October 14

by Michael Granados

How would you like to start and build your own product brand from people who’ve launched multiple successful e-commerce brands? 

What about getting 10 jam-packed courses to show you how to thoroughly build a thriving online store much faster?

Welcome into this Entrebeliever Reviews where I ‘Michael Granados' will be pulling back the curtains to show you if YOU can REALLY build a thriving online e-commerce store with the help of people who’ve built MILLION dollar brands, the pros and cons, alternatives and so much more so you can finally start earning the income your desire to do this part-time or full time (aka, leaving your job!).

But before I get started, There are NO shortages of eCommerce “gurus” and courses all across the web trying to show you how to make LOADS of income by just setting up a store and letting it sit...and rot which is what they don’t tell you, however…

You will not have to worry about that happening to you after you listen to what I’m about to tell you. So let’s get started!

What Is EntreBeliever?

Entre Believer is a program full of courses and tutorials built by Timothy Dixon and Gabriel Moore showing you how to start and build your own product brand from people who’ve made multiple figures building multiple successful e-commerce brands. These people started a brand called Art of Homage years ago in his living room and has become on of the largest conversational apparel brands in the world.

What Is Art of Homage?

AOH for short is a Christian apparel brand that communicates a message about God. The brand came about this guy hitting rock bottom…

He felt like there had to be more than life than just the way he was living. From the outside in, everything had looked great, but on the inside, he was dying. Little did he know, God was in the middle of his chaos preparing him for something great…

Hence Art Of Homage.

Now let’s switch back and go deeper into Entrebeliever.

Going inside Entrebeliever

The main program Entrebeliever has is called “Brand Builders Club” which comes with 10 courses showing you how to build an online thriving eCommerce store. PLUS: You get day-to-day secrets of how they run their own brand. Other things that come inside are:

  • Live Webinars
  • Portal for questions
entrebeliever webinars

10+ Courses You Get…

  1. Brand Builders Club Intro. This is given to Brand Builders Club Members only and will show you how to build a product brand the best way possible. The contents are:
    1. BBC Intro
    2. Apparel Startup Blueprint PDF
  2. The Complete Guide On How To Start and Build a Product Brand. This guide includes the secrets used to launch a brand. You’ll get a 49-page guide with the most complete and up to date startup tool ever released
  3. How To Create Product Photography with a Smartphone. In this course, you will learn how to create a product with photography on a smartphone and you’ll be taught in a tutorial how to prep your merch (t-shirt and hat) for shooting as well as get an in-depth guide to editing your images so that they look amazing on your online store. You’ll see how to use Adobe Photoshop in the course. Here’s the content inside:
    1. Art of Great Photography Guide
    2. Product Photography Video Tutorial
  4. How To Source Quality Products For Your Brand. This is a 7 video training module course of extremely insightful content showing you how to source your own hats, tees, bomber, jackets, local private label print, and much more. You get over 90+ minutes of jam-packed content so you can know how to build your brand. Here’s the content:
    1. How to source full custom hats for your brand
    2. Design Room Dialogue
    3. How to source a fully custom hoodie tee
    4. Design Room Dialogue
    5. How we source fully custom bomber jacket
    6. Design room dialogue
    7. The Local shirt printing process
    8. A complete guide to sourcing
  5. Brand Photography with Models+ Editing Techniques. Contents:
    1. Brand Shots with Models
    2. Editing studio model shots
  6. How To Create Instagram and Facebook Ads That Work. After having spent over 4 years of mastering the art of creating ads that convert to sales and having hired a high-end marketing firm and spent over $20k learning ALL the secrets to making good social media ads, you’ll get insider tips on how to do it for your brand too! Here’s the content you’ll find inside:
    1. Choosing The Right Content for Your Ad
    2. How to set up your first Facebook and Instagram ad
    3. Facebook audiences - expanding your reach
    4. How to monitor your Facebook and Instagram ads
    5. Tips on how to scale your ads
    6. Ads that convert PDF Guide
  7. Making Money Work
  8. How to do email marketing that works. The Entrebeliever brand has helped them generate over six figures in additional revenue, and in this course, you’ll learn how to set up and create emails that convert. Contents:
    1. A guide to great email marketing
    2. VIDEO: How to do email marketing that works
  9. How to use Instagram to build your brand. This course is a comprehensive guide to what Entrebeliever has done to gain thousands of raving fans on the Instagram platform. Contents inside:
    1. A complete approach to Instagram
    2. IG-Mindset
    3. IG-Epic Content
    4. IG-Epic Content 2
    5. IG-Captions
    6. IG-Other pages we like
    7. IG-Stories 2
  10. The Art of Creating Shareable Content. In this course, you will be shown the secret sauce to what makes some brands blow up and why others fall short. Contents:
    1. Design Room Talk
    2. Pre Shot Prep
    3. Set up and Equipment
    4. Capturing The Shot
    5. Lightroom Edit
    6. Phone Edit
    7. Outro
    8. Brand Builders Club

zBONUS: How To Create Resourceful Content That Works

In this bonus content, you’ll get a tutorial breaking down how to make content using the resources around you. Content included is:

  • Creating Resourceful content MP4

A Step-By-Step Guide To How EntreBeliever Setup 4 Lucrative Shopify Stores.

In this course, you’ll be taken by the hand and shown step-by-step how they think through and set up EVERY detail. You get everything like:

  • Setting up your theme
  • What app do you need help with to get your sales to go through the roof
  • The secret to high converting Shopify stores
  • Setting up the shipping and detailed aspects of your store

Here’s what’s included:

  • Intro
  • Settings and Infrastructure
  • Setting Up Your Domain Name
  • How To Pick Your Theme
  • Theme Layout and Setup
  • Product Descriptions Matter
  • Product Layout and Theme Hacks
  • Headers, Photos
  • Shipping and Delivery Setup Main
  • Preferences and Pixel Overview
  • Chargebacks and Shipping
  • Million Dollar Apps 2

Entrebeliever Reviews

To be honest with you, there's really no reviews/testimonials from other people, at least right now, but it can change and I'll add them below.

Entrebeliever complaints

Again, I couldn't find any Entrebeliever bad reviews of complaints.

How Much Does Entrebeliever Cost?

The Brand Builders Cost has two options depending on your level:

  • Beginner for $25/month
  • Advances for $40/month x $399/year

The beginner plan comes with 5 products and the Advances plan comes with 11.

brand builders club cost

Check out my #1 recommended alternative to starting an ecommerce business where you don't have to hold any inventory, you don't have to do any customer support, and you get a PROVEN done-for-you system...

Who Is Brand Builders Club For?

This course is set up for beginners to experts who want to build a complete product brand from Multiple 7+ figure eCommerce experts who’ve done it all themselves and you want an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Here’s more:

  • Ecommerce enthusiasts who want to create a store to sell physical goods to a lot of people and do it much faster with expert help
  • People who understand building a brand is VERY important in your success to long-lasting profits with Ecommerce
  • You want a more done-for-you system where you can focus on leverage and resting your shoulder on a few experts to help you get along in your process.
  • You want access to mentorship through a once a month live webinar and you want to get all your questions answered
  • You’ve tried other ways to build an eCommerce brand and business but it just hasn’t worked out for you.
  • You want multiple streams of income and are ready to open up an e-commerce store

Who’s It Not For?

  • Non e-commerce enthusiasts
  • You don’t want to JUST sell physical goods
  • You want a more “passive income” business model
  • You want to deal with less “volume” and more on higher margins
  • Lazy people
  • Tire kickers
  • Fast money seekers
  • No effort seekers

Pros And Cons


  • 10+ PROVEN courses + day to day secrets of how to create and run a product brand so you can get fast insider access to growing your brand which means you'll be way ahead of your competition and have longer lasting success
  • 49 page guide so you can get ALL the secrets used to build a product brand in no time and you'll be able to follow step-by-step very easily without feeling and getting lost which means you can always refer back to your guide for help.
  • Create wizardry image creation through photoshopping on your smartphone so you can keep making eye-popping images for your merch (t-shirt and hat) that your audience will rave for and want to share with their friends and family as well as everyone else online!
  • Facebook and Instagram ads so you can gain momentum much faster through paid ads which ensures you'll make a faster and deeper impact with your audience that will buy from you much sooner


  • There really are no cons and I'm not saying this to be biased, but I guess if I had to choose one thing, it's just a big commitment to working with physical products through ecommerce as a whole.


There are most definitely other eCommerce alternatives to explore and take a look at as well as other business models I believe can help you earn more of a “passive income” with higher margins in commissions, but let me start off with e-commerce:

By far, I believe Kibo Code is a superior ecommerce solution because it’s the most unique form of building an online store in which you’ll add a BUNCH of different products in multiple niches and find the one that works best…

And then from there, you’ll find what’s most profitable. It’s based on principles two of the founders discovered while traveling in Asia. If you’d like to learn more about The Kibo Code, click the following button to learn more:

Now, if you’re looking for a more “passive income” model business where you don’t have to fulfill on customer support, hold any type of inventory and not have to worry about a smaller marginal commission by ONLY selling physical products…

Then I highly recommend looking into Affiliate Marketing. With Affiliate Marketing you get the freedom to promote both physical and digital products like software, information products, and much more, but what’s even better is this…

There's a branch of Affiliate Marketing with "Residual Income" where you can get paid every single month more predictably without having to start at $0 every single month (which SUCKS!). Right now there's a Done-For-You "System" that is HOT...

Everyone including myself is on it and you will be able to promote this system that helps email your leads to join a platform called "Nexus Rewards" which is a cashback, savings, and refferal program that is SUPER Lucrative and easy to go through...

You can learn more about this and the System here:

There’s also another branch of Affiliate Marketing called “High Ticket Affiliate Marketing”, where you can earn $1,000+ in commissions from just one person purchasing a product! How does that sound? My #1 recommended program to do this with is called Legendary Marketer, BUT I strongly recommend avoiding this one and going with the "Residual" system up above because of this...

Even with High Ticket, you still start at $0 every month and it can be harder, more complex, and not as easily predictable. So instead, check out The Your Free System for residuals here.

What I Liked Most About Entrebeliever

There’s a lot but since I’m narrowing this down to just one thing I’d have to say the 10+ Courses you get access to, listen…

You can play it safe and just learn from one course that is usually targeted at one specific area of e-commerce OR you can take a bundle of courses in different topics that’ll not only show you how to profit from one way but MULTIPLE ones!

You get to learn how to use Ads through Facebook, Google, organic ways and ways to attract your ideal target audience so you can have long-lasting profits that’ll endure no matter how challenging times will get.

What I Liked Least?

I Wouldn’t say it’s a dislike but so many people are attracted to the course to check out how to run Facebook ads and all these other paid traffic methods without taking the time to understand the core of the program…

And if you’re a beginner it can suck a lot of your money away if you don’t have enough of it. So take it with a grain of salt and know that you will have to work at this continuously since the market is always changing and you will be making adjustments...That’s just how e-commerce goes. But it’s not a knockdown on the program, that’s more of a global issue.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about Entrebeliever you learned here today? Was there something you didn’t resonate with

Look, building an eCommerce business is one part of the equation, you have to understand “HOW” to sustain it for the long-term and be able to grow and scale it, and that’s where Entrebeliever comes into the frame.

With Entrebeliever you’re going to get step-by-step PROVEN guidance by a couple of individuals who’ve built multiple highly successful eCommerce brands and want to talk you by the hand and show you how they’ve built their product brand so you don’t have to worry about hard constraints, being stuck in the painful process of trying to figure it out on your own or learning from “theory” and “fluff” courses…

To only lead you down a hamster wheel. So if you’re still interested in growing an eCommerce product brand with Entrebeliever, you can click here, BUT if you’d rather get started with my #1 recommended business model and "Recurring" affiliate marketing program to make money through affiliate marketing, then click the button below to get started.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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