October 13

by Michael

I’m sitting stiff, sunk into my chair and thinking to myself “how can I make money online and from what?” Just drop me an answer in my lap already!

I’m absolutely 110% stuck inside my chair, that it’s starting to wear out, not jokingly. And I’m overwhelmingly scattered trying to encrypt this answer as if it were some type of code to crack…

The reality is that although my mind is in the matrix of a computer, my physical shape is not. So part of me is still in good shape.

The harsh reality being that there is so much more information spilled on the internet, and with so many sources how can you separate the right from wrong? Ring Ring, it’s an unknown number calling and its likely “information overload” behind the call.

If you’ve searched the internet or haven’t begun to, you’re going to come across a couple of realizations. The criteria when doing your research should answer the following THREE questions:

  1. Is the source credible?
  2. Can it be profitable?
  3. Will it help me be consistent with it?

If you’d like to see my No.1 recommendation, please click here.

Most people tend to do their online research completely wrong, not because they are not good at it, but because there is way too much get quick rich, get instantly paid, and quick cash that amounts to the very title. As a website owner, I believe I’ve built up enough credibility over the past year to help you better understand how making money online can actually be much simpler said and done.

It’s imperative that you weigh up all your options before making your final decision on how you choose your money-making lane.

In 5 minutes You will Learn to Love The Web And See It The Way I Do

I think I’m putting it broadly by saying that you’ll love the web, but I’m an opened minded man and I’m going to share that same mindset with you right now, but only if you take action in what I teach you. Sound like a deal?

I am going to show you the top 3 “how you can find the best ways to make money online and from what places”. Yes, there are only three and these will be the only three you have to watch out for when making your decision. But first…

Let’s talk about how to perceive the web. But If you’re ready to see the top 3, scroll right on down.

The Internet is Enormous, And Oh Boy Is That Great News!

As I’m looking at my desktop, I see 4 tabs open across the top. One of those four, reading “How can I make money online, and the one to its right reading ” how to make money online and from where”. The point is that anyway I want to phrase it, I’m likely to come across both similar and contrasting articles.

Glancing and focusing my eyes on my results, I’m shown about 10 results on the first page. If you had any doubt of figuring out where to look, typing these kinds of keywords will summon limitless options. In about less than a minute I found myself clicking ever link from top to bottom! Why?

After some quick and throughout inspections, I still had one looming concern on my mind…

How do I know that I won’t be scammed?:

Brain freeze! I’ve hit cold article leads that only give me chills. To start, I selected the first article on google that brought me into what is known as an MLM Business scheme. Let me explain to you why that was not what I was looking for.

There are too many times that you’ll come across sites that claim to help you make money online but don’t, while some others require you to pay secretly a lump some. Although there is nothing wrong with paying for incredible once in lifetime information, you could be like me: Speeding away from the treading waters.

I’m happy to provide more than a hand to make sure you don’t get trapped, and don’t run for the fence never to return to your potential online glory. With what I’m about to teach you, you will hopefully understand what actions to take, and if you feel like following in my current footsteps, you’ll hear more on that

The Five Pillars To Finding Out How to Make Money Online

1. High Volume. This is my first focus when doing internet research. If a program has no substantial and trustworthy information claiming to have helped many others succeed in building assets(cash), then I don’t consider it. The reason for this be that it could be a scam, or it’s just poorly executed.

So no credit = Very little production

When I look for high volume, I look for specific metrics like testimonials, and the type of training needed(if there is a training). Too many people will only commit to what a training program can offer them and completely disregard the testimonial component. You shouldn’t just do so because even if the training is second to none what you think sounds the best, you still haven’t answered whether it’s trustworthy.

Take it as a game of 21. One card is shown, and the other is face down in disguise. With your chips by your side, you’re not ready to take the next bet until you can see your dealer’s hand. Your odds increase as you learn to read and play the game with those around you, offering you better incentives to trust the final result more clearly.

Under similar circumstances, you should look at your research the same way. Before you go all-in ask yourself if other people are happy.

2. Is this road for me? How awkward will it feel when you find out that your making money online plans are going nowhere. Take this as a relief but not all too lightly. My online experience started with trading money for time, not the time for money. It’s important to understand the two.

There are quick ways and much simpler methods to monetizing don’t get me wrong, but some can be very time ineffective. What was supposed to be a quick second of my time, turned out to be minute after minute of filling out very specific information? And all that to get cents. You can spend time after time doing this but it’s like running a steamroller over a dirt hill…you’ll just feel flat.

3. Do I smell a pyramid scheme? I’m going to speak more about pyramid schemes in the next section, but for now Let’s peel back a couple of layers. The beginning of January 2017 was when I started to do more high online money-making investigations. I ran across sites(without naming any) that offered me to join for just a couple of dollars, and I would be welcomed with all the resources as promised. Things started on the right foot, but only after a week, I was disappointed.

So what was the catch?

If I had added another $40.00 I would be awarded the next part of the training. Thereafter, the value would increase, all up until my pockets would be left dry. I’m happy I didn’t. What I’m not saying be that you will not make a dime, but spending more than what you put in to not see a positive ROI, is not in the mix.

4. MLM. No not M&M, but MLM. And Like chocolate is to candy, Making money is to scale. I don’t go for MLM companies anymore. I will go for platforms that let me control more than two streams. We’ll talk more about that below.

5. Is it a blog? It’s been almost a year since I started my blog, and I’m still sitting here in happiness to tell you about it. One of the most lucrative ways to build a foundation, and turn that into a blossoming flower is with a website. What I like about a blog be that I can be:

  • helpful
  • informative
  • creative
  • expert
  • profitable

I don’t spend time finding new surveys to take, or if my ads will work all by themselves. Rather, so, my blog brings in “traffic” so I can count on a steady income. Click here to see my #1 recommendation.

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Top 8 Ways You Can Start Making Money NOW

Most people don’t think the web can help you make money long run more than it can in the short run. I can void that assumption and cash you in on a different belief.

If you’re looking to make money now that will be covered, and if you want to make money long term you’ll fund out how.

1. Online Surveys

An amazing and most popular way for passive income seekers like students and spare time earners are by filling out online surveys. Ongoing research companies are updating and recruiting new members to fill out their surveys and test their new products.

For a few minutes of your time filling out a 1-3 step survey, you could cash in $5! for some surveys. A few good one to look into are:

In a couple surveys from swag bucks I could be rewarded from simply surfing the web, playing games, and watching videos. If you’re quite the creator, you can invest a little of your time even making surveys for others to fill out. This will ensure you don’t just stay profitable in the short run, but you can leave more than just pocket change at your disposal, in the long run.

Other surveys are commonly known and that I’ve had a thorough use of are:

There are two ways to look at surveys to position yourself as an authority with surveys:

  • Advertiser. You are the owner of the survey/advertisement
  • Publisher. You post that survey where high traffic will meet with it.

These are two hands in hand ideal solutions if you want to start making conversions without you needing to fill out a single survey!(You will learn how you can do so with way #6)

2. Market Trading

The world of stock marketing is not all it cracks up to be. What’s offered for professional stock marketers, you can do it all for yourself with certain online marketing platforms. Having experimented int this field for a small-time, I turned to a site like “Sharptrader” for free lessons.

Make sure you’re doing that you’re reading step-by-step because stock marketing can be more of a trick than a treat.

3. Investing

This year(2018) I began to heavily look into compounding my cash. I love the fact that If I place a minimum amount of my cash into a company, that I will have the chance to make my dollar grow year after year. One company that offers you to do this easily, and from the reliability of your own phone is Newchip.

Newchip is a startup and lets you invest in private equity investments. It’s among the top 50 startups of 2017 and is the “Shark Tank” for everyday Americans to be able to connect to investment opportunities in:

  • startups
  • real-estate
  • ICO’s
  • Pre-IPO companies.

A minimum of $100 can get you started!

Other well known investing companies and that I can certainly vouch for are:

4. Freelance Writing

If you have the skills to write fluidly and create brilliant content, it’s absolutely possible for you to create a passive and even long term business. I haven’t dabbled in creating content, but I am very aware of how lucrative this income stream is. The reason I say this that I write my self, but for a different matter(more on that later).

5. YouTube

It’s just you, a camera, and the world in front of you. There are over millions of users turning to video and image to help them learn “how” to do something or shown an interest of theirs.

I’ve worked on YouTube, and from what I can tell you be that it can bring in some cha ching. There are many YouTube channels out there on any topic you can think of. With a big following, you can earn a bigger living.

Here’s a video of me doing just that with YouTube except that my content is more blog-driven the trying to earn as much as I can from YouTube itself:

What you just saw was a quick video I made and uploaded it to YouTube, and something so small like this, to begin with, can help project you forward. Now, you might be thinking that you have to put yourself on camera all the time, but look at what I just did up above…

No face, just a presentation. Of course, being in-camera is the best way because people want to make a connection with the person/people, and they want to feel that raw emotion, but creating a starting video like this and producing it all around the world…UHH YEAH! Win-Win baby.

Social media is a great way to start and continue skyrocketing forward in because if you’re a fanatic or just someone who thinks of themselves as average, either way, you can quickly gain great results. And if you’re shy in front of the camera, you can first start with social media programs that can offer you constant payouts.

I have a great article that sums up how you can pretty much make money on YouTube Starting as soon as you leave here. If you’d like to see this YouTube article, click here.

6. Help The Artificial Intelligence Market

That’s one funky looking robot but don’t be fooled, these robots are the future and are who allow you to search up any topic on Google!…

Would you like to learn about Machine artificial intelligence and what they mean to search engine giants like Google?

Companies like Appen or Leapforce, you can put your stamp on helping the machine programs inside of search engines like google better understand how to act more human. As a contractor, you will be tasked to test and send vocal and typing interactions within search engines and social media to aid the machines in improving on data sets.

With either of these companies, you’ll have the opportunity to work from home and earn when you want to work. Make sure to check them out by clicking the blue link above.

Update: Leapforce has been bought by Appen so it would make more sense to click on Appen, but I would start with Leapforce to fully understand the broad perspective of what you could possibly be doing.

7. Ad Agency

Everywhere you turn to in the physical world there’s a business, and about 500,000 others show up every year! Yeah, I know…crazy right?

These businesses need people who can run more people(traffic) to their business so that they can 1. Earn a lead and 2. Hopefully, convert them into paying customers.

You could be the bridge between finding these people on the internet and sending them to a business in need. Now, it can be quite daunting to start, especially if you’ve never heard of the words like traffic, Cost Per Click, EPC, and things of that “how far can a dollar get you nature”…

But you’ll learn these skills over time and the best is with a training platform. I haven’t invested too much time personally into an ad agency, I just know they work. Plus, Facebook and places like Google, and Instagram are huge places to run Ads on, and relevant, so making it an income splash is possible.

One of my mentors with just running Facebook Ads, in general, was Kevin David.  A great guy, and helps out a ton when you need him.

8. Build A Website

Do You have an interest, a hobby, how about a passion?

You can honestly turn anything you like doing into a website with a blog, as a blogger for as little to nothing to start! Would you like to know how?

Most people can just set up a blog and write for hours, day and forever right, and that would be just it…It becomes more of a personal subject than a way to earn online.

Sure, you have facts, and you’re helping others out, but there’s nothing more than walking away with bits and pieces of information on how to set up your next muffin recipe or how to invest in higher stock earnings…

All this can be low cost, but NO returns on investment(ROI) besides sweat equity and the desire to just have a hobby. But if you’re at the very least curious about how to monetize(make money off that site) then listen up.

There’s this thing called affiliate marketing where you would promote a service or a product to someone else and when they go to buy from the retailer, you earn a cut of the commission. You would be the middle man:

Customer In Pain(Hot, cold, or warm buyer) > Needs a solution(You with the product/service) > Merchant(Retailer)

I know how it sounds, daunting right? I know exactly what you’re thinking, I was in your shoes not too long ago(2017).

I like to think that building a website is by far the best investment I’ve ever made, and some of my colleagues would find that hard to argue with…

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have made it capable for you to share your beautifully designed website and blog post to all walks of life on the web and off it. And that’s not the only way…

I’m currently running this website effectively, thanks to an affiliate marketing platform known as Wealthy Affiliate. By having a website, it has enabled me to create valuable content for people to learn, and feel more prepared with their life decisions. In doing so, it has 1.helped me to build a long term asset for first helping others, and 2. Making an income.

With Wealthy Affiliate, I take pleasure in helping provide my expertise in an area, while learning how I can monetize not just for a day, but a lifetime! I’ve built out a unique training video on how you can create a website with WordPress, and you can click here to see it.

As I had mentioned earlier, A couple of ways of deciding with an online program to choose from will be great if it has:

  • credibility
  • offers great training for reasonable pay
  • loads of testimonials
  • a community

The bonus to doing this is that its the low cost of entry, you literally only need a domain, a hosting account, and that’s it. You don’t have to worry about technical abilities. Plus, there’s a huge community in this affiliate marketing space, and that shows in forums like Warrior Plus.

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Should You Narrow Your Decision Down?

The Internet is only getting larger, and your head might be too right now, but that is okay because the more you are exposed to hence the more you know now, the better stronghold you will have with your decision-making journey. “It’s not whether you should narrow your decision down, but widen your margins.”

What I want to ask you is what are you more into right now?…

Do you like to blog, make YouTube videos, run a Podcast? I started with little surveys that got me nowhere (I think we’ve all been there), working with artificial intelligence(that never got me any more earnings, sometimes getting slashed in pay for hard and easy work), Market trading didn’t give me the Control I needed, an Ad Agency, I sucked with Ads from the beginning, so I went with the low-cost option at Affiliate Marketing with a website.

Times are changing now, and although people are saying websites are “dead”, in fact, they are the opposite. Creating a website to blog and write content for you to rank on Google along with Bing, and Yahoo are very achievable options.

A concern and common question I get asked is “if I will be faced with competition in my journey?” and “if that will not let me achieve an income?” The answer is both yes and no. Like any job, any business model, any source of income, we are all faced with that.

To promote ourselves, and to grow beyond others in the same industry, we have to find angles. Do you want to be at the top of what you do without question? Click here to read my article on if affiliate marketing is too competitive and find out how I make it work no matter what 

Search Engine Optimization which is like the Holy Grail Affiliate Marketing was founded on can still work for you, as it has for me. You just have to find an inch of space in a crowded marketplace. You’ll learn up above why 10 years ago it might have been easy to show up on the first page of Google, but now that more people learned about it, they have flooded it.

But I’ll show you how to combine SEO strategies that work, and how you can take your content and market it the right way.

You can turn to every source that’s listed in the options above, and do a little of each at a time, but how scattered do you want to be? Leveraging too much will only create a headache( I should know, I seem to be an expert at that). Not too long ago when I started my online business with Wealthy Affiliate, did I understand how open the market to monetize really is.

With a built website, I can drive traffic from search engines, social media, create landing pages, use CPA offers, and promote Pay per click(PPC) ads on places like Google AdSense. Experimenting with this outside of blog posts and reviews, opened my eyes to many streams on generating income.

==>Learn more about How You can Easily Build A Website with Wealthy Affiliate here<==

Are You Ready To Tackle The Online World For Yourself?

My preference and taste could be different or it can be the same as yours. We might have already walked similar paths or not, but one thing is for sure, there is no shortage of discovering ways to make yourself some cash online.

The online experience can be a daunting one to enter, but it doesn’t have to scare you away. Too many people get caught up in the “I will never make it” Before they ever tried,. And that’s not their fault(most of the time), it’s simply due to the fact that they were looking in all the wrong areas.

But if that doesn’t settle in, fear will. It’ll subside, you will learn that there was never anything to be fearful of, and that’s when you’ll rise above all your doubts. As far as the aspect of building a home-based business for yourself – if you’re thinking that route instead of just making a bit of money here in there, and to create a truly passive income online, you can first learn more about that with a self-assessment here .

Whether you’re looking to earn a few dollars, or making a great passive and future business online, It is my promise to you, to make sure you will not fall short of your goals.

How did I do today? Is there anything you wish I would have talked about, or that I could have improved on? I would enjoy hearing more from you. If so, leave me a comment down below. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


Hi my name is Michael Granados, and I am an online home business owner with years of experience learning and moderating the online world. I’ve managed to build my online credentials, and I would like nothing more than to help others achieve the same desires.

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