September 19

by Michael Granados

Are you ready to STOP sacrificing YOUR time for dollars?

What if you could learn how to make money from home without a product, inventory, or email list?!

Wait a minute! Is Overnight Freedom A Scam OR can it really help you build a sustainable online business that allows you complete Freedom and Control over your time and location?

I’m going to cut right to the chase and tell you the truth, Overnight Freedom Is NOT a scam. Listen, Affiliate marketing is growing at an alarming rate(statistic), and so many people want to just stay in their pajamas, get to their home computer, press a button, and BOOM!

The magic make $10,000! Unfortunately, that’s not how it goes. You may have seen people talking about it, all these videos and blog posts about it, but the truth is you’re not going to get least straight away, you have to put some work in like anything else, right?

Some affiliate programs may pay you small commissions while others pay you the big bucks, there’s always an angle YOU need to take in affiliate marketing to make sure you get compensated well, and that’s where overnight freedom comes into play.

What Is Overnight Freedom?

is overrnight freedom a scam

Overnight Freedom is an affiliate marketing program that teaches you how to build your affiliate marketing business from the ground up using Paid Traffic strategies.

Rather than using what beginning affiliate markets use which are organic traffic, and email marketing, you’ll be taught how to run ads with ad networks.

Going Inside Overnight Freedom

The Overnight Freedom has 8 weeks of training and you will:

  1. Implement and profit from the 3 simple steps 5-figure per day “Overnight Freedom Funnel”. You’ll be able to model and reap the rewards of the EXACT, dead-simple funnel Gerry used to become the #1 affiliate on Clickbank over and over again while making up to $22,227.45 per day using simple Facebook ads!
  2. Grab the ONLY landing pages you’ll ever need. You’ll be shown and handed the EXACT million dollar presell landing pages Gerry uses to make 5 figures per day and that has turned so many of their students into top super affiliates. Simply COPY their templates, change up the words, here and there following their simple instructions, and you’re good to go.
  3. Model MILLION Dollar Facebook Ads. You’ll get a look at ads that have made over $1 million in affiliate sales that you can model in your own campaigns - this is really simple that it’ll blow your mind! They’ve gotten clicks as low as $0.08 for 37,101 clicks using this ad style. That’s Cheap clicks with BIG volume. This is the big secret to their success.
  4. Discover how to find the big-money offers to promote. You’ll be shown how to find the best offers to promote so that you’re ALWAYS making sales and never worrying about if they will convert.
  5. Get a competitive advantage in the big niches, without a big budget. You’ll use the same simple, wickedly effective tricks Gerry uses to dominate over the big boys in the biggest niches out there, which you can scale up to much bigger niches!
  6. You’ll get the top-secret Million Dollar image skype file and checklist. Most people will not realize 95% of the success of your ads comes down to the image. Fortunately for you, this swipe file of images are PROVEN winners, so you can model your images after these. Plus, you’ll get a checklist that Gerry goes through every time he goes to create a new image for an ad. 
  7. Do the ad challenge - get your ad critiqued by a team of 7-figure marketers. When you join the Ad Challenge you’ll be able to submit your ads and get them criticized, by people like Gerry, Rob, and the super affiliate mentors and get your own custom report. This is a once in a lifetime insane opportunity, and nobody else at the top is doing this.
  8. Copy The Overnight Freedom Script To Get Winning Ads for 5 bucks. You can follow the simple image outsourcing script to get outsourcers to create click-inducing, winning ad images, without needing to be a designer, and without ever touching an image software - this script is absolute gold!
  9. Never worry about an ad account closing again. For most affiliates, when either their ad account gets closed, it’s game over. But not for overnight freedom! With their simple ad account action plan, you can get your ad account shut down one day and be advertising again the next day!
  10. Scaling like a boss. You’re recommended to start small with the simple instructions until you nail down your first winning campaign. Then You can scale it up to follow these simple tactics.

Overnight Freedom Course Schedule:

  • Week 1: Setting up your Facebook Marketing Funnel
  • Week 2: Architecting the Perfect Ad
  • Week 3: Setting Up Your Pre-sell page
  • Week 4: Piecing it all together
  • Week 5: Split testing, tracking, and scaling
  • Week 6: Ad account and Credit Cards(Your Business Assets) and Mindset
  • Week 7: Advanced Strategies, Hacks, and tips
  • Week 8: More advanced strategies

Overnight Freedom Webinar Video

Overnight Freedom Reviews(What Other People Are Saying)

How Much Does Overnight Freedom Cost?

You get two options:

  1. A One-time investment today of $2,497
  2. 3 monthly payments of $997 and you only pay $997 today
overnight freedom cost

Plus you’re going to get A LOT of sweet next level bonuses like:

  • Bonus 1: FREE Ticket To The Overnight Freedom LIVE event in San Diego
  • Bonus 2: Weekly Like Q&A Calls
  • Bonus 3: Mark Ling’s Bonus Suite of Tools
overnight freedom next level bonuses
overnight freedom bonuses

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. You get to try out Overnight Freedom risk-free for 30 days and they promise you will absolutely love it, but if you don’t, you can get your full money back.

Who’s Overnight Freedom For?

Overnight Freedom is for people who don’t mind paying for ad traffic to promote other people’s products and services from the beginning. It’s also for people who:

  • Are wanting to get away from their 9-5 rat race and want to invest into an online business that’ll generate them money for many years to come.
  • Want to generate an additional income stream and want to cut right to it by paying for ads and getting money back faster.
  • Are WILLING to put in the time and work!

Who shouldn’t try it?

  • People who are broke
  • People who are obsessive about just using organic(free) traffic methods.

Overnight Freedom Pros And Cons


  • You get to run paid ads so you can test faster and make your money back faster which means you’ll be able to figure out what works and what doesn’t and begin the scaling process faster.
  • Newbie friendly program so you can feel at ease knowing you can succeed which means you’re going to be more focused and have more energy to power forward.
  • Amazing Customer support so you can get the help you always need which means you don’t have to worry about feeling left alone and trying to figure out all on your own
  • 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get your money back if you’re not happy which means you have no risk trying this ou!


  • Huge upfront cost which will mean not everyone can afford it, but it’s still worth the investment

What I Liked Most About Overnight Freedom

There’s so much I like About Overnight Freedom and I’ll list them here:

  • Beginner Friendly course allows you to get the ball rolling with ease
  • You get training to create by very humble affiliate marketers
  • You will get to learn how to run paid Facebook Ads And YouTube ads...Without getting banned!
  • You get a Unique one-click Software, which will quickly generate your ad copies to promote many offers on Facebook and YouTube
  • You get an undisclosed affiliate site builder
  • You get the opportunity to win cash prizes every week
  • Exceptional customer support
  • 30-Day money back guarantee

Overnight Freedom Alternatives 

Just in case you wanted to know what else is out there, I’ll give you a list of training's I’ve tried and know are helpful:

The closest one I’d say is Simple WiFi Profits where you can get started with paid Facebook ads traffic, but with Weight Loss products. If that’s your thing or want to learn how to promote Weight loss products to the masses online, then check out Simple WiFi Profits here.

Final Verdict: Is Overnight Freedom A REAL Scam?

Nope. What did you think about Overnight Freedom? What was your favorite thing you learned?

Overnight Freedom is not a scam if that’s what you’re still thinking, it’s a genuine affiliate marketing program made by two genuine affiliate markets who are going to show you how to choose great products and how to promote them via paid traffic through Facebook Ads and YouTube ads.

You can spend a lot of your time testing organic traffic methods or you can get the ball rolling making money back faster with paid traffic methods, but here’s the difference…

YOU. Here’s what I mean, this is about what your needs are and what you value - Would you be okay spending money upfront to get people to your offers or spend time getting organic traffic through other methods like Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Social Media, etc?

After the many years in this industry, I’ve always enjoyed Organic traffic strategies and once I figure out what’s working, I can rest assured if I run ads to an offer, it will convert, and I believe most beginners start off that way, and if you’d rather prefer doing that, I recommend you check out my #1 recommendation below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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