October 24

by Michael Granados

Hello, and welcome, glad you could make it to your “is Leapforce a scam” review, and the most thrilling rush of energy you’re going to get hearing the truth I have to expose you to.

Well, OK I won’t jump the gun, maybe quite close, as you will be learning about a unique and very informative home based opportunity known as Leapforce…

You know those people who spend hours thinking about their next review, and even more time trying to viral send their message across?

You guessed it, I can consider myself happily one of them. But I don’t do it for anything other than the sole purpose to share my experience, and help you understand what real and not so real opportunities are out in the market today.

Before I hit the ground running, did you know that as of November 7th 2017, Leapforce was acquired by Appen? Oh yes Sirree. Leapforce is merged and working under a new boss, but that doesn’t mean the work is any different.

All background and history set aside, the real purpose of today is to reach down into a dig hole, and find the question to: Is leapforce a legitimate work from home opportunity, OR is it a legit scam?

Name: Leapforce

Website: www.leapforce.com

Price: $0(free to join)

Owner: past: Darren Jackson, Mark Bryan

Overall Rank: 86 out of 100 points

Leapforce Overview, A Shadow In The Abyss

Ooooh, the “shadow in the abyss”, what the heck are you jabbering about Michael!? I’m not crazy, trust me, there is a meaning behind it. Before Leapforce became Appen, they were solely a company that hired people from many parts of the world as contractors to help them evaluate and improve the quality and quantity of famous and huge search engine results.

As a search engine evaluator(which is basically the job description everyone has, but there are others), you will be searching for irrelevant content and keywords that don’t match the search criteria. As an example:

If I opened up google, and I typed in the word “How to eat food without my hands, while reading a book” and in the search results, there are articles with heading that come up with ” how can I eat without reading a book or cats and dog laughs, we can both agree that there is no way in mother earth, these are similar matches right? Let alone similar meanings.

Great, but what has changed under the acquisition of Appen? Other than:

  • more diversity
  • more search engines evaluated
  • more work opportunities

… There’s not much changing at the moment. Let’s take a moment to wrap our minds around the evolving giant of search engines. Behind every search engine is a “bot”, but we’ll call it a robot, just to keep the theme more futuristic 🙂

They will not look like this friendly little guy, but you get the point that’s being made.

Robots do not think like we do, heck they don’t even look like we do( that would be creepy if you had a robotic clone out there), so they need a little hand. At times in your own personal and pass time searches, do you find that you’ve come across a completely unrelated article? The gravity of the situation is immense.

As a man who supports his family with passive income as a business holder, I’ve come across so many articles without relevancy, or just completely different subjects, and that can sometimes put a shadow in the spotlight.

The great thing is that ever since Leapforce partnered with Appen(who works in machine learning, enhancing human like behavior for computer robots), search results have improved significantly.

What Is Good About Leapforce?

Now that we’ve talked about the general overview about Leapforce and how it works, let’s get real…real good.

  • Perhaps the best thing I liked about Leapforce is their hours. You have the flexibility to freedom and work the hours you want, whenever you want, and however you please. This is a huge relief because with todays 9-5 day to day work, you can set up and work the schedule you want without being tied.
  • The fact that Leapforce allows everyone from the US and internationally get an equal opportunity to work for them with the flexibility and freedom they want is a treasure. And now that it has merged with Appen,  it has expanded to over 30 more countries!
  • There is no cost, it’s free to join, and don’t worry about memberships or upsells, because there are no such thing!
  • You can work from your laptop, or smartphone(Most of the time, A phone works perfectly)
  • The work is very straight forward, and east to complete.
  • No boss to heckle you. Although there is no boss to o the “famous lean over your shoulder tactic”, you will get reviewed every month, so keep onto your work.

Here are some positive reviews for you:

The Bad About Leapforce

Surely, you can’t have the good with the bad. There are somethings I’ve experienced with Leapforce that are not so good, and we’ll tackle that right now.

  • The qualifying exam is a piece of work. It can be hard to do, and you might only get a small window of 2-3 days to study for a long PDF guide. If you fail it, guess what, you might not get a second chance. That doesn’t apply to every role, as you can get a second chance in other positions. Leapforce takes their work seriously, as you can see…
  • This contract work can be very tedious for someone who is both a stay at home worker and parent. My aunt actually struggled with managing the two herself, but stuck with it, as she found ways to work around it.
  • Not enough feedback loops. The one thing I wish Leapforce would do better is to improve the feedback to their search engine evaluators. Not frequently getting it out to them, makes it difficult to understand personal progress
  • You are not your own boss. Sure, you will have the flexibility and freedom of what working at home is, but you’re not working for yourself per-say. You’re the contractor/employee and still working under someone.

Here are some reviews for you:

Is Leapforce For You?

This is where we get to do some targeting,and no, not target practice but targeting “demographically.” In the words of myself: “Anyone can learn how to do something, but it takes skills to make the person”. What I mean by that is that Leapforce is an obvious stay at home work opportunity for just about everyone. And the reason I say that is not because its simple, but because its easy access to dive into.

Let’s take it a step further and go smaller…with the two types of people:

  1. The independent, want to have freedom and flexibility dreamer
  2. The search engine business looking to improve results.

1. If you come to Leapforce with an open mind that it’s going to ensure you do things on your own time, you’ll get just that. They offer a competitive pay(more on that below) and a minimum amount of hours for you to work, making it an ideal job, if you like having the time and flexibility in your life to do other things.

Other than that, if you have self-discipline you can succeed in it nicely. But if you’re too used to having a boss looking over your shoulder to get you motivated, then it might not work.

You will be getting payed by the hour, and your payment will be received within the first 30 days after you’ve submitted your invoice with the company.

2. The search engines business like google are always looking to improve their quality of results, and so they will continuously updating you with new tasks, which if you like more to do, hey it’s a match!

Leapforce Tools and Training

So I’ve made it heard that Leapforce offers training(earlier up above) but let’s look at it more specifically. I’m cutting to the chase…The training is virtually non existent! What you will receive are more so guidelines, and a here you go, have at it mentality. When I say there is no guidance, oh believe me.

I remember asking myself, “I wonder if the training employers at Leapforce get is better than what us contractors get, to keep poor workers out. Kind of a biased question, but one worth speculating none-the less. There will be a lot of studying on your part to learn the job before you even know you will be hired. But, if you get a job out of it, you’re going to be saying, “this was worth it”.

Here is the general guidelines for training, and see how large it can be:

Google General Guidlines

Leapforce Support Resources

It’s only right every business platform has its support sector right? I can give a standing ovation to just about 95% of the support team. There are great people within Leapforce, a great environment, and great clients. If you ever feel you have a question, or simply want to reach out to your team members or boss, you’ll be responded back to in a timely manner, and in a kind behavior.

With Leapforce, opportunities to become a leader present themselves, as you can provide help to others inside, or make decisions to tackle on the heavier loads.

The only disconnecting feeling I get at Leapforce is that the feedback is lacking. Supervisors don’t really gauge with you on how you’ve been performing, or where you can improve.

Leapforce Pay And How You Make Money

With Leapforce, there are no fees to sign up, and once you enter you don’t have to worry about the fuss of up-sells. The average pay per contractor starts at$13/hour, and it can vary from $11-$30 and hour.

Pay: $13

Payment method: Check or direct deposit

Payment freuquency: Monthly

Note: You have to send Leapforce an invoice if you want to receive your money. So it is important that you keep track of time,and you don’t lose out on your payment.

Here are the qualification for their search engine evaluator position:


  • College degree is ideal, but not a requirement. High school diploma or less will work.

It would be smart to list your experience and skills on your resume if you don’t have a degree. What I would too, is include a nice looking cover letter to go along, explaining why you want the job.

Is Leapforce A Scam, Or An Honest Opportunity?

From what I’ve experienced, and what others have been saying, Leapforce is most definitely not a scam. Sure there are many jobs that have complaints and issues, but what job doesn’t?

Leapfroce has been in business since 2008, that’s 10 years in business. Their long line of years in business just proves their not going out there and trying to scam people.

Plus, It’s been acquired by Appen now, a world wide known technology company.

My Final Thoughts on Leapforce

Is Leapforce a company I can recommend? Yes but…

No job is going to be perfect, there will be bumps, and loose ends, and ones many people will not want to work, but that doesn’t mean a company is not worth giving it a try.

If you’re really looking for anything that is just “another job”, and rather have a home-based business opportunity that will give you everything from flexibility to freedom to choose your own hours and be your own boss, then Leapforce might not be for you.

Don’t take the negative reviews as an easy way out, but see it as an opportunity to learn something new about how to track down google search engine results. Yes, you will not always earn what you want, or not get the feedback you wanted, but you get freedom, is that not what you want?

If you’re looking for a job that makes sure you get flexibility, then give Leapforce a go, but if you’re looking for an online business, it’s time to look another way…

That other way could be Appen.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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