October 17

by Michael Granados

Want to make a living selling supplements online?

Would you be happy If I showed you how to make money by selling supplements online and make a BOATLOAD of cash?

You came to the premier place to find make your wildest thougts and dreams a reality!

The difference between me and you though is that I’ve already mastered how to bring in the CHA-CHING(if you catch my drift), I’m just always on my toes wanting to learn more ways than one…

With literally 1,000,000’s of people looking to improve their health day to day, it’s an obvious and spectacular time to turn to the online web to change people’s lives for the better and in return put a smile on your face every day, but Let me ask you…

Have you ever heard of a supplement company anywhere that’s run out of business? My huge forehead with a built-in research tool(yes, my brain) can’t find one. The truth is that supplements’ are hugely in demand, and they are not going anywhere now, later, not ever!

So in the great words of one of my favorite artists “Rage Against the Machine” “There is no better time than now”. A WARNING up ahead:

As easy as it is to sell supplements of all kinds online, there is no barrier to entry. This means that you can get a variety of products from all walks of life, some phony, some just bad, and others producing high-quality octane.

In this article, you will learn how you can make money instantly and long-term selling supplements’ through methods, tactics, business models and by the end, you’ll understand a few things:

  1. The different categories of supplements’
  2. The quality vs quantity factor
  3. The models To Scale Your Supplement Business
  4. A Secret to Skyrocket your selling
  5. BONUS: Get a FREE Guide To Hack Your Results!

It takes a good heart to sell people supplements online since you wouldn’t want to just make money not knowing how it can affect another person. But I know you knew that.

Let me stop holding you back, and Let’s get started with the goods!

The Land Of The Brave, And The Home Of The Supplements

Have you landed here today, and you didn’t only know how to sell supplements online, but what the heck are you going to sell? Don’t worry if you don’t, because you’ll be learning more about it in a second after I tell you why am I giving you advice.

A Qucik Story:

My first experience with supplements’ came as a kid, drinking fish oil(I know gross), taking vitamin D, to those fruit Flintstones brick mashable bitter supplements’. Fast forward 20 years after that, and I feel like I’ve tried more than my fair share. It was not until my high school days where I had my first taste of being on the other end.

I was helping a friends first aid company promote first aid kits, and supplements’ on the side. On the table was everything from:

  • joint supplements
  • vitamins
  • heart supplements
  • supplements for diet
  • workout supplements

… You name it! But there was thing still cold on my plate…

Not knowing which ones to target the best. In other words, which ones would bring me the highest Return on my investment(ROI)? I was certainly not following the markets, I was no business mastermind, not even a mini mind. But I took this experience and I flipped the switch on the online world.

In 2018, I began my first actual online business experience, and I was working within the health niche industry. Among helping others relieve their lower back pain, and inflammation, I knew what I wanted to target.

Vitamin Supplements

This was my first venture on the online marketplace, and it took off well to start, thanks to my site. My objective was to help patients clear their inflammation, and reduce their wealth by eating healthier. And what tagged along were:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin 3
  • Omega 3
  • Omega 6

Sitting on my butt and watching the rest do its job was not an option, as I turned over to my next project, selling joint pain supplements’, and diet supplements’. They were promising, and I had gathered a great fellowship, and continuous purchase. Here’s a little preview of what I do:

So here are the steps to selecting which supplements’ to sell if you don’t know yet already:

Step 1. Do you have experience? I usually dig up what I know before sticking my head in other directions. If there are supplements’ you feel most comfortable with and you have a good deal of knowledge in, go for that. In my experience, I learned that trial and testing a supplement out, will supply you with great confidence, and make you credible.

Step 2. Do your research. Are there supplements’ you like and want to know more about? You can use tools like google and Amazon to search for supplements’, read into, and give it a promotion go.

and for a little kick, you can start with a search like this one:

Step 3. Focus on one at a time. I get it, more is better, but not out from the gates. I like to pick a certain supplement category like joints for example, and put my work and focus on making it the best, presentable, and caring for others.

The Quality Vs Quantity Factor

There are so many supplements’ int the markets today, that it’s hard to tell which ones fit, and which ones just need to go. If you’re looking for quantity before quality, you could be missing out on a huge sell. Let me tell you why.

People are really smart, they do their own research before coming across to you. So how can you catch there attention? Aim for what is already working, and for the newbies to a certain product, make sure you sell in singles and not in bundles from the start. This will ensure you gain trust, and you’re offering people the best price for their needs.

Here’s a supplement that might come off phony:

Then you can begin to sell in bundles, or at higher volumes. One thing you ALWAYS want to keep in mind is to put yourself in your customer or “Avatars” shoes and ask yourself:

“What would I want?”

Why is this important? It’ll help you gain a greater understanding for what supplements your audience will want once you get to selling them. Let me draw it up on the board…

I remember when I first started having trouble with my joint pain, I wanted to buy anything that would relieve my pain FAST. Little did I know at the time that fast didn’t usually translate to quality, which brings me to my next point.

Fast doesn’t necessarily mean you have a WINNER, so then what does it come down to?

3 things my friend:

  1. Post Recovery
  2. Ingredients
  3. Prevention

Every supplement usually has 1 or the other, but if you can find that ONE supplement that can mesh all three of these qualifications together, you’re in for the long term business. BOOM!

The Business Models Of Selling Your Next Supplement

Now, onto the main course, Let’s get dosing!

Not quite, but I want you to see that like there are no shortage of supplements’, there are no shortages of how to sell supplements’ in the online web. Here are the 3 ways that are most effective and safe:

1. Dropshipping/Directly Selling

The dropshipping method is like the old school meets the new school. With this method, you can purchase the supplement of your wish from the wholesaler at its original price, and sell it under your brand or site. You can choose to leverage big boy companies like Amazon or eBay to sell through them. What you would have to do is:

1. Setup and Amazon Account

2. Set up Amazon FBA

3. Follow their guidelines

4. Get to selling

Amazon and eBay draw and drive millions of people to them every single day, each one of them looking for the next superior joint supplement, safe dieting pill, and much more in the realm. I tried Amazon FBA, and it was a great way to start, but I eventually found a more suitable interest(Which I will mention later down below).

Setting up a site is a viable option, and the route I would take. You can use Shopify, Wooecomerce, and build a WordPress site within a matter of minutes, and create an Amazon store. I like the idea of having an online store for a retailer, but I also like flexibility, and you get the best of both worlds.

2. MLM

Multi-Level Marketing online companies(better known as MLM) have a reputation in the direct sales department. What I mean by this is that you don’t hold an inventory like you would perhaps in a dropshipping model, but you would be promoting products already set for you. As a seller, you don’t select all the time what you’d like to sell, rather what that authority would like you to. But don’t take it as a handcuff sort of deal, you can also benefit from inviting people.

Usually, your payout comes from recruiting and spreading the word of mouth to your:

  • family
  • friends
  • acquaintances

And sometimes you will direct to get out into the world and promote.


The pros and cons:


  • You get to join a reputable company
  • You need no site
  • If you’re extroverted, you’ll like it greatly
  • You don’t have to take in inventory


  • Reviews can thrash the company – too many opinions
  • No site to select your traffic/audience
  • rely on family and friends

I tried the MLM scheme for some reputable companies like CTFO, Herbalife, and life was great for months, and then I came to the conclusion that I needed my own authority, and to have control of what I sell.

One recent Network Marketing/MLM Affiliate opportunity that is NEW and amazing and unlike any other nutritional supplement company is LiveGood (click here to learn more)

3. Ecommerce


Heard of Amazon? Of course! Point being, they are a retail giant that sells all sorts of physical products as an online store, and that’s what eCommerce basically is…

A storefront. With this business model, you would likely have a website or a dedicated store like Woocomerce or Shopify and you can list out your products or ones you don’t even own!

After you list out your products on your online storefront, you can begin to work on getting traffic to it through means of social media, google search traffic, paid ads and other ways.

It can be a huge startup cost though so be aware of that. And trying to push people to your site instead of a place like Amazon can be difficult. One thing I learned with Ecommerce is this…

It’s important to have a sales funnel. I’ll talk about this with #5 below.

4. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate 1

I can finally take my full breath, as I’m sitting here on my couch writing to you about the next best thing. Affiliate Marketing offers an extensive alternative approach to Dropshipping, and MLM, in that you don’t have to touch the single product, hold inventory, or work on one line of commissions!

Everything is done for you online. The thing I absolutely love about this model is that you don’t have to take on any risks of buying a product or sticking to only one. This eliminates your chance of failure, and instead, it can skyrocket your earnings.

I remember having a supplement for joint pain that I was endorsing, and I noticed not much traction and earnings. So I made an adjustment. I promoted a different line, and almost immediately began to see results.

The Word affiliate means you’re selling, promoting your business to help large retailers or different market resources. You’d build your own website, create content, attract visitors, and get the MULLAH(Money).

Affiliate marketing is very versatile, that in fact, you don’t need to promote just supplements. It can be about anything!

For the sake of selling supplements, Let’s just say that I created a website named the “health Mentor”. I do not need to limit my choice to just selling one type of supplement brand, I can place multiple supplements on one site!

Literally, within minutes, you can have an affiliate marketing website up and running with a Blog and you can start reviewing and writing about different products like I show in my how to sell products on a website article.

This Affiliate Marketing model is my go-to solution and the reason I’ve been able to enjoy the online world without the pressure of having to hold my own inventory. It’s easy to learn, all you would need is some good training, and a spectacular community to turn to like Wealthy Affiliate. There you’ll learn everything and anything about selling products, creating helpful and informative content, and how to make a great profit margin.

With the Wealthy Affiliate business model system, I was able to learn just about everything there is to digital marketing(a big thanks to its up to date affiliate training), and I took my knowledge and skills that I learned, to set up my own health niche, and supplement based website.

A few takeaways:

We live in a new decade, and not everything needs to start with the “traditional website”. Hey! Look I get it, a website is like the Great Great Great Grandfather in our ancestry that we should all learn to love and take a couple of tips away from. But…

It doesn’t mean they are your only grandfather. Can you see the point I’m getting across? Please, let me clarify. What I mean is that there are more ways than one, some methods are:

  • old
  • new

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Way #2: YouTube

Other than having a website/blog as your primary traffic generating tool, you can use a YouTube channel to do product reviews and at the end of the video tell people to look in the description and click on the link that takes them to that actual product to make a purchase.

Or you can send them to your blog post review which has worked wonders for me. I like the two together because most people still like to read and are on mobile so I want to view written words at a time.

For example:

If you were an affiliate of amazon and you did a product review for a joint pain supplement, you can place your amazon affiliate link in the description and then at the end of your video direct people to your description box to click on the link and go purchase.

#5 Sales Funnels

sales funnel

PUMP PUMP The brakes! I am not going to tell you to neglect a website, but rather improve your chances of getting a larger chunk of the apple pie which is getting people to not only purchase from you once but several times…In one sitting!

I Have A Secret, Ready To Hear It?

I have a secret to share with you right now and it’s thrilling! I’m positive it will be able to skyrocket your conversions by selling your supplements online. If you want to sell supplements online, there are two ways of looking at it:

  • You can have your own product
  • Sell someone else’s product

…As I might have mentioned earlier. So the website can come in handy either way, but it’s a new decade and you might not want to take forever to attract traffic, get your leads, and wait around for your phone to send you an email update that you have added a new person to your list just so you can get a cut from a sale.

It’s getting tougher to make sales with physical products,  not to mention especially if you’re doing it in a “casual” way. But before I share with you my other method than a traditional website, this is where I started:

Months into my training and implementing what I learned at Wealthy Affiliate, I came across an article, a “how to make 6 figure article”.

The training taught me skills and techniques to better promote my joint pain supplements and many more offers. It really worked! I had increased traffic, more purchases, and I finally had an answer to having a sustainable business.

By the way, If at any time you’d like to learn more about that, and actually see my supplements page I’d be happy to help you get to that page from within WA.

I had a formula, so surely I was off to the races hitting those sales right? UH, not even close. It took time until I finally could make them, like about 2-3 months. Although I started cooking some sales, It was far from what I wanted.

ZAP! And then it happened…

Two Words- FUNNEL CREATION. If you don’t know what funnels are, I’ll have an article on that soon but basically, it’s the bigger brother to a website.


Funnels are landing pages that allow you to attract your audience by:

  • ads
  • integrate into your website
  • PPC

So, what did I do to get there?

I strapped my brain together and found different funnel platforms. When my mentor told me about an affiliate program called ClickFunnels, and how they had a “business in a box”, I was in for the spill. What I received for a 14-day free trial were:

The supplement funnel I needed to create a lasting way to make money selling supplements outside of my website was right there, one click away from downloading free and uploading to my funnel page.

So here is the step-by-step way to do so by best maximizing your earning potential.

Using The Supplement Funnel With Clickfunnels

This sales funnel I’m about to share with you is a Rocking Piece Of Art. And Clickfunnels is the software that makes it super easy(no technical experience, beginner-friendly).

  1. First, you sell one supplement bottle
  2. Then you sell 3-5 MORE BOTTLES OF THE SAME THING(crazy but it works!)
  3. Ship it to them.

How It Works

STEP 1: Order Form

clickfunnels supplement funnel

Straight out the gate you hit your future customer with a secure order form to order their first supplement bottle.

STEP 2: One Time Offer

clickfunnels supplement funnel 1

STEP 3: One Time Offer #2

clickfunnels supplement funnel 2

You can sell them more of the same thing with 3-5 more bottles on this page(Insane right?)

Here’s how it looks overall from the outside:

funnel 1

Pretty neat stuff right? You’d think people wouldn’t buy more of the same thing, but they do! People want more of what you have to offer and to give them more in this “ecommerce” type model, giving them more of the same thing is what you need to do.

If you’ve ever taken the time to purchase a supplement from someone else with a sales page, you’re likely going to be asked for more of the same on the next page, and then the one after that.

People like Ed O’ Keefe have made a living with funnels.


Download The Supplement Funnel

Go ahead and download this funnel into your account and feel free to reach out to me how you’re using it in your business.

>>Download Your Free Funnel Here.

Don’t Have Your Own Supplements To Sell?

I get that you may not even own your own supplement, so let me show you the way to promote other people’s products such as affiliate marketing, dropshipping, network marketing, and e-commerce(as I explained in the earlier sections).

STEP 1:Simply, what you do with a marketing funnel is you give away a freebie like a PDF, a guide, a blueprint, etc. in exchange for an email address. This is a small micro-commitment for you.

STEP 2: Upon submission, you’re taken to a thank you page. You use what’s called a “bridge page” to promote your affiliate product that then sends your potential customer then over to that merchant to purchase.

Here’s an example as an affiliate to show you that:


This concept can be applied to Amazon FBA, Network Marketing, Dropshipping, E-commerce.

By the way, I made an article that will show you how to use funnels with Clickfunnels and that’s whether you own your own products or not, there is flexibility for both. You can check out that article here.

And if you want to check out how to get step-by-step guidance to building your funnels much faster by the professionals, check out the one blog post away challenge here.

Here’s the video version of today If you’d like to see it:

Have any questions, need more help? Feel free to leave me a comment down below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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