How To Start A Home Based Business With Wealthy Affiliate – An HONEST View

I’m laying stretched out on my porch bench with my computer in hand, and wondering what business am I in. Repetitively, the same conclusion comes to mind- “in the business of helping others succeed”! Wow, great, that adds more to the long list of people claiming to do the same exact thing. what makes me different?​

Take a quick Breather, and I want you to think to yourself for less than a second, “how many people are actively searching for the same conclusive results Ad you are, but fall short?” Deep inside the web lies a vast viral amount of information with bulletproof gurus and get rich programs claiming to help you reach a home based business in less than a dollar a day.

Aren’t you over that already!?

How long are you going to work for the same boss year after year, and feel like you’re or being rewarded and devalued for your hard work? As time elapses, you find yourself fidgeting on the job, and leaving a negative lasting impression on your arrival at home. I know because I just went through that not too long ago, which you can learn more about on my about me page.

A nice cool holiday summer Sunday night in my hometown of Southern California made me question the type of freedom I wanted to have.

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Sitting on the outdoor chair with my cousin, I was scanning through my phone for new ways to build a legitimate online business. Not a couple scrolls later, I came across the program Wealthy Affiliate. And a week later I read over I read another review and I was signed up.

It’s 1 and half year later, and now I’m here to show and tell you how to start an online business with Wealthy Affiliate. There are a couple steps to understanding what it takes to have a business here, if you ever feel the need to learn more.

In this article, you will learn about the 3 pillars to starting a home based business with Wealthy Affiliate, along with:

  • The 2 roads you can take
  • When will you see results
  • What you can expect in the future

Let’s waste no more time getting to it.

The word wealthy holds more value than it’s credited. You might think money, dinero, mullah, and I think more of a sacrifice for liberty, a prosperous one. To be wealthy means to prosper on all accounts of happiness, Heath, help, and with a wealth of knowledge. But don’t think you’re at fault, because I had the same thinking as a beginner.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will get the highest level of training out in the affiliate marketing world, and most interactive lessons that will first teach you 5 steps to starting your online business.

1. How To Pick An Interest/Niche

From the start of the training you’re going to be introduced to our awesome leaders and mentors “Kyle and Carson”. You’ll be made aware that you choose an subject that you’re passion about or that sparks your interest in pursuing.

If you’d like a quick walk through recording, you can see below:

picking a niche

2. Build A Website

You’ve probably heard of domains, hosting, and wordpress, but if you haven’t, it’ll soon come as second nature. After you’ve chosen your specific niche interest, you’re going to learn how to easily build out your tailor made to you website by creating a unique domain name, and then jumping into the fun developments,at least in my opinion that is 🙂

Video walk through:

building a website

Before you put happy trigger fingers to your keyboard letter, you’ll get down how to use the right plug-ins, what themes can best suit your needs, and how to make it search engine ready for google, and your audience to reach you.

Which brings me to point number three.

3. You’ll be Traffic ready

You can publish your content to the world wide web, but what’s it all worth if no one will see it? Wealthy affiliates laser focused training will help you target the right audience, and find the keywords millions of people are searching for. And other then Search engine optimization(SEO), your social media game will sky rocket.

Video walk through:


4. Make A Profit

You were waiting to hear me talk about the Mullah, I can sense it. Life at this point can be good, you’re website has received targeted traffic, and your offers are converting on the spot. Take a second to soak in your first sale, because it will be one to “cherish and remember” for time to come.

Video walk through:

how to make money online

5. Review and Review

The first couple months were the most rewarding times, and that is to thank all the times I was able to access the training and support classes whenever I needed to. If there was something I needed to look back over, and look into, I was on it. This can be extremely helpful due to the fact that you apply what you learn as you go.

More specifically, as a passive income seeker, you will Benefit Greatly and grow faster with the use of Search Engine Optimization Keywords(SEO as it’s better know). Why? Because you will give your business a chance to be seen by millions of people. And it helps when you can rank on page 1 of search engines like Google. Click here to read my article on the 3 best ways to find keywords for your website.

The Two Way Street, Why It’s A WIN WIN

two is always better than one, and I mean two equally matched objects, identities, training’s. At Wealthy Affiliate, you get the luxury of either selecting an affiliate program based commission program like Amazon(and others) of your choice, or you can go straight for the jugular and into the Make money online(MMO) niche and promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Why would you want to promote your platform?:

Other than helping people make an online income, you get a stellar referral program unlike anything ever seen before.

How Long Does It Take To See Results? The Tortoise And The Hair

I grew up watching bugs bunny get chased by Elmer Fudge all over the wilderness, and boy was he the obvious winner. But as soon as he faced the infamous tortoise, let’s just say we learned a new definition of slow and fast.

A Home based business is exactly that last bit at the very end “business”. You can try to be the bugs bunny of the world, but this is not a rabbit race, rather a vintage, rewarding, weathered the storm approach. I found out the hard way. I wanted to make money now, why should I wait weeks, months, years? And in doing so I did everything but nothing right.

That all changed within the first couple training lessons.

Your results will very from person to person, but one thing will always stick to glue:

if you take the put in the work now approach, you’ll be sitting on the light side of the moon.

When you earn your first cents or dollars, you’ll get the same Sigh of Relief as i had. Let me show you the first couple dollars I made months into it.

What Does It Take To Joint Wealthy Affiliate? Plans That Best Suit Your Needs

I’m going to storm away from the cliche of “ok what’s the catch”, and I’m going to tell you there is none. Seriously, zero, nada. The notion is quite the opposite, and you can actually start your home based business with no cost.

  • Starter account: $0/month
  • Premium: $49/month

But don’t just take my word on it, here let me show you in more details:

Free Membership Account:

I held onto my horses and began with a free membership before going premium. I felt that I wanted to get a mini taste of what Wealthy Affiliate was going to be about. It’s okay to dabble in the free version before wanting to empty out a few dollars.

The advantages of getting a free membership are very generous. As you can see from the image above, you will get two great training classroom lessons.

Premium Membership Account:

Being A Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate has an abundance of advantages for not only starting but being able to mold your home based business completely from start to finish. A premium account will unlock for you all the:

  • training courses
  • live video courses
  • private training
  • feedback
  • commenting

…And so much more! Here’s a video walk through I made for you that shows you how your premium account will look like:

going premium

A Home Based Business Has Never Been This Possible

I’ve traveled around around parts of the world, I’ve been exposed to new life situations, but nothing will be of a greater experience than having your own home based business. Why I say that is because you can literally work from anywhere you like. The magic might happen from your home, but the spell can take place from anywhere around the globe.

Today you learned what’s it like to start a home based business using the amazing wealthy affiliate platform, as well you learned the 5 pillars to starting your home based business, the two way street program;whether its the referral program through the affiliate bootcamp or entrepreneur affiliate program based training, what it takes to join, as well as how soon can you see results.

Now I’ll leave you with the ball in your court. If you need any advice, I’ll tell you do not over think things. If you feel like this is what you want and need, take that action, and if you don’t feel that way, just don’t forget about us 🙂

And now that you have all the right information on how to get ahead with Wealthy Affiliate, it’s time to create some revenue. Are you looking for a great in depth review on every aspect of Wealthy Affiliate? Click here to read my extensive review article on Wealthy Affiliate.

How do you think I did? Is there anything I can improve on, or if you have your thoughts you’d like to share, would you please drop it in the comment box below? I’ll make sure to get back to you within the next 24 hours.


Hi my name is Michael Granados, and I am an online home business owner with years of experience learning and moderating the online world. I’ve managed to build my online credentials, and I would like nothing more than to help others achieve the same desires.

  • Ryan says:

    As a recently but established Wealthy Affiliate member, I still remember how it was starting from nothing and realizing how far I’ve come. It wasn’t easy but it was a great choice and most articles can’t cover every single detail but this one definitely touched on important aspects from the start to wherever you need to be. You definitely spoke the truth here thank you!

    • Michael says:

      Hi Ryan,

      It’s good that you can reflect back on your journey, because that helps you see your destination much clearly, and let’s you see how far you’ve come over time with WA. It hasn’t been easy for myself either, as I had a health website that was doing great 8 months in, gaining steady traffic, and then google hit me with the “medic” update. Now I don’t want to blame them, as I might be doing something different with it(which I don’t think I am), but that’s how quick a vision can turn sour. It still eats at me right now when I see close to zero traffic now, it recently happened. I saw so much potential, I built it all and structured it all together, and I ran through walls for it day and night to keep it going. Now, I still work on it, but not constantly. I hope things change with that so I can get back what I had. It would hurt to throw months and months of hard work out.

      Nonetheless, I like to reflect myself, and continue looking to the present and future, and it’s always great. Thank you man!

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