30 Day Blog Challenge Scam – Free To Start?

Are you ready to hear if the 30 Day Blog Challenge Scam is for real?

Do you want a fast and easy way to get your blog started?

I "Michael Granados" checked out this 30 day blog course that's been around for years now and what I found was quite shocking! I'll be sharing my findings and experience with it in this post.

The team and host of the challenge "Matt" state that if you take this challenge, you'll learn what you need to be a blogger online and make money. But is that the truth? And even more...are they up to date with today's times?

Let's get started!

What Is The 30 Day Blogging Challenge?

In the next 30 days, you're going to learn step-by-step how to make money with a blog. Over the next 30 days you'll receive a daily video to show you what to exactly do...

From getting visitors, and people who want to pay for your products/services(whether you own them or not). On the last day of the program you'll get the chance to add a donation to the program. Here's more about it:

What is this challenge not?

This 30 day challenge is not a get rich quick scheme, so don't expect something fast that will make you money right away. 

Going Inside The 30 Day Blog Challenge

At the beginning of the challenge you'll get a video like the one up above - and you can start the video at 1:20 - that will be the first video you see after signing up for the challenge.

To get to this video you'll come across a sign-up page like this:

starting a blog
30 day blog sign up

On the next page you'll see this page:

blog start

On day 1(after you register with email) you'll hear from Matt who tells you that it's not good to have a free blog because of things like:

  • No Search engine rankings
  • Not WordPress optimized
  • and a couple other details

He states that it's better to have your own hosting/domain platform with a WordPress website server and that there are many different providers out there but Bluehost is the smart one to go with...

Because it's cost efficient for every beginner and this challenge is based completely around Bluehost.

That's kind of where I was put off. Why? Immediately, I was asked to get a website! Look, I've been around blogging, the online marketing, digital marketing world for a while and I've taken many other challenges...

Fact is, I believe it's better to walk someone through baby steps than asking to sign up with a website.

Email One: Within the first email you're also told to sign up with a Bluehost account in order to move forward


I've been around email marketing for awhile and I know that every first email needs to build trust, and add value to the reader, usually without making a purchase straight away...

But not with this one. Every blogger should understand a couple things before signing up for a provider ready or not:

  • Market Research your Niche
  • Understand "Who" your dream customer is
  • What offers are out there
  • Shaping Beliefs and letting go of fear(mindset)
  • and more

Email #2: On day 2, if you didn't sign up with a bluehost account on day 1, you'll get an "is everything OK" email.

30 day challenge email 2

That's only a 1/3 of the email. When you look underneath, you'll be HEAVILY pushed to sign up with Bluehost, all this extra benefits and what other customers are saying elements too.

30 day challenge account access

You're telling me I have to pay for a Bluehost account first before I can progress?

I mean, every person has there own reasons and ways for running a structured challenge from paid entry to free and amazing resources, but the fact that I have to have a Bluehost account without even knowing if the rest of the challenge will be worth it...Uh, no thanks.

I can see that they didn't charge you up front to join and this is the way they go about it to know you're serious but there are much better ways. Here's what does happen when you sign up:

30 day challenge bonuses sign up

Aside from some of this chaos, by day 2 you'll be writing your first post and you'll get further instructions day by day how to do it. You will get motion going and a good feeling on how a blog all fits together as you move forward.

Tired of feeling scammed and pushed to purchase blogging courses? Check out my #1 recommended One Blog Post Away Challenge Instead

How Much Is The 30 Day Challenge?

I've already covered this but it's free to start. All you need is a name and email to get started. Thereafter, you'll be asked to get a domain and hosting from Bluehost which can run you up to $11-$13 for a domain and you package plan is about $7.45/per month for the year.

And from the image right up above, the free access to the blog challenge and WordPress beginners course goes for $397, but you get it for Free..ONLY when you sing up for a Bluehost account.

Pros Vs Cons


Here are a few of the pros of this challenge...


  • Free to start
  • Videos are very concise and targeted
  • In 30 days or less you'll have a blog up and running
  • You get step-by-step mentoring process


  • Hammered with signing up to Bluehost before getting access to the full course
  • It's not most current with 2020 and moving forward
  • Too many gaps in the training. They need to add more substance to mindset, offers, messages and more.


I do like the 30 day blogging challenge, they did great things for a beginner, but there are more cons at least for me that turned me off. Nonetheless, you can always give it a shot, just be prepared to start a website right away. And if you want the better alternative that won't ask for you to purchase a domain and hosting account before getting any help, check out the One Blog Post Away Challenge Here.

30 Day Blog Challenge Reviews

Want to hear what other people had to say about the challenge?

According to Trustpilot, there are some good parts but there are more horrific qualities in it, so starting with the good, but make sure you pay close attention to the bad because that I believe outweighs it:

30 day blog challenge reviews
Michelle Lee

Can you see now what I've been trying to tell you all along?

It's not really "free" and no blogging course at least this day and age should ask you to pay an arm and a leg even if the monthly cost may not be a lot...

The truth is people will drop if in blogging courses/challenges so to expect you to pay a lot is madness! I've been doing this for years trust me.

I'll show you a better alternative where you WILL NOT pay an arm and a leg, in fact none of that because it could still be free(depending on whether I still want to keep it there for a limited time).

Best Alternative

I've been through this blog challenge and TONS of other ones, and in their own respects are unique but looking back at them now, there is so much they lack, therefore, I knew I had to create my own. I made a 30 day blog challenge that will:

  • Give you free tools and done-for-you scripts so you can have everything all in one place which means you'll be able profit from your blog even before you start one.
  • Mindset and determination so you can develop a long-term future which means you'll make higher profits and free up your time to spend it with your loved ones, not missing a single moment of theirs and your life.
  • Worksheets and extra free courses so you can fast track your knowledge which means you won't fall for the gimmicks, scams, crap that prepares you for nothing or is not up to date.

Final Verdict

What are you thinking about the 30 day challenge thus far? It's a mix of good and bad right?

Every challenge, course, program is going to have its ups and downs so I come with that understanding. On the other hand, this challenge will help you get your blog up with the right knowledge of how to post content and keep it running for years to come.

It's not a scam, but I have heard others say that based on the fact that you are required to pay for a website hosting and domain, which Like I said, was a turn off for me. You can start the challenge HERE, but If you'd like another alternative, let me show you where to start.

I created my own 30 day blogging challenge with all the specifications that focus on all the elements of blogging before you start a website blog, that covers more aspects(you don't start a blog until week 3), then check out my "One Blog Post Away Challenge" below.

Michael Granados

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