February 6

by Michael Granados

Would you like to jump on a “cutting-edge” 5-Step Sales System used to generate as much as $7,693 EACH day?

The Kibo Code Review you’re about to witness will also show you 3 huge shortcuts to help you hit ‘Milestone 1’(a $1,000/Week Run Rate) Then Continue to scale….

Without needing Amazon or Shopify, and using a Little known source of FREE Traffic! Listen, it’s Buzz City, people are scratching their eyes in disbelief and wondering if this is yet another “hyped” up scam. So let me tell you, it IS Not.

Pheww, take a breathe and then take One huge one because what I “Michael Granados” am about to show you will potentially forever change the way you look at yourself in the mirror - You’ll be looking at someone with a successful online business where you’ll have more financial freedom, have your precious time back, and finally be able to live life on your own terms!

Alright, let’s get into The Kibo Code Honest Review you wouldn't get elsewhere.

The Kibo Code Quantum Overview

Product Name: The Kibo Code Or Kibo Code Quantum

Founder: Aidan and Steven

Product Type: Ecommerce

Price: $3,497 or monthly installments

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own eCommerce business, Beginners, Experts, People who want a passive income business.

the kibo code review

Summary: The Kibo Code Quantum is an amazing 8-week over the shoulder training program in a unique eCommerce business model showing you how to create a 10,000+ PER Month cash-flow with a SuperStore...

Which you'll place many different products in all types of niches and see which ones people buy, add and subtract so that at the end, you have this Profit on the spot store when your audience comes looking inside. So instead of just picking one niche and one product for the time being like in most traditional eCommerce business models...

This one is designed to help you put as many out there and to wait and see what sticks. Both Aiden and Steve came up with the idea after visiting in Tokyo Japan where stores where placing all types of products and making profits by adjusting accordingly. 

Rating: 95/100

Recommended: Yes

What Is The Kibo Code?

Kibo Code is an 8-week training showing you how to build an Ultra successful eCommerce business using a unique eCommerce style that has generated over 8-figures in the past couple of years.

Rather than focusing on the traditional eCommerce style which is to find the ONE winning produce and one niche, you’re selling more than that in every single market that you can possibly imagine.

A Quick Backstory…

Aidan Booth and his business partner Steve Clayton have been running online businesses for over 17 years since leaving his corporate join in 2003…

He quickly saw success with affiliate marketing and built a digital business that started to make more than $50K PER month…

He then expanded to eCommerce and built a 7-figure revenue stream which is still at the core of their business today.  

Fast forward, Aidan and Steve take you back to 2020 in Tokyo, Japan and they went to visit for a specific reason - to visit the “Billion dollar” chain of brick and mortar stores called “Don Quijote” which they used to create the cutting-edge money-making system….

kibo code backstory

So, Both realized there was more risk involved in selling just one product inside one niche and instead adopted what they were doing in Tokyo which was selling every product in any niche imaginable…

Everything from Toys to Tricycles to Tanning Gloves…

They load up their storefronts and shelving with small batches of different types of products to see what sells best…

They then place the best-selling products in more visible places(and remove what does not sell), then they continue to add, test, replace and optimize their product offerings to boost their sales and increase profits…

Until they have a “store” stacked full of products that ALL convert like gangbusters. So, the Kibo code was inspired by this, and Aidan and Steve do exactly the same.

The difference is they do it online.

Going Inside The Kibo Code

Here’s how Aidan and Steve run the Kibo code:

what is the kibo code

  • They set up a simple online store…
  • They test products in multiple niches simultaneously…
  • They implement FREE traffic strategies to target people who are actively looking to buy these products and get INSTANT traction and sales..
  • They then eliminate products that don’t sell and keep the ones that do…

Then they just keep adding and testing more products, in the same way, to gradually increase their income. What’s the end result?

You end up with an online store of Killer products that ALL convert to sales and profits!

kibo code earnings

5 Core Steps

the kibo code 5 core steps

STEP 1:Set Up Your Store

kibo code step 1

First, you start with your optimized Superstore

STEP 2: Identify Winners

the kibo code step 2

Next, you find the core selection of winning products to load into your “SuperStore” ready to sell. Once you have the products set up and ready to sell, then it’s on to step 3…

STEP 3: Pick Your Profit Path

the kibo code step 3

This is a milestone where you’ll get to reach an initial $1,000 per week in profit by taking advantage of instant sources of “buyer” traffic. Here’s how it goes down:

  1. A person orders a product from your website(your “SuperStore”)...
  2. You get paid upfront…
  3. You buy the product from the supplier….
  4. The supplier ships the product directly to the customer…
  5. The difference between what the customer paid for the product in your store and what the supplier charges you for it is your Profit.

STEP 4: Accelerate Your Sales

the kibo code step 4

This is where you’ll optimize your sales process to increase conversions and therefore increase sales and your profits.

You’ll do this by simply Copying the two!

STEP 5: Rinse and Repeat

the kibo code step 5

This is where you will higher milestones, with the aim to go from $1,000/week to $5,000 a week, to 10,000/week and beyond!

What if there are potential obstacles though?

You need three critical elements that need to be 100% nailed for this to work:

  1. A Converting store…
  2. Products that are Profitable…
  3. You need targeted Traffic…

And so Aidan and Steve created Three Massive Shortcuts that’ll help eliminate these obstacles and maximize your chances of making money with the Kibo Code system and they are:

Shortcut #1: The Launchpad

kibo code shortcut

Here you’ll set up your store in three simple steps:

  1. You select a domain name from the pre-filtered list then generate your logo with their special software.
  2. You install the high-converting theme
  3. You access your own set of 10 products(which are unique to you), push a button…

Then you go live and you’re ready to sell

Shortcut #2: Traffic Secrets

kibo code traffic secrets

So Aidan and Steve have come up with a NEW approach on getting FREE Traffic and Sales from an active group of 100 MILLION US-Based Buyers.

It works like this:

  1. You open up Facebook “Marketplace” 
  2. List your products in 3 minutes flat(without having to do any image work, ad copy, or product descriptions)
  3. When you get a “bite” and someone requests more information about your product you are selling, you simply send them a link to the product on your SuperStore where they can buy it
kibo code facebook marketplace

Shortcut #3 The Profit Vault

kibo code profit vault

The Profit Vault is highly advanced software that allows you to pinpoint profitable products to sell from their in-house database of well over 2 million products.

Why Kibo Code? (5 HUGE Benefits)

Here are the 5 huge benefits that sets the Kibo Code Quantum System apart from everything else out there…

  • #1 There are NO traffic issues
  • #2 There are no supplier headaches
  • #3 There is VERY low risk compared to other Ecom models
  • #4 You could get VERY rapid results
  • #5 You can do this on the side
kibo code benefits

And unlike any other eCommerce models there is:

  • No Investment in inventory…
  • No private labeling…
  • No dealing with overseas suppliers…
  • No Complications…

Plus you can get started in as little as 24 hours!

What Other People Are Saying…

the kibo code reviews
the kibo code testimonials
kibo code reviews
kibo code income proof

How Much Does The Kibo Code Cost?

The Kibo Code costs a one time payment of $3,497 BUT you get two options:

  • Option 1: One payment of $3,497(Instant discount of $491) 
  • Option 2: 4 Payments of $997 
kibo code cost

PLUS, You'll get 3 Exclusive Bonuses:

BONUS #1: Kibo Code Live Recordings

kibo code free bonuses

BONUS #2: The Secret Mastermind

kibo code bonuses

BONUS #3: 7-Figure Scaling Secrets

kibo code bonus

Who’s Kibo Code For?

Kibo Code was made for people who want a fast, simple and highly effective system that is unlike any other eCommerce model there is on the fact that you get to fill your store with EVERY product at the beginning and then transform it into this “SuperStore” of products that convert into sales even more

Here’s more:

  • Beginners, Intermediates and experts who want a PROVEN system to generate thousands of dollars on a daily basis and want to become another student who makes $1,000’s+ per day
  • People who want a push-button website so you can have your SuperStore filled with products from the start without much effort which takes the guesswork and grunt work out of the equation and process.
  • People who need help starting, growing, and scaling their business by two coaches in Aiden and Steven who’ve coached and worked with thousands of people from all over the world.
  • For those who don’t want to struggle with getting traffic(people) 
  • Those who want a lifestyle business that is fun and rewarding,, enjoyable and can be run from the comfort of their own home
  • Moms And Dads
  • Retirees
  • Students
  • And much more!

Who’s It Not For?

  • Tire Kickers
  • Lazy People
  • Push-button(no effort at all on your part) seekers
  • Uncoachable people
  • People who don’t want to focus on more than one niche/products

Pros And Cons


  • BILLIONS to be made by selling every single type of product under the sun in every single market that you can possibly imagine so you never run dry like some niches do which means you’ll capture more attention and bring in customers that’ll always find something to buy from your SuperStore.
  • FREE Traffic strategies to exponentially grow your business so you can get instant traffic without spending a dime on ads and get fast traction and sales which means you’ll reach your $100 a day, $1,000 a day much faster!
  • 5 simple core step system to hitting your milestone of $1,000 PER week(to start) with just a small handful of products to sell so you can keep growing week by week and seeing your profits increase drastically which means you’ll reach your income goals faster and be able to free up your time to do more of what you love.
  • Shortcuts to get to your $5,000 PER week milestone so you don’t have to worry about obstacles getting in your way at ALL which means you’ll wake up in the morning happier and more excited than ever.
  • No Supplier headaches so you can only deal with US products from US suppliers which means you won’t have to worry about communication issues you often get when dealing with China.
  • Very low-risked compared to other eCom models so you don’t have to stock up, ship, or ever touch any products and never have to buy inventory upfront. This ensures you don’t have to spend as much as $2,000 in inventory to get started like you would with other eCom models. With this business model, you don’t have to buy a product until you’ve actually sold it.


  • Working in too many niches at once doesn’t make you specialized.
  • Ecom can be unpredictable especially for beginners. Too many moving parts


There are definitely alternatives in the eCommerce space but also in my #1 recommended business model which I’ll share right after, okay?

For Ecommerce:

Now, here’s what I’m doing to make money online…

I do what’s called “Affiliate Marketing” and what I do is promote other people’s products and services without having to fulfill on inventory, deal with customer support or be this “techy” person, I literally get paid for just referring people to products, cool right?

What I love about the Affiliate Marketing business model is that you can promote any products and services but also the company takes care of the sales process for you…

And many companies get to upsell and downsell the customer for you so you can eventually earn high-ticket commissions of over $1,000+ from JUST one customer!

Here are my favorite programs…

For Affiliate Marketing:

My favorite by far is ENTRE Institute which is an all-in-one digital education platform taught by a 2X-8 Figure CEO in Jeff Lerner who went from over $400,00 in debt to making well over $40 MILLION online and he teaches the three top business models:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Agency
  • Course Creation

Why Not Ecommerce? It’s too sporadic, especially for the beginner. There are way too many moving parts and it’s similar to Amazon FBA, things are constantly changing, sales processes, customer behavior, and more to put up with that can quickly drop you.

What I Liked Most About Kibo Code

Man, Where do I begin? What I liked most was the principle of selecting A LOT of products in various different niches and creating his SuperStore where you can find out which ones sell, which ones don’t, and what to do with them…

This model will help you become more well-rounded in selling and you’re not limiting yourself to just one niche/product which means you’ll always have a product to sell regardless if one goes down and loses traction. 

Plus, the help from Aiden And Steve is unparalleled on the fact that they actually have Proven this works and are willing to go out of their way to ensure you can follow the same process and get the results you desire most.

What I Liked Least

Hmm, I’d say that you kind of become a “jack of all trades” and a master on none in the sense that you’re targeting different niches and products and you’re constantly adding and subtracting so you don’t specialize in knowing everything in one niche.

That would be kind of tough to translate into any other eCom model or other business models like Affiliate Marketing...It would take more research and practice on your part.

Final Thoughts And Next Level Steps

What was your favorite part about The Kibo Code? Was there something you didn’t like most?

Who knew eCommerce had so many different business models, right? Just when you thought the field was too saturated to get into you get people like Aiden and Steven who come up with a new Outlook and eCom business model…

One where you can be unique and set yourself apart from your competition by attacking every niche and every product imaginable and then taking each apart from one by one until you have the winners in your SuperStore!

The great thing about The Kibo Code is you get to test what works and what doesn't so then in the future if you ever decided you want to tackle just one niche and get good at it, you’ll know what can work so you can make the most amount of money in it.

If you’d like to check out The Kibo Code, then click here OR if you’d rather see my #1 recommended business model and way to make money online, click the button below to get started…

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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