December 26

by Michael Granados

Would you like to make a living working from home and running a wildly profitable online business?

What about all these Franklin Hatchett Reviews, are they real?

PUMP the breaks, I know what you’re thinking, Is This Franklin Hatchett “Guru” some kind of a scammer? I’ll cut out the thin air and tell you right now...Franklin Hatchett IS Not a scam, but that doesn’t mean he’s the right person for YOU, does it?

With many people all across the world losing their job, businesses going out, and people stuck at home because of the pandemic, there’s never been a greater time to look for alternative ways to make money online…

And to create the life you dream of having - More Freedom, more time on your hands than you know what to do with, and to live life on your own terms, but here’s the problem I see…

SO many of these people want IT, but very few have the right strategy in place. Luckily for you, I “Michael Granados” a full-time work from home affiliate marketer will show you the ins and out of Franklin Hatchett, the parts no one else shares with you, the pros and cons, alternatives and so much more so by the time you finish here today, your next move will be a brilliant one.

But before I get started, I’ve also made reviews of other online gurus that ARE scammers like Chance and Abdul, Wesley Virgin, among many more.

Alright, let’s get started!

Franklin Hatchett Overview

Person's Name: Franklin Hatchett

Occupation: Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer, and Dropshipper

Best Products Known For: Savage Affiliates and Ecom Elites

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own affiliate marketing or dropshipping business.

franklin hatchett youtube

Summary: Franklin is one of the best Digital Entrepreneurs when it comes to showing you how to make money online with the Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping Business model. He's gone on to make MILLIONS online promoting other people's products and now shows you how you can do the same and replicate his results.

There are no shortage of people showing you how to make money online but Franklin is one of the "OG's" and is trustworthy.

Rating: 94/100

Recommended? Yes!

Who Is Franklin Hatchett

Franklin is a full-time internet marketer, the affiliate marketer who promotes other people’s physical and digital products as well his own to make a living from the comfort of his own home. PLUS, he also now shows other people like you and me how to achieve financial success.

Right now Franklin makes his living with:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Clickbank Products and search engine optimization
  • Dropshipping
  • Promoting other random affiliate products like Luxury Holidays
  • Amazon Affiliates

Why Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin for one is the "OG" Internet Marketer who has produced well over MILLIONS of dollars building out his own business in a time where there were limited resources, less affiliate programs and it took more time to build websites...

But he pushed through those barriers and on the other side was able to prove that he could make an income online as long as you keep going!

He also isn't "shady" in his content like other "Affiliate Make Money Online Gurus" are where they hid the "cons" to things and just try to promote the heck out of the done-for-you systems(which are usually a load of crap). 

Now let’s go deeper inside

Going Inside Franklin Hatchett

Let’s kickstart by showing you Franklin’s YouTuber channel which I’m sure you’ve seen:

franklin hatchett youtube

This is Franklins main channel where he shows everyday people how to make a living with affiliate marketing and you can see he has LOADS of YouTube videos:

franklin hatchett youtube videos

One of Franklin’s main video promotion strategies is to Continuously regurgitate the same information about showing how to do Clickbank Affiliate Marketing, why?

For one, he knows what he’s NOT only talking about, but taking action on, and Second, this is a HIGHLY lucrative keyword search phrase people search on YouTube so why not take advantage of that, right?

When I was just starting out in affiliate marketing, Franklin was my go-to guy for all affiliate marketing needs, in fact, he actually convinced me to start my very own blogging website and built a highly lucrative over 4-figure blog in the health and wellness space.

At the time I wasn’t looking for more specialized knowledge in the blogging industry so I went with other courses but Franklin has his own Affiliate Marketing Courses among others and I’ll show you that now.

Franklins Courses

Savage Affiliates

savage affiliates course

This is Franklin's flagship affiliate marketing course where he will show you the Ultimate Blueprint that will help you start and build an Online Business!

Here’s what’s Inside:

  • Starting The Foundation
  • Niche Research Mastery
  • Website Academy
  • Funnel Academy
  • Email Marketing Academy
  • Clickbank Academy
  • Amazon Affiliates Academy
  • SEO Academy
  • Paid Traffic Mastery
  • Free Traffic Academy
  • Launch Jacking And Web Hosting Blueprint


savage affiliates reviews
savage affiliates reviewed
savage affiliates testimonial
savage affiliate result

Ecom Elites

ecom elites

This course is about Franklin helping you build your first profitable store in 30 days with the dropshipping business model.

ecom elites dropshipping

Here’s What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1: Creating Your Store
  • Lesson 2: Sourcing Products
  • Lesson 3: Facebook Traffic
  • Lesson 4: Instagram Traffic
  • Lesson 5: Email Marketing
  • Lesson 6: Chatbot Traffic
  • Lesson 7: FunnelTraffic Foundation
  • Lesson 8: Google Ads Traffic Explosion!
  • Lesson 9: Organic Google Traffic
  • Lesson 10: Top Secret

People Getting Results…

ecom elites results
ecom elites testimonial
ecom elites reviewed
ecom elite backed by real results

How Much Does Franklin Hatchett Cost?

That answer depends on what courses you’d like to get involved with like his Savage Affiliate's course is either $197 for a one-time payment or a $297 One Time payment

savage affiliate cost

For his ecom elites course, you’d have to pay the same amount as his savage affiliates course.

ecom elite cost

Who’s Franklin Hatchett For?

Franklin Hatchett was designed for people who want to start a highly profitable online business in affiliate marketing or drop shipping and be able to leave their 9-5 job or add an additional part-time or full-time income on the side.

Here's more:

  • Beginners who’d like town an online business and be able to make money with it long-term
  • Intermediate and experts who’ve tried to make money online but is just not working for you and want to finally have the right way of doing it.
  • Current affiliate marketers and drop shippers getting results but want to sharpen up their tools and see what other strategies are out there.
  • Aspiring marketers who want to learn the SKILLS and not just bounce from opportunity to opportunity.
  • Entrepreneurs and brick and mortar business owners who want to transfer to the online space.
  • Moms and Dads
  • Students
  • Retirees

Who’s He Not For?

  • Fast money seekers
  • Tire Kickers
  • Lazy people
  • Push-button seekers

Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN Digital Entrepreneur in both the Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping space so you can have 100% confidence and even certainty moving forward which means you'll produce the results you're looking for and keep going no matter what.
  • Very humbled and helpful person who has your best self-interest at heart so you can build a like, know, and trust factor with Franklin much faster which means you'll always enjoy the content he puts out for Free and or paid.
  • Step-by-step video lessons and tutorials so you don't have to worry about getting lost which means you'll reduce the chance of making mistakes and be able to absorb the content much better.
  • Clickfunnels super affiliate so you can model what Franklin does which means you won't have to keep guessing what to do and where to spend your time.


  • There really are none, and I'm not saying this to be biased. 


There are definitely more mentors to follow in this world and programs so I’m going to start off first with the best affiliate marketing mentors and their programs that I actually enjoy a lot:

My favorite overall course is Jeff Lerner’s ENTRE Institute digital education platform because you get a bundle of courses ALL in one place like:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Agency
  • Course Creation

Along with his works in:

  • Personal Development
  • Productivity
  • Economics
  • Finances
  • And way more!

For Dropshipping:

What I Liked Most About Franklin Hatchett

There’s so much to like about Franklin so I’d rather list them out:

  • Franklin’s a proven digital entrepreneur who knows how to get results
  • He’s like the “OG” of affiliate marketing
  • His free content like YouTube videos and blog content is gold
  • He gives you step-by-step training that’s easy to understand 
  • His courses give people results

What I Liked Least

  • There’s really nothing to add here and I’m not saying that to be biased. I guess, I just enjoy other people’s courses more and I prefer a bundle of courses where I can not only get the way to make money but build my mindset and more - which I can get from others like Jeff Lerner.

Final Thoughts And Next Steps

What did you like most about Franklin? Do you have a least favorite thing?

Whether you’re trying to make a living online with affiliate marketing or dropshipping, Franklin has you covered with the latest information and best strategies to help you grow AND scale your business online with the help of video content and easy to follow step-by-step content you can take action with.

Franklin has been around for a while and his free content like YouTube videos on Clickbank and other areas are always helpful for someone like me at this stage in my career to learn new and even old ways that remind me how to take better action in my business…

And I’m grateful that Franklin has helped with that. So, If you’d like to check out Franklin’s courses, you can click here OR if you’d rather see my #1 recommended program and mentor, click the button below to find out…

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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