September 20

by Michael Granados

How would you like to have fast, flexible funding to grow your business at Zeus-like speed without having to stress about getting approved?

Welcome into this Capital Funded Group Review, where I “Michael” a business owner like yourself and long-time business loan broker expert will be pulling back the curtains to show you EXACTLY how Capital Funded group works, the pros and cons, alternatives, and so much more so you can have a better idea of how to receive funding and this…

Be able to FINALLY get out of your own head wondering if you’ll have enough cash flow to meet the demands in your business and be able to fully build grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch, but first…

Is Capital Funded Group Legit? Yes, they are, HOWEVER( Listen closely here), that doesn’t mean they are the best solution for YOU and YOUR needs and this next part may make you turn the other way…

From what I’m seeing, it looks like they are participating in what’s called “Trigger Leads” and that's a method where these “New” companies focus on gathering your information submitted elsewhere and then use it to contact you via email, phone, etc…

And it could be done in other ways too BUT you do NOT want to be involved in ANY of this, and yes not with this company. Even with the best Lenders out there you apply with (even with a soft credit pull), what happens is your information gets sent to credit bureaus and then is sold to the highest buyer and that’s how they contact you…Sucks don’t it?

Like you didn’t even apply with those companies and are getting called (this has happened to me and even my own clients). It’s ruthless out there, and I’M NOT associated with any of this - I work with the best lenders so you usually don’t have to put up with this.

If you feel you’ve heard and seen enough and you’d like to get on with things, check out my #1 recommended lending provider where you can get up to $25,000 same-day instant approval and even up to $2,000,000 fast without collateral, no hard credit checks, low documentation and more

So let’s get right into it.

What Is Capital Funded Group?

what is capital funded group

Capital Funded Group is a business funding platform with multiple services from Merchant Cash Advances to SBA Loans and more helping you continue to build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch. With certain services, you can get funding as fast as 24-48 hours.

Why Capital Funded Group?

There are three parts to this:

  • Zero need for a credit report. You will not be asked for a credit report when you submit your application as the lender makes this investment decision independently. The lenders will use your existing information on your application and other independently obtained information. This way you’re not declined for funding because your credit report looks misleading.
  • Competitive Interest Rates. Although you don't get exact bank rates and terms, you get competitive interest rates and lowered requirements for getting funding.
  • Spend on Your Terms. You will not be dictated as to how your loan should be spent or disbursed like banks do, venture capitalists, or other investors. You can instead spend the money however you want and on whatever you want. 

Let’s go deeper inside now.

Going Inside Capital Funded Group

At Capital Funded Group, you get a variety of business funding services such as:

  • SBA Loans
  • Short Term Loans
  • Term Loans
  • Equipment Financing
  • Small Business Startup Loans
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Line of Credit
  • Invoice Financing

The most common of the funding services offered is the “Merchant Cash Advance” and in case you did not know what that is or need a refresher…

A Merchant cash advance is technically not a “business loan” but rather an advance you get based on your future receivables or in other words your future sales. You pay back the merchant or lender a certain percentage of sales you’ll be making in the future and if you make more sales one day, you get taken out more and if you make less on another day, then less gets taken out.

This service has grown so much now that there are products called “Hybrid Cash Advances” and I HONESTLY prefer that option because it doesn’t operate like a traditional merchant cash advance, rather you don’t have percentages, rather you have a fixed amount you know will be taken out of your account on a daily or even weekly repayment…

This way you know what’s coming out of your account without fluctuations and a big payment at the end of the month you may not be able to make because of your cash flow and more which then causes you to default and never be eligible for funding in this industry.

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So the qualifications with private lenders can be less intensive than the banks. Capital Funded Group focuses on getting you quick approvals, and fast capital, and here are the qualifications:

  • Have a business checking account
  • 1 year time in business
  • Seamless online application
  • Low credit score is ok
  • No collateral required

Application Process

capital funded group application process

As you can see from the image above, you’ll come to a page that looks something like that and you’ll submit information like:

  • Funding amount you’re requesting
  • Use of Funds
  • Business Name
  • Personal information
  • Signature
  • Etc.

Capital Funding Group Reviews

I searached everywhere for "Actual" reviews of the company/lender, but there are litereally none, however, there are brokers/agents who are saying that groups like this and like City advance as well as more are contacting their client(s) and to protect their privacy, I don't show it.

How Much Does Capital Funded Group Cost?

While I can’t say for sure IF there’s an application fee or any hidden costs, I do know that like any other cash advance/business loan, there are closing costs, origination fees, broker fees, etc, so a couple of thousands or so taking away from your original offered amount is common here and anywhere else.

Another cost you could endure is your energy and time and what’s meant by that is if you know you won’t qualify or you know it’ll be a waste of it to go through, why even get started?

You only have so much energy and time to give, be careful of what you do and like I said earlier about “trigger leads” and more, I honestly wouldn’t want to move forward.

Who Is Capital Funded Group For?

Capital Funded Group is made for small businesses who don’t have good credit or perhaps do, have one year of time in business, and would like to get fast funding without collateral and having to go through a long application and underwriting process, PLUS, having to supply a lot of documentation.

Here’s more:

  • Small businesses with bad credit and or low revenue as well have trouble getting funding anywhere else
  • You don’t mind having your information shopped around likely and don’t mind possibly getting higher rates than you should
  • You have no collateral
  • You want funds between 24-48 hours
  • You want flexible funding

Who’s It Not For:

  • You want your information protected
  • You don’t want to work with lenders/organizations participating in shopping your information around publicly
  • You want a company that participate in good ethics and not buying customer data
  • You can qualify for many other options with more flexibility 
  • You want better lenders/organizations who practice good ethics
  • Tire Kickers
  • Lazy People 
  • No effort seekers

Pros and Cons


  • Fast and flexibile funding to help grow and expand your business
  • Simple qualification process
  • Hassle-free application process
  • Multiple services


  • Trigger Leads participant and buying information out there from clients who've in the past applied or recently
  • You don't see much or any reviews of them from their own clients
  • High Risk funding


There are MOST definitely better and greater alternatives out there and ones you can 110% trust your information will not be spread to any and every lender/organization for your information to then be sent to the dark web, and the better ones are:

By far my personal and business favorite is Bitty Advance because they protect your information and privacy as well as give people up to $35,000 fast and or even up to $25,000 same-day instant approval and there’s an alternative up to $2,000,000 incredibly fast without collateral, no hard credit checks and lower documentation.

If you’d like to learn more about Bitty and the alternative $2,000,000, then click the button right below to see:

What I Liked Most About Capital Funded Group

Hmm…Well, I like that there are fast funding options without collateral, and low documentation, that way you can get through the application process and even underwriting faster and have a decision in like 24-48 hours or so.

What I Didn’t Like Most

I can say quite a bit here BUT let’s start with the obvious elephant in the room…

My clients in the past and even other brokers/agents out there who have helped out their own clients they know Personally and in business too have said that their client has received emails from companies like this and others…

And are like “Who is this and why are they contacting me?” You have to be careful because people are buying data and access to business owner's application information so they can contact you.

The truth is that EVEN the best and most popular Lenders out there have this problem but it is WAY more limited than going through faulty lenders to begin with. It’s just a sad part of the industry where like the credit bureaus and more are able to disperse your information to lenders/providers/people…

And that’s how you get contacted. But with me it rarely ever does happen, and like I said, even with the most secure lenders it’ll happen, it’s not their fault nor mine, but we can reduce that risk by going to the right lender(s) to begin with.

The other part is that you don’t really see more specific details on qualifications and more numbers for rates and so on.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite and least favorite part about Capital Funded Group?

By now you should have an answer as to how to proceed forward getting the best funding without having to worry about dealing with concerning organizations…

And you have a better understanding of how Capital Funded Group operates in terms of services, applications and what they do. Listen, there are no shortages of merchant cash advance companies/lenders and any other service BUT…

You have to “Find” the BEST and RIGHT ones, otherwise, you’ll be dealing with a lot of frustrations, and pain and create more problems than you need in your life….

You’ll keep the lights on even when you go to bed at night because you’re unsure of the decision you’re making, only to find out the next day it was the wrong one…

Your information is sent everywhere and anywhere and even worse, you have to start from scratch. OR you can do the right thing….

Finally, get in contact with the right business loan broker/agent like yours truly and get matched with the best lender(s) who we all TRULY care about you personally and in business and will keep your information protected while getting up to $2,000,000+ incredibly fast funding…

And if you’re ready to get started, check out my #1 recommended lender and partnership by clicking the button below.

Michael Granados

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