January 14

by Michael Granados

Want to 4X your email business with unequaled delivery and sales metrics?

Is that really what Market Hero can fulfill on or “Is Market Hero A Scam”

There’s no doubt the future  is filled with customer communication and growing your business but can this top notch revenue autoresponder and email analytics system really explode your growth and income as it says it could?

I’ve written a couple reviews in the past about email marketing and autoresponders, one of these questions the “Aweber” software that I did a review you can check HERE.. The truth is this…

All email marketing systems need to be fed data and while it’s easy to track, it’s not the easiest to keep track of all your third party tools from different places….

Funnels in one software, an email software elsewhere, a WordPress website here, a robust messaging system on Facebook - everything is all over! That’s where Market Hero comes in, and this is the emphasis I’m going to shine for you in this review, so stick with me until the very end so you can see how powerful Market Hero really is.

What Is Market Hero?

Market Hero is a company started by Alex Becker, who happens to be a huge Shopify, Digital Marketing Expert - He wanted to create this Email and lead based marketing that creates growth by one simple equation. What is it?

For you to generate more revenue from a lead that it cost to acquire one. If you can get a lead into your business for “X” amount, and the long term value(LTV) from these leads are 2X from your business, it can scale LIMITLESSNESS and your growth becomes straightforward and linear.

Alex Becker used this concept and used it to grow his first business to 5 million+ in revenue per year...But there was just ONE problem.

At first it wasn’t easy to get all these different types of businesses to change numbers, it proved nearly impossible! In order for Alex to get an accurate calculation and data of his Long term value of his leads and others businesses, he had to combine multiple software's along with:

  • Rip apart multiple cart systems
  • Remake all his business funnels
  • And even his LTV numbers generated were in accurate due to technological constraints

But Alex didn’t let that get to him, instead, he set out to create an application that removed all these constraints and obstacles, and made it simple to get the numbers businesses needed to confidently grow their business. From this, Market Hero had been born.

What makes Alex Beckers Email Marketing System that more unique?

Unlike most email marketing systems that are complicated to manage and track real data with multiple software's all over the place, Market Hero simplifies emailing for you, aiming to take your business to new growth and heights…

And growth is a numbers game, and Market hero wants to make it as simple as possible for you to track and understand while providing you with next level automation and analytics presented to you in a sleek, simple, easy to understand app.

Going Inside Market Hero

Getting a closer look inside the Market Hero App, I found some interesting and breathtaking tools and value that would turn out to be a crime if I didn’t share it with you, so listen up.

When I entered the home page, this is what I saw:

market hero home page

I love the look, feel and hook with the headline “Join the future of customer communication”. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll have the option to watch a video of Alex Becker going over his app and how the metrics work, which you can view HERE.

Alex Becker hits you with a tall order that you can 4x your business immediately by getting 100,000+ in leads plus get profitable ads running, and he even goes as far to say if you have your own third party autorepsonder, you’ll want to quit that and come to Market Hero.

market hero video

Market hero has something inside of it no other Autorepsonder has which is your Long Term Value(LTV). This is a funnel that Alex Becker has set up for one of his businesses and what you’re seeing is how much each person is worth to him at the end of the funnel.

This alone is groundbreaking, its the key to email marketing, why? Because if you know the cost to acquire a customer, you can improve and enhance the journey through your funnels, your sites, and have real data to make a real conclusion on how to 4X your business.

Can You Use Market Hero For Any Niche?

Like an email autorepsonder, yes you can, but here’s the thing. When you send someone into the campaign, people get tagged with a specific call to action and you can see the LTV of each customer before they ever even buy! How?

Well, the more data you collect, the more input the autoresponder system will have an be able to track them, and track what they’re buying, and tell how many out of these people are buying so you can improve your costs.

market hero metrics

According to the image above, Market Hero delivers for you:

  • Advance Sales Tracking
  • Lead ROI Calculation
  • True Long Term Accuracy
  • Copy & Paste Simple

Now that’s a tall order but Alex Becker delivers once again. Market hero literally breathes and sleeps Shopify, and if you’re on Shopfiy but not using Market Hero, you’re choosing to make less money. 

Market Hero Vs Third Party Autoresponders

On the same home page, you can take a tour through metrics, data, shirts, as well comparison tables that stack Market Hero to the likes of:

  • Mailchimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Klaviyo
  • Infusion Soft
market hero automation

You can take a flip through the other email software's and see how they stack up against one another. But as you can see, Market Hero checks 7/7 areas, while Mailchimp only has 3/7. The cool thing with Market Hero is you’re getting:

  • Drag And Drop Automation
  • Sales Metrics
  • Beautiful designed email builder
  • Full Facebook Messenger suite
  • Customer LTV Calculations and value
  • Fluid tag Based Customer Segmentation
  • Shopify product and customer store data analysis

In-Depth Metrics

Don’t forget that you can also get In-depth metrics on knowing everything about your customers and emails. Market Hero is the first auto responder that’ll make it easy for beginners to get:

  • Sales Metrics
  • And calculate exactly how much every customer will be worth on your list

That’s great news, because you can finally stop hanging on to people who will likely never buy from you and you can understand the quality of traffic and leads coming into your email autoresponder before they do.

market hero metrics 2

Market Hero Support

Every system/platform needs a great support team for tech and anything else, and Market Hero Over delivers here. Whether you need a fast answer or monthly webinar training or just want to send an email, you can rely on The Market Hero team to give you a hand.

market hero support

Market Hero Features

At the bottom of the page you’ll find the features:

market hero

How Much Does Market Hero Cost?

Would you believe me if I said it cost nothing to start? If you’re ready to become a Hero, you can begin your free trial and thereafter you’ll have the options of:

  • Paying $19/monthly
  • $194/annually

And you also have to choose the storage space and depending on the higher packages, the cost will rise.

market hero costs

You can slide the 1k to 3k, 7.5K and so on.

Pros Vs Cons

Pros of Market Hero:

  • Alex Becker has created a full throttle dynamic email marketing automation app that will help you keep track of the Long Term Value of each person that comes into your email campaigns so you can see what the cost would be to acquire that customer as well the amount you’d have to spend if you were to keep them. There’s no doubt that EVERYTHING is about numbers.
  • If you want to grow your business and make sure you’re not leaving money on the table and even losing any, Market Hero ensures you can track these metrics and understand where most of your money is coming from and how to 4X your business.
  • Alex Becker himself is a HUGE advantage, you get one of the best internet marketers who’s made millions online in multiple business industries which means you’ll have a mentor who will get you more business, helping you free up more time struggling to understand your data.

There’s so much more I could have added, but I just wanted to highlight some of the important ones. Along with the good must come the bad too, so check this out.

Cons of Market Hero:

  • I wouldn't really call it a con but based on your needs, to hold more subscribers in your email list, you'd have to to higher cost packages.

What I love About Marketing Hero

If there was one thing I’d have to pin point what I loved most about Market Hero, it would have to be there robust and amazing tracking system. I’ve used multiple autorepsonders, from mailchimp, mailerlite, Aweber and a few others(currently using Aweber)....

And none of them come close to tracking data. You can get opt in rates, click through rates, delivery rates with a few others but it’s nothing like Long Term Value and tracking what each customer is going to cost to acquire. Yes, you can track this with ads and other data outside of email marketing but once someone comes into your email campaigns, wouldn’t you like to know what each person will cost?

I would for sure. Market Hero ensures you can know this and at the same time grow your business to the moon. 

Final Verdict: Is Market Hero A Scam?

Heck no. There’s no way Market Hero is a scam, and after checking them out I can say they are a legit company you’d want to put your trust in. If you’re in between email autoresponders or are currently with one and you’re thinking about partnering up with the Shopify King…Market Hero would be a great choice for you

But if you were like me just starting out and wanted to keep your autorepsonder separate from your funnels, websites and so much more, then it’s ok to go with a third party one Like the One I have HERE for you

Do you have any questions, comments or concerns? What did you think about Market Hero, is it right for you? Let me know in the comments section down below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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