistakes and even have your failures but it’s in these times YOU have to push past them. There’s a book called “The Dip” by Marketing legend Seth Godin where he talks about the different types of dips we encounter in life like the one of mastery, the “cul-de-sac” where there’s no more room to keep pushing, and so forth…

And he states how the ones who find success are those that push past the dip which is the hardest of times to be the best. So in your journey, be persistent and what helps that is going to be your vision. Be clear on your vision of what you want and things will come together in time.

Included In Your Vegas Trip:

Each year the schedules change but here’s an example of the 2020 conference:

  • Rubbing shoulders with other Superstar Affiliates
  • You’ll learn about Kyle and Carson's plans for WA in 2022/2023 (brilliant stuff coming)
  • Your ENTIRE trip will be paid for (flight, hotel, etc)
  • Kyle and Carson will be giving you extra money to use however you like!
  • You will be put up in style with beautiful accommodations
  • Entertainment in abundance like gambling, shows, dinners, etc
  • Delicious food catered throughout your day
  • Surprises Kyle and Carson keep interesting every year
  • You will be heading back home with the latest WA swag
  • You will be in the best shape EVER in terms of your business

Closing Thoughts (And Your Next Steps)

So are you excited?! Which part about the Wealthy Affiliate program and Las Vegas trip has you jumping up and down the most?

Listen, there are many Affiliate programs that’ll reward their affiliates for earning a certain commission threshold but how many reward you after getting an increase in active referrals?

Not very many! With Wealthy Affiliate's exclusive affiliate program and higher levels of earning potential from each referral, you’re going to rock it when you mash the right training with the RIGHT action. Every year many of us are making the Las Vegas conference and finding new ways to literally blow up our business…

And it’s just an extra push to keep going and continue to make a difference in other people’s lives. So if you want your chance to make it to Vegas AND get free websites to help you get there, then click the button below to get started right now.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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