October 21

by Michael Granados

Want to see the best of the best reviews for wealthy affiliate all in one post?

My name is Michael Granados, and I've been a wealthy affiliate member since(2017) and I've been able to make a great income with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, and you can see that on my best way for you to get started with making a passive Income page.

Let me tell you what this post will not be about...

It'll not be about me shining a $1,000,000 in front of your face, or how you made the best decision of your life by landing on this article(which you have), but about what everyone including myself has to say about Wealthy Affiliate and their success!

But before I reveal to you some surprising information, I wrote a full in-depth over 10,000 word personal wealthy affiliate exclusive review that you can visit HERE at any time.

Now, let's not wast any more time!

Best Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

There are TONS of overwhelming reviews of people saying positive things about Wealthy Affiliate that I'd like to show you first, and then I'll also cover the negative things people have to say and tell you why that is.

Let me start off first with my own in this video:

What Super Affiliates and Others Are Saying

Now that you've seen my own personal review, I want to show you the reviews of others, kind of like seeing a testimonial in a unique way.

On the home page of Wealthy Affiliate, when you scroll half way down, this is what you'll see to start:

wa reviews

Right off the bat, you can see how Eric stated that you get ALL the tools and training inside of Wealthy Affiliate, and I can confirm that after years of being affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate.

Lynne(in the middle) stated that if you want to build a REAL business for yourself it'll take your time and hard work, but it will be profitable and sustainable long term, and that you shouldn't look past WA to get started.

Marcus(to the far right) has transformed him completely. He was just another ordinary/average every day person like you and I without the best or a career path and was able to generate income online. And it's true what he said about having ABSOLUTE clarity with Wealthy Affiliate, and that it can be a foggy world jumping from one online business to the next.

Here are more reviews on this page:

wealthy affiliate great reviews

Jessica(in the middle) stated that EVERYTHING is included in your premium membership.

  • Keyword lists and tools
  • endless training
  • platforms to get comments or help to write your content
  • engagement with the community
  • 24/7 support from the community, site support and owners Kyle and Carson

And that's just like 5% of it. Eddy(to the far right) has been able to achieve personal and financial freedom that a job could never provide him and I know that feeling very well, as I'm sure you do right?

Every day you wake up, and you sit in a car to go to work for a full time job, make money, come home, watch TV and then go back to sleep, never thinking twice about changing your own circumstances...the RIGHT way.

It sucks working at a job you're not happy with, the 9-5 rat race, building up liabilities up the wazoo, depending on your education that is obsolete and back to the vicious cycle you'll get spit back into.

I know I've told people that It would be the biggest mistake not to join Wealthy Affiliate and start their journey to passive income over and over but the truth is...

I'll say it one more time.

"You'd be ignorant and dumb not to start your affiliate marketing journey with Wealthy Affiliate as a beginner and or expert"

Negative Reviews

You may bounce away from this article today and decide to continue doing your research about me and what others have to say, or maybe you already have, but hear me closely on this...

At a point you're going to read bad things about Wealthy Affiliate, and I've seen my fair share. Some are:

  • They demote other companies
  • They just focus on SEO and blogs
  • I tried it for a month and I didn't earn
  • It's not the most up to date training

...And more things of this nature. But is it true?

To a degree it is, like not earning sooner and the training can be just a bit more touched upon like more in-depth niche selection, lead generation and sales funnels, but aside from this...

All the noise you're hearing is just noise Okay. There are people who have not even joined Wealthy Affiliate(outsiders), you get people who didn't stay long enough because in truth, you shouldn't expect to earn so fast...It's a business, it's a long term thing!

I'm being unbiased when I say all this, and I give you my word that I'm telling you the truth. You'll run into more reviews, more people who tell you absurd things, but they haven't done SQUAT.


Final Thoughts and How To Get Started

I hope that you got a birds eye view in a close distance the many reviews people are giving about Wealthy affiliate including myself.

There's no better time than now to be an affiliate marketer and choose Wealthy Affiliate as your primary training. Plus, is it okay if I over deliver?

Aside from putting together a 10,000 word Wealthy affiliate post, I made a Bonus page specifically dedicated to Wealthy Affiliate where I'll show you over $14,500 worth of bonuses I want to give you when you join under my link...

And let me just tell you this one thing...

Inside one of the MANY bonuses I offer you, there's one where I will give you my complete A-Z Affiliate Marketing for Entrepreneurs Academy Free Course that is like nothing you have ever seen. You can't fail after you have this.

To see all the bonuses that I want to give you, press on the button below...

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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