May 20

by Michael Granados

How would you like to get instant funding up to $5,000 WITHOUT needing a business checking account or NO Minimum FICO credit score check and You’re a 1099 worker?

Welcome into this Giggle Finance review where I “Michael” a small business owner and business loan broker expert/independent agent (with Viral Funding Solutions Too) will be pulling back the curtains to show you the REAL truths behind Giggle and if YOU can Finally get financing as a 1099 gig worker, the pros and cons, alternatives and so much more but before that happens the question on your mind needs to be addressed…

Is Giggle Finance Legit? 110%! So take a deep breath (if you haven’t already) and sit tight as you’re about to get the best peace of mind Today to help you continue to build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch!

Alright, let’s get into it.

What Is Giggle Finance?

what is giggle finance

Giggle Finance is a company and platform created by Jared and Mike who are focused on getting 1099 Gig workers fast and transparent financing through their Zeus Like powerful technology, customer service, and much more. They can wire cash into your bank account in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re taking funding to take on more jobs, pay for unexpected expenses, or solve your cash flow needs, Giggle can absolutely help you out fast.

Why Giggle Finance?

Other than the Obvious that at some point businesses will need funding for growth, expansion, and other reasons, Gig workers have been the most underserved industry category because of things like not having a business checking account or having a minimum FICO credit score, but above all is this…

Giggle Finance has been recognized by companies such as:

Let’s go deeper now.

Going Inside Giggle Finance

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

  • STEP 1: Apply. You can complete the simple application and securely verify your bank account in minutes. This is 100% online so all you have to do is connect your bank account and you’ll be protected and it’s very safe and secure. This is done to verify income and so forth. And think about it this way…Since it’s such a low amount you can get compared to other larger amounts, manually doing every file will not be the best use of time.
  • STEP 2: Get Approved. You will get instant approval, and review your terms in seconds.
  • STEP 3: Get Funded. You get to access your funds instantly

More Details…

  • Up To $5,000 Funding Amount 
  • 20%-25% of your monthly revenue is what you’ll be approved for
  • Average pricing is 1.39x your dollar amount. It can be as low as 1.2x and as high as 1.6x (Example: You get $1,000, you pay back $1,390 on average)
  • Weekly Repayments (ONLY)
  • Typical terms are 8 to 10 weeks. Typical new term is 10 weeks. 10 Weeks = 2 ½ months.
  • Renewals are usually 16 weeks which is 4 months
  • Personal checking account can be used for your business
  • No FICO credit score minimum/check

Product Features:

  • You get a simple, hassle-free application process
  • Funding up to $5,000
  • No Hidden fees whatsoever
  • You get a flexible payment schedule
  • Get access to your funds in minutes!
  • No credit score requirements (WOW!)
  • You get instant cash available via a debit card or transfer
  • Fully Secure process and funding

Giggle Finance Qualifications:

  • $3,000 Monthly Revenue (Non-W2 Revenue) (if you need more and are doing $15k+ per month on your LOWEST month in the last 3 months or at least $5k IF you’re in California and New York for the last 4 months, and need more, then see here for more than $10k.
  • 3 months time in business
  • Proof of 1099 - Banking linking to check - 100% automated and very safe and secure process (Plad is the linking the company worked with)
  • 4 Deposits per month minimum (Non W2-income deposits)

NEW Service As Of 2023...

Did you know you can Now get Same Day Funding Up To $10,000?!

Giggle has been in partnership with one of my other providers and they have now come together to offer up to $10k same-day when you're doing $3k in monthly revenue/sales (and $3k on your lowest month) and anything from there up to $15k or so...

The approvals for these will be between 25%-75% of your monthly revenue. Here are more details:

  • Same Day Funding Up To $10k
  • Approval Amount = 25%-75% of your monthly revenue are the approvals (Rule of Thumb) – Example: You do $14,000 in monthly revenue, then the advance = $10,000 advanced. Of course, it can be lower depending on the situation).
  •  Average pricing is 1.39x your dollar amount. It can be as low as 1.2 and as high as 1.69x but we see 1.50 at most when the revenue is better (Example: You get $1,000, you pay back $1,390 on average. Example #2: You receive $10,000 and you pay back $13,900 on a 1.39 rate.
  • Repayment discounts are available IF you pay back early
  • You get Automatic WEEKLY payments ONLY – No monthly options with any funders
  • You get 3-6 month terms.
  • Renewals are usually 16 weeks which is 4 months (more so for clients at the $3k+ minimum revenue level)
  • Personal checking account can be used for business. You can also have a business checking account.
  • Online Banking Is Setup
  • No FICO score check (so no “Soft” pull - IF you get an offer and accept, you will get the contracts emailed to you and then once you sign, there will be a final underwriting steps completed - including a Hard inquiry; and periodically a phone call. It used to be a “soft” pull all the way through but because of so many high risk files at this funding range and so many defaults, and for more, the lender has to do this, which is fine and understandable)
  • California and New York usually get denied per laws can't fund there with this service right now, so it won’t work for these states.
  • Bank Linking with Plaid (Very Reputable company a lot of other companies use. Make sure to have your information ready). Some banks haven’t teamed up with Plaid and just doesn’t work.


  • $3,000 monthly Revenue/Sales (and $3k+ on your lowest month in the last 90 days)
  • 4+ months time in business
  • Minimal NSFs/Negative Days – No more than 5 NSFS/Negative Days in ANY of the last 3 months
  • Current Loan Consideration - If you have a current capital advance, the amount still owed will be taken into consideration and cause a reduction in approval amount
  • 4+ deposits is always best per month but we are willing to see if 3+ more or less of deposits if it makes sense
  • Defaults can be considered (on case-by-case basis)

Industries Giggle Finance Supports…

  • App-Based Freelancers
    • Uber, Lyft, Ride-share
    • Handy, TaskRabbit,
    • Fiverr, Upwork
    • AirBnB
  • Independent Contractors
    • Event Planners
    • Home Health Aides
    • Consultants and Freelancers
    • Tutors and Trainers
  • Small Business
    • Truckers and Taxi
    • Salons and Beauty
    • Lawn and Pool Care
    • Bodega and Food Trucks
  • Sellers and Franchises
    • Amazon and Etsy
    • Avon, Amway, Herbalife
    • Mary Kay, Monat

Giggle Application Process

So on the bottom of the home page or somewhere on it you’ll be able to click on a “blue” button that says “Apply Now” and once you click that button you’ll get a page that looks like this:


Like I mentioned earlier, it’s a 3 step process and you’ll see a similar look:

  • Review and confirm your info. It takes just 5 minutes (yes, they timed it)
  • You sync your bank securely and avoid all paperwork
  • Get access to your funds instantly. You get flexible payments and no late fees.

You’ll be asked to enter simple basic details such as:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Call Number
  • Your monthly business income

Giggle Finance Reviews

Here’s what other people had to say:

giggle finance trustpilot
giggle finance reviews

Giggle Finance Reddit

giggle finance reddit

You have to tread carefully when you read these reddit reviews because they are usually not true about Giggle, and giggle is very transparent with the information they give you. 

Giggle Finance BBB

Giggle Finance is currently not yet rated on BBB

How Much Does Giggle Finance Cost?

There is NO application fee, rather just things like lender closing costs and possible origination fees. Aside from that the ONLY cost you’ll have is in your time and energy, what I mean is this - IF you know you don’t qualify, or it’s not the amount you’re seeking and can qualify for more as well as its not the type of service you’re looking for, then don’t waste your energy and time only to find out you’re not happy with the end results.

Who Is Giggle Finance For?

Giggle Finance is designed for Self-employed workers who want a Very simple application process where you can get access to funds in minutes without needing a business checking account and going through a fico credit score requirement all while getting a flexible weekly payments schedule.

Here’s more:

  • Beginners who’ve never received a cash advance and funding or would like an addition to what you already have and get up to $5,000 fast and safely and secure.
  • Intermediates and experts who’ve been running their business for a good amount of time and would like to get access to funds so you can finally grow and expand
  • You want the flexibility to pay back your advance in a weekly manner while also getting Instant cash available a debit card or transfer
  • App-Based Freelancers such as Uber, Lyft, Ride-share, Handy, TaskRabbit, Fivver, Upwork and more
  • Independent contractors such as Event Planners, Home Health Aides, Consultants and Freelancers among many more
  • Small Businesses such as Truckers and Taxi, Salon and Beauty, Lawn and Pool care, Bodega and Food Trucks just to name a few
  • Sellers and Freelancers such as Amazon and Etsy, Avon, Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Monat

Who Is Giggle Not For?

  • Tire Kickers
  • Lazy People
  • People who don’t meet the requirements
  • You qualify for more funding
  • You are not a self-employee

Pros and Cons


  • Instant Funding up to $5,000 so you can get the best funding for your needs which means you'll have a longer time running your operation and likely be more successful.
  • Very Simple, safe and secure application process so you can have a hassle-free time applying and even getting approved for funding which means you won't have an stress and worry getting things done.
  • No credit requirements so you don't have to worry about getting your credit checked and it limiting you from getting funded which means you'll have a much smoother process.
  • Instant cash available to you via debit card or transfer so you have Complete control over how you get paid which will bring you the convenance you need to keep moving forward.
  • Flexible payment schedule so you can feel really comfortable paying back your advance on a weekly basis.


  • Although this is really not a "Con", you are limited to up to to $5,000


While there are other alternative funding sources or Giggle finance competitors that can get you more than $5,000, there is NOTHING that compares to Giggle Finance when it comes to Non-W-2, 1099 Gig worker funding that can allow you to use your personal account for business and without credit requirements, but in case you want to know what other options are out there, here’s a great one:

With Bitty advance you can Up To $35,000 Same Day Instant Approval and there’s a partnership that’s even better where you can get up to $25k same-day instant approval with amazing benefits. PLUS, you can even get up to $2,000,000 with another program, and If you’d like to see if you do qualify with Bitty Advance, click here to see.

For Governement Assistance:

If you're in need of a grant (usually best for newly established businesses with no revenue or less than $3k and complete startups), then Hello Skip is a way to go for government-related services. But if you're doing more than $3k+ per month, it's best to check out Bitty Advance up above.

What I Liked Most About Giggle Finance

There are plenty of things I LOVE about Giggle Finance but If I had to narrow it down to just ONE thing it would be this…

The ability to not only just get self-employed funding but the ability to do it without needing a business checking account, no credit requirements and no collateral needed!

More self-employed individuals are stuck trying to get the necessary funding for working capital, for growth and expansion, to continue building and even getting out of a tight pinch but with Giggle Finance now there’s a solution for the Millions who need it.

What I Liked Least

Hmm…There Honestly isn’t anything I disliked and I’m not saying this to be biased but because they really do all the leg work to help qualify you and get you funding super fast so you can finally power yourself and your business forward without having to go to bed another night worrying about what tomorrow will look like.

Some people would say “Well, you only get up to $5k”, and here’s what I have to say…That’s not a knockdown at all - Instead how about be grateful of what you’re getting? Also, to get access to more you have to increase your revenue and go through different changes.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about Giggle Finance? Was there a specific part about this post that stood out more than others?

Where else will you be able to find INSTANT Access to up to $5,000 self-employed funding that doesn’t require a business checking account, no credit score requirements, no collateral, and minimal documentation, and continue coming back for more…Time and time again?

You shouldn’t have a hard time looking for a service that can help you move your life and your business forward without complications, and you shouldn’t have to suffer wondering at the end of your night before you go to bed “What will tomorrow bring me?”

With Giggle Finance you will have all the stress you’ve been accumulating go away faster than you can say the word yes, you’ll be able to raise your confidence and level of certainty, and above all be able to accomplish your goals and prove to yourself (and even others), that YOU can make it happen.

If you’re ready to get started with Giggle Finance, then I invite you to get started below with the partnership they have with my #1 recommended service:

P.S. Once you click on the button below you'll come across the partnership with Giggle I have and you'll click on the "Self-Employed Funding" option to get started with your "app sequence". Even though it'll look different, you'll eventually come aross giggle.

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