July 24

by Michael Granados

Would you like to have an easy peezy lemon breezy simplified business lending process where you can get $1,000’s upon 10’000’s of funding...even with bad credit?

Welcome to this Express Capital Funding Review where I “Michael Granados” a small business owner like yourself with many years of experience as well as a Financial Representative as a loan broker will pull back the curtains and show you the HARD truths about this funding program, the pros and cons, alternatives and so much more so by the time you’re done here today you’ll know one thing…

How to grow, expand and even get out of a tight pinch so you can finally end your mental frustrations, the cry for help, and quit playing the “I’m going to have to close” game. But first…

Did you know over 80% of the world’s small business population gets declined by the banks, cant’ go deep into their savings account and ask friends and family (no longer)?

Yep, it’s the sad truth and I’ve been in your shoes so I get how you’re feeling. We can get into that later but for now, let’s get this started.

What Is Express Capital Funding?

Express Capital Funding is a commercial lending company with over 20 years in the financial sector helping small businesses secure alternative loans fast, flexibility and easy to obtain.

When the big banks can’t help, Express Capital is there to help. 

Why Express Capital Funding?

Supposedly Express Capital is faster than the banks and more flexible than any other working capital lender. So unlike the banks and lenders, Express Capital really believes they can deliver you a decision in minutes. Listen to this…

They also can establish a line of credit that you can draw upon as you need it whenever you need it, so you only pay interest on the money you use. How about pre-payment penalties?

I know many companies who can punish you but there are no Pre-payment penalties here, so what does that actually mean?

If you only need your working capital amount for 30 days, you won’t be held responsible for paying all the interest for the entire term of the loan!

Let’s go deeper inside now.

Going Inside Express Capital Funding

Express Capital Funding Inc has a simple application and funding process:

express capital funding application process
  • STEP 1: Complete The Online Application
  • STEP 2: Get An Approval In Minutes
  • STEP 3: Receive Your Funds Today

Qualifications To Apply For A Loan

To qualify for a loan, you must have:

  • Your business be US-based
  • 6 months time in business
  • $90,000+ in annual revenue

The information you will need to apply and have handy is the last 3-6 months of complete business bank statements and the credit application.

Not making more than $90,000 in annual Revenue and want a MUCH GREATER Alternative option to get funded up to $25k Today? Click here to see my #1 Recommended program

Industries Served…

  • Construction
    • General/Residential
    • Commerce
    • Civil and Industrial
  • Automotive
    • Manufacturing
    • Fabrication
    • Electronics
  • Machinery
    • Industrial
    • Commercial
    • Agriculture
  • Transportation
    • Trucking
    • Railroad
    • Marine
  • Wholesale
    • Distribution
    • Storage
    • Trading
  • Consumer
    • Consumer services
    • Retail 
    • Hospitality

Application Form

express funding application

When you go to apply the form will ask for things like:

  • Loan Amount up to $100,000+ 
  • Monthly Gross Sales
  • Legal Name
  • Entity Type
  • Industry
  • State
  • Region
  • Years in business
  • Website URL
  • And more

Express Capital Vs Other Lenders

  • Traditional banks = 4.9% floating rate
  • Express Capital = 5.9% low rates
  • Online Lenders = 25.0% low rates

No collateral is needed with Express Capital by the way. In my opinion and experience rates are complicated, they add more stressing money pay back amounts, and loan amounts you're granted...

So I recommend if you can, not dealing with Rates, but how? Fortunately there's a great program where you don't have to focus on rates, you can have a poor credit score, and get funded what YOU'RE worth, see here: 

Express Capital Funding Reviews

Here are some express capital reviews:

express capital funding reviews
express capital reviews
express capital funding trustpilot

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) here's what people are saying:

express capital funding complaints

How Much Does Express Capital Funding Cost?

Nothing. The application process is free, but the only thing that does cost you is your time and energy, so if you don’t meet the qualifications or you feel there’s a better place to get a loan (which there is, I’ll reveal it in the alternative section below) then don’t waste your time.

Who Is Express Capital Funding For?

Express Capital Funding is made for small business owners who can’t get a traditional loan from going to the banks or direct lenders and would rather get a better alternative solution online. Here’s more:

  • Business owners with at least 6 months in business
  • You make at least $90,000+ in annual revenue
  • People who want same day funding
  • People who don’t mind being charged by rates
  • People who want a 1-12 month term
  • Construction owners
  • Automotive owners
  • Machinery owners
  • Transportation owners
  • Wholesale
  • Consumer

Who’s It Not For?

  • People who don’t make $90,000+ in annual revenue
  • You don’t have at least 6 months in business
  • You don’t want to deal with complicated rates
  • You are in a different industry
  • You have a poor credit score

Pros And Cons


  • Approval in minutes so you can get same day funding which means you'll be able to grow, expand or get even out of a tight pinch faster than going the traditional route.
  • You only pay interest on the money you use so you don't have to worry about paying for the money you don't use.
  • No pre-payment penalties so you can pay for a certain amount of days and not the full term of the loan
  • US based company


  • Complicated rates can cause you to be charged more and they compound quick.
  • You must be making at least $90,000 annually
  • Only US Based
  • Don't provide the best lenders in the industry
  • Only provide Working Capital and no other services/solutions
  • Limited Industries for funding


There are WAY Better alternative in my opinion and from having seen and tried others I know for a fact there is and one of these I highly recommend is:

By far, my favorite is this option because not only can you can get up to $2,000,000 working capital but there's a service where you can get up to $25,000 same-day instant approval with the most minimum and awesome requirements you will not get elsewhere…

  • 550+ FICO Credit Score
  • At least 4-6+ months in business (depending on the service)
  • $5,000+ monthly revenue
  • No collateral
  • A Business bank account
  • ALL industries included!

Did I mention there's a line of credit program and 1099 Gig worker funding? You can find out how to get it here:

What I Liked Most About Express Capital Funding

I’d have to say I really liked how you can get a decision in minutes with Caapital express funding so you don’t have to wait around days, weeks, months, and even years to get just an answer for approval which means you’ll be able to put the money into your account same day and start growing, expanding and or getting out of a tight pinch (making payroll).

What Did I Like Least?

Three things actually, I don’t like how you have to be making at least $90,000 in annual revenue to get accepted - Not everyone makes over $90,000 and a big reason people want alternative lending is because many make less to begin with…

Also the interest rates, “meh”! Rates are extremely confusing to work with, they can compound and add more dollars to your loan and return amount and it can become a hassle. And lastly, the limited industries they service…

Even though it looks like a lot of industries and sub-areas, there are plenty of other small business owners who need it and will not be able to use this service.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about Express Capital Funding? Did you have a least favorite part?

Listen, your small business deserves the jump start not only to keep satisfying your customers and the economy we live in but to keep YOUR doors open…

You shouldn’t have to feel worried what today not even tomorrow will bring, having to bit your fingernails full of anxiety and frustration only to find out you can’t go forward any longer - thanks banks!

But fortunately you have options like Express Capital Funding BUT if you’re anything like me you’d want the very best small business loan providers and lenders…

And to get there it won’t be Express Capital, sadly. So if you’d rather get the best loan amount at the lowest minimum qualifications, get approved instantly and funded the same day without the complicated rates and hassles of large monthly incomes, click the button below to get started.

Do you have any questions about this review you would like to know more about? Feel free to leave me a comment below and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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