October 15

by Michael

You best believe it!

But really now…

So you want to know, “is an online business going to work for me”? Wait put the brakes on those thoughts! Before you can break that question down, you should be answering the primary question, rather than the follow up. Ask yourself:

“Is it right for me”?

Anyone can sit in front of their computer or smartphone, pop open their search engine, do their online home business hunting research, and breathe out that famous sigh of relief “aha feeling!”… That’s the winner. But how many people can encrypt what’s right for them?

There’s a difference between following what others are doing, and what you need to do for yourself. Yes, contrast wins, and while comparisons don’t exactly keep your crippled. They do become just plain and ordinary in the long run.

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That’s not surprising. The internet is full of advice, much of which is equally good as bad, so how do you shuffle through which online opportunities are going to work for you and make you a leader? You’ll find articles advising you to:

  • You should get a domain name, register it, create a wordpress account and start publishing content
  • Joint a mastermind group, network with others, and collaborate on meeting target deadlines
  • Start by buying a state-of-the-art high tech computer
  • Come join my team and help me sell and promote my products like everyone else is doing
  • Create a professional home office

…and so on. The list can seem endless, and have overwhelmingly negative reactions. This can raise alarm bells, causing you to ask yourself: “C’mon, this is too good to be true”!

DING DING DING, We have a winner! Let’s drop the un-realisitic talk and expectations, and get back on track with the real world.

In reality, their are various questions you’ll need to answer for yourself, and these are all ones I’ve truthfully, and honestly been able to answer for myself.

By the end of this article you will have a foundation, and a better angle of approach to be able to:

  1. Understand the 10 steps of making your online business work
  2. The right attitude
  3. How not to let down
  4. What can you do right now to ensure you made the right choice

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So lets jump right into the main dish!

10 Unique Steps To Making Your Online Business Sky Rocket

Michael, 10 really!? Okay, I admit, that might sound too much, but it’s not even a stretch. Think of these ten steps the same way you would for an offline job. You wouldn’t show up at an interview and expect your interviewer to hire you based off one qualification, would you?

This should ease your mind a bit…

Unlike in the day to day grind of finding your next job, you can start your online one without the worry of having a bachelors degree, an MBA, and the entry level qualifications(that somehow don’t end up being entry level). Plus, you wouldn’t have your boss breathing down your back.

The word “work” and knowing “if an online business is right for me” go hand in hand, so in a second you;re going to see how, and after the 10 steps, I’ll elaborate on what it truly means to “if an online business will work for you”

Here are the 10 most crucial steps you need to consider before starting your online business expedition.

1. What Are You Passionate About?

Do you feel the fire of desire burning and exciting inside you when you think about a subject? I don’t proceed with a topic that doesn’t make me come alive now and into the latter stages.

Times have changed, and it once used to be where you needed to know everything about what you liked to make a full passive income, but now you can assert yourself as an expert in your field with continuous learning.

Starting and holding an online business are two different meanings. It could be quite exciting, but don’t underestimate the hard work you should put in. Like my high school soccer coach used to repeat to me like a broken record: “You get in what you put out”

When exploring further into an interest of mine I usually ask myself the 3 “will power” questions:

  • Will I have energy to do it for days, months, years?
  • Will I not give up in times of despair, when it gets difficult, and when I feel no one else cares but me?
  • Will it affect my health?

The last point is pivotal to you online success. Some people work hard to become good at their topic but try to do everything and anything to make it appeal only to themselves.

I’ve met a couple people in my journey that spend more time talking about “why” it’s best for them, rather than trying to help others learn why it can help them. This can lead to a narcissistic approach to your online business, and one that should be avoided.

2. Who Are You?

“I’m Michael Granados, and I want to make a passive income online”. How does that statement stack up? It doesn’t even stand up, The 1,000,000+ people searching through the internet don’t want to read a quick line about you, they want to know what separates you from the wolf pack…

sort of speak. In this case it’s better to be the “lone wolf”, and here’s why

There are likely more websites, more blogs, and many competitors covering the same subject as you are. Hit these business and people with some juice. If you add substance and you describe in well detail what makes you different from everyone else, you’ll have a recipe with these fine ingredients:

  • Personality
  • Experience
  • Trust
  • Honesty

These 4 ingredients will help you finally stabilize your base, and quickly establish you to stack up without a loose end. I usually don’t start an online business unless I have a story to tell, and I have a unique voice that could offer my opinions, and knowledge at the same time.

Like its done for me, this will bring you confidence and make you fearless to the success of others.


Uniqueness = Key to Success

3. The Hobby Vs. Business Pursuit

Sure, I can set up a website, and talk about “how to help others sort out their back problems”(which I have), but If I’m not being profitable, then isn’t that just a hobby?

You should always start off by providing your followers and audience with high quality and accurate content. After follows loyalty and making you the expert in your niche. You’ll see your business grow right before your eyes, and the people visiting per increase per month. But that’s where people get stuck.

Publishing content in itself is not a business, rather the foundation to your future success to come. Most people don’t have a problem with creating great content, and injecting others with readable and pleasurable context. The point is not solely for money, but to communicate with others your passion, while at the same time earning an income.

From the beginning, I know that I want to build out a profitable business, but that’s a thought waiting to be put into action. I strive to help others learn about what they’re going through, and how to help them solve their problem(s) before offering anything cash monetary. Here’s my helpful tips:

  1. Create informative and helpful content
  2. Structure your content in ways you can leverage monetizing

You can separate yourself from the hobby pursuer or the long term business warrior by asking yourself, do you not care about making money, or do you want to be rewarded for helping others, and profiting in the process?

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4. Can You Listen To Your Customers?

So you have your passion, and you’ve shared what makes you different, now what will your customer be saying?

It’s simple to talk in your tone of voice, and spill out everything an anything that is necessary to get your point across, but is that what your customers need from you?

I don’t get into the trap of throwing out content just for the impression. What I mean by this is that even if I know what I’m talking about, does that mean you audience and future customer will too?

You have to separate the lost in translation academic dictionary words and phrases, and opt for language your audience will be like:

” I can connect and really understand what he/she is saying to me”.

I used to fall into the trap of using large terminology, and it was not like my audience didn’t know the meaning, it was just hard to read. If I’m interested in reading about how to fix my knee pain, I wouldn’t want to drop my jaw from reading medical terms over and over again.

The written material you convey to your audience should be easily readable, relate-able, and knowledge with experience to yo and your customers. How do you know where to start?

The answer to this question lies with you. I’ve learned that stating my personal experiences is a great place to begin before you hit your next stop light. Never forget to have confidence, you’ll need to know:

  • what your visitors needs are
  • What solutions they’re looking for
  • what makes their life much easier, enjoyable, safer

Be the “classic fit” in your customers shoes, and think like they do. Here’s an example:

  • ” If I need to reduce weight to keep my back from being in pain, someone might be looking for a way to reduce their cravings while being able to lose weight. What I think about is turmeric”, it’s the safest and most optimal way to help someone who can not regularly exercise, shed the necessary weight.

5. Prepare To Take Risks

“He Who is Not courageous enough to take risks, while accomplishing nothing in life”

Mohamed Ali

The great man Mohamed Ali comes to my mind when I think of risks, and I also hear the echo of “I’m going to show you how great I am”. In business sense, it’s no so much the monetary value, but your self-belief.

You can get comfortable releasing out new content, day after day, week after week, but that can be very comforting. After 3 months of constant writing, and creating content, I thought that was all I needed. I was attracting audiences, pursuing new leads, and making a buck here and their, but I was parading around the same routine.

It’s great to be on top of your game, and then one day you find out that you’re pushed out your comfort zone. That’s totally fine, you need that. About the second month of this year(2018) I was emphatic with a particular product that I owned, and it had gained massive attention. Oh yeah I have it in the bag is what I thought. But that was not enough commissions and income. So I need to take more risks by figuring out new ways to have that one product monetize for me better, while searching for new networks to help me gain from multiple streams.


Look at risks as an opportunity to push your business further, rather than seeing it as a setback.

6. Hows Your Time And Energy?

Creating a website is a fun experience, but it can be a steep learning curve if you’ve never done anything like it before. There’re platforms to be familiar with, hosting services, and technological advancements to understand. Building out content rich, high quality content becomes natural the more you do it, and not overnight. Researching, structuring, and learning how to spread your message will evolve within weeks and months, and it takes a huge commitment.

Working from home is everyone dream, and you can truly make it your own reality. But Like I’ve asked myself, you should ask for yourself, How much time and energy do I have to invest into it? You could work around that by asking these 3 questions:

  1. Do you have a day job? Can you wake up and work an hour before, during your lunch break, after work?
  2. Do you have a family? Can you separate your family time at home from your work time?
  3. Do you like to work weekends? Can you set a little weekend time to get ahead?

I’m not saying you need to be a weekend warrior and put on your time conquering boots, but if you can put in an hour or two to brush up on your work, and go through and review your content, you will be in great condition.

7. Can You Rely On A Support System?

My motto is: you will never walk alone. In times of hardship, and in need of an external source, will you have people by your side? I highly encourage yo to be your own independent person but think about it, and fill in this blank:

“I wouldn’t be where I am if it was not for….

The ending is usually followed by a noun, and that noun reveals a persons’ identity. No man or woman has ever done something by themselves without the mentor-ship, or guidance of one or many others. I remember my 8th month into my online business, and I hit a wall, a brick wall. I felt like my efforts to continue my business was a shot in the dark. My website was affected my a new google update, and it left me in crisis. But only for a short time.

With the help of my community, and expert ambassadors, I was assured to continue. And So I did. I haven’t felt much happier to do so ever since!

My family members are at the root of what I do. I can express my work and concerns with my parents and younger brother, and expect to get a comforting and constructive criticism response. Be Never frightened or hesitant to share your beliefs and concerns with others. They will not look down on you.

8. How Much Belief Do You Have?

You have a subject, your risk, and your support, all you need now is Belief. I’m going to cut to the chase…

Can you look yourself in the mirror and say to yourself:

“Here stands a man/woman with great confidence and belief in what I’m doing”?

If you have belief, you have your mind tat follows. I’ve never launched anything that I didn’t have belief in. Always ask yourself why would others have belief If I don’t? Stop over-analyzing, or procrastinating about everything. Your job is not to be a perfectionist. If you’re sure of your passion, you’ll learn that their is no ceiling, and that the sky is not the limit

Where are the other two? Remember How I said I was going to make this easy on you? The next two are based under the “work” criteria and not the “is it right for me” one. They are very similar but two differentiate the two sayings, and here they are:

Do You Really Want To Make A Business Work For You? The Fight In You

When people want to know if a home based business will work for them, they usually think about tangible goals, and forget all about the drive in it with:

  • mentally
  • spiritually
  • physically
  • social wellness
  • occupational wellness
  • intellectual wellness
  • environmental wellness

… As you may already know, these are the Seven Dimensions of Wellness. You don’t have to be buff at all these, but you should make it an effort to positively work on these.

1. The 7 Dimensions Of Wellness In each one of these categories you should ask yourself if you have the ability to make an impact on yourself as well as others. IF everything you’re working towards is solely to become the next online successful millionaire guru without following a step-by-step detailed plan, your ambition will override your success.

I try to use the 7 dimensions of wellness to help me realize where I’m lacking in the day or week, and plan an hour or two to work on these, and be more well-rounded. I used to be physically inactive at one point(hard to imagine since I’ve had an athletic career), but a lot was weighing down.

Life, and injuries got the best of me. I focused more on my occupational awareness, worked myself, but I completely disregarded my social, physical, mental awareness.

I had to make a change, and so I did. Almost immediately, I noticed my behavior change, my workout routine came back, and my mentality became stronger. So what can you take away from my story at this time?

Don’t forget to make time for yourself, and don’t be afraid to pull back to re-focus and “sharpen your tools”. If you want a business, you will find yourself devoting sometimes hours on end. You’ll wake up the next day groggy, and wondering where your sleep went. To counteract that, make sure you set time away for yourself, and work on the other important aspects of your life.

2. The Right Attitude Lastly, but not least, try to have a positive and happy attitude. You can’t expect success to land on your lap within a matter of days, and even when you have it, you can lose it within a snap. I found that staying content, keeps me in the right from

of mind, and lets me think clearly.

Your actions are driven by your thoughts, and If you’re feeding yourself the right words, you’ll quickly have a formula for online success. In an online business you’ll run across errors, and mistakes, and if you let that push you down, you’ll be Left scattered, and dicey.


Attitude = Altitude

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Listen To Your Heart, It’s Usually Right

Is your mind spinning? Are you asking yourself whether you should believe me or not? Whichever the case might be, it’s great that you are questioning it, because that means you care about starting an online business from home.

Today you learned the key difference between if a business is right for me vs if it will work for me, and we learned how they work in conjunction. There are 10 totals steps to becoming an online business winner, and yes, it will increase your chances by 110%!

The next time you think about researching the web or asking your friends and family for Ideas, I hope you don’t forget that you had an author behind this article who didn’t chose to be anonymous, share with you the not so secret formula to attaining your online business.

You can’t decide if starting an online business is truly for you until you’ve seen all the possible ways on how you can make money online. Are you a beginner or knowledgeable about the opportunities galore out there? Click here to read my article on how you should make money online and from what.

How did you think I did? Do you have a minute to tell me what I can do better, and what your thoughts are? Please leave me a comment in the comment box below. Thank you.


Hi my name is Michael Granados, and I am an online home business owner with years of experience learning and moderating the online world. I’ve managed to build my online credentials, and I would like nothing more than to help others achieve the same desires.

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