February 5

by Michael Granados

Would you like to make a Healthy Income selling products on Amazon Even if you have no idea what to sell yet?

Are these Sophie Howard Reviews REAL And Is She The Amazon Selling Queen? Yes, these reviews are legit and you can REALLY make $1,000’s+ Per day selling on Amazon, and here’s why…

Amazon is like what the T-REX is to Jurassic Park - The MECHA of the internet retail world attracting people from all over the world who can buy literally Anything so what does that mean to you?

You can set up your “shop” right inside the most profitable market and within a split second get people checking you out and buying!

Too many people spend their time searching for traffic and placing their products where people will not find them like an eCommerce Shopify store, and end up getting frustrated why nobody is finding and buying from them and that’s because they’re competing with Amazon, why not instead become a partner with them?

Luckily, I “Michael Granados” an amazon niche blogger will pull back the curtains on Sophie Howard and show you the pros and cons, alternatives and so much more you need to know about Amazon selling so you can finally have more freedom, get your time back, and be able to live life fully on your own terms.

Okay, let’s get started!

Who And What Is Sophie Howard About?

Sophie Howard is a successful 7-Figure Amazon Seller and Online Business Coach. She helps Entrepreneurs source profitable products, build premium brands and sell their online businesses. Sophie has sold two Amazon businesses, one for 7-figures USD and is currently building her third global brand.

As you may already know, Sophie created the Amazon Blue Sky Training Program as online training to help you as the online seller source profitable products, follow a step-by-step process and get up and selling lightning fast on Amazon.

With coaching it gives Sophie more personal feedback from Sophie and her team, with “done for you” services to help you get results faster. A Unique thing she does that no one else gets into is that Sophie invites her students to join her on Trade show trips around the world sourcing unique products to sell online…

And she teaches a very different approach to product selection, sourcing, and make sure your Amazon business is resilient, profitable, and sellable. Alright, now let’s dig deeper into her Blue Sky Training program

Going Inside Sophie Howard

At the Blueskyamazon.com home page here’s what you’ll see:

blue amazon sky home page

As you can see, Sophie is legitimately the Amazon Selling Queen who’s learned a lot from selling over 500 different products on Amazon. And right underneath that…

She has a FREE 90 Minute Webcast to invite you to attend where you’ll learn:

 “How To Make a Healthy Income Selling Products On Amazon - Even If You Have No Idea What To Sell Yet”...Without ever storing a single product - or even going to the post office.

Sophie Howard // Amazon Seller

You can register for free to watch with that button in the image and that’s what I’ll show you now.

blue sky amazon webinar

You’ll be shown how You can potentially generate Income selling products on Amazon - Even if you have no idea what to sell yet and before we sign up if you scroll down just a little, here’s what you’ll see:

amazon selling

“According to Jeff Bezos, over 140,000 people from all walks of life are making over $100,000 PER year in sales on Amazon”, how?

  • They let you sell your product to their 100s of MILLIONS of loyal buyers from all over the world…
  • They store and also pack and ship your products to your customers for you…

This means you can run your Amazon business in as little as 30 minutes per day, once it's up and going that is. Does that sound great to you, or what?

So what’s inside this webinar?

Sophie will reveal to you:

  • How to find the hottest products to sell on the world’s largest eCommerce platform…
  • How to find potential ‘Blue-Sky’ Products. These are hot selling products with potentially high-profit margins and low competition 
  • How to potentially turn Your Amazon Business into a big ‘pay-day’. For example, Sophie sold one of her Amazon accounts for 7 figures(USD) to a private investor. Here’s the best part, This account took her just 19 months to build - Results not typical.
  • How to find trusted suppliers from around the world...and source your products cheaply. Plus the common mistakes to avoid. 
  • What sort of income you could be potentially making. When you find the right products to sell - and how much of your precious time you need to put in each week to be successful.
blue amazon sky discovery

Underneath these benefits is a little bit about Sophie Howard:

about sophie howard

So now when I go to register and submit my information, here’s the page you’ll be redirected to:

blue amazon sky registration

Sophie will congratulate you for signing up and you’ll get a video showing you Sophie and how she will be giving you a FREE copy of the Income game plan:

new income gameplan sophie howard book

This will show you what successful amazon sellers do to make money in their business and:

  • How to get started selling on Amazon
  • Best products to sell for maximum profit potential
  • How to source products to sell - without ever having to leave your home
  • PLUS, see 8 real examples of products making big money right now!
new income playbook

Amazon Boom Book

amazon boom book review

Sophie made a NEW book to show you how to build your own Amazon Selling business called Amazon Boom and you’ll discover:

  • 100 ‘big money’ products selling on Amazon NOW
  • How Sophie Sources winning Amazon products - using just her email!
  • The secret of how to automate up to 80% of your Amazon business so you can run it in as little as 7 hours per week!
  • PLUS...Bonus Masterclass - Yours Free where you’ll see Sophie Demo exactly how to find profitable products to sell on Amazon!
  • How to start selling on Amazon In America, the UK, and all around the world - without ever needing to post a single parcel yourself, or even leaving your home!
  • What sort of unique products Sophie suggests to sell(the answer may surprise you)
  • How Sophie sources products from all over the world to sell on Amazon(all from her home in the Southern Alps of New Zealand)
  • 100 examples of products selling like crazy Right Now!
amazon boom discovery

Here are some product examples you can get your hands on:

amazon boom product examples
amazon boom products

Amazon Jet Stream Income

amazon jetstream review

One of Sophie’s latest books is called “Amazon Jet Stream Income” which is a best selling book revealing the secrets to potentially making an extra $554 PER month on Amazon without lifting a finger.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • How Amazon makes it easier for you to start an eCommerce business than ever before - without having to store products, needing staff, or even going to the post office…
  • What Sophie learned from launching an Amazon business while she had a stressful day job and two young children…
  • A sneak peek at the systems and software that Sophie uses to run her Amazon business in as little as 6 hours a week

And here’s some more:

amazon jetstream income review

Page to Page….

amazon jetstream income page to page

Amazon Jetstream Income Reviews

What Other People Are Saying…

Here’s what otters are saying about selling on Amazon:

Here are some trustpilot reviews:

blue sky amazon reviews
blue sky amazon trustpilot
blue sky testimonial
blue sky amazon inside
blue sky amazon 2
selling on amazon reviews
selling on amazon sophie

How Much Does Sophie Cost?

That depends on what you’re getting, so like her book “Amazon Boom” originally goes for $29.95, but you can get it for a limited time only discounted price of $4.95, and if you wanted Sophie’s full training, that will be $3,990 USD and for that you get…

41 months of Helium 10 Database and their training only available to subscribers. Thereafter, you’re looking at another 3k-6k for spending on traffic, ads, tools, and higher-level training. I know the cost is high but the training is valuable, and one other thing…

Amazon FBA is a tough nut to crack so if you try to go at it alone, you’ll be wasting years of mistakes. Also, Amazon selling isn’t easy to keep up and running, there are always things changing and too many moving parts like the Saturation of a product, customer behavior, research after research and so much more that makes it really tough to be consistent at…

And I’ve seen many people fail at it and turn to another business model online like Affiliate Marketing:

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, you get a 7-day money back guarantee.

Who Is Sophie Howard For?

Sophie Howard was made for the person who has no experience with Amazon FBA or has but hasn’t found much success in it and wants to get a mentor who’s proven it can be done so you can model their strategies and tactics without wasting years of your time trying to figure it out all alone.

Here’s more:

  • People who want to sell on the most popular online retailer and want to get in front of MILLIONS of people searching for products every single day on Amazon.
  • intermediates, and experts who don’t mind selling physical products with smaller profit margins but will sell many of them.
  • People who don’t mind constantly changing their strategy and approach to finding new products, understanding their customer's behavior changes, and consistently working with fulfillment centers.
  • For people who have the money to spend about $4,000 to get the ball rolling and have a budget for another 3k-6k+
  • Moms and Dads
  • Retirees
  • Students

Who Is She Not For?

  • People who don’t want to consistently change their approach, find new products to sell, and keep spending their time and money on running paid ads.
  • Beginners
  • People who don’t have about $4K to spend right now
  • People who want to earn high-ticket and recurring sales
  • People who want the highest profit margins
  • Tire kickers
  • Lazy people
  • Push-button money seekers

Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN Amazon Seller who’s made MILLIONS from home so you can have the confidence and certainty that you can get similar results which means you’ll be able to do it in less time and to go do more things in your day or evening.
  • Step-by-step walkthrough on how to build a long-term brand so you don’t have to worry about competing with someone else which means you’ll take more profits inside your market and earn a lot more!
  • High Minimum Order Quantity method so you can decrease your competition and reduce copycats from entering which means you’ll not only build a rock-solid brand faster but you’ll outlast your competition no matter what
  • Loads of resources like her books so you can always stay on top of what’s working today which means you won’t struggle to try to earn.


  • Not good for beginners.
  • Lacks practical tips for selling the actual products. Sophie shares a lot more branding, reviewing products, and mindset.
  • Lacks support


There are definitely other alternatives that are just as good in the Amazon Selling space so I’ll show you those first and then show you my #1 recommended business model that I believe is the best one you can do online, okay?

For Amazon Selling:

Amazon Selling Machine is my personal favorite and the most popularly known of them all with over 30,000 members and the man who created it “Jason Katzenback” worked for Richard Branson of Virgin and John Mackey of Whole Foods, who else can say that?

It’s more than just Amazon FBA training, it’s a private mentorship from two of the world’s most successful, reputable and knowledgeable sellers. If you’d like to know more about The Amazing Selling Machine, click here

Now, If you’d rather do what I’m doing which is running a business in one of the top 3 business models online and not have to worry about consistently finding products(not easy at all by the way), or finding suppliers(hard too) and worry about getting too much volume of customers with smaller profit margins…

Then I recommend Affiliate Marketing. What is it?

Affiliate Marketing is where you can simply promote other people’s products and services for a commission. Whenever a customer clicks on your unique “affiliate link”, and they go to the company to purchase a product/service like let’s say Amazon, then you will make the commission on what they buy!

What I love most is that you can promote ANYTHING in any Industry for physical and digital products which digital and software have higher profit margins getting as high as 50% and even up to 100% full commission on…

Crazy, right? Plus many companies have upsells so let's say you bring someone in on a $7 product, then the company can upsell them on more similar products that they may need and that can be upwards of $1,000’s and you will get compensated for what they buy.

Here are my recommendations:

Are there more? Yes. Are these some of the best? Yes. My favorite is ENTRE Institute because you’ll learn how to grow a wildly profitable business in affiliate Marketing OR any of the other top business models like:

  • Digital Agency
  • Course Creation

It’s an institution where you get economics, personal development, finance, and so much more too! Plus, it’s taught by a 2X-8 Figure CEO in Jeff Lerner.

What I Liked Most About Sophie Howard

I’d have to say my favorite thing about Sophie Howard is that she doesn't just teach tips and tricks that go out of style. She goes in-depth to teach rock-solid marketing and branding principles that will empower you to create a brand you and your customers will truly care about. 

This creates loyalty and trust so you can always get more buyers and get repeat customers buying more and more from you.

Most Amazon FBA courses teach you how to just make money and that can only last so long, but with Sophie, you go way above and beyond by building a brand and being around long-term.

What I Liked Least

Hmm, I’d say that the Blue Sky course lacks the practical tips fo actually selling products, instead, it focuses a lot more on things like:

  • Mindset
  • Branding Theory
  • How to judge reviews
  • And more

Although that’s great, a little more on the tactics would be better.

Final Thoughts And Next Steps

What fascinated you the most about Sophie Howard? Did you have something you disliked?

Look. Sophie Howard is an Excellent Amazon Seller and even greater coach and mentors who’s going to walk you through a simple step-by-step proving strategy and tactics to selling products on Amazon like hotcakes…

She’ll show you how to go after a High minimum order quantity to reduce competition and reduces copycats from entering, and that’s what makes her Unique. This approach will help you create a shielded brand that can’t be touched, but the thing that stands out to me most is this…

Her charisma. Sophie is very cheerful, has a great personality that will always keep you upbeat, happy and moving forward at all times, and that’s what you want in a coach and program, right?

If you’d like to check out Sophie Howard and her course more, click here but if you’d rather see my #1 recommended alternative business model where you can get more traction and get to a point of automating with passive income, then click the button below…

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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