October 22

by Michael Granados

Is Family First Life A Scam OR the best Mortgage Protection Life insurance on this planet and your best shot for you to become your own boss at the same time?

I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you the truth, Family First Life IS not a scam! But if you’re looking at this from a “business opportunity” and not the “consumer of insurance” perspective then you need to get away from all distractions and listen up very well, you’re in for a ride.

Hi I’m “Michael Granados” a once mortgage consultant and mortgage payer who’s going to reveal in just moments to you the shocking truths behind Family First Life Insurance no one else is sharing with you and whether or not their insurance is good and if you should start your own business as an agent selling insurance.

PLUS: I’ll uncover the pros and cons, and other alternatives I’ve been able to use to fire my boss and get away from the 9-5 rat race and how I am able to work from anywhere in the world whenever I want to...FREEDOM.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Family First Life Overview

Product Name: Family First Life

Founder: Shawn Meaike

Product Type: Insurance, Network Marketing/Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Free to join

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own insurance business, Beginners, Experts

is family first life a scam

Summary: Family First Life is a mortgage protection life insurance agency that specializes in many more things like final expense life insurance, retirement planning through universal life policies and retirement protection through fixed annuities. 

You can work as a Family First Life agent in a network marketing/MLM company to protect families as your number one priority and you'll get agent resources like an aggressive compensation plan, Innovative lead program, Free agent training and much more...

Which if you want to work in the insurance agency would be a good fit but from experience being in an MLM/Network Marketing company, it takes A LOT to start making money as you usually will spend most of your time recruiting other agents like yourself while at the same time selling services that are good for people. I'm not a fan of selling insurance(anymore) and participating in an MLM...

Especially when there are other better business models online - If you'd rather get paid what you're worth and make High Earnings ($1,000+) for getting small business owners to get working capital and want to do it for FREE while people close the deals for you (which is unheard of), then check out my #1 Recommended business opportunity TODAY by clicking here or the button just below.

Rating: 70/100

Recommended: Yes

What is Family First Life Insurance

Family First Life Insurance specializes in Mortgage protection life insurance, final expense life insurance, retirement planning through universal life policies, and retirement protection through the use of fixed index annuities.

Their mission is simple…

“To make the families we protect and the families of our agents our number one priority. Trust and loyalty is not given it is earned and all of us at Family First will give everything we have to earn it with our clients and our agents”.

Family First Life

So, you can either become the consumer of the insurance itself if that’s what you’re after here today and or you can become an agent where basically you can become your own boss which I’ll talk about shortly, hang around.

Going Inside Family First Life Insurance

Starting at the home page, here’s what you’ll see:

family first life home page

Immediately you can see above the fold that they are more interested in getting people to work for them than helping someone get a quote, shows how Family First Life is 1. Business 2. Consumer.

Already not the best of starts. Before I click on the “Work With FFL” red button, let’s scroll down to agent resources.

Agent Resources

Family First Life gives you the resources for growth and success as they offer:

  • Aggressive Compensation Plan
  • Innovative Lead Program
  • FREE Agent Training
  • Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
  • 3 Types Of Income
  • Top Carriers
family first life compensation

Under each of these descriptions you can click on the “Learn More” hyperlink, for example with Aggressive compensation plan:

family first life compensation plan

You can get paid out an aggressive compensation that tops off at 140% which is well above the industry average. They believe in the producers being able to net as much money as possible off of their personal production. Raises in commissions are given every two months based upon issued paid production.

family first life pay

There are also more categories like:

  • For Innovative Lead Program:
  • For Free Agent Training:
  • For Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
  • For 3 Types Of Income

For Top Carriers:

family first life top carriers

Philosophy For Agents

family first life philosophy
family first life philosophy 1

  • It’s about the team
  • It’s about new paths
  • It’s about the agent
  • It’s about generations
  • It’s about security
  • It’s about the client

Family First Life believes every agent should net a minimum of $100,000 a year and this is the reason they offer very competitive contracts and strong renewals on multiple products.

If you are someone who truly enjoys or will enjoy helping families and believe that you deserve to be paid what you are worth, then Family First Life will probably be a very good fit for you whether it’s part-time of full time.

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Family First Life Lawsuit

Recently, I was informed that Family First Life is going through a Lawsuit and was filed in October of 2021. This lawsuit was filed in Florida and on February 28th 2022 an Amended Complaint was filed, which you can learn more about by viewing the rest of the details on "Behind MLM" here.

What Other People Are Saying(Family First Life Reviews)

family first life reviews
family first life testimonials

Is Family First Life An MLM?

If you’re not sure what an MLM is it’s short for Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing is another term commonly used, where the business operates on two parts:

  1. Selling the insurance
  2. Recruiting

I’ve been in MLM’s in the past and I absolutely hated them. I did well for some but the fact that you will earn more by “Recruiting” people into the system rather than focusing on selling the product(s) themselves s is outrageous.

You’ll be focusing more of your time on “Duplication” which is another term used in that world where when you refer someone to become an agent, you’ll earn off of them but even more is helping your new team members recruit people of their own…

And that’s where you start getting paid more. It’s like a triangle - those at the top level(not the agents by the way) feed the most and make the most, while everyone else below makes way less and they are all scrounging to get to the top…

That’s a heavy battle!

I’m not saying it’s a scam, but would you want to work for any company that focuses more on recruitment than the selling of the product?

At first, it’ll feel like you’re just working another job but the point is to get you into a business where you’re in control over your destiny, but I wouldn’t want to leave that chance in an MLM operating business.

That’s why I have alternatives I’ll mention later if you’d rather start a legitimate online business where you don’t have to:

  • Be in an MLM
  • Be stuck promoting a company’s products
  • Recruit
  • Scrap your way to the top

You can click here to go to the alternative section or keep reading the next part if you still want to get started with Family First Life.

How Much Does Family First Life Cost?

NOTHING. Unlike other MLM companies that require an entrance fee, you don’t have a contract with Family First Life. If you wanted to just leave you can just get a release in 24-48 hours.

How To Get Started(In 2 Steps)

STEP 1: Click on “Get A Quote”

family first life get a quote

STEP 2: Fill out your information

family first life get a quote page

And if you wanted to work inside of Family First Life, the only difference is to click on the "Work With FFL" red button from the image on step 1 up above. And you'll see this:

family first life working

Who’s Family First Life Insurance For?

Family First Life Insurance was designed for people who want quality life insurance products and also are interested in the Agents MLM business.

Here’s more:

  • People who want a bigger bank account than anyone else in the online insurance industry
  • People with a 9-5 job who are sick and tired of it and want to leave or want an additional income stream where it puts you in full control for either part time or full time work
  • Aspiring MLM/network marketing seekers who want to sell a product and or recruit people into the system
  • Moms
  • Dads
  • Students
  • Marketers
  • And many more!

Pros And Cons


  • You can model and basically copy what other successful top performing agents have done so you don’t have to start from scratch trying to figure out a system that works and the scripts which means you’ll have success much faster and make money faster too.
  • Aggressive compensation plan so you can be paid what you’re worth and earn more from each product you sell or the person you refer which means you can get more money in less time with fewer hours worked
  • FREE agent training so you can get a very structured system and so you don’t have to pay to join like most other MLM’s do which means you’ll save money and feel comfortable following through.
  • 3 types of income in direct sales commissions, agency overrides, and renewal commissions you can get paid in multiple ways which means you’ll never get bored and you’ll always find a way to earn no matter the customer
  • You will go away from living paycheck to paycheck so you can finally leave your 9-5 job if you’d like to which means more freedom to do what you want when you want to.


  • At the end of the day, it’s an MLM that’s very heavy on recruiting newbies rather than selling the product itself like just about over 95% of MLM companies
  • As an agent, it will take you time to climb up the ranks so you can start seeing financial results


One other close Family First Life close alternatives is

Look, am I saying selling insurance isn’t worth it? No. But are there better opportunities to grow an online business outside of insurance and MLM programs? Absolutely!

One of my favorite's is becoming an Alternative Business Loan Broker where you can help small business owners get working capital for FREE. All they have to do is fill out an application and they can get funded the same day which means you get paid faster!

My favorite Loan Broker/agent opportunity is:

David Allen Capital gives you ALL the training and tools to run a highly successful home-based alternative loan lending business and you'll get the chance to get paid well what you're worth!

If you changed your mind about selling insurance or any MLM, and not even loan brokerage type programs and would rather get into a business with:

  • A Hobby
  • An Interest
  • A Passion

Then I believe you’d be a much better fit for what’s called Affiliate Marketing.

This is where you don’t have to be tied down to ONE company and promote only their products and services or recruit people…

You are simply able to promote other people’s PROVEN products and services and every time someone makes a purchase on that product or service, you make a commission...and a pretty good one at that.

All this without having to:

  • Own inventory
  • Fulfill on customer support
  • Own a product!

I’ve built a few businesses around Affiliate Marketing and has given me TRUE Freedom from the 9-5 rat race, and I can have more time and freedom than I know what to do with, and take vacations whenever I like to.

If that’s something that interests you, click here to see my #1 recommendation to building a wildly profitable online business.

What I Liked Most About Family First Life Insurance

There are a few things I liked most about Family First life and I’ll list them:

  • Freedom to work from home or anywhere in the world 
  • You get to work with a team of top-performing insurance sellers
  • Family First Life puts the client first 
  • About the families
  • Security

Final Verdict: Is Family First Life A REAL Scam?

No, I wouldn’t say so. Family First Life is a legitimate MLM operating insurance company with it being the best one out there in the industry of selling insurance.

As an agent, you can get all the resources to make a big time income with the aggressive compensation plan and three ways to earn with the program while at the same time making an impact in families' lives...which is at the center of what Family First Life wants.

So the question becomes is this…

Do you want to become apart of a system that’s proven to work or would you rather think about your options(as I listed above) and choose better training where you don’t have to be in an MLM culture?

If so then from experience and what I highly recommend is getting into an opportunity like Alternative Loan Brokering/agent work here Or else you can start with another opportunity that shows you how to leverage digital marketing skills to produce a passive income business below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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