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by Michael Granados

Want to see an “Almost” never shared Freedom Launchpad Reviews and formula that Online Millionaires have secretly used since the beginning of the internet to create INSTANT and Ongoing CashFlow and have it work for you 100% of the time you use it?

What about using the freedom Launchpad method to instantly launch your time, financial, and lifestyle freedom at rocket-like speed?

Is Freedom LaunchPad legit? Yes, and it’s not a Scam BUT(huge but here) this system could be the last thing you want in your hands as it "may" destroy your growth!

With so many “gurus” showing you their “Proven” way to make money comes A LOT of uncertainty, frustration and the want to quit because you end up getting scammed and left feeling like a couch potato on the verge of collateral…

But Luckily I "Michael Granados” will be pulling back the curtains and revealing to you the truths no one else is telling you about the system, the pros and cons, alternatives, and so much more you MUST know if you do want more financial freedom, to get your time back, and finally be able to live life on your own terms(Without a boss!)

Alright, let’s get into it.

Freedom LaunchPad Overview

Product Name: Freedom LaunchPad

Founder: Nick

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $27(To start)

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own business, Beginners, Experts, People who want a passive income business.

what is freedom launchpad

Summary: The Freedom LaunchPad is a simple 3 step system made by Nick to help you create unlimited cash flow with a done-for-you type business in a box so you can have more financial and time freedom at the end of the day.

You'll be getting done for you sales funnel templates for different niches, email templates, copy, a community and so much more. This is yet another one of those affiliate marketing business models that focuses less on working on your skill sets and more on depending on a system to do the work for you(which is not as easy as it sounds), you'll end up spending more on ads than anything...

And when the system runs dry what will happen? You will be left out on the street like a puppy waiting for the next person to help pick you back up.

UPDATE: The Freedom Launchpad is now combined with and has become the "All-In-One (The Home Business Academy) - I 110% stand behind this all-in-one digital business, and you can learn more about the All-In-One and how I hugely recommend it by clicking here.

Rating: 98/100 (Includes the All-In-One Now)

Recommended: Yes, 110!

What Is Freedom LaunchPad?

what is freedom launchpad

Freedom Launchpad is a Proven 3 simple-step system created by Nick used to help you build a legitimate cashflow online doing something you love in as little as 30 Minutes PER day...Without having to create a single product, without having to build complicated sales funnels, without being a copywriting expert, without having to deal with customer service or delivery, and even if you have little to no experience and have never made a dime online.

This is a done-for-you business in a box type solution where you don’t have to worry about learning how to “market” because everything is done-for-you to the point where you just have to worry about getting paid traffic and sending out emails.

Speaking from experience, these systems don’t last long and they are VERY saturated with people trying to take the “easy” way out in “Affiliate Marketing” and fall for the trap of not having to learn marketing and sales…

It’s not the way to go! So this system is a branch from the 30 Minute Workday from the same creator. He’s just intelligently created more upsells and down sells for things you don’t need and could be saving on.

By the way, the Freedom Launchpad is part 2 of part 1 which is getting the Free Escape Plan which is what Nick used to go from being laid off to 15 years later not having to go back into the job market.

UPDATE: As mentioned before, the Freedom Launchpad is now the "All-In-One" Home Business Academy - This is GOLD! If you'd like to see my review of this super powerful system and the owners of it, please see the All-In-One here.

Now, let’s go inside Freedom LaunchPad

Going Inside Freedom Launchpad

Inside this system you’ll learn:

  • The mostly “Done for you” sales formula that creates nearly ISNTNAT cash-flow 100% of the time…
  • Who your perfect customers are who want to pay you right now before you even ask(PLUS, exactly where they are hiding in plain sight)...
  • Simple one-page strategy that will allow you to make more sales online than nearly everyone else on autopilot…
  • The little-used or even talked about a strategy to getting endless traffic to any site you want to online in the next 24 hours…
  • The two “Done for you” pages that will create you cash flow 24/7 when you’re not even working, so you can live the life you love while you’re money is pouring into your account…
  • How to add UNLIMITED streams of cash-flow in minutes using the simple “Done For You” product strategy!

How Freedom Launchpad Works In 3 Steps

STEP 1: Access Freedom Launchpad

Instantly Freedom Launchpad gives you a proven 100% of the time formula for creating cashflow in minutes. Supposedly there’s this little speech on how this is Not how the rest of the world creates wealth…

And how you’ll quickly discover how to stop trading your precious time for money(or pennies as they say) so you can enjoy an Unlimited daily cashflow 24/7 whether you’re working or not

how does freedom launchpad work

STEP 2: Apply The Freedom Formula

This is where you’ll get a step by step, over the shoulder walkthrough of how to set up an unlimited amount of cash flow online, based on anything you love.

PLUS, it comes with a 24/7 live community of “Freedom Crusaders” to personally guide you in your journey. So following these simple steps will allow you to create new cashflow in minutes anytime you want, and then run a highly profitable online business in 30 minutes per day or less!

freedom launchpad steps

STEP 3: Turn 3 Simple Daily Steps Into Freedom

With the simple automation tools you get online that work for you when you’re not working, combined with the 30-minute workday strategies, you can create unlimited streams of nearly Instant cashflow online.

Thereafter you can:

  • Build…
  • Maintain…
  • And Grow…

...your level of cashflow to ANY level you want using just 3 simple and easy to follow steps that (name) has used to be free and work a 30 minute workday for over 15 years and counting.

freedom launchpad step 3

UPDATE: The Freedom Launchpad has combined with the "All-In-One Home Business Academy" for an even MORE Amazing platform...

You're getting done-for-you websites along with:

  • Done-for-you emails...
  • Done-for-you traffic training and resources...
  • Provided live daily personal help...
  • Customer service...
  • And Product delivery...

Click here to see my video Review on "The Home Business Academy" and the All-In-One system:

What Other People Are Saying…

freedom launchpad testimonials
freedom launchpad review
freedom launchpad reviewed

How Much Does Freedom LaunchPad Cost?

The Freedom LaunchPad will cost you a one time purchase of $27. Do you get a money day back guarantee?

Yes, you get 3 days to view the content and if you don’t like it, just requests your money back.

Who’s Freedom Launch Pad For?

Freedom Launch Pad was created for the person who wants more freedom by running a 24/7 cashflow system and be able to work only 30 minutes per day.

Here’s more:

  • Beginners who want a sustainable long term wealth only giving people products and services you can be proud of and want to leverage a system without having to learn all the fancy copywriting, marketing techniques, sales, funnels, email marketing, and more.
  • People who want to pursue their passions, purpose, and desires in a way that creates more time freedom for you allowing you to design your life as you see fit.
  • You want to work from anywhere in the world that you want to on your own time schedule
  • 9-5 employees whose souls keeps getting sucked away(if it’s not gone already) and you’re rather wake up excited about your life doing something better and greater
  • You want financial security so you can have the freedom to spend more time with your family, friends, going out, and doing more of what you want when you want to.
  • Moms and Dads
  • Retirees
  • Students
  • And many more!

Who’s It Not For?

  • People who don’t have an ad budget of at least $100 per week
  • People who don’t want to rely on a system
  • People who understand they MUST build Skills

Pros And Cons


  • Step by step direction, training and 24/7 guidance from a community of successful people wanting to help you grow so you can reach your income goals much faster which means you’ll finally be able to reach the freedom you want.
  • Create sustainable long term wealth online promoting other people’s proven products and services so you don’t have to worry about making a product which means you will have 100% complete Leverage without having to fulfill on customer support, store inventory or be this “techy” person
  • Unique 30 Minute Workday strategies so you can create Unlimited streams of nearly INSTANT Cashflow online which means you’ll always have money coming in to reinvest into your business and into other parts of your life if you’d like.
  • 3 Simple Proven steps used to be free to only work 30 minutes per day so you keep getting your time back every single day. This ensures you’ll go enjoy more of what you love doing with those you love.


  • Done for you home business system that will eventually get saturated
  • Everyone is using the same funnels so it doesn’t make you unique and many people will have seen it, reducing your chance of getting new leads and sales.
  • You need a high ad budget to get started
  • You’re not learning Actual Marketing and sales skills like you should
  • You’re relying on a system to do the work for you. What will happen if and when it runs dry?

P.S. The Freedom Launchpad is one of many systems I've reviewed that are "done for you systems and others that I wouldn't recommend (that are not the same as Freedom Launchpad) are:


What if I told you there were better alternatives, would that excite you?

Here they are:

12 Minute Affiliate is the closest thing to Freedom Launchpad and 30 Minute Workday but I believe better because you get to choose 3 different niches in the personal development, make money online home business, and weight loss. But it's also another done-for-you system where you should have a budget aside and you're not really learning skills...

Sure, there are a lot more out there but these are the top programs and ENTRE Institute is one of my favorite because you get to learn from a 2X-8 Figure CEO in Jeff Lerner who went from over $400k in debt to making well over $40 MILLION and focuses on the 3 top business models:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Agency
  • Course Creation

PLUS, there is advanced coaching, focuses on personal development, economics, finance, and so much more to put you on the path to Ultimate Freedom!

But for the price and the quality of help and information as well as all the value and bonuses of getting an all-in-one digital education and platform, I defintely recommend the All-In-One.

What I Liked Most About Freedom LanuchPad

Um, I’d have to say the part that attracted me the most was that you get done-for-you services like Sales funnels, some niches, scripts, email templates and more to get you moving in your business faster and I know sometimes we have less time because we work, then we have to take care of the kids, prepare meals, and so much more…

So in a way, having a done for you system works in that sense. Plus, there are 6-7+ figure earners you can get n touch with so you can lessen your mistakes and propel your business exponentially.

What I Liked Least

You’re mainly going to be promoting the system itself. Although you can use the funnel builder to promote anything else, most people just end up promoting the system itself to make commissions because of the upsells and more.

Also, focuses too much on funnels at the beginning which restricts a beginner from learning how to focus on content building instead.

Final Thoughts And Next Steps

What were your overall thoughts on the Freedom Launchpad? There’s a lot here, right?

Listen, Freedom Launchpad will allow you to get started faster by tapping into a done-for-you “home business” type system with the funnel building tools with templates, scripts, training and more so you can start earning faster…

But is there a catch? The catch would be having to pay your way in and also having to pay for traffic, as most beginners end up falling for the trap of spending on ads, specifically solo ads. Most of these systems just tell you to set up your system and then press a few buttons to get the traffic…

This way you’re building your email list. But In my experience, you’ll end up spending a lot of money if you don’t have any to begin with and even then, you’re not valuing the respect of actually focusing on building your own marketing skills and not relying on a system.

Now that the Freedom Launchpad has been added to the All-In-One Home Business Academy platform, it's A LOT better and greater than ever before...

You will get the best community I've seen out there, done-for-you websites, emails, training, and plenty more...Also, if you decide you want to help others start their business with the platform, they pay 80% commissions on a $25 product, and if you get someone into a $125 product, that's $120 per person every single month...

Work you just did once and get recurring commmissions every single month!

If you’d like to learn more about the All-In-One Home Business Academy, please click the button below to see.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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