May 13

by Michael Granados

Would you like to master EVERY area of your life?

Is Tony Robbins A Scam OR is he really flying around helping people and businesses succeed for good?

It almost sounds too good to be true that Tony would be an entrepreneur #1 New York Times Best-selling author, a philanthropist, and get this…

The nation’s #1 life and business strategist! Doesn’t it sound a bit like he’s some hypnotist? No worries, he won’t hypnotize you or even talk to you like some shrink but he will get you to stand up, look at yourself and ask yourself one question…

Will you change your life for the better?

He’s that type of man, and I can confirm for good that Tony is NOT a scam. Stick with me here because I’m about to show you the shocking truths about Tony you may have never heard of or ever will by going anywhere else…

Let’s get started with this Tony Robbins Review!

Who Is Tony Robbins

Other than an entrepreneur, and all the other things I just mentioned above, for more than 4 decades, more than 50 million people have enjoyed his warmth, great humor, and awesome transformation power of his business and personal development events. He’s the nation;s #1 life and business strategist don’t you forget it.

Author of six internationally best-selling books, including his recent New York Times #1 best-selling MONEY: Master the Game and UNSHAKABLE, Tony has gone on to empower more than 50 MILLION people from 100 countries through:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • And life training programs

OH YEAH...He created the #1 personal and professional development program of all time, and more than 4 million people have attended his live seminars.

PLUS: He is also the Co-Creator of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint with Dean Graziozi where you get to learn how to build the business of your dreams.

Going Inside Tony Robbins

Tony is so accomplished in what he does it’s mind-blowing to believe he can touch you and I in a way where we haven’t even taken action yet...Insane. Anyways…

Here are the solutions that Tony offers you:

  • Live Events
  • Private Coaching
  • Exclusive Retreats
  • Training Programs
  • Supplements
  • Platinum Partnership
tony robbins master every area of your life
events part 2

On Tony’s Home Page you’ll find an abundance of resources:

is tony robbins a scam

You can choose to read Tony’s statement, you can scroll through this page to learn more about tony and so forth, but for this next part we’ll explore the “Help With Me” Menu tab.

When you hover over the “Help With Me” tab, you’ll get three drop downs:

  • My Business
  • My Personal Life
  • Guide Me

We’ll start with “My Business” first. Once you click there you’ll get the following page:

tony robbins business

On this page Tony reveals to you the keys to business improvement which are personalized tools to propel you from where you currently are to where you want to be. You’ll be able to grow 30-120% profit growth in your business and true financial freedom as an entrepreneur. 

STEP 2: Click on “Get Free Tools”

You could Watch the Overview or you can click on “Get Free Tools”, so I’ll show you the ladder first.

tony getting started

Now, you can determine if you are an artist, manager/leader or a true entrepreneur to see which one you identify with so you can achieve the higest levels in your business success.

STEP 3: Click “Get Started”

You’ll get what’s a quiz you can go through and here are some of the starting questions:

tony quiz

This is unique and it’ll really get the most out of you in terms of giving you the best business advice, Going back to step 2, before we got to the page above, if you scroll down, you’ll find more resources that look like so:

tony resources

This part is really different than just another blog roll that entrepreneurs list on their website, you can:

  • Read things
  • Listen to videos
  • Subscribe to series
  • Take personality tests
  • Take Assessments
  • And so much more!
tony resources 2

For Your Personal Life:

When you click on the “My Personal Life” tab, here’s what you get:

tony robbins my personal life

STEP 2: Click on the “Get Free Tools”

Again you could click on “Watch Overview” but for this example we’ll go through “Get Free Tools”

tony getting started

Notice how it brings you to the same page as the one example we did before. The next step would be to press on “Get Started” and fill out the quiz.

For Guide Me:

guide me

You can use this page if you’re not sure if you want to go with “personal” or “business”, here you’ll select which area is more important to improve right now.

For example: I’ll click on “Personal Life”

personal life

You can select from a range of options:

  • Just starting out
  • I know a little
  • I’ve done a product
  • I attended an event
  • I am a raving fan

I clicked on “Just starting out” and here’s what I got:

just starting out

You’ll get a customized page for whichever answer you submit, in this case it’s absorbing Ton’y content with their new smartphone app. It’s pre-loaded with hours of content on:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Productivity 
  • And more

This app is the perfect starting point and is available on the Apple Store and Google Play. You can click right here to get on that page.

Tony’s Store

If you’d like to buy Tony’s merchandise, you can simply go over to his “Store” tab and the following page will come up:

tony's store

You can shop by category for things like:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Journal/Workbook
  • Breakthrough App
  • Supplements
  • Books 
  • Merchandise

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shop tony

The cool part is at the bottom where you can schedule life coaching and view upcoming events.

tony coaching

I’ll move into events first and then show you how you can schedule life coaching and the costs included OK?

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Tony Robbin’s Events

tony's events

As you can see, you can schedule a call today and if you decide to click that blue button, here’s what you’ll see:

tony next step

Once you fill in your details here on exit out by pressing the “X” at the top right, you can scroll a bit down and see this:

On this section you can view any upcoming events 

tony events 2

You can press on the blue “Learn More” button to see more. 

Tony’s Philosophy

On this same page if you scroll down you’ll see Tony’s philosophy which are three things:

  • Education
  • Engagement
  • Empowerment
ton'y philosophy

Tony’s Coaching

Tony has three types of coaching programs for you:

  • Results Coaching. For A Limited time only, you can get a “buy one, get one” coaching offer so that you and a friend or loved one can keep your goals moving forward and learn ways to thrive in this new environment.
  • Business Results Training. During a six month business workshop, you and your team will receive business training in each of Tony Robbins’s six core business competencies. Each month, your trainer will delve into each of the six topics:
    • Emotional Mastery, hiring and training your ideal team, Ton’y five-step sales growth roadmap, maximizing your team’s time, efficiency, and productivity, your organization’s optimal workflow and Tony’s 7 Steps To Effective Leadership.
  • Business Coaching. You’ll work with an experienced business coach as your ultimate tool to achieve results. Partnering with a Tony Robbins business coach, you’ll get 1:1 meetings every 10-14 days and expert guidance to keep you on track for 12-18 months time. During all these meetings you’ll set clear goals and map action plans to achieve them. 

You can get Tony’s Coaching in each of these focused areas to improve every area of your life both personally and in business, with Tony you’ll get results.

tony coaching 1

As this reads:

 “Tony Robbins Results Coaching is unlike any other life coaching program in the world,”

The coaches you’re getting have a PROVEN track record so you can have the best chance of success without making mistakes which means you’ll be able to change your life and profit faster.

How Does Tony’s Coaching Work?

There are three steps to this:

  1. Identify Limiting Beliefs
  2. Develop Patterns To Overcome The Beliefs
  3. Reinforce Patterns And Achieve Goals
how tony's coaching works
tony coaching works

Next Steps:

Now you can schedule your introductory 30-minute coaching session with a Tony Robbins Results Coaching Specialist:

tony schedule

A side note, here’s the results that tony has driven:

tony results
  • 81% Improved Time Management
  • 7)% Increased work performance
  • 63% improved relationships
  • 60% increased leadership effectiveness
  • 57% Increased confidence and decreased stress
  • 47% improved health and sustained results

Tony Robbins Own Your Future Challenge

tony robbins own your future challenge

The Own your future Challenge By Tony And Dean Graziosi is a FREE 5-Day Live virtual event that helps individuals take control of their lives with their:

  • Mindset
  • Personal Development
  • New Online Career Paths

To be honest with you, it's just a Huge "Pump Up" to get you to then buy into their Project Next System which I'll show you in a second but if you want to se the 5 day challenge, you can get it for free now on YouTube here.

Tony Robbins Project Next System

tony robbins project next system

This system gives you the immersion, repetition, implementation and Mastery needed for you to confidently launch or scale Your digital product in the exploding knowledge industry.

Here's the run around:

  • 8 Week Masterclass Series. This part of the repetition sequence.
  •  3 Free Months To Mastermind Platform. This is the implementation part.
  • VIP Ticket To Mastermind World Summit. This is the Mastery part.

Speaking from experience, I some times wonder why Tony started selling course and even worse partnering with Dean who has no business being in the space...

So we're just going to ignore the fact that the "Real Estate" guy is now pumping and motivating people? What's the reason behind that?

He's trying to suck your money up by buying a course in Project Next as well with like the Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

Tony Robbins On YouTube

tony robbins on youtube

As you can see from the image above, you can follow Tony's work on YouTube where he has a MASSIVE following of over 1.8 MILLION people and growing every day watching his videos.

By this point it goes without saying but Tony talks about motivation, personal development, interviews and much more to help you grow.

Best Tony Robbins Book

There are many great books by tony Robbins but one of the best (and many others would agree with) is "Awaken The Giant Within."

This book is where Tony shares his most effective strategies for mastering your:

  • Emotions
  • Your Body
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Finances and
  • Your Life

What I really like is how Tony gives you a step-by-step program teaching you the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will really help you discover your true life's purpose and mission as well take full control over your life.

I really recommend this as the best and first book people read as it helped me look at myself in the mirror and figure out my identity and realize what I really wanted out of my own life with my habits, routines, discipline and so much more.

Other great books of Tony I recommend are:

  • Unlimited Power
  • Money: Master The Game
  • Unshakable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook

What about books that Tony Recommend?

6 Books Tony Recommends You Read (Today)

  1. Principles, by Ray Dalio
  2. Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris
  3. The mind at home with itself
  4. As a Man Thinketh
  5. TB12 Method
  6. Mans Search for Meaning

Tony Robbins Net Worth

According to, Tony's Robbins net worth is at $600 Million.

Who Is Tony Robbins For?

In general we all need a bit or a lot of Tony Robbins, he’s a phenomenal life coach, he helps us move barriers, obstacles and will make us improve ourselves personally and in business. Here’s more:

  • For Starting Entrepreneurs who want to improve themselves personally and in business from the best coach and self-improvement “guru” there is.
  • For current entrepreneurs struggling to improve their business and or personal life and want a structured and PROVEN way to improve your results
  • For digital and brick and mortar businesses who can’t seem to get past a certain point and need an extra personal and business push to get moving forward
  • For People sick of their 9-5 and know that being a slave to the work life is not it.
  • And many more

What I Liked Most About Tony Robbins

I’d be here for hours telling you what I liked most about Tony because I can’t just pick one thing, but if I had to…

It would be his enthusiasm. Tony is both Enthusiastic like no other and very powerful at the same time. He will get the most out of you in terms of getting your mind right, personal development and then he hits you with how to grow your business.

He knows that your business isn’t possible without personal development so he taps into the two simultaneously and helps you create a life you could have only imagined,

What I really wanted to say was I liked Tony because he was on Shallow Hal the Movie, No just kidding haha. But I did like it, and that’s where I began to learn more about Tony and followed his work. 

Final Verdict: Is Tony A Real Scam?

Heck No. We just put the question "Is Tony Robbins A Scam Artist" to rest, and we can start from here...

Tony is one of the best and Original Entrepreneurs who has all the capabilities you want in an entrepreneur:

  • Powerful 
  • Certain
  • Motivational
  • Makes No Excuses
  • Leads with resilience

And so forth. Tony will turn an average every day person into someone who looks at the world with more purpose, goals, and the WANT to change financially, mentally, physically, spiritually, and in many more ways.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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