March 26

by Michael Granados

You’re scrolling through Facebook when out from the neck of the Zuckerberg woods pops up an ad that reads “free webinar training, Click here”, and you start thinking to yourself “What is a webinar training?”

You know the person hosting it but you’re still trying to asses whether it’s the right fit for you and if it’s even worth showing up, until a second after it hits you…

What do I have to lose? Bottom line is this, a webinar training is a way for you to get free value to a topic by a professional in their field and it’s  the BEST way to learn something new you can’t just get from 1. Anywhere else 2. Anyone else.

My names Michael and I’ve had my fair share of attending webinar training's as well made dozens of webinars giving away FREE valuable content that usually shows people how to get quick wins, show people that I know what the heck I’m talking about and ultimately get people to go all in with what I have to offer.

Call them Masterclasses, Live classes, Live training's, webcasts or whatever, they all mean the same thing as a live webinar.

I’m going to break down the following in this post for you:

  1. What you need for attending a webinar training
  2. How to make your own

What Is A Webinar Training?

what is a webinar training

Like I mentioned minutes ago, a webinar training is usually conducted by an expert in their field(Real estate, Ecommerce, Courses, etc) and they are inviting you to join a limited training where you’ll get free value on a topic and prepare you to learn a new strategy, tactic, method to increase your income, knowledge, etc.

Other than the obvious Ads where you’re the likeliest to see a webinar training, you can also find them after opting into people’s emails on a thank you page, also:

  • From watching a YouTube Video
  • Reading a Blog
  • Listening to a Podcast
  • Instagram
  • Websites
  • And many more!

I personally LOVE signing up for webinars to learn something new and see how the educator sells his/her product. I know that sounds strange to you if you haven’t attended one, but once you becomes addicting! In a self-education, good type of way.

Webinars are an integral part for self-educators to get the respect and trustworthiness they need in their field and it does wonders for selling their self-education program.

In this next part I’ll be breaking down what to look for when you sign up for a webinar training whether you’re a newbie or have been around the block and wants some seriously awesome tips.

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3 Tips Before Signing Up To A Webinar Training

Put on the breaks speedy Gonzalez, we got some “pre” tips before you actually can sign up for a webinar that you must know about!

TIP #1: Research The Educator.

If you don’t know who the presenter is or if you’ve heard of them but you’r just unsure what they represent, it’s time to start digging for answers my friend. There may be plenty people teaching on the same topic you find interesting but each has:

  • A different personality
  • A Unique Offer

You deserve to know who they are and te results this person has already helped people achieve and “how long around the industry” is a key indicator if they know their stuff…

You don’t want to listen to someone teaching you how to sell a course on how to sell a course because they read it somewhere….UH...mind boggling I know!

Here’s a couple ways to find out about someone:

  1. If it’s a Facebook Ad - Click on the picture/name of the person. This will usually take you to a Facebook Business page. From there you can see their posts, and if there’s a link to their website, go to it. Now read their “about us” or “about me” page.
  2. If you’re on a YouTube channel - Suddenly a webinar pops up on an ad or you’re watching a video and you get invited to a free webinar training - either click through it or you can visit the person’s YouTube channel, scan around, see if they have a website and social media channels and visit them.

These are just two of many, important thing is to do your research before signing up. My advice is to sign up anyways because you usually get a waiting period before the webinar will start. During this time you can go do your research.

TIP #2 Read the Copy

Every Webinar Training will come with a video or some form of a written copy giving you information about what you’re going to see i the webinar. Listen to EVERY word that person is saying and if it resonates with you, give them a chance!

I’ve seen all types of webinars and I know it might sound selfish of me but there have been times where I see a tacky marketing or sales tactic that just made me turn my head the other way. Also, it ca be a training that I know is levels below or way above me and I’m just not ready at this time attend...which rarely happens...Go for it even if “you’re not there”.

TIP #3. Do You Have The Time?

Most webinar training's will ask you for your name, email and let you choose a time to attend. Usually their like 4-5 or more, just know which time will work out best for you and your schedule and if you don’t have the time…

Sign up for one anyways! Why?

Educators may have a replay that you’ll receive through your email and you can catch it there. It’s better to do that then to let it pass and think you can sign up later. Keep this in mind, Webinars are around for a limited time!

3 Tips After Signing Up For A Webinar Training

Now that you know what to look out for before signing up for a webinar training, here’s what you MUST know post sign up:

TIP #1: Research The Educator

Like in the “pre” step in the last section it’s in your best interest to research the person hosting the training but this time do it after. If you didn’t get a chance to research before or if you waited till after, you can start the background check process.

One good thing about attending a webinar that is done right is the person will likely run through who they are and what makes them credible at the beginning of their presentation which gives you a better sign of who they are and why you should trust them.

TIP #2: Block Out Time

Did you know not everyone joins a webinar training after they sign up?

Yep. Have you ever asked yourself why that is? There are many factors like:

  • They forgot
  • They got busy
  • They didn’t care enough

It’s usually because they got caught up with other responsibilities. Why sign up for a webinar training time slot if you can’t make it? If you’re going to go through all the effort of filling out your details, even watch a thank you video before the webinar on the next page and not to mention that exciting feeling sitting in your gut...Might as well be there!

As a beginner I made this mistake over and over again, I’d sign up for a webinar and then doze up on other tasks and errands. If I would have showed up at the time I needed, I would have had faster results.

TIP #3: Show Up “WELL” Prepared.

I put emphasis on “WELL” because showing up is half the battle, listening and followig instructions is the second part. I know you’re hoping to catch the replay on your own time, but truth is you need to show and prove to yourself you’re worthy of that time and have a REAL interest in investing in yourself so you can get closer to your dreams much faster.

Leaving 30 tabs opened on your computer, headphones in your ears, food all around you, your checking your cell phone every 2 seconds is the fastest way to ensure you don’t care, you’re not taking it seriously, and lose the whole experience of a webinar.

Webinars are a time for you to learn in bite size pieces, secrets you can’t get anywhere else, and the limited chance to see a new opportunity that tomorrow may not be available. If you’re making room for 1-2 hours of your time might as well go ALL in right?

Bring a notebook, and a pencil with you to take some notes!

TIP #4: Claim Your Tools And Resources

My favorite part about EVERY webinar training is the fact that educators like to hand out free resources before and after a webinar. People will give you things like:

  • Checklists
  • PDF’s
  • Guide
  • Free Book

And that’s all before the webinar gets started! These are things you can get offered at the end too. Top notch webinar performers will usually tell you something like this:

“If you stay till the end of the webinar today, I’m going to give you my Free Book to give you a head start”.

And BOOM! You’re sucked in. Other than that enjoy the chat box features, communicate with the person, the moderator, and other people inside. Engagement is a good sign that you care enough. Most educators ask you to engage during the presentation and at the end you can ask questions...take advantage of that!


The most important part of a webinar training is to take action with the free information you were given but also even invest your time and money with the educator. Why?

If you want a particular result and you know you can only get it through that person, go for it. After my years of self-education and making a full-time income online, the best way to get results is to invest with someone who already has the results you want and need as well the right mentor.

Understanding that alone will shortcut your way to success and ensure you don’t have to make the same mistakes that person once made.

Final Verdict: Are Webinar Training's Worth It?

HECK YEAH! Did you read what I said today? Of course you did, you know I only said that in good spirit and because I want the best for you.

Webinar Training's are PROVEN to help you learn something new about a topic you’re interested in, experts are usually hosting them, and they can get you on the “Fast Track” to your results.

Self-Education is a billion dollar industry and after my 3+ years in college(University and Community) I once never thought I’d be on the path to self-education and helping others achieve it for themselves. Right now IS the time.

Do you ave any questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to leave me a comment down below and I’ll get back to you right away!

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