January 13

by Michael Granados

Want the power to request a loan between $100 and $35,000 for any reason, whether that be for your vehicle repair, home improvement expense or even a vacation?

What if ALL the heavy work was done-for-you and all you needed to do was simply complete a form and get connected with a wide network of lender in JUST minutes?

I have amazing news for you, this can be your reality!

In this comprehensive My Mega Loan Review, I’m going deep inside what My Mega Loan is and how it can help you get a loan fast and effectively put your mind at ease and financially back in a secure state.

What is My Mega Loan?

My Mega loan is a loan distribution company that makes the process of getting connected with a wide network of lenders fast so you can literally get a loan the very next business day, no waiting for checks to be cleared - it goes right to your bank!

You can get loans for things like:

  • Home enhancements
  • Luxury item prices
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Or bill payments

Let’s back up to what a personal loan is for a quick second. A personal loan is a way for you as the individual to receive up to $35,000 in funding.  And as I stated in the bullet points up away, you can use it for these accommodations.

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Going Inside My Mega Loan

Getting a loan can change the course of your life when you use it properly, as I should know - for things like school and starting my own business, but we all have our reasons right? Giving My Mega loans a hard look, here’s what you’ll expect for the basic requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident
  • You’re currently employed or are receiving a stable steady income
  • You have a bank account to receive your funds, ideally with direct deposit

Fees And Interest

You’re always going to be guaranteed free of charge services from My Mega Loan, but it’s not a substitute to say the lender will give you a loan for free. This is what the lender can do…

He/she can charge you fees an/or an interest and provide you wit all te disclosure of their loan terms upon your approval. After, it is then your responsibility to read through the terms before signing your loan agreement.

When you visit My Mega Loans home page you’ll be presented with this screen:

my mega loan

You’ll be met and presented with 5 different ranges of loans you can choose from depending on what your needs are.

STEP 1: Select A Loan Amount

For this example, I have selected the $100-$500 range and the next page shows the following:

my mega loan page 2

STEP 2: Select How Much Time You Need To Pay Your Loan Back.

I selected the 1-3 month range(remember to choose for your situation).

my mega loan email address

STEP 3: Enter Your Email Address

As you can see from the image above, the last step is to enter your email address so you can get more information on your options and to get connected with a lender.

My Mega Loan Reviews

my mega lender services reviews are these:

my mega loan reviews
my mega loan reviews

My Mega Loan Costs

As I stated earlier, My Mega Loan is a free of charge service to get connected with a lender, but that doesn’t mean your lender will always give you a loan for free.

Pros Vs Cons

I’d like to take a couple minutes to share with you the pros and cons of partnering with My Mega Loans, some that I think will excite you, and others might make you think twice. First the pros…


  • My Mega Loans makes lending super easy, fast, and they don’t only rely on your past history to make a decision. You don’t have to worry about going through a grueling process because of this and you can focus more of your time on getting approved for a loan that will not only change your life, but your families.
  • All Credit types are accepted so you can have a great chance of being approved for the loan you’re asking for which means you’ll be happy to do business with My Mega Loans over again if need be in the future.
  • You can receive funding up to $35,000 so you have enough room to work with which means you’ll be able to afford to pay your cars repair, help out your children with care, and other responsibilities that we as adults have to take care of in our lives.
  • You’ll save money in your account since your funds will be deposited into your back account as soon as the next business day! Which means you can start using the money as fast as you need to.

Along with the good must come the bad, but really there’s nothing bad at all or to worry about, I just thought it were only right that I wasn’t so biased.


  • I mean we all know loans are temporary so you’ll have to pay it back at some point - but good thing is if you miss a payment your lender can be forgiving. This is not really a con but its best to know that you need to stay on top of your loan and payments at all times so you don’t create more problems.
  • Lenders don’t just hand you a loan free of charge. Again, this is standard, but just know that not every lender is created equally, so you might have to find the right one for your needs


ot a lot of cons that have a downside there right? There is so much more upside then there is downside, and you can be ensured that My Mega Loan will give you a personal hand whenever you need it.

What I like About Mega Loan

There’s a lot that I like about My Mega Loans but if I had to choose one thing that I loved most about them besides the fact that they understand financial problems come up and easily work with you, they have many lenders with UNIQUE lending methods…

So it’ll ensure you’re getting quality and flexibility with different professionals to make sure your needs are FULLY met.

Closing Thoughts

There are many loan funding companies online and offline, I’ve seen some come an go, but with My Mega Loans you can rest assured they have your best interest at mind. You’ll be able to get a loan you’ll be happy having, the flexibility of options and lenders to work with, as well the easy process it takes to get signed up.

If you’d like to check out My Mega Loans, you can start by clicking here OR you can see my #1 Alternative Personal/Startup Loan program up to $500,000 by clicking the button below. And if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave me a comment down below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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