October 12

by Michael

I’m sitting at my desk beyond closed doors, and non-existent from the outside world. And I know what you’re thinking, it has to do with a “viral” outbreak right? When you heard the name viral in the title be honest, did

you believe in the worst, and scramble to exit out of here?

The word viral is closely associated with the meaning of an outbreak in an infection, disease, or perhaps solely just HIV. But that’s not what this article is all cut out to be. Although viral can be described in this manner, it’s not the only way it is fancied.

Here have a look:

If you read adjective #2 as well noun #1 you’ll see that viral can be a fantastic perception and used greatly to your advantage. Take your thoughts of medical conditions, scary movies, and very immersed fictional chick flicks where in every one a viral video, post, picture, or information goes haywire all the time for some reason…

And begin to form a little curiosity in your mind about how you can use that to build your very own business online.

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An online business is just that, a viral outbreak. One piece of information whether that be:

  • A video
  • An Ad
  • Written Content
  • An Image

…All have the highest potential to be carried through the long internet communication lines and exposed to hundreds of millions of people. Plus, you get to decide your piece of information gets shared across the global web!

Economics shows it that it takes more of your time and assets to start a business offline then it is to begin one online. More than ever before, people are turning off the physical world and flipping up their computer monitors to get a taste of the online one. In this technological era that we’re jaw dropping living in, we can get stuck with our noses inside our phones or computer.

If you’re going to spend your passive time scrolling on Facebook, or the next social media platform in line, and searching for new surveys to fill up your passive income stream, why not combine all that and make it worth your while?

Like my mentor Kyle has spoken to me, “an online Business is your real estate”

The Super Cast Of Your Online Business, Your Stars and Co-Stars

Creating your online business doesn’t have to be difficult and time consuming. Too many people get trapped in a hole to never find their way out of. With great confidence I can say, that won’t be the case for you. The reason people make things difficult for themselves is because they don’t know where to begin and end, and because they question if it will work for them.

In order to achieve what you do not have yet, you need to have a goal. And that’s where we will start.

1. Select A Topic. Select a focus topic that you have an interest in, or that you would like to learn more about. This will be targeted to your hobbies, activities, or a job. The web is competitive and you’ll want to have a good deal of knowledge in it.

You can gather ideas from Amazons department section quite helpfully.

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2. Set-up a goal. When I took to the cold waters of the web for the very first time, I didn’t know where to start. I knew more about filling out 5 second surveys and selling a product or two on craigslist or eBay, as oppose to anything remotely close to building a site. My first experience was selling a concert ticket via craigslist. I did that with SMART goals.

  • Specific. How narrow can your topic get
  • Measurable. You want to do a good amount of research.
  • Achievable. Will you be able to complete your tasks.
  • Results focused. Can you achieve a form of success
  • Time bound. How much time are you willing to spend to get what you want

Right now would be a great time to get out a piece of paper and pencil, or a computer, and write down your goals. The act of physically writing your goals make it more real and tangible. I make sure that I cross my t’s and even dot my i’s, that’s how driven I get behind it. I always write down “will” instead of “would like to”, this will ensure I stay focused and devoted to achieving that specific goal.

In having a subject you want to build your business around, don’t forget to make your action plan.

I like to use a mind map that in detail lets me know which step to take next, and the one after that. Too many people get caught up in the outcome that they don’t know their process to make sure they achieve the right and best outcome. Here’s what my mind-map looks like:

3. Your Network. It’s a refreshing feeling to have like-minded individuals surrounding me. If I have a question, or need help gathering more resourceful information, I can reach out to my fellow associates.

I don’t try to play my cards blindly and expect to win the house…sort of speak. In the early stages of building out your online business this will be huge! And as you expand your network, your resources will expand.


A Network pf people = A Greater learning curve

4. Social Media. I’m not too strong on using the word “marketing”(as I’m still after these years trying to like the word lol), but that’s how your home based business will get brand exposure, and attract new visitors and clientele. I am constantly sharing my work with the public and leveraging new ways to grow my brand. Whether you’re used to using social media or not, you don’t need to be some guru, heck I’m by far that, I don’t even consider myself average.

Take a look at social medias growth:

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5. Sell yourself first. It’s true that you have to make a profit, but before any of that you need to focus on promoting who you are. The way I present myself on the internet is no different than someone wanting to get to know me offline.

People want to know who you are, and what makes you unique at what you’re doing from anyone else. Which sounds better to you:

“I’m very skillful at helping other build a business” or “I’m skillful at helping others build a home based business because after 3 years of getting rejected for a business license and land, I wanted to build my own brand and help others in the process”.

I’d take the second one any day. Pretend that you’re in a job interview and you really want that job. Keep in the back of your mind what makes you unique from all the other applicants and your competitors.

A great focus on providing a helpful and learning experience before selling is the focal point.

6. Sell for green Second. There is one thing that will differentiate you from what everyone else on the web is doing, and that’s your intentions of selling. Not only does making a sell validate you can make it, but it also injects revenue into your business. Yes, money is important and you and I both want more of it, but don’t come of “salesy”.

7. Work hard. Don’t underestimate the part of getting nitty gritty down right hands dirty. I make sure that when I’m building my business, to continuously put in the work. If you’re looking to just let your business sit there, its better that you don’t even start.

So…working hard = success

How To Make Your Business Wok From Home, Efficiently Made

The funnest experience I’ve had is doing what I love to do from the comfort of my own home. How many times have you come home from a long day of work, and you thought you yourself…

“I wish I didn’t need to return to my job, or I was there was a way for me to earn extra income on my passive time?”

I’ll be the first presence in a filled room to raise my hand and signal – “Me”. Times are not like they were in generation X, and if you’re apart of this group, you can probably sympathize with the statements I’m about to get to.

Back when you could work for company for 40+ years and expect a generous pension as their reward, is no longer an assumable action for us new millennial’s, or otherwise known as generation y.  That doesn’t mean we can’t expect to work for the same “Boss Man” for 40+ years, it just means its becoming more irrelevant.

I’ve experienced my fair share of losing roles, companies downsizing, bosses I once used to interact with scratching their heads as if they couldn’t figure out why they lost their job. Who am I to say to them that nothing is a sure thing anymore?

What I took away from such a enlightening experience was that everyone is replaceable no matter the degree or qualifications. This motto of living, along with losing some the most precious and closest people in my life, set a fire under my butt.

I turned to work from home opportunities Like Appen. on my spare time. 8 hours outside, and at least 1 hour at home was my goal. As I did, you should be able to accomplish any task, whether proven to be difficult if you just set a time frame.

If you’re a busy bee at home, there’s no excuse for learning to make your online business work from home. Heck, It still surprises me when I see my mother putting in extra shifts at home like she’s got kids she’s still trying to put through college(thanks Ma).

I one day mentioned to her, why not sacrifice an hour of your time to work online, post a blog or two and feel the wrath of pleasure and success it will bring. Of course, she’s my mother and she’s going to tell me she doesn’t have the time or need to.

The fact that she couldn’t was out of question…the most important one. It’s always important to not doubt one self. She could have easily setup an office space, placed her desktop and powered into the online world. But to unplug from the real world, cleaning, and being mobile around the home was too big of a deal.

If you’re thinking you can’t do it, then I’m surprised you’ve come this far to read. But if you know you can, you’re homes about to be your quick in and out portal to the internet world. Let’s start with setting up your environment.

  1. Ergonomics. What do you see when you walk into a room first? Is it your bed, your cabinet, maybe a TV? What you can do to start is organize your room or work space by limiting distractions, and creating a more work friendly area. I always keep my TV and place I work separate from the two, but if I can’t, then my TV is always off, and the remote out of sight. I don’t throw my bed out the room, Like you thought I might have added, instead I don’t let it be a constant reminder that I should lay down and rest. Nothing wrong with throwing your feet up, but sitting down for long will slow down your energy, and less energy equates to less production. Use a desk to place your monitor, books, and pencils on top of. I find it easier to work on the “fly” when everything is in my proximity.
  2. Limit distractions. I don’t even consider opening my door, or turning away from my work for the time I have set. You will 95% of the time succeed if you can decide for how long you will work on a task, and stay zoned in on it. For ex: I have set 2 hours to work on the evening of when family and relatives are at my home. I acknowledge their presence, but I really need the next two hours for myself, and the then so after, they can have all of me. It’s not the case so much if you had expected people over as much as if you didn’t…I find that when people come by unexpectedly, I should stop what I’m doing to spend time with others, but sometimes you have to plant both of your feet on the ground and say that “I have work that needs to get done first”. There’s nothing wrong with that, It’s actually what you should do.
  3.  Create A Schedule. During the long summer of 2018, I was up and down, but I was also stuck to my home based work. There will be times that you need to go to the next festivity, or next get together, so schedule ahead of time to ensure you can meet your time frames. I know you wouldn’t want to miss the next “Action packed movie” or your time to your family.  Setting a schedule has been a huge relief and time saver. Sometimes I can get stuck working for hours, and forget about everything else. But it shows that I’m interested and having fun with what I do too.

Do You Want To Go Viral?

No, I can assure you again, this will not be about some “get out of the way” infection, rather is the one you’ll want to be getting in the way of. What does it mean to go viral? Does it mean just staring at your hand and expecting something to come your way?

Absolutely not…

You’re probably aware of those YouTube videos that reach millions upon millions of watches, or huge authority websites talking about the latest discovery for a new cure, or how someones going to help others live more fruitfully. That’s exactly what being viral is all about.

When you create content, or if you create a YouTube video, you might not instantly get a million views, but it will get shown through the entire web by search engines like:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

Once these types of search engines understand you, and what you are about, you’ll gain exposure to the entire world!

Fantastic right?

It doesn’t take long before you’re information is seen by everyone around the world. t sounds scary, but trust me when I say, this is the greatest and most rewarding accomplishment. Think about how you’ve affected and are are going to change the lives of others for the greater of good. After I learned how I affected many others, I made it my mission to continue.

How To Keep Pushing The Good Fight, A Formula For Achieving All You Desire

You’re a fighter every day, you live to work, you work to live. The same can be said that you work to survive. Your schedule is probably busier than mine, and you’re there asking yourself how is it possible that I can work some more?

That’s the same voice that tells you you should stop when you have more energy to give. If you take action in steps and not just trying to reach your goal by stepping over the trenches, you’ll have a formula for achieving what it is that you desire with your home business.

I spend a huge chunk of my passive time helping people like you develop a clearer path on the web, and to turn what we think as “passive time” to be a real”passive time with income”.

Everyday I wake up, I follow a routine:

I drink a glass of cold water, and then bust out my notebook. On my notebook, I write three things I’m grateful for. They can vary from day to day, but the one I always come back to is ” I’m grateful for taking the chance to grow a business online and from home”.

You can do the same if that will help you. I have google calendar setup on my phone, so I know exactly what I will be doing for what part of the day, and for how long. Don’t call me a perfectionist because I’m far from that. Even people who are perfectionist can’t admit they bend their rules…So what does it mean to be a perfectionist?

Viral Home Based Pursuit, A Hub For Discovering Your Home Business Goals

I stand by what I say and do 100%, and I’ll add on to say that with Viral Home Based Pursuit, you will learn how to turn your passive income and turn it into a beyond passive income. In order to get to there, you have to understand what an online business is, the makeup of it, how you can make it work from home…

and soon lead it to be a “viral infection” across the worldwide web. You’ve learned how to do so by now. What’s next is taking action. But if you’re still feeling stuck if starting an online business is right for you, like I once was, then you should check out this article.

How I made A Business Within Reach:

Success is not always credited for yourself at the start, it’s credited to those above us. What I mean by this s that I would not be sitting here talking to you, and showing what what it takes to build a successful passive income for a home business if it was not for Wealthy Affiliate.

With Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to learn everything about my topic of choice, how to construct precision Smart Goals, create a step by step business, and elevate it to the next summit(which just so happens to be above the sky). You can read more about them here if you’d like to.

In your journey, if you ever feel like you need help, please, and i mean please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section below, or by contacting us. I aim to make your experience with us an enjoyably, yet eye opening one.

Thank you for being here with me today.

All the best,

Michael Granados


Hi my name is Michael Granados, and I am an online home business owner with years of experience learning and moderating the online world. I’ve managed to build my online credentials, and I would like nothing more than to help others achieve the same desires.

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