January 13

by Michael Granados

What Is My Wealthy Affiliate And How can it turn you into a highly profitable money-making machine?

My Wealthy Affiliate is an All-In-One Affiliate Marketing training platform designed for all levels helping you transform your ideas into profits by turning your passion, interest, or hobby into a wildly profitable online business through a website blog. Over 500,000 independent authority bloggers rank Wealthy Affiliate as the “go-to” platform for internet entrepreneurs. Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for 16+ years, serves over 193 countries, 1,400,000+ members, 10,000+ new businesses built every single month, 1,800+ coaches and 23,000+ people are being helped daily.

There’s NO question Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam but is it the right program for YOU? Listen, there are LOADS of making money online opportunities, and the trap I see newbies and everyone else fall into are get rich quick schemes, scammy and fluff courses, and the result?

You end up getting frustrated and on the verge of quitting(if you haven’t already). Especially in this Affiliate Marketing industry where the blind are leading the blind, and That stops today, as I “Michael Granados” a member of Wealthy Affiliate and 5+ figure home-based business owner who does this full time will show you an unbiased review, the pros and cons, alternatives, and so much more!

By the way, I wrote a full in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate here you should check out because I go into greater detail there than I will in this post.

Okay, let’s get started.

Going Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Starting on the home page, you’ll see this image:

wealthy affiliate home page

Like I said earlier, Wealthy Affiliate is a platform designed for affiliate marketers of ALL levels, and as you can see all it takes is just an email address to get in…

Yep. No credit card required to start, and you can be a free member for LIFE! I’ll get into that in a moment, but let’s keep looking at this page…

Transform Your Ideas Into Profits

wealthy affiliate ideas

You have a hobby, passion, or interest - something that gets you excited and motivated when you think about it and it only takes a spark or an idea to turn it into a successful online business, and in case you don’t have any ideas, Wealthy Affiliate will help you choose one from over 1,000,000 niches.

Build Beautiful, Profit Ready Website

wealthy affiliate profit ready

Would you believe me if I said you didn’t need design skills to build a website?

Oh yeah! It’s true. Think of your website as like a traditional brick and mortar shop, like a Best Buy…

People are attracted to Best Buy because they want tech, right? So if you had an interest in the “tech” space, then you could use a website to create a tech-related website but instead of physically having people come to you, People will visit your storefront virtually!

At the time that I’m writing this post were still abiding by COVID-19 protocols, and many traditional brick and mortar businesses are going out, people are stuck at home, people are finding ways to work from home...you see my point.

So having a website online will attract visitors to you without ever having to leave your home or build a physical business which can cost A LOT of money to start and you may not even be profitable...Kind of scary, right?

The process of putting your website together with Wealthy Affiliate will ONLY take 30 seconds to build a beautiful looking site with:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Revenue ready
  • State of the art and ultra-powerful hosting

Proven Strategies To Attract LOADS Of Traffic

wealthy affiliate proven strategies

You have access to over 4 BILLION Potential Customers! You’re in the business of serving people, and without people, nobody will ever buy from you but luckily for you…

Wealthy Affiliate’s first few lessons will show you the most current traffic techniques and how you can get an abundance of relevant customers to your own website. Just imagine this…

You write a blog post and BOOM it ranks on the first page of Google the same day, not a second later people are crowding your blog post like a heard of Black Friday Shoppers trying to beat one another to the product


This is the reality and it is yours(if you follow the simple step-by-step training). 

Your Revenue Sources Are Unlimited

wealthy affiliate revenue sources

What do you do with the people(traffic) once you have them?

You must make money somehow, right? This is the fun part, without spending a single dime, you can promote all the top brands in the world through affiliate programs or affiliate networks as they are also commonly referred to as.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you’ll learn how you can choose from close to 600 MILLION products/Services and easily promote them on your own website with ease. 

  • No inventory needed
  • No shipping required
  • No customer support necessary

Wealthy Affiliate Stats

wealthy affiliate statistics

Real Feedback...

wealthy affiliate feedback

Wealthy Affiliate Features

wealthy affiliate features

Wealthy Affiliate Back Office.

This is what you’ll see once you’ve signed up for Free

wealthy affiliate back office

As you can see in the middle, you have a communication area where the Wealthy Affiliate community is communicating with one another:

  • Ideas
  • Help
  • Resources
  • Insight
  • And much more!

Wealthy Affiliate’s community is a HUGE reason why you will end up getting results much faster and continue to push yourself when you feel times get tough because listen, I’m not going to be that person who sugar coats it for you…

This does take work. But with a Super helpful community you won’t feel stressed or as overwhelmed and this “lone wolf” who needs to figure out everything on their own and running around like a chicken with their head cut off.

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Across the top of your screen(if you’re on a desktop) is your navigation where you’ll see:

  • Home
  • Training
  • Websites
  • Classes
  • Research
  • Promote
  • Publish 
  • Help
wealthy affiliate navigation

And then to the right of that will be your:

  • Live Chat
  • Quick Action
    • Blog at WA
    • Create Training
    • Write An Article
    • Build a Website
    • Find Domain
  • Affiliate Program Details
  • Notifications
  • Messages
  • Apps
  • Your Profile

Wealthy Affiliate Training

wealthy affiliate two trainings

Wealthy Affiliate gives you two cutting edge training:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification. You get 5 courses with 50 lessons inside walking you through the process of creating and growing a business with absolutely ANY niche you want.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp. You get 7 courses with 70 lessons walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate

Here’s an example of how the Online Entrepreneur Certification course will look like for Level 1 Getting Rolling:

wealthy affiliate level 1 getting started


wealthy affiliate lesson task

Through the lessons, you’ll be given tasks as homework to do after you learn the lesson so you don’t just consume but take ACTION!

At the bottom of every lesson will be a set of tasks to complete before moving to the next lesson:

wealthy affiliate bottom task

And underneath that will be people getting help in the comments:

wealthy affiliate lesson comments

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What Other People Are Saying…

wealthy affiliate results
wealthy affiliate test

Here are some testimonials according to trustpilot;

wealthy affiliate on trustpilot
wealthy affiliate trustpilot reviewed
wa trustpilot

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

There are a couple of plans but you can start for free and be a free member for life...without having to enter a credit card!

Here are the other plans:

  • Premium: $19 the first month and then $49 thereafter or you can pay $459 for the entire year(recurring)
  • Premium Plus Bundle: $99 per month or $995 per year

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate was made for people of all levels who want to start an online business in the affiliate marketing space and want to do it with a blogging website to get free traffic rather than relying on paid methods(at least to start).

Here’s more:

  • 9-5 workers who are sick and tired of waking up every morning having to put on a shirt, jeans, the shoes, getting in your vehicle and going to work and by the time you’re there you stop to talk to sally and bob wasting your time and energy, only to find out you just end up doing busywork...Not productivity work!
  • Beginners, intermediates, and experts who want a state of the art step-by-step affiliate marketing training that’ll position you to become successful online and follow the same paths other success stories have.
  • Aspiring Bloggers who don’t want to be in camera(at least now) and don’t want to spend all their time posting on social media which the content disappears fast and want to develop a writing skill that’ll make you money passively by ranking your posts on Google and being there for life!
  • Moms and Dads
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • And so much more!

Who’s Wealthy Affiliate Not For?

  • Tire Kickers
  • Lazy people
  • People who want handouts
  • Fast money seekers
  • Push-button seekers
  • Done-for-you system seekers
  • People who don’t want to write
  • People who don’t want a community

Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN and time tested step-by-step easy to follow and implement trainings so you can get started without any road bumps and be able to breeze through it and take the highest level of action which means you'll have a beautiful and fast performing affiliate marketing website that'll make you commissions much sooner than you thought
  • State of the art platform and hosting so you can have the fastest website and ranking on the top spot of Google' Search engine so you can get LOADS more eyeballs(people) to your blog posts and website which means you won't have to worry about getting attention that'll turn into leads and sales(on the spot!)
  • Outstanding support from the community and Wealthy Affiliate Site support team so you can keep working strong on your website and affiliate marketing journey without having to slow down or "wait" forever as if you were in line waiting at the doctors emergency room for too long which means you'll have more energy to spend on what's most important.
  • Expert Classes so you can grow and scale your business 10X, this ensures you're doing exactly what the experts are doing so you can replicate their results and move your business forward at all times.
  • FREE Websites allow you to "try" a niche before you commit to a paid domain which means you don't have to feel pressured or feel like you're making a mistake you can not come back on or wasted your money and time on.
  • Live Friday Webinars with Jay so you can see what's the latest and greatest thing happening in the world of not only affiliate marketing websites but other digital marketing areas which means you'll be ready to attack and not play on the defensive so much.
  • And so much more!


  • No higher levels of coaching
  • Training is a bit outdated(but the principles are still there so it works just well)
  • Too many people promoting Wealthy Affiliate who haven't either made money for themselves online or are jumping on the "Wealthy Affiliate Promotion Train"...Which explains why you see so many WA review and leaves you unsure on what to believe.


There are a few really great alternatives and ones I’m also a member of and they are:

My favorite by far is ENTRE Institute because they show you Affiliate Marketing on a whole other level where you’ll learn from 7-10+ figure earners who practice what they preach and is all put together by Entre Institute owner Jeff Lerner who is a 2X 8-Figure CEO who went from $400,000+ in debt to making over 40 MILLION Online!

He has a blogging section inside of his Affiliate Marketing Accelerator course as well with more integrated lessons and also teaches the 3 top business models online:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Agency
  • Courses Creation

What I Liked Most About Wealthy Affiliate

There’s so much I Liked, is it okay I just give you a list instead?

  • PROVEN step-by-step training so you can earn more and follow the training easily
  • State of the art platform so there are no bugs and you feel like you work for like the country
  • All-in-one training so you can get training in every area
  • State of the art hosting unparalleled to whatever else is out there
  • An amazing community of like-minded people helping one another grow
  • Free websites to get started
  • Free training to get started
  • Free Jaaxy keyword research tool
  • Outstanding help support team 
  • Extra classes to learn from experts
  • Extra training in multiple areas of online marketing
  • Chat support
  • Private Messaging
  • Affiliate Program
  • And so much more!

What I Liked Least

There are just a few things:

  • Lacks sales funnel training
  • Some of the training videos are old but still apply to anything you do.
  • Not the most expert training available - you’ll outgrow them
  • No higher levels of coaching

Final Thoughts And Next Steps

What part did you like most about Wealthy Affiliate? What about your least favorite?

Listen, there’s no doubt Wealthy Affiliate has it all - The outstanding two types of training you can start and grow your business with to the classes, the community, and extra support you’ll be getting here like nowhere else…

This way you don’t have to feel like a lone wolf trying to figure everything out for yourself(I know the feeling very well). There’s no way you can lose UNLESS you are someone who wants everything handed to them, you want a “push button” solution and don’t care enough about where you are right now to make a change…

To make a change and say “I want MORE” and not settle for less and have what feels “just comfortable” for you to live with. Do you want to keep living your 9-5 tireless life, continuing to make someone else rich, and to feel like you have no freedom?

My guess is Not and if you’re ready to make a difference in your life, click the button below to get started with Wealthy Affiliate for FREE...

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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