April 9

by Michael Granados

Would you like to retire comfortably?

You’ve landed here today because your smart and want TOP personal financial advise from the web and you couldn’t handle settling for less...right?

You’re in luck! You struck gold, this Smart Asset Reviews is one that will show you how you’re going to get the best financial advise ever!

Smart assets is my go to solution for making greater financial decisions when it comes to home-buying, retirement, taxes, and way more, I believe the same can hold true for you.

I have to get something off my chest though first...

Getting your finances in order can be easier than you think, but you're constantly being bombarded with program after program right? In fact, some good, others bad like the one called World System Builder that I wrote a review for here.

Now we can move forward...In this review I’ll be covering why Smart Assets is the best of the best financial destinations, and I’ll be uncovering the truth about how they operate once and for all.

Let’s get started!

Who Is Smart Assets?

Smart Assets will help you make the best decisions for your financial future with their free and personalized tools to empower you to make the most certain financial decisions about home-buying, retirement, taxes, and so much more!

Unlike other financial advise, service and tools, Smart Assets focuses on objective and based on REAL data. They have this awesome patent-pending Automated Financial Modeling(AFM) technology that’ll simulate how different decisions(like either buying or renting a home) will affect you financially in the short and long run.

Going Inside Smart Assets

Getting to use Smart Assets myself and personally recommending that you use them, there surprising things I’d like to share with you that I can’t keep you away from.

Smart Assets is made of a team of:

  • Techies
  • Journalists
  • Data Nerds

Who all come together and are committed to bringing you transparency and accuracy no matter where you are right now in your financial journey.

The two founders are Michael Carvin who is the chief executive and Co-founder, and then you have Philip Camilleri the Co-founder.

smart asset founders

Both are industry leaders and bring a vast of wealth and experience to the mix so it ensures you’re getting your information from the right people, and not some “wannabees”.

If you were to scroll down this page you’ll also see the experts in the field who are going to help you out.

Here’s what you’ll see on the home page:

smart asset reviews

What really impressed me the most was that I could get matched up with up to 3 financial advisers near me so I could have the best advise from more than one point of view/person which means that they truly care about what they have to say and what makes the most sense to your needs.

In The Press

How can you trust a financial company without any reviews or appreciation from higher financial sectors?

Smart Assets has been in the press with some of the biggest news and financial industries like:

That’s some serious recognition which puts Smart Asset on the map.


Their mission statement as reads above is:

“Empoweing people to make smart financial decisions"

Key word being “Empowering” not “Pushing” so you can put the thought of being pushed to do something you wouldn’t think is best for you to the side and instead rest assured you’ll be guided and shown the way that’s best for your needs right now and down the road.

Smart Asset Tools

Smart Asset has award winning tools, calculators and content that’s specifically created by experts and serve more than 45 MILLION people each month! WOW!

smart asset tools

Getting Started Step-By-Step

Feel free to take action as I show you the steps you need to get signed up with Smart Asset(or you can wait until you’re done here and at the bottom click the button).

In a few 3 simple steps this is how it works:

  1. STEP 1: Answer a few simple questions
  2. STEP 2: See your adviser matches
  3. STEP 3: Book appointments

Let me break these down for you in an easy to see way…

STEP 1: Enter your zip code.

On this page you’ll be asked to start by entering your zip code as seen below in the image:

smart asset zip code

I went ahead and entered my zip code(98684) to demonstrate this.

STEP 2: Answer questions to match you with your financial advisers

smart asset advisor

You’ll get to select from four options depending on what you need - your may be different than mine. Press next once you’ve selected the appropriate answer and here’s the next question:

smart asset retire

Without getting all “pictured out” on you, I’m going to show you the type of questions you’d expect to see moving forward:

  • How do you currently manage your money?
  • How comfortable are you with investing?
  • Are you married?
  • Do you own your home?
  • Do you currently have children under 18?
  • Do you own a business?
  • I’m responding to the impact of the Corona virus by(Season question)
  • Do you have a 401k?
  • Do you have an IRA?
  • Do you have an emergency fund?
  • How important is it for your financial advisor to have tax expertise?
  • How important is it for your financial advisor to have estate planning expertise?
  • How important is it for your financial advisor to have insurance product expertise?
  • Is socially responsible investing important to you?
  • Do you currently have a financial advisor?
  • Where are you located?
  • Do you need your financial advisor to be in your immediate area?
  • Please estimate your current household income.
  • Please estimate your total investable assets.
  • Please estimate your current monthly savings.
  • Is there anything else you would like your matches to know?

 At the end you’ll come to the results page:

financial match

STEP 3: Enter your email

 Finally, the last step is to enter your best email address so that you can be contaced by the financial adivsors.

What Other People Are Saying

 You’ve heard enough of what I think now let me turn you over to what other happy customers are saying about Smart Asset:

smart asset testimonials

Home Buying Guide

If you were to click on the “Home Buying” navigation menu button you’ll come to the page like this:

smart asset home

Smart Asset gives you the free calculator tools on:

  • How much can you afford?
  • Rent Vs Buy
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Closing Costs Calculator
  • Down Payment Calculator
  • Cost Of Living Calculator
  • Budget Calculator

This way you can easily get started on understanding your financial costs straight away...For FREE!

Tax Guide:

 If you were to click on the “Taxes” tab, you’d come to a page where you can try out:

  • The Income Tax Calculator
  • The Tax Return Calculator
  • Property Tax Calculator
  • Paycheck Calculator
  • Tax tips and articles

 This way you can start getting your hands into some of the tools Smart Asset offers you...for FREE!


smart asset tax guide

Like the “home buyers” and “taxes” sections, you can do the same for: 

  • Retirement
  • Banking 
  • Credit Cards
  • Investing
  • Smart Reads

And that’s not all!

If you go to the “More” tab to the far right end and hover over it, you’ll get a drop down menu for things like:

  • Life Insurance
  • Refinance
  • Personal Loans
  • Student Loans

How awesome is that?

smart asset

Who Is Smart Asset For?

Smart Asset is for the smart person who wants to make smart financial decisions that will protect them and their families for the future...WITHOUT making mistakes.

It’s for people who:

  • Are young adults who want to start preparing their financial future and to make sure they’re protected way in advance
  • For Older people who are on the brink of retirement and want more assets and allocation of their money in the areas they need them most
  • Entrepreneurs who care about where their money is going, coming and want a stable way to ensure their financial future
  • Business owners who want to make sure they’re spending and keeping their money stored wisely for further financial investments, financial gains
  • Moms and dads who want to secure their own future as well for their children's school, cars, loans, and so much more

This is just a small list of the many who can benefit from Smart Asset

What I Liked Most About Smart Asset

If I had to pick one thing I loved most about Smart Asset is their dedicated team of experts who are around the clock making sure you will have the best tools and resources to make the best financial decision you will ever undergo in your life.

You and I both know that to enjoy our lives to the fullest we need more freedom…

More freedom to do what we want when we want and to have that, you need to know where your money is going. 

Final thoughts

Smart Asset is the premier and go to financial education technology company to get the best personal finance advise on the web…

From their dedicated team of experts and industry leading professional financial experts, you’re going to have all the right information you need to make the best financial decisions for any part of your life.

Hopefully you feel safe knowing they are trustworthy and you can go in with two feet knowing that on the other side there’s a brighter financial future waiting for you. To get started, click the button below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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