October 7

by Michael Granados

How would you like to discover the Shockingly simple system for trading Forex in your spare time without having to study charts for 100 hours a week? 

Welcome into this Forex Profits Review where I “Michael Granados” an expert digital marketer and part-time Forex trader will be uncovering the TRUTHS about this eBook and whether or not it’s worth reading through and being able to add your own spin to the context, but first...

There are LITERALLY 10’s of thousands of people out there making a fortune with Forex but you’re having a hard time just getting a “grasp” on how to learn it “right” and how to start making money passively, even worse, there are “greedy gurus” who just sell you information and coaching to never teach you tangible training…

This changes today as you’ll get to see how to leverage this eBook to your FULL advantage so you can double your profits right away. Let’s get into it.

What Is Forex Profits?

what is forex profits

Forex Profits is a high-quality eBook with 10,000+ words showing you how to trade so that You maximize your gains and minimize losses. You’ll discover a system inside responsible for helping many people Trade with Forex in their spare time. It’s an easy-to-understand eBook so you can get moving into action much faster.

To add on, you’re getting Publicly Labeled Rights (PLR) to this product (and a few others with 8 modules) to use this content in ANY way you want, here’s what I mean.

You can:

  • Create white papers to generate leads
  • Add content to your existing products
  • Record them into video
  • And more!

This isn’t just another eBook filled with theory and fluff, it will guide you and your readers all the way and get him or her to take action by the end of the guide - so it’s a practical guide.

You can rest easy knowing this book was written by a fluent, native U.S writer with many years of writing experience. You get an Editable DOC file included so you can freely edit the book as you wish!

Let’s go even deeper inside now.

Going Inside Forex Profits

Here’s what you’ll get inside the eBook:

  • A proven system for creating profits on tons of trades
  • Be able to easily understand Forex terms so you can grasp the insider tips
  • Learn how to avoid massive losses in Forex so that it’s nearly all upside for you!
  • Making more money per trade
  • How to understand charts so that you can spot profit opportunities
  • Creating opportunities for profit in situations other people would never know even existed
  • Profit protection tactics that protect what you actually make

8 Modules Included:

  • Module 1: High-Quality eBook With 1,000 Words. This is the Forex Profits book we’ve been talking all along about up to this point.
  • Module 2: Beautiful Graphics with PSD Source Files. If you want to give your product a new name, you’ll get access to the entire graphics library which includes PNG or JPG and source PSD Photoshop files. You’ll find these graphics very helpful as these alone are worth well over double the price of this PLR package.
  • Module 3: Market Analysis Document. You’re getting a full product and market analysis document that covers things like Google Adwords research and bid pricing for the product's relevant keywords. This also includes expected click ratios, keyword lists, multiple potential new titles for each book so your books do not have the same as anyone else. PLUS: You will also get a brief summary of the market competition research for your brand new product.
  • Module 4: Sales Letter Starter Sheet. This awesome sales letter sheet comes with headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points, and sub-bullet points. It also comes with starter paragraphs of sales copy and more to make creating each product's sales letter a breeze.
  • Module 5: Sales Letter Writer Software. This is a great little tool that will thoroughly walk you by step for step through writing your own killer sales letters...Even if you have never written a sales letter before in your entire life. This software will walk you through how to write a great sales letter for ALL of your products! Get this, you can even sell it as a stand-alone product separate from this package (yes, it’s that good).
  • Module 6: Ad Copy Set For Facebook And Google Adwords. This package also comes with a pre-written ad copy set! You can use them as you choose for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter, and much more. You can even rewrite them with your ideas when you read the pre-written ads. You can also use this as inspiration for email copy and social media posts, the possibilities are truly endless.
  • Module 7: Private Label Rights Articles. You’ll get 25 top-notch articles around the same subjects for multiple uses so you can use them on your blog or in your autoresponder follow-up emails! WAIT, these are not junk 200-word articles and they average between 500 and 700 words so you get an INSANE amount of content to use as is or rework into new content as you add your own spin on it.
  • Module 8: Instant Reseller Program. With the “Customers-Only” Instant Reseller Progam, you get 100% Commissions Instantly to your PayPal account just by promoting ONE link! Rest assured you’ll get your own reseller link with super-fast instant approval to the Reseller Progam. Also, you will get your own fully-hosted copy of this website (no hosting fees EVER) and an automatically updated order button that sends your profits to your wallet instantly!

In case you're having a tough time picturing how you can use this PLR product…

18 Ways To Use This PLR Product Effectively…

  1. Give it away as a Bonus
  2. Increase the value of your existing product for more sales
  3. Use the content to post on social media
  4. Split the content
  5. Re-purpose the content for offline use
  6. Use it in your coaching program
  7. Create a 7-day Ecourse
  8. Split the eBook into 2-3 separate eBooks
  9. Add it as an upsell/down-sell or as a one time offer
  10. Split the content into 52 parts
  11. Translate the content into other languages
  12. Integrate the product on your JV partner’s sales page as a special bonus or on the download page
  13. Add it to your paid Membership Site
  14. Re-purpose the content into video or audio
  15. Add more meat to your existing content
  16. Re-write, re-brand, re-title, and overall customize the look, feel and content
  17. Sell the read-only, resell rights or master resell rights
  18. Get a TON of value from this guide even if you have no plan or desire to resell the product

How Much Does Forex Profits Cost?

You can get Forex Profits for a low price of $9.97 or you can get it with the Transferable PLR License for $14.95 which means you get to resell Unlimited PLR Licenses and keep 100% of the profits.

PLUS, you will get some limited time only BONUSES for fast action takers like:

  • BONUS #1: Lifetime membership to PLR Insiders. You’ll unlock and get insider tips and tricks on getting the most out of your Private Label Rights. This includes videos and interviews with PLR experts on how to make more money using PLR’s.
  • BONUS #2: One Month Free Membership To PLR Kings. PLR mega Kings Eric Holmlund and Ian Del Carmen will provide you with high-quality PLR products EVERY month and you also get free access for one month!
  • BONUS #3: Private Label Rights Continuing Training from The Internet Business Academy. What if you got specialized training from the PLR experts at a highly respected “Internet Business Academy” to ensure your success in the Private Label Rights publishing industry? That’s what you’re getting here - you get access to workshops and courses to guide you by the hand in using and getting the most of out of your new PLR product.

Who Is Forex Profits For?

Forex Profits is made for people beginners who are confused about what Forex really is and how to make money from it with a shockingly simple system for trading forex in your spare time. Here’s more:

  • 9-5 employees who want to seek ways to make extra money online and don’t want to necessarily quit their job (at least right now) but want to learn Forex Trading on their spare time
  • 9-5 employees who do want to leave their job eventually in pursuit of becoming their own boss through Forex Trading and other means of making money online with PLR and other business models.
  • You want PLR rights to Forex Profits and many of the other products to use as you choose to build your own brand and business faster.
  • You want to resell PLR’s and make up to 100% commissions sharing your content and business with other people
  • Forex Profits is made for people who don’t want to start from scratch

Who’s It Not For?

  • People not interested in Forex Trading
  • Intermediate to expert traders
  • People who don’t want to use PLR products
  • Tire Kickers
  • Lazy people
  • Fast money seekers

Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN step-by-step system showing you how create a lot of profits trading with Forex so you can create the income you desire which means you'll make more money then your job.
  • Learn how to avoid massive losses so you don't have to worry about making mistakes after mistakes and failing which means you'll be on the upside much faster!
  • You get to understand charts so you can spot profit opportunities right away before anyone else which means you'll invest your time, money, and energy more smartly for greater gains.
  • Profit Protection Tactics so you can protect ALL that you make which means you'll be sage and secure at all times.


  • Not exactly a course
  • You still may need coaching
  • Not many if at all Forex Profits Reviews


There are really no close Forex PLR alternatives, this is actually one of a kind, but if you were interested in other means of learning Forex, then here are a few:

  • AvaTrade
  • XTB
  • FXTM

However, if you're looking for a means to make high ticket income by simply promoting someone else's product in exchange for a commission and make money passively...

Then I recommend checking out Affiliate Marketing through a program called Legendary Marketer here:

What I Liked Most About Forex Profits

I REALLY like all the PLR products you can not only get access through but be able to customize, re-brand, re-write and do everything to do reflect your own business AND resell them to make a lot of money with.

I think these products are thoroughly educational and full of great content and to add on top of that your own spin is a WIN-WIN.

What I Liked Least?

At the end of the day you’re reading an eBook and PLR products that don’t necessarily put YOU into “Action Mode”, so you have to take what you learn and APPLY. It’s not a downside, but most people just buy these things and don’t read them or do but don’t take any action.

So take that with a grain of salt.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about Forex Profits you saw here today?

Would you like to finally break out of the bad Trading habits and learn the Trading Secrets of Forex Pros? Whether you’re a complete beginner with no understanding of Forex or someone who wants to brush up on their knowledge and skills…

You can learn how to trade so that you maximize your gains and minimize losses with a PROVEN system for creating profits on Tons of Trades, easy-to-understand Forex terms, Making more money per trade, and a bunch more benefits you’ll take away.

You can’t lose when you have the right training material in front of you and with it, you’ll take more ACTION no matter what. So if you’re ready to check out Forex Profits, you can click right here to get started OR you can check out my #1 recommended way to make money online by clicking the button below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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