September 15

by Michael Granados

What if you had the ability to tap into the Nation’s Leading Nonbank Small Business Lender who specializes in delivering you the BEST SBA 7a Loan, 504 Loan and conventional loan programs without a hassle?

Welcome into this Fountainhead Commercial Capital Review where I “Michael” a business owner like yourself and long-time business loan broker expert will be pulling back the curtains to show you the REAL Truths about Fountainhead, the pros and cons, alternatives and so much more so by the time you leave here today, this happens…

You have the Formula to help you get the Longest terms at the best rates and most amount of funding possible so you can continue to build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch, but first…

Is Fountainhead commercial capital legit? 110% they are! Pheww…OH, What a relief it is (I swear this isn’t a charmin quote). Now that you know the answer to is fountainhead legit, let’s start putting all the puzzle pieces together.

What Is Fountainhead?

what is fountainhead commercial capital

Fountainhead Commercial Capital is a national, non-bank, direct commercial lender that greatly specializes in helping business owners of small to midsize businesses finance their growth and Truly create wealth through their exceptional loan programs which are the SBA 504, SBA 7(a) and Low LTV Conventional loan programs. Founder and CEO Chris Hurn has been involved in financing over $24 Billion in total projects including the SBA 7(a) loan program, SBA 504 and low-LTV conventional loans across ALL 50 states.

Fountainhead was funded by the most well-known, awarded, and experienced team in the SBA industry which means they have the lightning speed, specialization, creativity and expertise that are second to none.

So when people ask Is fountainhead a lender, you have a better understanding that they are and how they more or less operate (more below on that).

Now that you know What is fountainhead sbf, let's see why they are best.

Why Fountainhead Commercial Capital?

Without beating around the bush here, with Fountainhead you get a massive upside in:

  • Fast Responsiveness you can rely on without having to feel stuff and a lone wolf going at it alone and waiting forever to have your questions answered and the help you need…
  • You get a Very personalized service that is specific to YOU and what YOUR business is all about…
  • You get attention to detail that you deserve without having to backtrack and go through mind-numbing breaks and pushed-out processes…

Ultimately, you don’t get a “faceless” individual or dragging bank that treats you JUST as a number with the representatives of a turtle-like speed. OH, did I mention how outdated of an experience you may get by going through the bank as well as this…

Going to google and typing in “SBA lenders”, and going to the site - That will ONLY cause you headaches on the fact that you don’t know if you’re getting a preferred lender, you’ll get A TON of calls, emails, texts, that will overwhelm you and break you down, not to mention not get the best personalized and customized experience with the best terms and rates (I speak from experience and from helping others).

Here’s more on why Fountainhead is unique, different, and better than the rest:

  • Speed, service and specialization. You’ll get the best experience in the lending industry bar none - with their speedy service and communication unmatched, you’ll get the barriers of a hassle removed.
  • Entrepreneur Minded. Fountainhead shares the “Entrepreneurial Spirit” with you and all their clients on the fact that we work closely with you to provide you with the necessary capital to help you build your business and prosper. You’ll get common sense decisions so you’re not having to worry about getting the best answer and the right path to move forward with 110% confidence and certainty.
  • PROVEN Track Record. Fountainhead is founded by the most well-known, awarded, and experienced team in the SBA industry, so the speed, specialization, creativity and expertise are second to one (literally).

Let’s now go deeper inside.

Going Inside Fountainhead Commercial Capital

Before you see the specific product details, here are reputable brands recognizing Fountainhead company:

fountainhead commercial capital reputation

The Fountainhead team has been involved in financing over $28 BILLION in total projects within the SBA 7(a) program, SBA 504, and Low-LTV conventional loans, all across 50 states:

Fountainhead Services

So the 3 Fountauhead services (as mentioned earlier) are:

  • SBA 7(a) Loan
  • SBA 504 Loan
  • Conventional Loan

Let’s break down each one of these starting with the SBA 7(a) program:

SBA 7(a) Loan:

This is considered “The Growth Generator” as it’s the Ultimate business growth tool and offers you the most flexibility in use of funds such as for:

  • Business Acquisitions
  • Working Capital
  • Franchise Purchases
  • Renovations
  • Ground-Up Construction
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Business Debt Refinancing
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Start-Up Projects
  • Partner Buyouts
  • Business Expansion
  • Business Debt Consolidation

SBA 7(a) Loan Benefits:

  • Loan amounts are $250,000-$5,000,000
  • Terms are 10 year-25 years
  • Rates are 6%-8% (but adjusted for the prime rate)\
    • Current SBA 7a rates: are 5.5% (or prime rate change when adjusted) + 2.75%

Borrower Eligibility:

  • Business Credit Score (Liquid credit): 155 or greater
  • Public Records: No bankruptcies or foreclosures in the past 3 years, No outstanding collections, No open tax liens, No recent 30+ day late payments
  • SBA Specific Criteria: No felonies, No delinquencies and/or default on government loans 
  • 2+ years of profitability with strong credit.

Documentation Needed:

  • Business Information 
  • Project Cost Breakdown with bids and estimates for costs (form provided) and evidence of thesource of the equity injection.
  • Business Schedule of Liabilities for the borrowing entity, real estate holding company, and allaffiliates (form provided).
  • Personal Information for each 20%+ owner (form herein).
  • Authorization to Release Information/PATRIOT Act Compliance, signed/dated by each 20%+owner and their spouse (form provided). [Each spouse will be required to sign/date the form,whether they are a guarantor or not].
  • Personal Financial Statement for each 20%+ owner and their spouses (form provided). [If married,the spouse’s information and signature on this form does not commit the spouse to be a guarantor on the loan].
  • Personal income/Expense summary for each 20%+ owner (form provided).
  • Personal resume for each individual with 20%+ ownership in the subject business. If a resume is not available, please fill out the attached form.
  • Previous three years of corporate tax returns for the borrower or seller (if business acquisition)and real estate holding companies, as well as affiliate entities. [Tax returns are to be signed in blueink. For seller tax returns, seller to sign in blue ink].
  • Interim financial statements (income statement and balance sheet) less than 60 days old, signed in blue ink, for borrower/seller, real estate holding company, and all affiliate entities.
  • Previous three years of complete personal tax returns for all 20%+ owners, signed in blue ink.
  • For a start-up business, business acquisition, and/or business expansion submit a Business Plan along with detailed monthly cash flow projections (supported by detailed assumptions) for the next 18 months and annual projections for 2 additional years [3 years total].

How To Apply:

  • STEP 1. I'll submit your business name, with your name and email address into our portal
  • STEP 2. You'll then have the Loan Approval Application provided to you to complete with the documents above and more
  • STEP 3:And then you can upload into your portal given to you and or sent to me. 

Just let me know this is the SBA option you'd like to take.

But here’s an overall view of what it’ll look like as well:


  • STEP 1: Apply
  • STEP 2: Connect
  • STEP 3: Fund

Related: SBA 7a Quiz Questionnaire

SBA 504 Loan Program

So with the SBA 504 loan program, this is used for:

  • Purchasing
  • Renovating
  • Financing or
  • Construction owner occupied/owner-operated commercial real estate or
  • Buying heavy equipment

Some of the things you CAN NOT use the 504 loan program for are:

  • Working Capital
  • Partner Buyouts
  • Business Acquisitions
  • Franchise fees and so on

All of the above financing solutions are a better fit for the SBA 7a loan program we discussed just before.


  • Loan amounts between $250,000-$22,000,000
  • Amortization between 10 years-25 years
  • Rates are 3.63%-6.5%
    • 10 year term = 4.974%, 20-year = 4.892%, 25-year = 4.981%
    • For Refinance: 5.537%, 4.906%, and 4.994% respectively


  • You are a For-Profit, and a non-publicly traded business
  • Tangible business net worth (including affiliates) not to exceed $15 Million
  • Have an Average Net Income of the business not to exceed $5 Million over the previous two years
  • Ownership must generally be comprised of 51% U.S. Citizens or legal permanent residents (some exceptions apply)

NOTE: A lot of people will ask "Is fountainhead a cdfi lender?" When it comes to a 504 loan it can be looked that way and in ways they do help, but CDFI works different in delivering economic growth in distressed areas as opposed to always being look at as a "CDC" which helps as a long-term financial tool for economic development within a community.

How To Apply:

Similar to the SBA 7a loan process…

  • STEP 1. I'll submit your business name to me, along with your name and email address into our portal
  • STEP 2. You'll then have the Loan Approval Application provided to you to complete with the documents above and more I’ll share with you.
  • STEP 3:And then you can upload into your portal given to you and or sent to me so it can be uploaded.

Conventional Loans: 

This is the “SBA Alternative” which is the perfect alternative to the SBA 504 Loan program on the fact that it can be used for:

  • Purchasing owner-occupied commercial real estate
  • Refinancing

So it’s very similar to the SBA 504 as you can see.


  • Loan amounts are from $250,000-$15,000,000
  • Terms are 10 years - 25 years
  • Rates are 4.15%-7.75%

The application process is similar to that of the SBA 7a and 504.

Fountainhead Commercial Capital Reviews

Here’s what other people are saying about Fountainhead in this fountainhead reviews:

foutainhead commercial capital reviews
fountainhead reviews

Here are some Fountainhead commercial capital google reviews:

fountainhead commercial capital testimonials
fountainhead reviewed

How Much Does Fountainhead Commercial Capital Cost?

There is no application fee, any hidden fees, or anything of that nature to get started, however, there are things like closing costs, lender/broker fees, and origination like anything else but it’s not a wild amount. Other than that, the cost you “May” endure is spending your energy and time into something you know won’t work or you feel isn’t the best option for you, so make sure you’re being efficient.

Who Is Fountainhead Commercial Capital For?

Fountainhead Commercial Capital is made for businesses and business owners who want a faster, hassle-free communication and underwriting process from the nations leading non-bank lender and have an established business of at least 2+ years with a big need for longer-term projects and then some. Here’s more:

  • Small to midsize businesses who need financing to grow and expand and create exceptional wealth through their SBA 7a, 504 and conventional loan program without having to worry about getting an intimate relationship with people who personally and in business care for you
  • You have profitability of at least 2+ years in your business, upwards of a 650+ or better 680+ FICO credit score with higher revenue (sometimes $300,000, if not $400,000, if not $500,000 per year in annual gross revenue)
  • You want an experienced and very dedicated team that’s been involved in financing over $28 BILLION in total projects including the SBA 7a, SBA 504 and low LTV Conventional loans, across all 50 states
  • You want speed, service and specialisation so you don’t have to worry about barriers and taking forever to get your application approved and funded like traditional banks do and others.
  • You want to rely on someone who has a track record 

Who’s It Not For?

  • Those who don’t meet the qualifications and requirements
  • Tire Kickers
  • Lazy people
  • No effort seekers
  • You don’t want to supply high documentation
  • You perhaps want an “All-In-One” in-house solution WITH other products offered like unsecured financing

Pros and Cons


  • SUPERIOR Service, Speed and Specialization so you can be delivered the best possible experience out there in the SBA market while having the speed to go through underwriting and having proper communication along the way which means you'll get in-n-out the door much faster and be able to continue growing and expanding your business.
  • Proven Track Record with over $28 BILLION+ SBA Deals funded so you get the most experienced and awarded team in the SBA Industry which means you'll always be in good hands moving through every step of the process.
  • Common sense decisions are made so you are top of mind in what we do which means you'll never have to worry about something being left out or that something was missed
  • The Nation's leading Nonbank small business lender at your fingertips so you can have a faster underwriting process, get the right expert(s) to look at your file, and not have to worry about going through a scrutinizing process that drags out.


  • There really are No cons and I promise you that I'm not saying that to be biased, but it's the Honest truth. Fountainhead Commercial Capital is a gem and a game changer in the SBA marketplace.


There are definitely other SBA alternative lenders, HOWEVER, you will NOT find someone that comes close to what Fountainhead does as they stand in a league of their own, BUT if you’d like to know of others that do work very well and I have experience with, here they are:

One of my favorites is Business With National because they have this product called the “Hybridge SBA 7a Loan” where you can get an “In-House” look by myself and my team and it’s where we pair up an “unsecured” financing option like a line of credit, term loan, or cash advance in the meantime while you’re getting approved for the SBA 7a program.

I love it in fact - the big reason is that you may have an urgent need for funding and can’t wait like 6-8 weeks to get your funding if not more, so in the meantime, you can take the unsecured financing much faster and use it as you choose…

Then IF and when you get SBA funding approved for, you can consolidate the Unsecured financing and put it under the SBA.

If you’d like to learn more about the “Hybridge SBA 7a” service and it’s qualifications, click here.

What I Liked Most About Fountainhead Commercial Capital

There’s literally so much to choose, but if I had to choose just ONE thing…I’d say the total experience, and here’s what I mean…

You get SUPERIOR and super fast responsiveness and the personalized service to match your needs is unlike anything else out there. The attention to detail from the underwriters to the lender and the team makes your experience hassle-free…

And you won’t have to worry about losing communication in the process as we’re always going to be by your side - and if there’s anything I’ve learned from going through funding applications myself it’s this…

The better and easier the experience, the more of a happy smile you’ll light up when it comes to funding.

What I Liked Least

There HONESTLY isn’t anything I disliked (and I’m doing my best not to be biased), but if we had to entertain the fact…

Then I’d say that people were not aware of Fountainhead sooner - It would have saved A LOT of people the time and headaches of having to do it alone, having to go directly through the site (which is NOT best because you perhaps don’t get a preferred lender, you’ll get contacted over and over not knowing what to do or who to fully trust, the process can be long and a hassle, the flexibility and more).


Here are some commonly asked questions you may already have the answer to but is worth looking back on...

Is fountainhead a bank?

No. They are the nation's leading non-bank lender and it's my beleif after helping out a lot of business owners get SBA loans that it's better this way and this is why...

You get a faster process, you get industry experts who know how to actually qualify you and your business, you get a better and cleaner underwriting process, and much more than going through the bank and or directly through the site (which again, I don't recommend that). 

Is fountainhead a good lender?

Absolutely, 110! They care for your needs as a human as well as what you need to get done in your business.

How Is Fountainhead Capital Different Then Other Lenders?

Traditional lenders tend to only lend only 75% to 80% of the purhcase price or the appraised value, whichever turns out to be less. This means you will then be required to put anywhere between 20% to 25% equity into the deal, an amount that often times is not the best use for your capital. So Fountainhead offers more competitive options.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about Fountainhead commercial capital llc? Is there Truly just one thing that stood out to you most?

In the midst of hard economically hit times where business owners are scrambling to pick themselves back up again and fight for a better tomorrow…

You have the opportunity to keep rising to the occasion and fund that next big idea and or projects as well as have the extra cash-flow to get you through the harder seasons (if there are any), and to allow you to increase your revenue month to month, year to year without struggling…

That’s at the core of what the SBA 7a, 504, and even the conventional loan program can help you accomplish. More specifically where?

Fountainhead Commercial Capital. Thanks to their amazing responsiveness, and personalized approach, you’ll have the best experience out there in getting funding and at the same time not have to worry about getting a credible lender who will always be by your side when you need it most.

If you feel ready to get started with Fountauhad Commercial Capital, then here’s what I’d like for you to do (if you haven’t already), click the link below in the comments to fill out my free questionnaire for funding and in the additional notes section, write the words “Fountainhead” so I know that’s the option you want to go with, otherwise, you can check out the “Hybridge SBA” by going here.

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