January 28

by Michael Granados

How would it feel to have an All In One Digital business that is the New, Smarter, Faster Way to step into in INSANELY Profitable Done For You Affiliate Marketing Business so you can Win your Freedom Much Faster?

What if this Done For You Affiliate Marketing System paid out 80% In Affiliate Commissions on ALL products and residuals for work you just had to do one time to get it and allowed you to spend more time enjoying the things you love doing with those you love most? Imagine taking a break…

It’s kind of like that Sizzling and bubbly feeling you get when you drink a nice cold beverage after a workout or after a long day and you just need to hydrate yourself…” AHH”. You’re able to feel more relief, and as you relax, you gain more mental clarity, you plan your life out from there much more wisely, and next thing you know, you’re on vacation kicking your feet in the sand as you look out into the cool and calm waters.

Welcome to this post where I “Michael Granados”, an Expert Affiliate Marketer will be pulling back the curtains to show you what I believe is the ABSOLUTE BEST Done For You Affiliate Marketing Path YOU can take with a Proven Multi-Million Dollar Sales Machine to get into profit quickly…Even if it’s your first day Online. Also this…

A completely ready-to-go Proven business that has already paid out Millions of dollars to people just like you…Because they pay our 80% of the commissions…80%! I’ll give you a second to really register what was just said right there…80%

Alright, let’s get into this system deeper, but if you feel you’re ready to check things out and you’d like to see the “system attachment” I created to this platform where you can clone my business and make it your own for an easier process, see my done-for-you business you can clone here.

What Is A Done For You Affiliate Marketing System?

A Done-For-You Affiliate system is one where you normally get Done-For-You Products along with:

  • Websites
  • Emails
  • Traffic Training and Resources..

But what if you were given 20x more? While every system can come with different things, the best done-for-you systems also:

  • Provide Live Daily personal help
  • Provide Customer Service
  • Provide Product Delivery
  • And Pay you BIG…

…Some pay a little for a rotation of products, others somewhere in the middle, and then seldomly do you find those that pay you 80% on EACH and EVERY product and have residual products that pay you predictably every single month as long as the person/people stay on the membership.

In terms of affiliate marketing, all of the hard, techy, expensive, and time-consuming stuff has been done for you so you can go without owning your own products…

  • Without having to worry about product delivery…
  • Without dealing with customer service…
  • Without building ANY complicated, techy sales funnels…
  • Without having to hire, train, or manage employees…
  • And Much More!

To take it up a notch, the BEST ones also provide coaching and continuously updated courses/material/lessons to you and your enrollees without you having to create all that to create user retention.

What you have to quickly realize is that we’re living in a “Membership” age, think about Costco, Sam’s Club, and many other membership-based businesses like a cell phone company for example:

  • STEP 1: You reach out to them and or they reach out to you
  • STEP 2: They do all this work to get you committed to a cell phone plan
  • STEP 3: How often do you hear from the company after they have you as a customer? They may reach out here and there but not often
  • STEP 4: They profit from you month after month and collect their easy payment

That’s the TRUE Power of Freedom Money…You put in work in the beginning to get it, and then it continues to drop in for MANY months and even years later so you don’t have to start at $0 every month (no matter what your pipeline looks like), which gives you both the time and money to do the things you want to do in your life.

Can A Done For You Affiliate Marketing System Work For You?

That question above is like asking if you can smile…It depends on how many times you smile, what inspires or helps you smile, and how consistently will you smile?

The answer is Yes, for newbies or if you’re an amateur, an expert looking to add another system and more…Anything is possible. These set-and-forget affiliate marketing businesses are usually fully automated so even without ANY experience, you can make it happen…

It just depends on “how often” you will show up, will you be “consistent” and “persistent” in seeing it through…Even when times get tough for you?

If ALL you’re looking for is some “push-button” solution that’ll rain in $10,000 a month without ANY effort whatsoever…You’re looking for a pipedream, that’ doesn’t work! So the quicker you can come to terms that there is no such thing (and if you ever fall into one, RUN! They are just taking your money), the faster you’ll be able to get set up with a True affiliate done for you system…

And the faster you’ll be able to start putting it in front of enough people to buy from you. Where it can be tricky at times is scaling it and generating a “consistent” income IF you don’t drive enough “traffic” (people) to your system…

So while there’s plenty of opportunity and growth, you want to make sure you can put your system in front of enough people to see it, to collect email addresses so you can follow up with your leads, and then get them to purchase.

It’s not difficult to get in front of enough people, ESPECIALLY with what I’ll show you I’m doing that works so you can replicate it, and also with this done-for-you affiliate marketing platform that gives you resources to promote them 

After what I show you works and this other platform that pays out 80% residuals and 80% commissions on all products, you should be fine…Again, it’ll come down to your work ethic, how much you show up, and how consistent you are. If you can stay grounded, you’ll be fine.

Best Done For You Affiliate System (Get Started Here)…

I’ve coupled a MONSTEROUS “Conversion machine” to a Very popular platform called “The Home Business Academy” where I give people (for free) a “Funnel” (a set of pages) you can clone for yourself…

This system introduces people to a “Funding company” where you and others can help people get funding WHILE at the same time promoting this other 80% commission-based company with ALL my done-for-you emails that are high converting (tested), along with my:

  • Videos
  • Templates
  • Scripts
  • Pages
  • And so much more

There’s so much to explain that I wouldn’t do it justice by writing it all here, so to check out this Highly Converting system you can clone and make your own, go here:

Birds-Eye View What It Does:

  • It allows you to sign up as a free partner to help people get funding, and you can even bring in your own “agents” and people who can learn the same thing. You even get a chance to bring in agents and people who want to duplicate the system who may need funding themselves, and you can help
  • In this Funding company, they are set up as an MLM/Network Marketing company BUT NOT in the traditional sense…You earn based on the performance of you getting clients funded or into other business and or consumer services…
    • If one of your personally enrolled agents gets a client funded, there’s potential for you to get a percentage of what they made.
  • Whether you/they want to help people get funding or not, there’s the platform with “The Home Business Academy” that pays out 80% commissions on all their products - I’ve put together all the done-for-you emails that work that you can pop into your “email autoresponder tool” for a set it and forget it action
  • There are other residual products like the "Your Free System", the autoresponder tool, driving traffic, and more.

Check out this system here:

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about this affiliate marketing post on having a done for you business in the industry?

Having a done for you ready to go affiliate business allows you to have a PROVEN machine ready to go in even less than an hour (in like 30 minutes more or less), you get a whole suite of resources at your fingertips to tap into and use, and you get websites, pages, funnels, email, and much more done-for-you, but the best of th best do this…

The strongest systems come with live daily personal support, customer service, and product delivery, along with coaching and masterminds so the days of feeling lost, overwhelmed, left confused, and alone without a solid plan are over.

I can’t forget the VERY Generous 80% commissions on all products and residuals for work you just did one time to bring someone in so you don’t have to start at $0 every month which means something will be coming in month after month…What’s better than that?

If you’re ready to earn your freedom, if you’re ready to earn your UNLIMITED Income For Life Skills, and if you want better for yourself and or your family, then check out my #1 recommended clone business you can make your own and get the done for you affiliate marketing platform to ignite your life here:

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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