February 12

by Michael Granados

Is Keala Kanae A Scam AND Does he really have the “Worlds” greatest Internet Marketing Training?

I’ll cut right to the chase - Keala Kanae IS Not A Scam but does that mean Keala is the RIGHT person for you to learn how to take your passion, hobby, and or interest into a money-making machine?

Hmm, get’s you to think right, but why? Listen, Keala great intentions and has truly helped thousands of people all around the world start their own businesses and change their lives forever financially, get their time back, and live life on their own terms but hear this…

In a world of online “gurus”, there are SO many online courses showing you the same EXACT strategies and tactics so who can you trust? You stand a far greater chance trusting the gardener across the street who always has his back turned against you…

Good news is I “Michael Granados” a full-time at the home business owner will pull back the curtains and show you everything in this Keala Kanae Reviews no one else is showing and telling you, the pros and cons, alternatives, and so much more so by the time you leave here today you’ll be saying to yourself “AHA, I got it now!”

Alright, let’s get moving.

Who Is Keala Kanae?

who is keala kanae

Keala is an incredible Digital Entrepreneur whose passion for social media marketing and personal development goes above and beyond the scope of traditional online marketers as well he’s a Personal Growth Facilitator, Blogger, and Marketer, and inspiringly has a passion for helping you achieve the highest form of your human potential.

He’s commonly known as Keala Kane affiliate marketing genius because he shows people how to promote other people’s products and products without having to own your own product, hold inventory, fulfill customer support, or be this “techie” person.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to settle for an “Average” life and instead want to commit right this moment(yes right now) to living an Incredible one…

And you have the vision in your head of how you’d like your life to look but you’re just not “There” yet and there’s a gap, then Keala is the One to help you pass this obstacle you’re going through, but how, right?

Let’s go deeper inside to find out.

Going Inside Keala Kanae

Keala Kane started back around 2015 with his popularly known company “Awol Academy” which was the most comprehensive internet marketing education and mentorship platform online helping you piece together things like:

  • Your first funnel…
  • Increasing your conversions in your email marketing campaigns…
  • To properly scaling your ads for the most returns on your investment and…
  • All the way up to their Elite Level Mentorship program…

But this program is no longer available - Keala and his business partner at the time decided to split up, and then Keala rebranded to what is now known as “Fullstaq Marketer”.

FullStaq Marketer

what is fullstaq marketer

If you try looking for a Keala K Kanae branded website, you won’t find it or at least it’s not opening at the moment, so you can go to Fullstaq Marketer to get started as the above image shows you the home page.

What Is Fullstaq Marketer About?

Fullstaq Marketer is dedicated to helping you build a highly successful long-term business whether you’re a total newbie starting from scratch...OR are a seasoned entrepreneur simply looking for more leverage and customers. Here’s more…

They are the first and ONLY company to take the “holistic” approach to your marketing efforts because they know that long-term, long-lasting success is not the derivative of a one-off launch or traffic strategies, rather the Sum total of your entire online presence and all of its ever-evolving parts.

These are the courses inside Fullstaq Marketer:

Fullstaq Accelerator

what is fullstaq accelerator

Fullstaq Accelerator will show you EVERYTHING you need to set yourself up with a rock-solid foundation as a thriving Fullstaq Marketer and that is a step-by-step proprietary “Fullstaq 101” process that prepares you to launch yourself into the high-profit world of the digital economy, and here’s more:

  • You’ll discover the highest impact resources and community to serve your goals inside the “Fullstaq Onboarding” training...
  • Tools to Master your mindset and shatter previous limiting beliefs with their no hold barred personal development training in “Fullstaq edge”...
  • Wrap everything up with their incredibly in-depth course “Funnel Labs” where you’ll be walked through the steps it takes to build, launch and fill up a profitable sales funnel...

Once you do all this you’ll be 100% qualified and equipped with the knowledge and ability to create an entire high converting sales machine from scratch with ANY niche!

I believe when Keala Kanae says this is the most cutting edge training package you can use to not only SuperCharge your learning but also take action on to accomplish your wildest dreams.

Traffic Labs

Another project Keala is currently working on is called “Traffic Labs” and this is where you’ll learn how to not just get any kind of person or people(traffic) to buy from your but High-converting, laser-targeted traffic that’s READY to buy right now.

Inside the lessons, you’ll see the secrets to generating a Noah's ark like a flood of website visitors that convert into loyal customers that directly impact your business’ bottom line.

Conversion Labs

Your business's revenue is 100% dependent on how many of your visitors and subscribers convert into happy, paying customers so inside of Conversion Labs you’ll “unearth” their most coveted conversion secrets. PLUS, you’ll discover:

  • How to integrate hypnotic language
  • Live presentations
  • Storytelling
  • Persuasive copy
  • And more….

To create an irresistible desire within your audience that instantly compels them to take action on your products, services, and offers.

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Master Labs

Inside of Masters Labs are some of the world’s greatest minds when it comes to:

  • Money management
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Investing 
  • And more…

So that you can continue to build on your business success.

FREE Download(Getting Started)

fullstaq marketer free download

When you decide to get started you’ll go to a page shown in the image above. Keala Kanae is going to give you a Free copy of “Freelance Marketing Secrets” which is a step-by-step guide to launching a lucrative freelancing marketing career...From Scratch!

And inside you’ll Discover and Unlock the secret to…

  • Launching a fun and rewarding career that allows you to work from anywhere in the world with nothing more than a laptop and internet connection!
  • Where to find hot, easy-to-sell products that cost you nothing out of pocket and fly off the shelves faster than anyone can imagine!
  • The 3 Dirt Cheap Tools that do nearly all of the “hard work” for you so that you have more time to do the things you love!
  • And so much more!

When you download your free book by entering your email address to get it first, you’ll then be redirected to a webinar…

Keala Keana Webinar

keala kanae webinar

Here you can register for a free Bonus training where you can see the results even faster, and when you register you’ll discover:

  • How to get up and running very quickly while avoiding the pitfalls that destroy most freelancers 
  • A Case Study showing a simple “tweak” used to earn up to 800% more income without working harder
  • Three things every freelancer must know to have any chance of hitting their financial goals!
  • PLUS A Ton more!

Success Stories

fullstaq marketer success stories
fullstaq marketer testimonials

Keala Kane Forbes

Forbes wrote a part about Keala Kanae back in 2017 as the founder of AWOL Academy and what they're about.

How Much Does Keala Kanae Cost?

That answer depends on what you want from Keala, if it’s one on one help, that’ll cost you a lot more, but if it’s for huis Fullstaq Marketer training course then that’s going to be $997 for the Fullstaq Accelerator course and here's a breakdown of the others:

  • Traffic labs = $1,997
  • Conversions Labs = Coming Soon
  • Masters Academy = Coming Soon
  • Fullstaq Elite = $5,800

So in total, you’re looking at over $6k! That’s a lot if you’re a beginner, so I don’t recommend it if you are but you can always give it a shot because your ROI will be far greater than investing $6k into it.

Who’s Keala Kanae For?

Keala Kanae was made for people who want to live an awesome life and don’t want to settle for anything but greatness and build a highly successful online business whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned entrepreneur looking for more leverage.

Here’s more:

  • You want to apply a holistic first approach to your marketing efforts so you can have long-lasting results and success.
  • People aspiring to learn the “Marketing and Sales Skills” to literally sell any product/service so you don’t have to rely on a done-for-you system that usually runs dry and leaves you on the sidelines.
  • People who want a cutting edge tracking package so you can supercharge your learning and accomplish your wildest goals and dreams!
  • 9-5 employees who are sick and tired of going to a 9-5 J-O-B every single day to only feel frustrated and tired of all your efforts but not getting anywhere or at the end of the month you don’t have much to show for but just to pay your bills
  • Aspiring Freelancers and Affiliate Marketers who want either a part-time or full-time income so you can get away from having a Boss to being YOUR own boss
  • Moms and Dads
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • And so much more!

Who’s He Not For?

  • I’d say beginners who don’t have over $1,000 laying around to spend
  • People who are lazy
  • Tire kickers
  • People looking for handouts
  • Fast money seekers

Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN Digital entrepreneur who has a strong vision for combining social media with personal development so you can have 100% confidence and certainty you’re going to win every day which means you’ll be able to grow and scale faster
  • Cutting edge training packages so you can supercharge your learning(and earning) which means you’ll always be on top of the latest and greatest information.
  • Fullstaq Marketing so you can get all the skills of a well-rounded digital freelance marketer which means you’ll never run out of ways to make money and your skills will be translatable to any other business models online!
  • Superb community so you don’t have to go at it alone like a lone wolf which means you’ll always have the help you need to power you forward and never leave you feeling stuck.


  • High prices for a beginner( like $6,000+)
  • Focuses more on social media and paid advertising than organic Google and YouTube strategies


There are definitely other great alternatives to Keala Kane and Fullstaq Marketer, especially one that’s my favorite, so I’ll first share with you the mentors and then the courses, okay?

For Mentors:

Like Keala, Jeff takes a “holistic” first approach in all that he does but the reason I gravitated towards Jeff is that his charisma and the way he teaches are unparalleled.

For Courses:

My favorite platform by far is ENTRE Institute because you get to learn from a 2X-8 Figure CEO in Jeff Lerner and you get an all-around digital education that starts with a holistic first approach and then shows you economics, finances, personal development, more, and the 3 top business models online:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Agency
  • Course Creation

What I Liked Most About Keala Kanae

There’s a variety of things I liked Most but If I had to put my finger on one thing, that would be his calm demeanor about everything.

Keala really knows his stuff and it shows when he explains complex terms or on any other topic which makes it more settling and easier for you to listen, take in the knowledge, and apply what you learn. He gets straight to it and doesn’t make you feel “goody goody”...

And that’s what you want in a mentor...Someone who will push you and give it to you straight. Can I add one more thing?

His courses are phenomenal, they can be a bit complex but they are broken down for a beginner to grasp, yet great for the more experienced to keep rolling.

What I Liked Least

Hmm, I’d say all the extra stuff you’ll end up buying - There are many upsells after you get into like the initial $997 Fullstaq Accelerator course which you’ll eventually need which is a smart business but as a beginner that would be draining just to get started…

And it may take a little bit of time before you make your money back.

Final Verdict: Is Keala Kane A REALY Scammer?

No. Keala Kanae is a truthful Digital Entrepreneur who can legitimately BOOST your freelancing career so you can build the business of your dreams without having to worry about his material is great.

You’re getting someone who’s been around for decades and fully understands the landscape of internet marketing and what it Ultimately takes to profit...Long-term.

Keywords “Long-Term” - Most people want something quick so they can make money like today, but if and when that happens, it’s kind of like a honeymoon…

It’s great but then after a bit, it’s all gone. It’s only a distant memory. Is that what you want? I hope not. So If you’d like to learn from Keala Kanae and his cutting-edge strategies and tactics then click here or if you’d rather see my #1 recommended alternative and mentor, then click the button below…

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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